Win NuttZo Seed and Nut Butter!

Win NuttZo

Move over peanut butter, it’s time to mix up your routine with NuttZo!  Ten Appetite for Health fans will win NuttZo seed and nut butter including two jars of certified organic NuttZo seven seed and nut butter (a $26 value).

NuttZo was developed by Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi as a healthy and nutrient-rich product to feed her picky sons. The original NuttZo is made with seven different nuts and seeds and without added sugars or oils, a rare find in nut butters currently available in the supermarket. The unique blend provides a complete protein as well as 50% of your daily value of ALA Omega 3 fatty acid per serving. ALA Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is vital in many aspects of our physiology, has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, and may have a protective role in cancer prevention.

Each jar of NuttZo contains peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds, each of which carry their own unique health benefits. For example, Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium, hazelnuts are high in folate, and flax seeds contain lignans, which acts as an antioxidant.

NuttZo can be used how you use your typical peanut or almond butter—on sandwiches, with apple slices or carrot and celery sticks, stirred into oatmeal, in baking, or just on a spoon as a nutrient-packed snack! And NuttZo chocolate (Nuttzo nut butter mixed with organic 70% dark chocolate), can make for a delicious dessert spread on a piece of whole grain toast.


Do you want to win a 2-jar pack of NuttZo—one jar of original and one jar of chocolate? 10 lucky Appetite for Health readers will win this delicious, unique nut butter. Here’s how to enter: 


1) Sign up for our free newsletter and “like” Appetite for Health on Facebook

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3) Leave a comment below telling us how you’ll eat your NuttZo

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Entries will be accepted until midnight EST, Wednesday, January, 8th 2014.


  1. mark thompson says:

    On a piece on bread with banana slices

  2. Amy Groves says:

    I would eat it with a piece of toast or some crackers. Sounds delicious!

  3. brittany m doerfler says:

    I’d dip strawberries in it

  4. Lisa Jayne says:

    I’ll eat it on just about anything….burgers, bread, apples and most definitely a spoon!

  5. Bernice B says:

    Classic peanut butter-jelly sandwich on wheat bread, but with banana slices and a touch of honey!

  6. Pancakes or waffles would taste great with NuttZo!

  7. straight from the jar on a spoon probably

  8. Chris sorel says:

    On while wheat toast

  9. looks like breakfast toast for me

  10. On a Ritz cracker with a little honey!

  11. On crackers as a snack for busy workdays!

  12. Josh Ramish says:

    In oatmeal and smoothies

  13. Analissa Cruz says:

    on the bread and crackers

  14. I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and NuttZo on Facebook. I’ll eat NuttZo on crackers, in sandwiches, and for baking.

  15. Cynthia Stacey says:

    NuttZo Spoon!!! I am 54 years old and have been eating peanut butter spoons since I was about one..

  16. jacintha martis says:

    I would use it on crackers and vegetables.

  17. this looks delicious! I would eat it a spoonful at a time, my fave way to eat nut butters

  18. Wonderful with multi-grain toast. Thanks.

  19. Jennifer F. says:

    Smear it on a multigrain tortilla. It sounds so good.

  20. I would like to smear it on a banana and then roll the banana in hemp seeds and slice it up-banana sushi!
    Thanks for the great giveaway! I LOVE Nuttzo but cannot afford to buy it very often.
    Be well!

  21. rice cakes

  22. I’m signed up for your newsletter and like Appetite for Health and NuttZo on Facebook. I’d eat NuttZo on celery and zucchini slices.

  23. I like Appetite for Health and Nutzo on facebook and I receive your newsletter.

    I would probably eat this on a sandwich, but there are so many ways to eat it that a sandwich is likely the least inventive. This would probably make a great alternative for peanut butter cookies as well.

  24. I signed up for e-newsletter, I “like” AFH and NuttZo on facebook. I posted on Facebook and Tweeted on Twitter.

    I plan on using NuttZo spread onto sundried tomatoe wrap with diced up chicken breast, tomatoe, hard boiled egg, red onion a little tai chili sauce and ofcourse NuttZo nut and seed butter to make a reak gourmet wrap. Yummm…. I am so eager to try this product, I love peanut and almond butter on double fiber bread and cant wait to try this blend of nuts and seeds, very curious….

  25. says:

    With apples and celery sticks, oh gosh who am i kidding, with a spoon, by it’s tasty self!

  26. Lauren S. says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    With apples and celery sticks, oh gosh who am i kidding, with a spoon, by it’s tasty self!

  27. I like it on apples and warm toast. Or better yet, straight from the jar!

  28. With a banana!!!

  29. yum… i love me some nuttzo!
    because i love the pure taste of it, i simply add a huge dallop to my greek yogurt bowls with fruit & seeds/nuts! i love how it gets all mixed in to the yogurt as i slowly progress devouring through the bowl :)

  30. on apples

  31. Viera Hercegova says:

    It looks so delicious I might just lick it right of the spoon!

  32. Would love to try this…looks delicious…Would try it on apples, toast, or in oatmeal.

  33. On toast

  34. I’d eat it on toast or with celery sticks. Or by the spoonful.

  35. Georgiana S says:

    Mmmm! I LOVE nut butters and have never even heard of Nuttzo so I gotta give this a try! I’m an email subscriber and longtime FB fan of AFH and now Nuttzo too!

    Just give me a spoon and I’ll go Nuttzo dipping and eat it up right out of the jar!

  36. signed up & like
    like NutZo
    I’m going to eat it on a spoon straight from the jar

  37. Mmmmmm…I’d put mine on toast and have with a cup of hot tea!!! :)

  38. richelle s says:

    I would eat this on bread and maybe an apple

  39. Me…I prob just grab a spoon, fork, or my finger and grab a bite or two…or three!

  40. On a piece of whole wheat toast!

  41. I will eat my Nuttzo with some healthy juicy apple slices as it’s apple season! I’m a Facebook fan of both pages, email subscriber and Twitter follower via @serene_streams! And I tweeted:

  42. Christine A. says:

    With apple slices, on Crunchmaster or English Muffins sounds a great place to start. Like you both on Fb. Tweeted this one.

  43. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I’d like to try it with an apple wedge – I love eating apples and to top it off would be perfect. Like you both and tweeted…

  44. apples

  45. I would eat it straight from off the spoon.

  46. I am a Peace Corps volunteer and good peanut butter (or any nut butter in general) is non-existent! It is a past time that I craze and would literally eat it on anything I could (bananas, crackers, apples, bread, straight out of the jar!).

  47. Have never heard of this and would love to try it! I like peanut butter with bananas or marshmellow fluff as a sandwich, but really love to just dip celery in it! This sounds like a great product with many more health benefits.

  48. Sheryl Edwards says:

    I would eat Nuttzo on sliced apples or on a whole wheat bagle.

  49. Sheryl Edwards says:
  50. Sheryl Edwards says:

    Shared with my 4,198 twitter followers:

  51. kelsey rousseau says:

    I’m going to eat it in cookies made with Olive Oil, eggs, 100% cocoa, almond milk, and cinnamon. yum yum yum! Nuts have to be my favorite food! I eat them everyday whether it’s peanut butter, cashews, almond butter, almond milk, almonds, anything!

  52. Signed up & liked both pages, I would eat it straight out of the jar or put it in my smoothies.

  53. The winners of NuttZo Seed and Nut Butter include:

    Lara S, Errin, Yoojin, Suzie, Kally, Lauren S, David, Kaytlyn, Kelsey R and Melissa

    You’ll get an email from us to claim your prize.



  54. Anonymous says:

    As a Panini!!! MM Yum!!

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