3 Reasons You’re Struggling to Lose Weight

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Here are three reasons why you're struggling to lose weight. The three worst diet-destroying habits for your waistline include drinking alcohol, … [Read more...]

Craving Sweets? Eat This Instead!

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Craving sweets? Chocolate? Or maybe salty chips?  No matter.  Here are 9 of our cravings crushers that satisfy even the most intense cravings … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stop Winter Weight Gain Before It Starts


5 Ways to Stop Winter Weight Gain Before it Starts This Sunday, December 21st, marks the official start of winter. For most of the country, this … [Read more...]

Veggie Burrito Bowl: A Healthy 400 Calorie Meal


Veggie Burrito Bowl: A Healthy 400 Calorie Meal Try this super simple veggie burrito bowl for a protein- and fiber-packed 400 calorie meal.  It's … [Read more...]

Worst Diet Wreckers (…How many are you eating?)


Researchers in New Zealand researchers identified 49 foods considered the most damaging for your diet--so-called diet wreckers.  Another paper … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

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Did you know that exercise is often linked to gains in weight? It's true. (And we're not talking about increases in muscle mass.)  Here are 7 ways to … [Read more...]

46 Common Names for Sugar (..How many are fooling you?)

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We're eating 22 teaspoons of sugar, on average, every day.  That's 2-3 times as much added sugar as what health authorities recommend. What's more, … [Read more...]

Post-Thanksgiving Diet Plan

Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner

If you're feeling a post-Thanksgiving food "hangover," here's our three-day, post pig-out diet plan. It's a dietitian-approved, low-calorie plan that … [Read more...]