Win A Ronco Food Dehydrator!

Ronco Dehydrator 2Give extra long life to your garden’s bounty—Enter today for a chance to win a Ronco Food Dehydrator…

Four lucky readers will win a Ronco EZ-Store Turbo Dehydrator so they can make simple, healthy, nutritious dried foods at home!

Dried fruit is amazing, but it isn’t necessarily inexpensive. A food dehydrator makes it easy to save money while still enjoying dried fruit or vegetables—even homemade jerky. I received the Ronco EZ-Store Turbo Dehydrator to try out recently, and my kids and I liked experimenting with it. It’s fun (and easy) to prep the ingredients, layer them on the trays, and then plug in the dehydrator and watch the magic happen. Our biggest success was dried pineapple (I used fresh pineapple cut thinly), my least successful was the banana chips (though I confess I did not use the recipe provided in the instruction booklet). We also dried some of the basil growing in our window box—a great way to make use of the excess of herbs you might have around this time of year in your garden.Ronco Dehydrator 1

Most of us don’t like to waste food, so if your garden is overflowing with produce and you cannot fathom any more ways to utilize the bounty, consider dehydrating it! It’s a great way to preserve food without adding any unwanted ingredients. Home-dried foods are cheaper than they are in the supermarket and the dehydrator itself uses little energy. Other things you can make with the Ronco EZ-Store Food Dehydrator include: Kale chips (no need to monitor them in an oven), jerky, even potpourri from flowers in your garden!

The new turbo design used in the EZ-Store Dehydrator means that the hot air circulates, and items dry twice as fast as in standard dehydrators. The dehydrator itself has 27% more capacity—you can mix different fruits and vegetables on different trays (there are 5 trays), or do a whole dehydrator of one type of food. There is a temperature control so you can better adjust for different ingredients, and the space-saving design stores in your kitchen cabinet or closet easily. Drying food at home is a fun project for kids and parents to work on together, and the recipe/instruction booklet that comes with this unit has lots of ideas. You can purchase the Ronco EZ-Store Dehydrator at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Amazon.

If you’d like to try and win a Ronco EZ-Store Food Dehydrator, here’s what you need to do:

First, be sure you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please “Like” Ronco on Facebook, too. Then, tell us in the comment section below (not on Facebook) why you’d like a Ronco Dehydrator. Enter by Sunday, August 18th at midnight. Contest open to US Residents.

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  1. Satsu Maimo says

    I’d like this dehydrator so that my sister can finally make all the fruit leather and trail mix that she desires–and make me some jerky as well!

  2. Cheryl F. says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Ronco on Facebook. I’d like a Ronco Dehydrator so I can make my own healthy snacks.

  3. Maryelizabeth Cipriano says

    I am trying to eat healthy and a Ronco Dehydrator would be very beneficial.

  4. says

    I would like to dehydrate a variety of different fruits, but pineapple would be first on my list. My family loves dried pineapple, but it is some what pricey.

  5. Ellen S says

    I would just love a dehydrator! I would dry herbs that I get but only need a fraction, and fruit!! Apricots, peaches, apples, BANANAS before they get mushy when I won’t eat them. Mushrooms! You can never have too many mushrooms around. That’s a nice looking dehydrator, I like the square shape.

  6. Stacy says

    I would love to win the dehydrator so my family and I could enjoy making healthy dried food and snacks.

  7. Shyama Balachandra says

    I always keep washed ready to eat fruits and veggies in my fridge!! Ronco Dehydrator is great for me!!

  8. Jean Eckert says

    this will save me a ton of money if I can make my own dried fruit! Also would love to make my own “healthy” fruit roll ups!

  9. Marissa Kenny says

    I would LOVE to make my own jerky! It’s one of my favorite snacks–and it’s perfect to throw in my pocket on long runs while I train for my first Ultra!

  10. Vicki V says

    I have lots of zucchini in my garden. Zucchini chips are amazing, but who wants to turn on an oven when it’s hot outside? A dehydrator would be awesome!! I’d love to try other healthy snacks as well! THANKS!

