Win a Yonanas Frozen Treat Machine!

Yonanas machineA creamy, frozen treat without derailing your diet – you can thank Yonanas!

You all know how much we love Yonanas machines here at Appetite For Health, if you’re just joining us – we go bananas for Yonanas! We’ve got two Yonanas Frozen Treat Makers to share this time (each a $50 value!). Entry details below.

Just because the summer is long gone, doesn’t mean we aren’t still craving frozen treats.  Here’s one you won’t sweat over:

Chai Spice Yonanas


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 teaspoon garam masala (found in natural and specialty food stores)


  1. Sprinkle garam masala over frozen bananas
  2. Insert frozen bananas into machine
  3. Stir in bowl to combine

Not only is this frozen treat low in fat and added sugars, it’s also rich in antioxidants!  Garam masala, a North Indian spice blend contains cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove and nutmeg.  Research suggests that cinnamon is useful in battling stress so instead of going for that Texas-sized margarita, whip up a bowl of cinnamon-infused Yonanas frozen treat!  You’ll satisfy your cravings for something smooth and cold without doing major dietary damage.

The recipes don’t stop there.  Believe me, with a Yonanas machine creativity seems to just take over. Check out the Yonanas site for exciting recipes. Don’t like bananas? No problem!  Mix in mangoes, raspberries or even kiwi for a tasty homemade sorbet.

Want to try and win a Yonanas frozen treat machine for yourself? Here’s what to do:

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  2. “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please “Like” Yonanas on Facebook, too. 
  3. Tell us in the comment section below (not on Facebook) why now is the perfect time for you to win a Yonanas!  

This contest open to U.S.  and Canadian residents. Enter by Thursday, October 24th at midnight.

Remember, “extra credit” is given to those who share AFH nutrition or fitness articles on social media–tell us where you shared (a link is handy)! 

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  1. Victoria Crissman says

    I have a big sweet tooth, and I could really use something to let me make healthy frozen treats without all the added chemicals!

  2. janice foreman says

    I looooooooooooooove yogurt! I eat it every day 😀 theres a frozen yogurt place down the street that I spend too much money at haha this would definitely help out and be amazing to have at the house!

  3. Debra Allen says

    I have been asking for one of these machines for a gift for over a year! I eat frozen bananas right out of the freezer whole. This machine would be WONDERFUL!!!!

  4. Yvonne says

    I love you on fb, and like the Yonanas on fb too. I get your awesome newsletter!
    I have been wanting to do something new and exciting with my bananas outside of my overnight oats! Garam Masala sounds like a great combo! Wo oh wow!
    Thank you for the opportunity…love your ideas and your giveaways!

  5. Darice Gamache says

    This is the best giveaway yet!! I hope I can win since I won the pistacios (sp?) THANK YOU no matter what.

  6. Charlotte Greer says

    I have started feeding my family healtier foods and we have started walking and bike riding together. Trying to improve ourselves and enjoy life more. This would make a great addition.

  7. Anonymous says

    Now is the perfect time to win a Yonanas Frozen Treat Machine as my 7 year old daughter keeps asking for FROGURT.. (Frozen Yogurt) so this would be great way to whip up some fresh FROGURT.. Thank you for Yonanas opportunity.. : )

  8. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    already a subscriber and I like you both on Facebook. I’d love to win Yonanas now because my son likes to eat bananas every single day! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. says

    Right now is a perfect time to win a Yonanas because i just had my fourth child, and i want to eat and snack health to get and keep the baby weight off. Full body makeover, and snaking is 1 of my major issues. PLZ help lol!!

  10. Lovisa Taylor says

    So that I can have the frozen dessert without the additional sugar that frozen yoghurt and ice cream has that you buy.

  11. Sandy N. says

    Now is the perfect time to win a Yonanas machine because it would be a fun way to get everyone to eat more fruit and Ive always wanted to try out this machine, It would be perfect for the holiday get togethers to show off to family and friends.

  12. Laura says

    This has been on my “wish” list for a long time! I love soft serve ice cream but as a diabetic, I seldom get to indulge. I think yonanas frozen treats would be a great substitute, in moderation, of course :)

  13. Suzanne says

    For my entire family to enjoy healthier snacking options and because I’m expecting and it sounds like a great, healthy alternative snack for me!:) thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Athena R says

    I just had my first baby, and I’m trying to lose the last of the baby weight. This would be so perfect to help me curb my sweet tooth.

