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DW_POWDER_GROUPWondering what you should have to recover from that tough CrossFit, Bootcamp workout? Or, maybe you’re an endurance athlete training for a marathon or tri?

No matter what type of exercise you like, Designer Whey can help ensure your muscles recover. Ten lucky Appetite For Health fans will win Designer Whey 100% Premium Protein Powder (a $20 value).

Whey protein powder can be mixed into water or milk or really any beverage for a boost of protein to help you refuel your muscles.  Not only does it help refuel your muscles but some studies suggest that it promotes leanness. You still have to workout, but at least we know that whey protein, found in dairy products like milk and yogurt as well as in whey protein supplements may enhance your workouts and calorie-controlled diet.designer whey

Looking for a good whey protein powder? Look no further, Designer Whey has a prize for you! Designer Whey’s protein powders have 18g of protein and only 100 calories in one serving. That’s pretty impressive! Not only is a great option for post-workout recovery but if you’re looking to cut down on calories, all that protein helps to curb your appetite. You don’t even have to use it after a workout. If you’re not getting in your protein in your breakfast, try making muffins with Vanilla Almond Protein Powder mixed into the batter. BAM! High protein breakfast muffins that will keep you satisfied.

Want to be lean mean fighting machine? 10 AFH fans will win a package of Designer Whey Protein Powder (a $20.89 value!) Here’s how you can win:

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  3. Tell us below why you want to win Designer Whey

Entries will be accepted until midnight EST, Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Remember to check back here to see if you won!

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  1. shraddha says

    I need extra muscle power for my daily workout routine..guess designer whey protein will be best for me

  2. Jason says

    I lift a few times a week and supplement protein after lifting. I absolutely love that this is only one hundred calories and that it’s sweetened with all natural Stevia instead of NutraSweet or Splenda. It’s great to have a lower calorie supplement when you aren’t always doing cardio after lifting. I have never heard of this brand before and would love to try it.

  3. Diane says

    I like to regenerate my muscles after working out, especially with something that tastes this great!

  4. sarena marivn says

    I’ve been making my high protein veggie and fruit smoothies. I’m always looking for a better tasting protein! And I love that it’s made with Stevia!

  5. melinda S. says

    I’ve been using protein powders as a meal replacement for over years now. I’d like to try the Designer Whey for a couple of reasons. 1. The calorie count. I use almond milk instead of water so the drink would be 130 calories, as a meal replacement it would be the bomb. 2. The amount of protein at 18 grams would be enough to hold hunger at bay until my next meal or snack.

  6. Cusie M says

    I am a subscriber, I LIKE AFH and Designer Whey. I rely on protein powders to get the additional benefits into my system with proteins and supplements I need. I really want to win this because a lot of protein powders don’t stand up to what protein grams they print that they supply as advertised than what is actually in the product.

    Designer Whey is a brand name that stands up to what goes into their products and i would love to win this product.

  7. sharon says

    This wonderful protein powder would be vital for my recovery and strengthen me greatly.

  8. Nicole D. says

    My hubby is obsessed with CrossFit so we go through lots of protein powder and protein bars. I’m pregnant and lately I’m loving all things fruit – which definitely includes smoothies. I like to add protein to the smoothies as a meal replacement to help me stay fuller longer after my work outs. 100% Whey is one of the few protein powders I found that don’t carry a pregnancy warning.

  9. pat pelland says

    I’m a huge fan of protein powders and have some on hand at all times, I even pack ziplocs with protein powder on trips so I don’t overindulge in fatty foods. I’d like to try the strawberry designer whey as I’ve read great reviews of the product!

  10. IAE Hulthage says

    Having lost 20 pounds and with another 20 to go I’ve found protein powders are essential in my continued weight loss program. Protein helps me to feel full and fuels my day.

  11. says

    I’d like to win because I used to drink it regularly but haven’t in the past few years. I work out regularly and do half marathons, but would like to build more muscle mass. And lose a few pounds that I’ve regained (after losing 80 pounds seven or eight years ago).

  12. says

    I got some hemp protein powder to try the other day and so far am not thrilled with it. Maybe whey would be better? Would love to try it and find out! :)

  13. Jennifer H. says

    I don’t get enough protein everyday because I am not a big meat eater and this would be great for me!

  14. tina maria ratzke says

    Meat isn’t my thing, I hardly eat any meat. So other proteins are important. I’d really like to try this.

  15. Lisa Jayne says

    I’m a runner & it is playing a toll on joints & muscles. I just started resistance training & have been looking at adding whey protein to my diet. I’ve been looking but wasn’t sure which brand to buy. This is a good way for me to try this brand & be a permanent customer!

  16. says

    I mainly eat beans for protein and have tried whey. This brand is one I’d love to try. I LIKED Designer Whey and already liked and follow you on the newsletter.

  17. DA Levin says

    Trying hard to lower the amount of fat and increase the amount of protein in my diet since my stents were installed in dec! Would like to try the strawberry!

  18. melissa k says

    I would like to try this since I am a vegetarian and am in search of more protein sources. I completed other requirements for entry. THanks!

  19. says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Designer Whey on Facebook. I want to win Designer Whey to help curb my appetite.

  20. Kawme Johns says

    I love running but my goal this year is muscle building. I think that protein is essential in achieving that goal.

  21. David says

    I subscribe to your newsletter and follow you both on facebook.

    I want to win this because I believe in a high protein diet.

  22. Intern says

    The winners of Designer Whey Protein Powder include:

    Nancy, Robin, Gina, Stephanie, Kawme, Shraddha, Ana, Tina R, Bernice & Lisa

    You’ll get an email from us to claim your prize.


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