  11. Kathy G says

    My DH loves jerky, so I could make him (healthier!) beef and turkey jerky. And I can use it to make dried fruit chips for myself

  12. says

    Having the Ronco Food Dehydrator would enable me to make healthy & delicious snacks such as Kale Chips, banana chips , sweet potato chips. It would also enable me to make my own dried fruits snacks, especially those fruits that are in season. Fruits such as Strawberries , Pineapple, black plums , raspberries , apples & most of all MANGOES! I love dried mangoes. Finally, I could prevent a lot of my home grown herbs from spoiling by dehydrating then and saving them for use long after the crop is reaped. Finally, this would be a great addition to my kitchen & one that would be used ALOT ! :-)

  13. heta s says

    I buy all types of dried fruits and being able to make them at home, would be wonderful. Like the sponsor on fb:heta s

  14. susan smoaks says

    I signed up for your newsletter. I am a facebook fan of both – tony l smoaks. I would love to make my own jerky and dried fruits. we are trying to eat cleaner and this would be perfect to help us with that.

  15. Rebecca Lord says

    Liked all and already signed up, and shared =).
    I would love to win a dehydrator. I make homemade beef jerky every 2 weeks and my dehydrator is worn out. All of my trays broke so a friend gave me hers from a different dehydrator, they dont look good but they work but now those trays a breaking too…I love beef jerky and sure could use this, thank you for the great contests!!

  16. Robbie Melville says

    I would love the Ronco Food Dehydrator as I love to make my own dried fruit and veggies. I also love to make jerky.

  17. kristin h says

    I would love a Ronco Dehydrator to dry some of the great summer fruit I have in garden!

  18. robert says

    I would love to win the dehydrator. we have a big garden. and this would help keep things longer

  19. says

    I have read a lot about drying fruits and veggies and do buy them if they are natural, so I would love to win this so I could try it out myself. I would then have these items on hand more readily for snacking and recipes, Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this! Love, Love, Love your Blogs, tips and suggestions!!!!

  20. Karin Soderberg says

    I travel often and having a way to make my own fruit and veggie snacks to take with me would be awesome!

  21. Benita says

    I have already subscribed to your newsletter and love receiving it. I also receive you in my feed on Facebook. I “liked” Ronco and would love to win this dehydrator. I changed my diet this year and am eating very healthy. This would help tremendously with my new way of eating!

  22. Edwina Moorman says

    I’d like the dehydrator for making fruit roll ups, dried fruits in season and trying to make my dogs their own dog jerky!

  23. says

    I already liked Appetite for Health on facebook and now I like Ronco there too… I could really take advantage of a Ronco Dehydrator for the medicinal herbs my daughter-in-law is planting… thanks for the chance…!!

  24. Jessica Smyth says

    I make my own tea blends, and previously purchased a dehydrator that was junk. I would use this to dehydrate fruits and herbs, as well as make some jerky for the hubby.

  25. Sue Morris says

    I have always wanted a food dehydrator, and the Ronco looks like a great one to own. My hubby loves jerky and I could keep him well stocked with his favorite snack.

  26. Jessica-Lauren says

    To make venison jerky and to have no-added-sugar dried fruits fresh from our farm/garden!

  27. says

    have done mandatory entries. i would like this because i often dehydrate my summer bounty in my oven and this would just be better….

  28. Kristin Troska says

    Love AFH newsletter! Like AFH and Ronco on Facebook! I would love to win this Ronco Food Dehydrator because I have buckets and buckets of kale. I could make chips for the entire neighborhood! Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. jessica m says

    Ive done mandatory entries – Id love to win because i have 4 little girls and Im tryin to eat healthier with our garden and eating non gmo foods – fresh veggies and fruits less boxed meals. This would be a great addition to the way we are eating

  30. Tammy says

    To save money by not throwing away fresh foods that don’t get eaten. This way everything from the garden would get used.

  31. alison harvey says

    I would love to be able to make my own dried fruits …. they are so expensive to buy . Making jerky would be great too

  32. says

    I’d like this food dehydrator because I would like to be able to preserve the organic foods I get at farmer’s markets for eating a little out of season (I don’t know how to can, and I prefer dried fruit). Thanks.