  15. naomi barton says

    it would be perfect for my family since im trying to change our eating habbits so we can eat healthier and it would also be great to have for my 3 year old son since he is such a picky eater

  16. says

    Well, mainly because it is always the perfect time for ice cream, right?!! And who doesn’t like bananas??! But the best thing would be to have this for our Thanksgiving reunion with friends and be able to make fun ice cream for everyone. That would be one more great thing for us to be thankful for this year!!

  17. sherry warlick says

    I am going through Chemotherapy for Stage 2 Breast Cancer. This would just be another way to gain healthy habits. :)

  18. Carol says

    With the Yonanas frozen treat machine I can make treats that I know are safe for Celiacs and other food allergies!

  19. says

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while-especially now that we’ve entered upon “candy season”-the sweet tooth is starting to kick in. This would be a healthful way to “give in”!

  20. shraddha says

    fresh yummy fruits instead of icecreams… way to stay healthy without craving for icecreams n chocolates..

  21. Anonymous says

    My daughter is recovering from a 9 month battle with pancreatitis and is very malnourished. This would be one thing that is nutritious that she could actually eat!

  22. Kayla K says

    I make frozen banana turned into a soft serve every night in my magic bullet for dessert, but unfortunately my magic bullet is slowly dying. This is perfect timing!

    (I’m signed up for the newsletter and like both pages on Facebook)

  23. says

    Its the perfect time because I am 4 months pregnant with lots of cravings and a 2 yr old that wants whatever I eat. The healthier the better!! Not to mention easy is always helpful.

  24. says

    It would be perfect for me because my Dr. says I need to add more fruit into my diet.
    As always, thanks for the chance to win a healthy giveaway!

  25. lisat says

    This gadget looks awesome! Now is the perfect time to win because we’re trying to quite ice cream but we haven’t quite weaned off the flavor/texture of ice cream yet!

  26. Lori R says

    due to waiting for knee surgery, I have put on a few lbs lately. Now that I have a new knee, and I’m starting to get more active, having a yummy dessert that is low cal would be great! Thanks for the choice. Shared on FB

  27. Ashley Vazquez says

    Now is the perfect time for me to win because I would love to try the recipe you posted as I LOVE bananas and garam masala…YUM! :)

  28. Janice Lynds says

    I love bananas but don’t always eat them up before they are over ripe. Now I have a freezer half full of them. This would be great as I have just started to watch what I am eating and would be healthier than other foods that might tempt me.

  29. Angela says

    Because while it may be cooling off elsewhere in the country, healthy ice cream is always welcome, year-round, in south Texas!

  30. Tracy Mahon says

    Our whole family is committing to be healthier! And with all our apple,peach, and pear trees inthe yard this will be great!! Oh yeah we live in Maine so can you say Blueberries!!!! Thank you!

  31. Anne Lehnick says

    Now is the perfect time to for me to win a Yonanas because most of the fruit is about to be off season. Somehow, the bananas are always in season and affordable, though! Plus, the kids love them. It doesn’t get too cold here in Texas, so cold treats are always alright.

    I like both on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter

  32. Terry says

    I’m a marathon runner. Bananas have potassium that runners need. A Yonanas would encourage me to eat more bananas, and my body would be ever so thankful.

  33. Maria P. says

    Because ice cream is a weakness in our house, but we are really trying to eat healthier and cut out the sugar. Yonanas is a perfect solution!

  34. says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Yonanas on Facebook. Now is the perfect time for me to win a Yonanas because I’m indoors more often.

  35. Jerrilyn Casto says

    Eating healthier is not only good for you, but is good for others. I show my teenagers that healthy eating is not boring, but can taste better than other things they may want to buy instead.

  36. jen says

    to eat more whole and unprocessed foods to be healthier and model a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying food and treats!

  37. says

    I love bananas and this would be another way to use up bananas in a healthy way and I am sure the rest of my family would enjoy them too.

  38. says

    This would be a great alternative to a sugary sweet dessert after dinner. I have a family that wants dessert after dinner and I a constantly trying to find something healthy to fit the want/desire they have.

  39. says

    I am all about eating healthier and since I am lactose and soy intolerant some times it is a bit boring. A Yonanas would be a new creative way for me to easily make something I could eat that is also yummy.

