Win a Planters Peanut Prize Pack!

PlantersHere’s one for our peanut lovers: Five fans will win a Planters Peanut Prize Pack—each consisting of five jars of assorted dry roasted peanuts—a $25 value!

Harness the Power of the Peanut for yourself—enter to win a Planters Peanut Prize Pack.

If you’re a regular AFH reader, you know that we are nuts about nuts. And yes, we know that peanuts are not really nuts, but legumes. Honestly though, I think most of us group peanuts in with tree nuts when we’re thinking about nuts and discussing them nutritionally. So, now to the peanuts..

When I was growing up in Michigan, my father always kept a jar of peanuts in the house for his own snacking pleasure. Sometimes we kids got some, but mostly they were his and we all knew it. Dad knew a good snack! Peanuts, like most nuts, contain a slew of nutrients (vitamins and minerals, along with fiber and healthy phytonutrients), which means they are a nutrient-dense food. They are filling, too, so for the calories, you could do a lot worse than reach for peanuts at snack-time.  Here are some peanut facts for your consideration:Beautiful Peanuts

  • Nuts per 1 -ounce serving: 30
  • Calories: 170
  • Protein: 7 grams (more than other nuts!)
  • Fat: 14 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Saturated Fat: 2 grams

A note about the fat in peanuts: Yep, peanuts are high in fat—that’s a fact of life with nuts in general, so portion control is necessary. However, most of the fat in peanuts is the more healthful, unsaturated kind. Replacing saturated fats in our diets with unsaturated ones is a heart-healthy move suggested in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

If you’re looking for more info on peanuts, check out the micro-website that Planters created ( It’s entertaining and also informative. For more complete nutrition info check out the regular Planters website.  (The ads around this campaign are funny, too, in case you’re interested in checking out Mr. Peanut as a life coach in a Planters commercial on YouTube.)

Ready to try and win some Planters peanuts? Five lucky folks will win 5 jars of Planters peanuts (a selection) each; here’s how to enter: 

First, make sure you’ve signed up for sign-up for our newsletter, and be sure to “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook , too. Then leave us a comment below (not on Facebook please) telling us what peanuts give you the power to do (climb mountains, swim laps,  just make it to 5 pm without raiding the vending machine at work?).  Enter by Sunday, Sep. 15, midnight EST . 

And don’t forget to tell us where you’ve shared this contest or any AFH content on your social media. We like that. Open to US residents only please. All AFH Terms and Conditions apply.








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  1. Cynthia Stacey says

    Peanuts are not a nut all, they are a legume… The power of a peanut.. Peanuts give me the energy and power to complete a hike – so full of protein, to water ski another round, to finish cleaning my house, to keep up with my grandsons…… WE LOVE PLANTERS!!!! WE LOVE PEANUTS!!!!!

  2. Denise M says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it through the end of my workday without heading for the chocolate or the caffeine.

  3. Samantha Daleo says

    Peanuts give me the power to eat less and do more, through out the entire day/night. I think of them like Popeye does his Spinach.

  4. Rhonda Farrell says

    Peanuts give me the power to be myself. Someone who wants to make the most out of every hour of life given me! They give me the power to keep on going.

  5. Rhiannon Rowland says

    Peanuts gave me the power to heal after major surgery! I was told to up my protein intake, so peanuts was one of the things I gladly ate to do that.

  6. Maryann Dean says

    When I get those middle of the afternoon munchie cravings, I will eat a handful of peanuts to curb my appetite so that I will not “pig out” on snacks that I shouldn’t have. Prefer Planters unsealed, dry roasted!

  7. Jamie Zumhingst says

    peanuts have the power to get me through the day without snacking on everything else in the cabinet!!!

  8. says

    Peanuts help get me through the afternoon work day slump, so I have enough energy to workout after getting home from the office. They give me that boost that I need to power through my day.

  9. says

    Peanuts help me power through busy afternoons full of errands and appointments. I love eating a snack full of protein and the dry roasted peanuts have less fat than the ones cooked in oil too!

  10. ellen beck says

    I am an email subscriber & “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook
    Peanuts are great for a protein boost! They taste good, are portable and oftentimes will help me more than coffee to keep going in a midafternoon slump.

