How Old is Your Body? Calculate Your Fitness Age

best-fitness-blogs-1Calculate Your “Fitness Age” in Minutes.

How fit are you?  Have you ever wondered if you are more fit (or less fit!) than your chronological age would suggest?  Well now you no longer have to wonder. Researchers from Norway have figured out an accurate way to calculate  your ‘fitness age’ without having to undergo expensive testing in an exercise-physiology lab.

Traditionally, fitness level has been determined through extensive questionnaires and a treadmill assessment of VO2 max (a measure of peak oxygen intake).  Using data from 5,000 volunteers, researchers came up with a calculator that accurately reflects fitness age without using elaborate testing methods.  They devised an algorithm with just 5 data points: waist circumference; resting heart rate; frequency and intensity of exercise; age; and sex.  With this information, they were able to establish VO2 max with surprising accuracy.  The results of their finding were reported in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports Exercise.

Using their fitness calculator you can figure out your fitness ‘age’ in just a few minutes.  First you’ll need to know your resting heart rate.  To do this, rest for at least 10 minutes, then find your pulse.  Count the number of beats for 30 seconds and then double it.  This is the number you’ll use for your resting heart rate.  Plug in this figure as well as your waist measurement (be sure to use centimeters  – to covert inches to cm use a metric conversion calculator), your age, gender and frequency and intensity of exercise, and you’ll see your fitness age.

I tried it and was shocked to learn that my real fitness age was 25!  Wow!  That felt good. Figure out your fitness age today.




  1. Melinda S. says:

    My fitness age is 32! Not bad as in reality I’m 55!

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