  33. Julie Kleban says

    I would love to own a Ronco food dehydrator so my family and I can live a long and healthy life away from processed foods as much as possible. I grow my own fruit and vegetables and would love to dry them and get to enjoy them throughout the year.:)

  34. Johanna Burnett says

    My daughter’s favorite snack is dehydrated strawberries! We used to have an ancient dehydrator and a strawberry patch, and sadly the dehydrator broke and is no more. We would gladly welcome a new one!!!

  35. mary smith says

    I need a Ronco Dehydrator so I can make my snacks for when I am out walking & also to make treat for my dogs…I use the oven now & it is just a hassle

  36. staci wells mefford says

    would so love this. we have been saving our money to get one. we are big time fruit veggie and jerky eaters and this would be handy for school meals trips outings and to grab a healthy snack. thank you for this offer. toes crossed. blessed be

  37. Catherine says

    My boyfriend, our daughter and myself planted a garden for the 1st time this year. The cost of eating healthy has sky rocketed so we figured we try our hand at growing our own. While its been a learning experience, some things growing in abundance, others not at all, it would be great to be able to save some of what we have grown, and to try new things. This dehydrator would be a great way to experiment & to preserve what we have grown. I shared the giveaway link on Facebook because I think my friends would enjoy this prize as well, and maybe they’ll share! :)

  38. says

    I would love this dehydrator to make zucchini and kale chips as well as fruit crisps for my morning oatmeal. Great way to increase veggie intake!!

  39. Kelly Kriefall says

    Fruit and veggies are so plentiful in Fall, that it is great to spread the bounty year round!

  40. jacintha martis says

    I would like to win this so I can make tasty snacks from all the summer fruits and vegetables.

  41. Becky K says

    I love to eat dried fruit and veggies. However it is so hard to find them with out sugar added. I have been wanting a dehydrator for awhile.

  42. says

    The last Ronco dehydrator melted the lid when last I attempted to make an apricot fruit leather and I would like to give my old, infomercial staple the opportunity to make me a committed and loyal customer once again. Hopefully the material selection has improved since then.

  43. Holly Chernoff says

    I have alwys wanted a dehydrator! I have a large veggie garden and would love to preserve some of it by drying. I also would preserve some fruit for winter!

  44. says

    I Like Appetite for Health and Ronco on Facebook. I would love to have the Ronco EZ-Store Turbo Dehydrator to make some homeade jerky and even some trail mix right in the comfort of my home. I love the idea that it has a space-saving design for easy storing.

  45. Shelly Pittman says

    I would love to make healthy snacks for my granddaughter. My favorite would be apple chips.

  46. Yvonne says

    I liked you and Ronco and signed up for your newsletter.
    It would be great to dehydrate my own fruit leather :) and veggies that I grow in the garden!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  47. Brandy G says

    My kids are both starting school this year (preschool and kinder). What a wonderful way to give them a great start!

  48. Christine A. says

    Our kids and family would love making treats with this dehydrator. My family had one as a kid and this one sounds and looks soooooo much easier to use. I like you both on FB, get your newsletter and referred my family to your page and site.

  49. Tina Guerriero says

    I love making my own food and putting it up for later. I have a really old (20+) american harvester dehydrator now that has seen better days and would love to win a new one since I can’t afford to buy one. Love ronco products, have the rotisserie and pasta maker, this would almost complete my collection. lol

  50. Kathy Day says

    I have always wanted to have a dehydrater of my own!! I would dry fruits and vegetables for myself and jerky for my husband!!!:-)

  51. deb allen says

    Dehydrated foods without added preservatives? wonderful idea.. Getting back to dehydrated foods when fresh foods are not an option. This is how I will control my weight as I am working on the added weight that comes after 50.

  52. Tiffany D says

    My family of 6 LOVES dried pineapple but it’s sooo expensive! This would be an awesome addition to my kitchen!

  53. sammi says

    love dried fruit and vegies for snacking and cooking and have tried all the methods- this looks like a breeze

  54. Kerry Shrauger says

    As a mom of 3 kids, this dehydrater would be a great addition to my kitchen! I have always talked about getting one to prolong the food from my garden, but have never actually bought one. Winning this would be the catalyst to healthier snacks!