  11. vickie dailey says

    already liked AFH & Planters peanuts on FB – shared as well. peanuts, cashews & pecans are all my faves and good sources of protein to get through the day – you can add them to salads, stir frys, to oomph up your lunch or can make trail mix to take on hikes. peantus provide a great source of protein – they help lower cholestrol provide phyto nutrients, good source of b vitamins as well – is it any wonder that a hanful of nuts can power you through even the toughest workout or just a “regular day”

  12. Carolyn E says

    As a child growing up my father always bought Planter Peanuts as a treat for me. A salesman for Planters Peanut lived next to us and I remember him giving me the peanut man I wish I had him now I keep a big jar in my pantry at all times

  13. Gina presson says

    Peanuts allow my baby girl… She’s 11… To have a healthy snack without it affecting her blood sugar. She lives with type 1 diabetes, so carb free or low carb, healthy snack are important. Peanuts win and she LOVES them.

  14. Bridget says

    Peanuts give me the energy to teach 150 6th graders with all of their hormones out of whack all day and then come home and still play with my 4 year old son! :)

  15. Josephine Messina says

    I already am an email subscriber & “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook before this offer :)

    I love Peanuts – they are a great source of protein. I usually have a handful as an afternoon snack to help me make to dinner time.

  16. Jean Eckert says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it through a long day taking care of my 3 kiddos, ages 4 and under!!!

  17. Denise says

    Peanuts give me the power to stay on my healthy eating program. I don’t like to call it a diet because it’s not. It’s a change in eating habits.
    They provide me with healthy fats and the protein my body needs.
    Peanuts help me to fill full and give me energy to walk my 2 miles a day.
    I liked on FB, signed up for the newsletter and shared on Twitter.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great “healthy” giveaway!

  18. Angela Mentch says

    I have begun making homemade peanut butter and these peanuts make an excellent spreadable added oils or fats it is all in the peanuts….

  19. Paula Gillespie says

    Peanuts give me the energy to put up with my husband. LOL!!! Trust me sometimes I need all the energy I can get. LOL!

  20. Kerry Shrauger says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it through a 12 hour shift without heading to the employee lounge that is usually filled with sweets and sodas!

  21. Dorothy Hull says

    My hubby and I love peanuts – in fact we have a jar of Mr. Peanut dry roasted peanuts in the snack cabinet right now, but would sure love to win some. they help us get through the day with a snack full of protein.

  22. Lisa Y. says

    Peanuts help me make it through to dinner when I get the afternoon munchies! Liked and shared on my Facebook page!

  23. Judy Zerbe says

    Peanuts are a great snack anytime. I love them! But I eat them at work at about 3:00 pm to get through the work day before I go home and eat dinner.

  24. Michael Ann says

    Peanuts give me the the strength I need to avoid unhealthy snacking and grazing as I approach the dinner hour.

  25. bethelderton says

    Peanuts give me the power to get through that midafternoon slump. Great easy snack!
    [Mary Beth Elderton on FB]
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  26. Anonymous says

    Peanuts give me the power to say “no” to unhealthy snacks. I also used dry roasted peanuts to make my own peanut butter! Can you say YUM??

  27. says

    signed up & liked on FB as deanna time
    Peanuts give me the power to hike through canyons. I love to take peanuts in my backpack on hiking trips.

  28. sharon says

    Peanuts allow me to have the energy to walk in the foothills, do housework and play with my grandchildren.

  29. Holly W says

    A half handful of Peanuts keep me going all day. They really do give me energy. I love the plain peanuts.

  30. Cliff A. says

    Who doesn’t love peanuts!!! There is not a baseball game that goes by where I get at least 1 bag of the peanuts!!!

  31. shawn thayer says

    Peanuts give me the (will)power to stay away from high carb snacks. They taste so good that they feel more like an indulgence!
    Shared on Facebook.

  32. brandi ellison says

    Peanuts have always been my family’s energy food! we would always have them with us packing in to fix fence or horse back riding!

  33. says

    I’m already signed up for the newsletter, and I “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook . Peanuts give me all the energy that I need to keep up with the kids and make it through the day without feeling too tired or wanting to take a nap.

