Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking (1)

As registered dietitians (RDs), everyone wants to know what we eat, our favorite new foods or how we eat right when we’re traveling or eating out. Here, we’ll share with you – bite for bite – how we strive to eat healthier in the real world of food.

We’re just like you. We’re two busy working women with Blackberries that can barely keep up with our schedules. We travel tons and are faced with the same food choices as you on a daily basis.  We’re stressed,  work too much, have killer cravings, struggle with emotional eating, and do have to watch what we eat or we’ll pack on pounds. Luckily, we have the training and education that help us make the most out of every bite.

At AppforHealth.com we’ll try to show you that healthy eating is delicious, satisfying and always possible—no matter the circumstances.