  55. says

    Love to dehydrate soaked raw nuts because it increases their nutrition but also dehydrate potato/taro/sweet potatoes and fruits because those on the market have a lot of additives to preserve them that are not healthy for the body and especially problematic for people on GF & DF diets.

  56. karen G says

    I would love to try the Ronco dehydrator for my fruit. It would be so easy to take on the go! yum!!!

  57. Jacqueline in Atlanta says

    Hubby makes his own smoked meat and would love to win this for him to make jerky!

  58. Kelly says

    Would love this dehydrator for healthy snacks for my family at not pay the higher prices from the grocery store.Thanks for this idea and opportunity.


    I would love to win because all my 6 yr old son eats are fruits and veggies and i could fix him all kinds of new things to eat and besides it would help lower my your site. so hope i win, thanks!!!

  60. Barb Dolan says

    I would love to dry fruits, beef etc. I am 50 years old and finally after the death of my first husband, which I put on the pounds during his sickness. Remarried, and now I need to lose this weight with a new outlook on life.

  61. Anna says

    I would love a dehydrator because I am trying to get my family to eat healthier. Having one would make it a lot easier to do so. :)

  62. Ileen Litster says

    I would love to have and use the Ronco Dehydrater because I used to do dried fruits but gave my dehydrater to my daughter to use to make dried fruits for her children.

  63. Tabitha pittz says

    Not being able to et gluten leaves me struggling to find things to eat. A food dehydrator would be awesome for drying food and making delicious snacks that I can put away and eat all year long.

  64. melissa k says

    I would like to use this to make dried pineapple. It would probably save us quite a bit of money, as we buy a lot of that. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  65. Stacy Conchas says

    I am a vegan and I am always on the look out for healthy snacks that I can take on the go without having to spend a ton. This would be perfect! Also it is something fun that me and my daughter can use together!

  66. Anonymous says

    Been trying to eat healthier. What a great way to take all the best in season fruits, etc and be able to enjoy them through the winter! YUM!!

  67. says

    Oooo what a nice give away! I would love to win to experiment recipes with my daughter. Thank you for the chance to win!

  68. says

    I would love to win a Ronco EZ store dehydrator because I am about to move countries and my old de-hydrator is too large to move with me. I love to make biscuits and use a dehydrator to make delicious nutritious meals, I would really miss not having one once I have moved.

  69. says

    This is awesome. I definitely need this so I can retire my antique dehydrator. This is the absolute BEST way to make kale chips. We had tried making them in the oven but always overcooked them. With the dehydrator, they’re still technically considered “raw food” and they come out perfectly every time.

  70. Nancy Holland says

    I absolutely love dried fruit and with my produce box subscription a dehydrator would be super useful!!

  71. Celesta says

    Would love to stock up on sale fruits and veggies and preserve them. Also been wanting to make my own jerky!! Yum!

  72. Joann W says

    I would love to have another option besides the freezer for produce. I love dried fruit and it would be nice to have a way to avoid the sulfur dioxide found in many dried fruits.

  73. says

    Well, I’ll tell ya why I’d like a Ronco food dehydrator. I’m 57 years old and overweight by about 100 lbs. I am a Marine veteran who has gotten back into a tough workout regimen for losing the extra fat. The new way of eating that I am now living by includes lots of vegetables, some fruit, and a bit of chicken. Dehydrating my weekly supply of food for consumption later in the day will be an incredible way of adding to my weaponry in the fight to be fit by this Marine! Besides all of that, I am an actor and I know I will win more roles from auditions when I lose the FAT. Here’s the skinny on that: “A director can always make-up a slender man to appear fat, but can never make-up a fat man to look slender”. That is a rule that cannot be broken.
    So by eating right and using dehydrated food I can emblazon the Ronco emblem on everyone’s brain as I explain my tremendous weight loss story to all I meet!
    That’s my story and you can put in a dehydrator and remove the moisture, but the basic nutrition of my words remain!!!!

  74. Lillian P. says

    I would love to make healthy fruit chips for my children. I especially like banana chips.

  75. says

    This dehydrator would be perfect for making kale and zucchini chips from produce fresh off our Tower Garden. And it would be fun to show our Tower Garden customers how easy this is to use for healthy snacks! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  76. Tracy P says

    Having a Ronco dehydrator would let me preserve so much more from my garden than canning and freezing and I’d be able to finally make jerky, one of my favorite foods.

