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free-dream-non-dairy-beverage-product-at-walmart Here’s your chance to taste the dream by entering to win Dream Non-Dairy Beverages!

 Are you living a dairy-free life? Interesting in trying non-dairy substitutes for milk? If so, you can be one of  five lucky Appetite for Health fans to win a variety of DREAM non-dairy beverages and T-shirt.

Dairy-free beverages are increasingly popular—and they’re no longer just for vegetarians or those with lactose intolerance. In fact, many of my friends use non-dairy beverages because they simply like the taste better than cow’s milk. If you’ve looked at the non-dairy options in your supermarket, you’ll be surprised at all the choices—soy, rice, almond, coconut, hemp, among others.

DREAM is the only brand that offers a full range of premium, great-tasting, non-dairy beverages, each providing specific nutritional benefits and targeting different tastes. The brand has been around for more than 30 years, and has used the highest-quality ingredients in their products.

Dream beverages are part of the Hain Celestial Group, one of the country’s largest and most respected natural and organic foods company. They are committed to the value of good tasting, healthy, natural and organic foods with some of the best-selling organic and natural non-dairy brands on the market including Almond Dream, Soy Dream, Rice Dream and Coconut Dream.

SOY DREAM  is a dairy-free option that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free diet.Did you know a serving of Soy Dream Original Enriched Soymilk contains 7 grams of heart-healthy soy protein? That is something you can raise your glass to or dunk your cookie into! It’s available in shelf-stable and refrigerated packages and comes in variety of flavors.

RICE DREAM is a dairy-free dream come true. A lactose-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free beverage that is made with organic brown rice, rich in calcium and enriched with vitamins A, D, B12. So what are you waiting for, pour some on your cereal or use it as your smoothie base. You can even use it in your non-dairy baking…

COCONUT DREAM is an all-natural, lactose free, drink is made from real coconuts, and enriched with Vitamins A, D, & B12 and has 30% of the daily recommended calcium intake. What’s not to like!

ALMOND DREAM is made from an almond paste and water and is an excellent source of Vitamin A and antioxidant Vitamin E, and Vitamins B12, D and calcium.

 How to Enter for a Chance to Win Dream Dairy-Free Beverages

So if you are ready to make your DREAMS come true and discover how delicious dairy-free can be, here is what you need to do:

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Entries will be accepted until August 30 at midnight EST.

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  1. The almond would be great because I am lactose & soy intolerant. Great replacement!!!!

  2. i have never had their coconut dream .. would love to try!

  3. erin grayson says:

    coconut dream… yes please!

    I shared your “back to school snacks” article on twitter – @eringraysonRD

  4. mary janssen says:

    Chocolate Almond Dream

  5. The Almond would be ideal for me. Lovely.

  6. jacintha martis says:

    I would like to try Almond Dream.

  7. Barbie Ryan says:

    I’d sure like to try the Rice Dream. I love rice flavored anything, but have never had it in milk beverage.

  8. I signed up for the newsletter and like on facebook and i would like to try the chocolate almond milk

  9. jacintha martis says:

    I have also shared this article via twitter

  10. I have had the rice milk before, but would love to try the new flavors.

  11. I would like to try the Almond Dream.

  12. Terri David says:

    Tried the share on Twitter link, but it hasn’t been working for days,

  13. Emily Adams says:

    I would love to try the Almond Dream.

  14. I love almond milk but have no tried this one yet!

  15. bonnie w. says:

    almond dream sounds good!

  16. i would like to try the Rice one because i have never tried it before i have tried almond milk and coconut milk before, i follow AFH on fb and by email.

  17. Have been wanting to try these dairy free products, they sound really good…Think I would enjoy the flavors.

  18. Lynda Del says:

    I would like to try the Coconut Dream because I haven’t tried coconut nut milk yet.

  19. I’m most interested in trying the Coconut Dream.

  20. I would like to try the Almond Dream. It sounds interesting.

  21. Linda Frost says:

    I ‘d like to try Coconut Dream! Thanks!!!

  22. Jill Waldren says:

    I’d love to try the Almond Dream first!

  23. michele malone says:

    definitely the soy milk. my son is allergic to dairy & nuts, so we purchase it all the time. I’ve never tried this brand before though.

  24. bob hwang says:

    I’d like to try Coconut Dream beverage!

  25. Almond. My favorite.

  26. The Coconut Dream drink sounds good! I’d like to try that one.

  27. Lucy Lopez says:

    I would love to try the Coconut Dream one.

  28. Stephanie O. says:

    I would love to try the Rice Dream. It sounds delish!

