Win CLIF MOJO Snack Bars!


Want more Mojo in your life? If so you can enter to win CLIF Mojo bars here today. Six lucky Appetite for Health friends will each receive a sampling of CLIF Mojo bars!

Are you looking for a delicious snack that you can grab on the go without feeling like you’ve derailed your eating plan? Some good faithfuls are fruit and nuts like an apple with a handful of almonds. Maybe you have a sweet tooth and crave chocolate right after a workout. Well, this giveaway we’ve got both for you! Much of our lives are spent running from place to place, rushing to eat in between destinations. The number one thing dietitians would tell you is to make a plan, be prepared for those situations where you have no healthy choices around you. A snack bar can be a good go-to choice especially when you only have one hand free! Clif Bar & Co has made it easy to make better choices with their snack bars. These bars were born on a camping trip so you know these guys are portable and packed with satisfying nutrition.

You may be familiar with CLIF MOJOs Sweet and Salty line, which is delicious! Clif Bar & Company is excited to announce its newest line of great-tasting snack bars – CLIF MOJO® Fruit & Nut and CLIF MOJO® Dark Chocolate. CLIF MOJO Fruit & Nut and CLIF MOJO Dark Chocolate are crafted with high-quality ingredients including chunks of organic dark chocolate and visible pieces of fruits, like organic wild blueberries. These thoughtfully combined ingredients create snacks that not only taste great, but are gluten free, under 200 calories, low glycemic and a good source of fiber. Each winner will receive 2 samples of each bar variety:

  • Cranberry Almond
  • Wild Blueberry Almond
  • Coconut Almond Peanut
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond.


Itching to get your hands on some of Appetite for Health’s free CLIF Mojo bars?  Six friends will win a bunch of yummy Mojo bars (10 bars each–mixed flavors)! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Sign up for our free e-newsletter (no spam ever!)
  2. “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook and also “Like” CLIF bars on Facebook, too.
  3. Tell us where you’d take your Mojo bars for some fitness fun (me, that would be a hike in Acadia National Park…in late September when the tourists have gone home—ha)!

Entries will be accepted until Monday, March 31 at midnight EST, 2014. Remember to check back here to see if you won!

This giveaway is open to US residents only please. All AFH terms and conditions apply.


  1. I would take the bars to the marathons and ultras I plan to run. And my training runs in Idaho.

  2. Michelle C says:

    I would take them to my hiking trips with my friends!

  3. Melinda S. says:

    I’d pack some up in my CERT kit!

  4. I would take them with me to Africa next time I go on a missionary trip there :)

  5. Mai Cancel says:

    I would take them where ever I will be because if Im out and about with my friends it will always be a fun eventful adventure where it will be fun to share and be a healthy snack.

  6. Mai Cancel says:

    I like AFH & Clif Bars, subscribed for free e-newsletter and posted on Tweet and Facebook wall.

  7. I would take these bars hiking in the Poconos with my boys.

  8. i would take them on my bike ride on the trails at my local park with my family

  9. I would take them on my long training runs.

  10. Renee Rousseau says:

    I would have several in my lunch tote at all times for emergency hunger pangs and impromptu workouts.

  11. On hikes with the family! Always looking for good, clean snacks.

  12. one a hike or mountain bike3 adventure

  13. for long training sessions at the box

  14. I have never tried these before! Would be great for on the go snacks, especially after a workout!

  15. Looking forward to some long runs again, and these would be a perfect snack to take along!

  16. I’ve yet to try these and am excited to! I would take them with me when I go fishing with my dad this summer! We have a cottage on a lake in Maine, and these would be the perfect natural snack to go with our nature-filled vacation experiences!

  17. Barbara G says:

    I’d pack a Clif MOJO Bar into my gym bag to take with me to my kickboxing class. Sometimes I do two, back-to-back classes, and this would be a great post workout gym treat!

  18. I’ll have one in my bag when I’m out, just in case I’m craving a sweet and salty snack.

  19. I would like to take my CLIF bars on vacation. Our go-to snacks on the road always include them!

  20. I would take them when we went hiking up to Pikes Peak in the summer!!

  21. I would take them on my bike rides or hikes in the mountains behind my house!

  22. Cathy Bradford says:

    On our next road trip, always in need of extra energy!

  23. Subscriber and following both FB pages. We’d take our precious pup for a hike in the forest.

  24. BARBARA S says:

    i keep them in the car for traveling, always great for a pick-me-up without having to stop at a drive-thru

  25. I would take them on my walks in the foothills and the canyon. Ideal and perfect.

  26. Kimberly L. says:

    I would take them with my on my marathon training runs. These would be perfect!

  27. Jonathan buffington says:

    I’d take Clif Mo Jo bars with me on my long beach walks, pocket sized and healthy is a major plus. Hibernation is over, its time toget my groove on

  28. I would take mine on the long walks I go on with my dog-nice energy boost!

  29. I would take them with me on my Tahoe Rim Trail thru-hike this summer.

  30. I would take these with on our bikes around the lake this summer! Yum:)

  31. I will take it to my planned trip to Oregon in October. My husband and i will be spending our first fall season together . We will be exploring the area and it would be great to have these bars with us :)

  32. I’d take them to a park.

  33. I would take the Clif Mojo bars with my daughter and me to the planned 5K fun walk/run at her school in April. Fitness and for a good cause. Thank you!

  34. I would bring them on my hikes through the Catalina Mountains in Tucson AZ. Love the weather here and its perfect for hiking!

  35. I’ll take it to festivals with me so I make healthier choices on what I eat at them.

  36. Kalyani N says:

    I would take these with me to the lakes and for my every day walk!

  37. I would take them anywhere I need a healthy snack!

  38. Jennifer Mays says:

    I would take cliff bars on a nature walk with my kids.