  34. Theresa says

    Planters peanuts give me the power to get through my 2pm energy slump at work. I already receive your newsletter, LIKE you on Facebook and LIKE Planters on Facebook. I have always loved Planters Peanuts. When my grandfather was alive he used to always have a “Mr. Peanut” pen in his pocket and we couldn’t wait to use it when we visited him.

  35. Cheryl Varela says

    Love having peanuts to snack on when we go skiing, they aren’t eat snack that is filling and good protein source.

  36. Anne Lehnick says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it until lunch time or the end of the work day without falling asleep. We get up at 5 am every morning, so it’s almost 12 hours later when I’m finally getting off work. And I know I don’t get enough sleep each night, which lends to my head from bobbing then snapping back up on some days at work.

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook:

  37. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    already a subscriber and I like you both on Facebook. Peanuts give me the power to overcome a bad mood! Thanks 😉

  38. Tammy Rice Michael says

    They give me the ability to have a healthy snack after hubby and I’s pool workout. We have both lost over 100 pounds!!!

  39. michele malone says

    I like you both and get your emails. peanuts help me get through my afternoon slump every day. :) I guess you could say I’m a nut nut.

  40. debra allen says

    Planters are the best for flavor, They are a wonderful “pick me up” for us nurses who are running around and have no time for lunch!

  41. Dot Lenhart says

    Peanuts give me the power to get through my very physical work day, even at age 61! A little protein, keeps my blood sugar level up, and they are so much more satisfying than candy.

  42. pat pelland says

    Like both, peanuts give me the power to make it through my chamber of commerce meetings without falling asleep.

  43. says

    A handful of peanuts keep me awake to let me finish paperwork and running on good fuel until my next meal. Plus, sharing a little with co-workers to keep them going as well.

  44. Nancy Reid says

    Peanuts give me the power to resist empty junk food snacks! Awww as a matter of fact, it’s time for a serving right now. Mid afternoon is always a great time for a pop of protein!

  45. Dalores Lounds says

    Peanuts give me the power to stay away from sugary food. Its something I can feel good about eating!

  46. Sarah W. says

    they give me the power to stay awake for those boring days at work. much better pep me up than caffeine!

  47. carri arrieta says

    Planters gives me the energy to run 20 miles then spend the rest of the day running my 5 kids around town..

  48. Terry Pescosolido says

    Planters peanuts are the best! Great source of protein for this vegetarian marathoner. Shared on Facebook.

  49. debbie binder says

    Dh & I each eat 14 cup of Planter’s unsalted every night. We love them for the taste, the protein and that they are low carb. So, Planter’s gives us the power to stay on our diet!

  50. Victoria Crissman says

    Peanuts give me the power to keep from overeating. They are very filling and satisfy cravings well.

  51. Nancy J. says

    Peanuts give me the power to keep up my walking regimen! Nothing worse than running out of energy on a steep hill.

  52. Joyce Hogetvedt says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it through my busy day. We love Planters and always have a jar on hand. Not only do they taste great but they are good for you. Planters make the best ones. None of the others taste as good as Planters. This prize is perfect for my family. I liked Mr. Peanut but I actually love him!

  53. Rebecca says

    They help me get through my 430 pm to 1230 am shift every day, around 11 pm i get tired and hungry, so i need a healthy easy snack! Thanks!

  54. will cook for hugs says

    We go everywhere with our Planters peanuts! Our first cruise to Alaska had us kicking back on the bed with our trusty jar of nuts as we drifted out in the ocean. In our travel trailer, the first snack we go to. I always carry them with me, always!

    The unsalted nuts are my favorites!

  55. Margaret says

    Peanuts give me the power to get through my day without slowing down, energy to make it till dinner. Helps me stay away from sugar snacks. ******** Love the taste of them!*************

  56. Laurie Emerson says

    Peanuts give me the power to get through the afternoon to be the best teacher I can possibly be. They give me that extra oomph when my oomph is almost gone!

  57. Yvonne D says

    Peanuts give me the power to fill in the hunger pains that set in bwtween meals. It is also a safe nut and company that my son CAN eat! Thank you for the opportunity!