  29. We would love the original Rice Dream!

  30. The coconut dream sounds good!

  31. Almond sounds really delicious .

  32. Coconut Dreams sounds really great. I can not wait to try soon. I see a tropical dairy free smoothie coming my way.

  33. I would love to try the Coconut Dream.

  34. Coconut Dream sounds like it would make some killer smoothies!

  35. I would like to try the Almond Dream!

  36. Naicheng Yang says:

    Almond dream

  37. The coconut dream sounds the best.

  38. Teri Melton says:

    I have bought Coconut Dream and love it. I am allergic to almonds so that leaves that out. My doctor does not want me to use any soy products because I had estrogen dependent breast cancer. So that leaves the Rice Dream that I would like to try, especially since it is organic!

  39. Heidi Bee says:

    I am most interested in trying the Almond Dream ,yummy!

  40. Lily Williams says:

    almond milk

  41. I would like to try the soy and rice since I’ve tried the other two. They taste really good so I’m sure the others do too!

  42. melissa k says:

    I’d love to try the coconut dream. I shared your article on healthy grilling for Labor day on twitter.

  43. I want to try the Coconut Dream.

  44. I have tried almond and coconut milk but would love to try any of the others. I would like to get my daughter off cow milk and onto something else do this would be a great opportunity for me to do so.

  45. Teresa Organ says:

    I would like to try the Almond or Coconut.

  46. matthew b says:

    almond dream. i really want to make a honey almond fig ice cream. OWOW!! TASTY TASTY

  47. The coconut beverage! Both me and my son do not drink dairy and we love coconut milk, so this would great addition to our eats!

  48. Deborah D says:


  49. Michele Castagne says:

    I would like to try the Almond Dream.

  50. Maryann D. says:

    I would love to try the Coconut Dream and I subscribe and follow on Facebook as Maryann Drapkin.

  51. Maryann D. says:
  52. Jenny Zrubek says:

    Hi, I’d love to try the coconut flavor or the almond flavor, please! I love the other Dream flavors!!! But I have not had the opportunity to try these!!!

  53. Dot Lenhart says:

    I am eager to try the Coconut Dream. I have been using a different brand of coconut milk and would like to compare the two.

  54. I’m interested in trying the Almond.

  55. I tweeted about your Summer Gazpacho Soup.

  56. Lorraine F says:

    I am most interested in trying the almond flavor.

  57. I am most interested in trying the coconut dream.

  58. I’m most interested in the Coconut Dream flavor. I haven’t venture to trying coconut milk yet but it sounds delicious!

  59. Love almonds so Almond Dream would be a great flavor to try.

  60. Redflower says:

    Almond Dream is best for my nut-friendly low carb diet!

  61. Renee Rousseau says:

    I would like to try Coconut Dream in my Chi tea.

  62. I would like to try coconut dream . have to stay away from the nut family.

  63. Coconut Dream sounds amazingly good…

  64. coconut dream sounds so good!!

  65. I’d like to try Coconut Dream because I like anything with coconut in it.

  66. I am a Facebook fan of AFH. Carolyn Hernandez

  67. I am subscribed to AFH e-newsletter. Carolyn H.

  68. Would like to try all products…..

  69. almond

  70. allysmama says:

    I want to try the almond dream!

  71. I am a long-time lover of Soy Dream. The flavor is unparalleled. Almond Dream sounds just like the name… A dream! Can’t wait to get to the store and look for it.

  72. I would really like to try them all….

  73. Mai Cancel says:

    I signed up for the newsletter and like Appetite For Health on Facebook. I never tried any of these and would love to try them all. Im interested in trying the Rice Dream because the articles I’ve read opt instead of fat free milk use rice dream on cereals. Would love a chance to try this, very curious 😉

  74. I’m interested in the coconut. I love coconut anything!

  75. Signed up & following on FB.

  76. I Would love to try the dream! I’m a big fan soy products so would love to try it!

  77. I enjoy coconut dream thank you

  78. Would like to try them all….they all sound so good/

  79. Would love to try them all….Hope I win !!!!

  80. I enjoy their almond milk. It’s good with cereal or in a smoothie. Sometime I’ll just have a glass with cinnamon. I’d love to try their coconut milk.

  81. I enjoy their almond milk. I use it with my cereal and in smoothies. I’d like to try their coconut milk.

  82. Sherri jones says:

    coconut dream

  83. Victoria Crissman says:

    I saw on their website that they have blends now, that incorporate several sources – I would love to try those!

  84. Want to try them all…They all sound so good!!!!

  85. I would like to try the coconut one. I buy the rest regularly. I subscribe to the newsletter & like on Facebook.

  86. Winners of the Dream Non-Dairy Beverages include Eugenie, Lucy L, Leonor, Kerry and Terri.
    You’ll receive an email from us explaining how to claim your prize.

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