What is BVO?

BVO on labels

What is BVO?   BVO is a food additive that stands for brominated vegetable oil. It uses the chemical bromine bonded to vegetable oil to create … [Read more...]

Hydration Do’s and Dont’s for Optimal Performance

Drinking Water image

What to drink, when, and how much, to be your best.     Hydration is often taken for granted until the media highlights the extremes of … [Read more...]

Sports Nutrition Basics


You may be contemplating your first or 5,000th run—a morning jog with friends, an upcoming 5K or marathon or maybe an ultra? Whatever the case, … [Read more...]

Nuts for Coconut Water?

Nuts for Coconut Water?

Whenever I'm at the gym, it seems like everyone is sucking down cans of coconut water, rather than plain old water or sports drinks. Even at my … [Read more...]

Hangover Helpers: What Really Works


With more than 13 million Google hits for “hangover” and 125,000 for “hangover helpers,” there’s some real interest in what you can do to prevent or … [Read more...]

Running in the Rockies: Fueled by Burgers, Shakes and Swedish Fish

Fuel: Burgers and Fries

I was a little tied up a week or so ago.  I couldn't do too many posts because I was running  four to six hours a day for six days in the Colorado … [Read more...]

My Moveable Feast


I’m training for TransRockies, a six-day running event at the end of August where I’ll be challenged to run 113 miles on trails at very high … [Read more...]