  77. says

    I’m an email subscriber and like ya’ll on FB. I would love to dehydrate onions, garlic, peppers,etc to make my own seasoning blends. I’m learning that good, strong flavors make it unnecessary to use too much salt—a good thing for us.

  78. Jennifer B. says

    We grow a lot of peppers at our house, and we would like to dehydrate them, but I don’t seem to do it well without a lot of help.

  79. says

    Every summer I grow an urban vegetable garden on my patio. I am lucky because I have a decent size space, which has two 8ft planter boxes that my husband and I built. We live in Chicago so as it starts to get cool we try to eat everything but since it’s only the two of us, we inevitably end up giving or throwing food away. Owning the Ronco Food Dehydrator would help us safe more food, which makes for happy, healthy eating all winter long!

  80. Denise says

    I would love to win this because I’m trying to eat healthier. This would sure help with that goal.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  81. John B. says

    I love to eat ‘chewy’ things, and this would make the fruit that much more fun for me to eat! The whole family could enjoy this! Thank you so much for offering it!

  82. Theresa Lohmann says

    I would love to win this. We have 100+ cucumbers from our garden that I think would be great to dry. My husband, 3 sons, and 1 daughter have been eating so many fresh cucumbers that I feel we will turn into one. This way, we could enjoy organic veggies from our garden in the winter.
    I am already subscribed to your newsletter (which I faithfully read every day), I like you on Facebook and I liked Ronco on Facebook.

  83. Chelsi says

    My family LOVES dried fruit but I don’t like the added sugar and/or the high cost to get a good, healthy kind. This would be a great way to preserve some of our many peaches from our tree!

  84. says

    We put in a veggie garden this year; I’d like a Ronco Food Dehydrator to help preserve some of the harvest. Plus, I’d love to be able to make fruit leathers for my grandson. Thanks for the chance.

  85. Lesley F says

    I would love because we have a huge garden and I would love to try drying our fruits and some veggies such as tomatoes for my pastas.

  86. penny says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Ronco on Facebook. I’d like a Ronco Dehydrator so I can eat healthy food everywhere. I work in construction, spend lots of time with my horse, backpack, and go on 6 day motorcycle trips.

  87. Dee Hartnek says

    Recently joined a food co-op and it would be great to be able to dehydrate some of my “extra” fruits and vegetables.

  88. Emily says

    I would love to win the Ronco Food Dehydrator. I used to have one, but lost it in a move. It was wonderful and I used it often. I try to eat healthy and the dehydrator would certainly help :)

  89. Deanna says

    I would be ecstatic if I were to win the Ronco Food Dehydrator because I add dried fruits to literally every meal, from oatmeal to grain salads. I hate the fact that it is so difficult to find dried produce without any added sugar. This would be a great way to ensure that I control how much sugar I am eating! I am also trying to get family and friends on the “better eating bandwagon” by exposing them to all different ways of preparing fruits and veggies. Introducing homemade dried produce to them by way of this fantastic tool would absolutely help my cause since it will open their eyes (and mouths!) to a whole new world of tastes and textures :)

  90. deb says

    Would really like to be able to win, we grow lots of fruits and veggie on our property, and it would be rally great to enjoy the harvest all year long. thanks for the chance.

  91. says

    I would like to win because I am trying to eat healthier and would love to be able to dehydrate fruit while it is in season and cheaper to eat in winter when it is more expensive.

  92. Jonathan Buffington says

    This solves a big problem for vegetarians and all those trips to the market. Freezing produce is not ideal for fresh tasting meals. I love my vegetarian diet, just not all the shopping. A Ronco dehydrator would be sweet!

  93. Katherina Warren says

    I’d love to win and so would my dog, Luna. She has food allergies and cannot eat any dog treats withouy breaking out with severe itchies. I would love to be able to make her own veggie chips. I’m currently inbetween jobs and have been looking for one at a reasonable price on Craigslist or Goodwill stores and people must like them so much that they dont get rid of them as I havent been able to find any. Thank you for this opportunity.

