Win an Oxylent Prize Pack!

oxylent1Starting fresh this fall with new health habits? An Oxylent prize pack could be just what you need.

Win an Oxylent prize pack (a $40 value)!  A new season can call for an improved self, perhaps a new supplement is for you!

For some of us the thought of swallowing a pill is simply an unappreciated challenge.  I remember my mom trying every trick in the book to get me to swallow a morning vitamin, from hiding the pill in peanut butter to mixing it with applesauce–she even purchased a pill crusher in order to guarantee I got my daily dose of vitamins.  I know she would have appreciated the ease of  using children’s Oxylent and sending me out the door with minimal tantrums.

This effervescent beverage is filled with electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, without any high fructose corn syrup, artificial additives, preservatives, fillers or dyes.  Oxylent comes in convenient pouches making it a nice fit for your “on the go” lifestyle”.  Oxylent simplifies my day, and really classes up a glass of water.  With a variety of sparkling flavors – pomegranate, mandarin and berries – you may find that Oxylent supplements become more of a treat than an added chore. Buy online through the Oxylent website! Or find a store near you!oxylent prize pack

Want to try Oxylent for yourself? Ten winners will receive Children’s Oxylent, Adult 7 Count Oxylent, and a Goodie Bag! (a $40 value). Here’s how to enter:

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2. “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook, and please “Like” Oxylent on Facebook, too.

3. Leave us a comment below (not on Facebook please) telling us why you’d love to win Oxylent.

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  1. Mai Cancel says

    I am signed up for free e newsletter, Like AFH and Like Choffy on FB.
    I am so eager for a coffee substitute that is a healthy alternative to drinking coffeee all the time and need a healthy change. I never tried it and I know AFH only advertizes the best products on the market. I trust AFH and who they sponsor and love and still purchase the produxts I was introduced to in the past. Thank you AFH and Choffy for introducing great stuff and for us to give it a try to become long term happy customers.

  2. says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Drink Oxylent. Breathe Life. on Facebook. I’d love to win Oxylent because I need to boost my immune system.

  3. Carri Arrieta says

    Liked both, get the newsletter…I’d love the Oxylent for my daughter, she hates takig pills

  4. Kerry says

    Aside from the obvious getting vitamins, minerals, etc. into our diet, this may be a great way to get my daughter to drink more water.

  5. Maggie says

    I LOVE this giveaway. I just discovered Oxylent because I was looking for something to spice up my water without added/artificial stuff. Since I’m pregnant with my third child it helps to have things I don’t have to think about much AND Oxylent makes a pre-natal version. I’d love to see what my kids think! Might be a great switch for them! I subscribe and like everyone on facebook and all that too 😉

  6. Denise says

    I am already signed up for the newsletter.
    I would love the chance to win this to try it.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win oit!

  7. Angela W. says

    I would love to try the pomegranate! I am such a baby when it comes to swallowing pills. I usually buy chewable vitamins.

  8. sharon says

    I subscribe to the newsletter. I follow on facebook. I would like the vitamins and the health benefits.

  9. Hollye Bright says

    I’ve been googling the best vitamin supplements and this brand kept coming up. Would love to try it!

  10. Amanda says

    I am not a fan of the huge massive horse prenatal pills, they make me gag and I cant take them. Anything liquid I can take very easy. My husband and I are currently actively trying for a baby & this would be very helpful. I got a sample of it in the mail today and would really love to have some more. I have one ovary so this experience of us trying to have a baby has been rough.

  11. Kimberly says

    I’d love to try this! I get tired of regular water and I’m looking for something that doesn’t have all of the unhealthy fillers in it.

  12. Jessica says

    I have two very active teens and I do crossfit so anything that would help replace nutrients would be awesome to try!

  13. Lynn D. says

    I would LOVE to try these. I have a hard time getting one of my daughters to take supplements and this looks like the perfect thing for her! And they have much better ingredients than most other children’s vitamins.

  14. Jene says

    I have a hard time taking a ton of pills to get the vitamins and nutrients I need so I tend to forget/avoid taking them. This would be a great change but allow me to get everything I need to be healthy!

  15. Bernice says

    Anything that will promote my health, and is convienient, would be a great addition to anyone’s health regimen!

  16. says

    This would be awesome to win as to stay healthy through the winter by giving the immune system a welcome boost! really becoming aware at my age of doing everything possible to stay healthy!

  17. Robert Seinfeld says

    I would love to find a healthy vitamin product for my 9 year old daughter, all the popular vitamins are just bad for you. It would be nice if we could start our day together taking the vitamins.

  18. Amy Lynn says

    I would love to try Oxylent~ I am not a pill person but gotta get vitamins and antioxidents some way! I use Emergenc alot but this has so much more! I like them on FB. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Rachel Fulton says

    I’ve decided to make a change in my nutrition habits – namely, start taking vitamins. This would make it so much more palatable.

  20. says

    I receive your newsletter and like you both on Facebook. I would love to win this because I get dehydrated easy and water is not my drink of choice!

  21. Intern says

    The winners of the Oxylent Prize Pack include:
    Hollye B., Jennifer H., John, Angela W., Lori, Amanda H., Jessica, Jene, Bernice and Robert S.

    You’ll get an email from us to claim your prize.



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