  40. Kris B says

    I am trying to lose weight and eat healthier. Yonanas would be a great alternative to unhealthy snacks that I like to eat!

  41. joan justice says

    Hubby is the worlds worst sweet craver. As a cardiac patient, its important he keep his weight down, so I’m desperate for ways to make healthy, tasty treats for him!

  42. Peggy Kerans says

    My cousin made me a delicious dessert using hers and I’m hooked. Have 3 kids under the age of 6 and one more on the way. Would love to make these as healthy desserts and after school snacks for my kids (and me).

  43. Kay C says

    We are trying to make better choices. But, this would be perfect for a snack for my daughter before swimming..which starts November 1st. We seem rushed for time to get ready after school. What a fast treat to tie her over until dinner. She loves bananas, ice cream, smoothies. This is just a nice alternative.

  44. Laurie Ludwig says

    I would like to win a yonanas machine because i eat alot of fruit and a machine like this will take the boredom you can experince eating the same fruit always. I would love this machine to take the “more interested effect” of eating healthy fruit! I could go Yonanas over this!!

  45. Monica says

    I love the concept of this machine and as I am trying to eat healthier due to diabetes and not feel deprived all of the time, as well as having some healthy options for my teens,I would love to win this (I should add that my teens are really healthy eaters but I think they would like more variety in the good but treat-like category as well).

  46. Lisa says

    I have lost 40 pounds since April eating low sugar, whole foods only! I would love this machine to make wholesome sorbets for myself and my kids!

  47. Bridget says

    Now is the perfect time because I am trying to overcome some health issues and I need healthy snacks!

  48. says

    It is a perfect time for me to win this because I just started my lifestyle change, and made a commitment to myself to be healthier and choose healthier eating.

  49. Anonymous says

    As a dietitian, I love to try new products to share with my clients. I think my family would love this too!

  50. Lily Williams says

    Because Yonanas is on my christmas list but ive been wanting one since it first came out and i cant wait any longer :-) I make lots of homemade juices and popsicles for my toddler and I, and the Yonanas would just bring more deliciousness into my life!

  51. Jessica says

    It would be a perfect time to win this awesome yonanas maker because I recently developed an intolerance to milk/lactose…no more ice cream for me. This would be an awesome, healthy substitute!

  52. Karen Hadfield says

    I quit smoking two years ago and 15 pounds later I need to find a new way to indulge, this could be it

  53. SHaryn B says

    I am trying to eat healthy and this time of year there are so many unhealthy temptations so Yonanas would help me to eat very healthy

  54. Yvonne McGowan says

    I eat healthy and exercise regularly, and would love something like Yonanas that would allow me a truly healthy treat! It would also help me treat my husband who was just diagnosed lactose intolerant…he can’t eat ice cream anymore, and this would make all of us happy!

  55. Rupa says

    Already signed up for appetite for health news letters. Already likes Appetite for health and Yonannas.

    If I win this, this would really help me stick to my diet during holidays. Also i am trying to avoid sugar for my kids.. they would love to have ice cream again. They would never know that this is good for them kind of ice cream

  56. says

    i have done all mandatory entries. i, actually, already have a yonanas.i want to win for m y dad down in tx. he has been diagnosed as diabetic and he loves ice c ream. i k now from experience that this is a great substitutefor ice c ream. :) thanks f or t he chance.

  57. Erin Grayson says

    This is the perfect time for me to win a Yonanas machine because I try to make banana ice cream with my Magic Bullet and its just not the same… I would seriously use this every night if I won!!

  58. Laurie Emerson says

    Now is the perfect time for me to win a Yonanas machine as I have lost 50 pounds but with the holidays coming up it is going to be so hard to resist all those wonderful holiday snacks and desserts. This will help me to make my own sweet treats and resist temptation.

  59. Anonymous says

    I’m trying hard to cut out sugar for health reason but am badly craving sweet food – and so ate my kids! A healthy but tasty alternative would be so appreciated by the whole family.

  60. Irene says

    My daughter loves ice cream and yogurt and using the Yonanas machine I can give her healthier treats. Please pick me! Pick me! :) ===================================>>>>>>>>>>>

  61. says

    I love frozen desserts!! This would be a great way to make my own. I could make lighter ones and I would know everything that are in them!

  62. Danielle says

    I have recently gone back to eating healthy and I tried my cousin’s Yonanas machine this summer – loved it! Really wish I had my own.