  94. Heather says

    Healthy, homemade snacks! I hate wasting food, and sometimes I’m just too exhausted to cook my veggies after a long day and tough workout! To be able to dehydrate them and not waste any would be awesome! And then I wouldn’t miss my nutrition at the end of the day! I want one!!!

  95. Pamela Craig says

    I do a lot of preserving by canning and dehydrating. My whole family enjoys the fresh fruit and herbs I dry. My dehydrator is over twenty years old and I could use a new one. Yours looks absolutely wonderful!

  96. says

    My dehydrater is probably older than you. hubby & I love dried fruits 7 right now would be great for drying peppers, onions, etc for winter time soups. Again, Thank you for the Probar Protein Bar Contest. They were awesome. In fact, the hubster loved them, with his diet restrictions, they actually were tasty & satified the sweet tooth cravings. Blessings

  97. Nicole Shaffer says

    I’d love to win this because we have lots of fruit trees in our yard and always have fresh fruits and this would be a good way to use it up before it goes bad!

  98. Mellisa Harrison says

    I am very excited & very dedicated to living a healthy life & so far you guys at AFH have been very helpful by sharing useful information, products etc that has been assisting along this amazing journey. I really look forward to & enjoy reading your newsletters AFH. This Ronco Food Dehydrator would be a very important part of my healthy living regiment. For quite some time now I have been seeking to get a dehydrator but didn’t because most dehydrators took way too long get the job done & others that didn’t, did not include a temperature Gage so the food was being heated at too high a temperature that cause them to lose most of their nutrients which I wish to retain by dehydrating at a lower temperature. In researching Ronco Dehydrator I’ve learnt that it is fast, energy efficient, using 1/3 less electricity than conventional oven. It also dries 2 to 3 times faster than other dehydrators & using a turbo fan to circulate air flow that makes it possible for food to be evenly dehydrated. I must admit I am very impressed with this machine & would love to own one. I would dehydrate fruits & vegetables for snacks & I am also now thinking that I could dehydrate other things too such as flower petals & herbs to make lovely potpourri. AFH I would like to thank you guys so much for presenting this opportunity to own one of these amazing machine. I would really appreciate having one in my kitchen.
    Mell Mystique on Facebook.

  99. Jess L says

    I would love to win this just because dehydrated fruit is great but it’s expensive to get your non-sulfured types in the market! I would be able to save money preserving my fruits and can also make yummy blackberry fruit leather! (

    It’s great to go hiking and not worry about smooshed fruit because a dehydrator would be a perfect solution!

  100. Pamela B. says

    This would make having my fruit made to be more portable! I could carry twice as much with me to work everyday. Thanks for this!

  101. Kerry says

    We waste a lot of fruits and veggies by not eating them quick enough – I think this could save us a lot of money if we dried the fruits and veggies when they start to llok like they’re on their way out.

  102. Ruth says

    I would love to receive a FREE dehydrator as I am 69 and on a limited income. My husband is in a nursing home and I fend for myself. I saw Thrive dehydrated food at the Polk County Fair last weekend and loved the taste of the corn, It wasn’t hard either – just a nice lightly crunchy snack that was healthy for me because it didn’t have any GMOs.

  103. Bonnie says

    My daughter and I just had some apple chrisps and she was commenting about having a food dehydrator, “We should buy a food dehydrator”. Would love to have one….getting healthier every day!

  104. joan justice says

    Besides dehydrating food for hubby and me, I want to make homemade dog treats for my pets. My dog Nikki has diabetic and has to have a very carefully monitored diet. Too many companies add so much extra garbage into food that its scary, especially with many recent recalls. I believe pets are family and I want to keep my family (two legged and four legged) as healthy as I can with all natural food!

  105. Jill says

    I have been thinking about a dehydrator for my family for awhile. They are always on the go and I think this would help us all eat healthier. In addition it would give me something to do with the abundance from our garden we just can’t eat or give away.

  106. Kathy A. says

    I would love to have this dehydrator so that I am able to keep up with the dried apples and bananas that my little boy loves. Would also like to try and dry some veggies.

