Be Speedy—Quick Fit Workout DVD Giveaway!

Quickfit DVDPressed for time?  Three fans will win a copy of this brand spankin’ new exercise DVD in our Quick Fit Workout DVD Giveaway—enter today!

No matter how packed our schedules are, most of us can find a least a few minutes to squeeze in some exercise. This DVD will help you mix-and-match a quick workout.  

When time is at a premium, it can be helpful to have a workout that gets you moving but doesn’t necessarily require 45 minutes to complete.  I’m always happy to have a new workout DVD in my arsenal of flab-fighting helpers, so I was eager to try this out when Acacia sent me a copy to review.

Quick Fit DVD2I like this kind of program because it lets you pick and choose different segments (in this case they are just 5 minutes long) to make a varied routine that pleases you, works different body parts, and takes only as much time as you have. I pieced together a 20 minute quickie workout that included cardio and core work (I didn’t have time that day for any real strength work).

Led by fitness expert and author of the bestselling book Naked Fitness, Andrea Metcalf was friendly and encouraging. She is not at all intimidating, so there is no yelling at you or calling you names like in some hard core fitness experts do (I don’t like that)! Instead, she is sort of like your nice neighbor. I can see this DVD being very appealing to beginners and older exercisers especially—it’s not flashy or trendy, but it’s not necessarily a breeze either. The core work got me especially.

The DVD includes 2.5 hours of workouts, with 10 segments each of cardio, strength and Pilates moves. If you feel the need for a quick ab routine, just choose one of the Pilates/core segments, if you start working out and realize you’re having a good time and can go longer it’s easy to just click on another 5 minute segment. Basically, you can do what you want, for as long as you want. Enter to win a copy today, or order one via the Acacia website.

To enter to win one of 3 copies of Quick Fit, here’s what to do:

Acacia logoFirst, make sure you sign-up for our newsletter, and be sure to “Like” Acacia Lifestyle on Facebook , too. Then leave us a comment below (not on Facebook please) telling us why you need to be fit real quick! Enter by Tuesday Sep. 17, midnight EST. 

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  1. Martha F says

    Really need Quick Fit. Always pressed for time to fit work outs into my schedule with my other obligations.

  2. khadija moud says

    yes dear :( i need Quick Fit cuz my wight has become a only 165m & am 82 kg too much for me + tnk u very much ♥

  3. Kerry says

    After working a full day at the office, coming home to cook for husband and kids, I need something that works with my schedule not the other way around.

  4. Jennifer says

    Always looking for new workouts that give me the most action in a short period of time on days when I can’t devote an entire hour to a workout.

  5. bhawna gupta says

    My Wedding is coming this November i have to get fit before this need some motivation and Help.

  6. Diane B says

    I just need to make the shift. Thinking about it doesn’t work. I could use a new workout to change things up!

  7. hjnytoni says

    After emergency abdominal surgery, 19 days in the hospital and a 20 pound weigh loss in that time, I am on strict orders not to regain any of the weight. I also need to strengthen my abs. This sounds perfect.

  8. roxie says

    who wouldn’t love a quick workout..over and done with check move on in your day and feel good about myself..would love to win!…

  9. Yvonne Lenhardt says

    This sounds perfect for my lifestyle. I need something that will only take a short period of time but will benefit me big time!

  10. Erin says

    I would love to win this because I don’t always have the time, energy, or motivation to do a long, tough workout. Also, it gets boring doing the same workouts over and over. This seems like a good way to switch things up.

  11. Mary Jo Geiger says

    I have a mother of the bride dress to fit in to in February. It would be great to have some quick workouts that I could add in with my running schedule.

  12. Jerrilyn Casto says

    I am pending being a DTR and while going to college, I have gotten out of shape…would love to be able to get back in shape for myself, my children and those who I will interact with to show that it can be done.

  13. Monica says

    I need to be fit real quick for my wedding and all the pictures, dress fittings and events leading up to it!

  14. says

    Good morning friends!
    Here are the 3 lucky folks who won the QuickFit Workout DVD:

    Roxie, M.V., and Bhawna G.! Congrats!

    Winners, look for an email from me later today with details on how to claim your prize. Please get back to me within 48 hours.

    Thanks for entering, everybody!

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