  58. Sharon I. says

    Peanuts give me the power to get through my afternoon slump without raiding the vending machine for candy.

  59. mcuzz says

    I’m signed up for your newsletter, I “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook and peanuts give me the strength from going “nuts” throughout the day!!!

  60. says

    peanuts give me the power to stay away from carbs. they are a great snack to have on the go. i simply put them in my car or purse and i have a healthy snack! clallen at ntin dot net (i am signed up for your email and i like the facebook page) thanks!

  61. Jocelyn Baldwin says

    Peanuts give me the power to finish my day at work, I work in an academic Library with lots of students. I munch on them in the early afternoon.

  62. Catherine Larkin says

    Peanuts give me the energy I need to work full-time, be a full-time single mom, take care of my elderly father and still have the energy to take care of myself!

  63. jaime swink says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it thru the day! They give that little burst of energy when I am feeling low and need a little snack!

  64. rhonda hagy miller says

    peanuts give me the energy to chase one 4yr old and one 2 yr old around all day!! Quick and easy and tastes good too!

  65. kelly s says

    Planters Peanuts give me just what i need instead of reaching for the fridge for a late night snack!!

  66. Eliza Klinger says

    I am an email subscriber to your blog
    I like AFH and Planters Peanut on FB
    Peanuts give me the energy to run, run, run. I love PB as a go to snack before a long run or race

  67. Sheryl says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it until 5:00 without my head spinning completely around my body and taking big bites out of my coworkers.

  68. sharon c says

    peanuts help with mid day nutritional needs, to last til dinner..also good for quick snack on the go

  69. Karren McIntire says

    Planters peanuts give me the power to NOT fuss at my children for nibbling on them as after school snacks!

  70. Meredith Peters says

    Peanuts give me the power to resist reaching for sweets or alcohol for a pick me up in the late afternoon!

  71. Renee says

    any peanuts work well for me and help me get through the day… as long as its not circus peanuts 😉

  72. tbennington says

    Subscriber to your newsletter, and “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook , All peanuts give me the power to get through the day. They are the perfect little snack to tide me over!

  73. says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Mr. Peanut on Facebook. Peanuts give me the power to make it through the darkest day. Seriously though, they’re delicious and satisfying.

  74. Debbie Moon says

    Peanuts give me the energy to get out of the late afternoon slump. I have them between 3-4 to get energized each day to deal with tasks I have daily.

  75. Billie says

    Peanuts are one of my favorite snacks! They give me the power to make it all day without eating junk food.

  76. Charlotte Greer says

    Peanuts give me the power to take a walk with my husband on the Pinellas Trail and take my Chiweenie to the dog park to run and play.

  77. Michelle Washburn says

    I subscribe to the newsletter and like Planters on Facebook, Peanuts are a huge part of my diet, I love them so!

  78. Cari S says

    Peanuts give me the power to make it through the day at work. They give me just enough of an energy boost to keep me going.

  79. Leigh S. says

    Peanuts empower me to keep up with a preschooler, a kindergartener, and a busy husband while “managing” a household. Oh, and they also help me lead an active lifestyle with running, strength training, and/or other exercise 4-6 days a week. (I shared this giveaway on FB.)

  80. Alexandra Burton Watson says

    Peanuts give me stable blood sugar and the power to make it through the afternoon at work without raiding the office candy drawer!

  81. Teresa F says

    They are my mid day snack at work to help me reach 5:00 to pick up the kids and then head to all of their activities.

  82. Teresa Melton says

    I am an email subscriber & “Like” Mr. Peanut on Facebook. I guess I am the opposite of most people because I like to have some when I wake up hungry during the night. They help me keep my blood sugar even.

  83. says

    Good morning friends! Here are the five lucky winners who will receive the Planters prize pack:

    Gina P., Jennie S., Tammy M., Brooke P., and Margaret (djbgreat)

    Congrats! Look for an email from me later today with info on how to claim your prize. Please get back to me within 48 hours.

    Didn’t win today? Get in on the Analon pancake pan contest–cool pan! Makes a nice gift or keep it for yourself for a nice weekend bkfst!


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