  39. I have been a subscriber to your e-mail newsletter for many moons!

  40. I like you both on Facebook!

  41. Lynda Del says:

    I would take them with me for fuel on all my bike rides along the beach.

  42. I’d love to take this Mojo to the mountains of Korea! Thanks for the chance!

  43. I would be taking these to all of my fitness classes…Zumba, Tae Kwon Do, run training!

  44. Kimberly L says:

    I would take Cliff Bars to the beach

  45. brandi ellison says:

    i would take my Mojo bars on a walk along the Oregon coast line!

  46. Excuse me for the details here, but I’ve got the perfect Mojo experience and hope to win this nice package of bars to bring along. Each spring we go “treasure hunting” around Gateway National Recreation Area (Sandy Hook). We search for captain Kid’s treasure with our 6&8 year olds. We’ve yet to find treasure, but we always have fun and love being so active. We also burn through healthy snacks faster than anyone can believe.

    Feeding our little furnaces with healthier snack options can be a challenge and Clif and AppForHealth can help us keep our treasure hunting Mojo alive!

  47. Barbara Calder says:

    I will take Cliff Bars with me on my early morning walks.

  48. Barbara Calder says:

    Subscriber and following both facebook pages.

  49. I would take them with me on a walk to the park. (I am having some health issues, and cannot do a lot of exercise.)

  50. Lisa Jayne says:

    When hiking & running or anytime during the day for a pick-me-up!!

  51. I love these bars


  53. I’m always trying out different bars to carry with me just about anywhere but this year I will be participating in my first tough mudder event so these would be perfect to take with us to the event!

  54. Michelle Castagne says:

    I’d take these on the long walks with the dog.

  55. Rachel R. says:

    I would take them anywhere I need a healthy snack.

  56. Heather Z says:

    Kayaking on the Potomac River

  57. I would take them shopping at the mall

  58. bonnie witte says:

    Before or after a run. On the go for a quick snack while I run errands.

  59. I would take them when I go to the beach

  60. My son loves CLIF bars, all of them!! He plays soccer every afternoon after school for 2 hours and takes a clif bar every single day with him to snack between games.
    Winning this would be totally awesome, he could take to soccer and I could get some to take to the gym as a pre workout!
    Nice giveaway!

  61. michele malone says:

    We love to visit the Smoky Mountains National Park, so we’d definitely take them on a hike during our next trip.

  62. Rosemary Erickson says:

    I love the mojo bars…would bring them to the gym for a post-workout snack , and keep one in my purse for a quick snack :)

  63. Tina Knezevic says:

    I would take my Cliff mojo bars with me while a take a stroll in my Shangri-La Garden!

  64. Joan Gales says:

    I would take my Cliff mojo bars with me while hiking the mountains of Maui wihile looking for waterfalls.

  65. Christine Eley says:

    I eat my Clif Mojo Bars on all my long training rides for doing the Triple ByPass in CO this July. It’s perfect fuel on the bike.

  66. I would take them to the gym for post workouts!

  67. I would Clif bars when I’m going for a hike! …

  68. Planning a trip to Yellowstone this summer. These would be perfect to have along!

  69. I’d pack the for our hike around Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.

  70. I usually get hungry after my Kung Fu Wushu classes. I’d take them with me to each class for a little bit of energy. I’d share with my Wushu mates too!

  71. I would take them to all my favorite camping spots around San Diego! :)

  72. Rhonda Farrell says:

    I would take them with me on my vacation so I would have no excuse to grab something unhealthy for me when I need a nutrition break.

  73. Want to try them all…..

  74. I would take it on walks and to work to munch on during breaks

  75. On a family bike ride

  76. I would pack them in my gym bag on my long workout days so I can enjoy a good snack after an intense workout.

  77. Melanie Fry says:

    I would take them in my car for a post workout snack or for a little something when I get hungry between meals.

  78. I would take them on a canoe float as soon as the weather warms up

  79. richelle s says:

    I would take them to my son’s ballgames. These would be a great snack for all of us.

  80. Michelle Washburn says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter, I follow AFH and Clifbar on Facebook, Facebook name michelle.washburn2. I would take my Clif bars on a hike through Devils Hills WI

  81. I’m always looking for something EXACTLY like this to throw in my gym bag for after my workout.

  82. I Like both pages on Facebook and get the newsletter. I would bring these along with for bike rides this Spring and Summer.

  83. melissa k says:

    I like to take them on vacation for a snack. Thanks!

  84. i would take to work

  85. Now that the weather is getting prettier, I’d take it with us to the park/zoo. You get an appetite built up all that walking!

  86. Yay for more gluten free bars! I would take them on family outing to the zoo or park.

  87. Afternoon snack

  88. laura588 says:

    I walk 5 miles everyday after work so these would be perfect for that hunger pain I get that time of day.
    Laurie Emerson

  89. On a long walk with my doggie! He’s always up for more than I am, these might let me keep up!

  90. Francesca says:

    On hikes and in the car(because i always get hungry on long car rides haha)

  91. Francesca says:

    School Snack!!!

  92. Francesca says:

    After my workouts and maybe a late night snack?

  93. Francesca says:

    For those sweet nutty cravings in the middle of the night!

  94. bike riding

  95. I would take my bars with me to the local gym!

  96. after noon snack time

  97. I would have one after one of my long runs-I’m training for a 25k race in May!

  98. enjoy while driving

  99. The winners of CLIF MOJO snack bars include:

    Cyndi, Brandon, Francesca, Michelle C, Jennifer M and Cindy

    You’ll get an email from us to claim your prize.


  100. robin gold says:

    Everywhere I go ,work, traveling, running errands, it’s a great, Healthy snack !

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