  63. Marissa Kenny says

    I am beginning a very strict and intense training schedule to prepare myself for my very first Boston Marathon! This would certainly help with my sweet tooth! I could enjoy a refreshing dessert without sacrificing any of my diet and training!

  64. Anonymous says

    So I can continue slimming down before the holidays. Awesome machine. My daughter and I love to make smoothies and this is easier than all the parts of the blender.

  65. Siquoria says

    This is perfect because I have been starting a healthy lifestyle change for myself and my family and sweets are my weakness. This would give my family and myself a way to make a healthy treats!

  66. Jill K. says

    I think now is the perfect time for me to win a Yonanas machine because my after dinner snacking is out of control. A delicious Yonanas frozen treat every night might help me turn things around. I’ve never tried anything made with one of these machines, but I’m imagining it would be just as tasty and a lot healthier than what I’ve been eating.

  67. says

    Would love to win this. I am currently very overweight and i’ve been dieting. I am starting a new cleanse and diet on the 1st of Nov. The main thing I miss is Ice Cream. It is so hard to sit with your family, watching a movie and not be able to enjoy the ice cream with them. This would be so cool to win.

  68. Anonymous says

    Now is the perfect time for me to win this The season for over eating and many unhealthy choices is approaching fazt. I have a real problem with willpower and this little gem would do so much to help me.

  69. says

    The hardest season for those of us woth diet and health issues is rapidly approaching. This would help me to avoid all of this deserts and high calorie foods that I can not afford to go back on.

  70. Linda B. says

    I would actually give this to my Mom, who has been recently diagnosed with celiacs. I have been telling her all about the Yonanas and how she can have healthy frozen treats that are gluten free!!! Of course I would help her try it out and make some healthy treats for me too 😉

  71. Angelique Drummond says

    It would be the perfect time because I am trying to eat more nutritiously and have such a sweet tooth for ice cream so I desperately need a healthy alternative!

  72. Maria says

    This would be perfect for us–we always buy bananas and have trouble using them up before they are overripe!

  73. Anita says

    I am starting a diet that is strictly fruits and veggies and everyone raves about this so much. I would love to have this to stay on track

  74. says

    Yonanas will help my fiancée and is snack healthier. As the one who is supporting him through his weight loss to prepare for our wedding, this will be a great way for us to enjoy at treat.

  75. Joanne Polyak says

    Yonanas would be a great way to make healthier snacks that are like ice cream (my favorite)!

  76. Stephanie says

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE ice cream! I have eaten it almost every night since I was a child. I REALLY want to not want it because I am trying to cut out dairy and extra refined sugar. I would love this machine (and so would my husband :))!

  77. Ynick Rose Harrison says

    Great replacement for traditional ice cream and yogurt and this ensures that I KNOW what is in it. It’s really the healthier alternative and looks so easy

  78. Susan Highland says

    My diabetic husband who eats ice cream every night would love for me to own one of these. In Southern California, some kind of fruit is ripening in the yard all year! This month it’s mulberries and persimmons… and a couple fig varieties too! Would love to get creative with this Yohanas Frozen treat machine and help us both to better health! Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. london ingoglia says

    We want to have more control over the dessert choices in our home. I think this product would allow us the opportunity to make a lot of yummy treats without the mystery label ingredients.

  80. says

    Since I gave up ice cream because of the fat content, this is perfect for me and the kids! I just love the way the fruit tastes after being blended! My son usually makes smoothies in the blender but recently tasted a treat from a family member’s Yonanas machine and he decided this was far better (and no juice added, less sugar). Awesome giveaway! Shared on fb.

  81. says

    My husband and I are on a weight-loss journey and the Yohanas treat machine would be wonderful to have and make healthy snacks for us.

  82. sarah oswald says

    i love ice cream and this would make a great alternative and i would love to try it with peanut butter YUM!

  83. James Kennedy says

    I liked Appetite for Health on FB and I liked Yonanas on FB. Everyone loves frozen desserts in my house and we love fruit so this would be perfect!

  84. Carole S. says

    Being diabetic I sure do miss ice cream, the sugar free varieties are not healthy IMO, this would be a great way to make a healthy trreat. Looking forward to your newsletters, I am new to this site.

  85. Intern says

    The Yonanas winners include:

    Susan F and Elaine W

    You’ll get an email from us to claim your prize.



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