Win a Recipe Reader Today (a $150.00 value!)

win a recipe reader todayHere’s your chance to Win a Recipe Reader Today (…and it’s a $150.00 value!)

Here’s a nifty gift that I’d love to receive this year—the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader. In fact, I think a recipe reader is a must-have for any cook who wants all of their recipes at their fingertips.

I often have my laptop on my kitchen counter trying to follow a recipe, and that’s a recipe for disaster as no one wants to spill liquids onto their keyboard and destroy the hard drive.

The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader solves that problem. It looks like a Kindle but it’s actually a  kitchen-safe digital cookbook that allows you to keep your favorite recipes in the kitchen where you need them.

It’s simple as you create a account and you can add all the recipes you want to your collection. The KeyIngredient Recipe Reader will synch wirelessly to yoru account so all of your recipes will be at your fingertips on a device that can handle spills or other messy ingredients.

Thousands of recipes can sync wirelessly from your free Key Ingredient account, where you can build and share your recipe collection.

How to Win the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

Send a friend to our Facebook page and they need to remind us who sent them

Leave a comment below in the comments section telling us that you referred a friend.

Entries will be accepted until Friday, December 14 at midnight EST

All AFH terms and conditions apply.


  1. larry rossman says:

    I sent my friend Eileen Hadacek to your web site

  2. I referred my daughter, Amy Coibion.

  3. i referred a friend @ lily kwan on facebook to your facebook fan page!

  4. I refered Jim Keel, Carol Selenski Anderson and Joan Olson!

  5. I sent me friend Erin Bradenburg and Maryann Reibel. This is totally on my wish list from Santa!

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  8. I sent my friend Natalie Vandenberghe

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  12. never seen one – and it looks great !

  13. Oops, forgot to mention that I referred my best friend and sister, AJ

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  15. I referred several friends.

  16. I sent my mother your way! (:

  17. I am referring Jana Tull, Alex Lohmann, Melanie Schaltenbrand, Christy Vogt, Mallory Holzhauer, Jennifer Middleton, Kim Kurtz, and too many other friends and family to mention. This would be such a help in the kitchen!!! and my 3 sons and 1 daughter love to cook, so they will like using it too. AWESOME product!!

  18. I referred my sisters, Janice Lynds and Terry Lynds Masnyk, and my niece, Claudette Trottier.

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  22. Referred my sister to your page

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  24. Very cool, that would be a nice Xmas gift!

  25. I sent emails to 14 friends…I hope they follow up and tell you I sent them!

  26. My Mom, Lisa G, sent me. She is right, this is a great site & I would use these items.

  27. I sent an email to my friend Dianna! This would make a fabulous gift for me!

  28. I referred my awesome fb friends @nicnac @tammylynchsigond @mattisamoorer @keniaperales @katmcquaid @rhondabaileygrisham @adellagonzales @heatherhayespanjon @candyolivares woohoo good luck to everyone! thank you for the chance to win!

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