  107. alisa says

    i’d love to make some dried pineapple, peaches, strawberries, and sweet potato! I am already signed up for the newsletter and already like AFH on fb and liked Ronco!

  108. Leslie says

    I’ve been wanting a dehydrator for so long to create healthier, more wholesome snacks. Dried fruits and herbs would be my main reason, to avoid all those pesky preservatives and added sugar.

  109. Sue sinegar says

    I buy a share from a local CSA and always have an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables. I would love to be able to have the option to dehydrate some of them as well as canning and freezing!

  110. Lorraine C says

    I would like to be able to dry my herbs quicker. I would also like to be able to make healthy treats for my dogs using vegetables. And to make healthy, crunchy snacks for me.

  111. Ryan D says

    My wife and I have recently become vegan, and we try really hard to be raw vegan. This means out entry level dehydrator is doing far more work than it was ever designed to. I would love to be able to upgrade to have more space especially as the summer fruit season comes to an end!

  112. carol roberts says

    id like to eat heathly and dried fruits is an awesome way to do what i want to do plus being able to try to make beef jerky is awesome

  113. Lori says

    I’d love to win the Ronco Dehydrator to make treats for my kids to take to school. I just saw a recipe to use zucchini to make fruit chews. Would love to try it in the dehydrator!

  114. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    already a subscriber and I like you both on Facebook. I’d love to win this dehydrator for my husband so he can preserve some of the produce from our garden for use in the winter.

  115. Dani says

    Kale chips are the number one reason I’d like to win this. I would use it for a lot of other things, like making jerky and drying other vegetables and fruits, but kale chips are number one!

  116. Char Watkis says

    I love the fact that I can use the Ronco Dehydrator to dehydrate multiple fruits at the same time. It would also be a wonderful use to get my children to eat more fruit.

  117. Mellisa says

    I love the idea of preserving food. I already can and pickle a lot, and would love to start dehydrating fruits for snacks and some of my herbs I have grown! I think what excites me most is that you can make kale chips with it?! That would be so much easier than the oven where you have to keep close watch so it won’t burn!

  118. jo skidmore says

    I subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Ronco on Facebook. I love beef jerky, hate the price. I would like to start making my own.

  119. Tracey Pullum says

    I would like this dehydrator to make deer jerky and some dried fruit for healthy snacking. My mother also has some herbs in her yard that would be nice to dehydrate.

  120. Mary Taylor says

    I’d love to win! My X kept my dehydrator and I miss having one. This one looks nice!

  121. says

    You had me at the “dehydrated pineapple”… Sounds great.. and with 5 trays.. it will certainly be something to try.. I hope I win.. Thank you for the opportunity..

  122. Jaime says

    I would love to dehydrate my own produce to cut down on additives; I’d really like to try drying beets and carrots from my garden this year! :)
    I love your articles and have been printing them off for my mother and co-workers for months; they like them as much as I do!

  123. James says

    I would love to win this; dehydrated vegetables are a great and healthy snack, but buying them pre-made is a bit expensive. Making my own for our kids sounds like a great idea!

  124. Kirstan Lewis says

    I recently bought a share in a local organic CSA which has been a great experience! The only downside is I get a ton of fresh produce but can’t go through all of it quick enough between just my husband & myself. Unfortunately, some of the great food goes bad before I can the opportunity to cook with it. A food dehydrator would be the perfect tool to helping me make my organic produce last longer so nothing goes to waste!

  125. says

    I’d love to use this for kids lunches and my own snacking. I think it would help us all be healthier. I’ve liked you and follow you. Thanks!

  126. Tawny says

    I would love to win the dehydrator. I am hooked on kale chips and have been making my own with my neighbor’s dehydrator that he loaned me months ago. Now he wants it back,so I need this so I can keep making my addictive kale chips.

  127. says

    I would love to win a Ronco Dehydrator because my kids love fruit and it’s a nice way to back them dried fruit to school. I tried drying in the oven but it’s just not the same. Thanks for a chance to win.

    I’ve signed up for your e-newsletter and “Liked” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, “Liked” Ronco on Facebook as well.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  128. KnitYeah says

    REALLY want to try to eat more raw foods!!! This Ronco Dehydrator is exactly what I need!

  129. Juli says

    I would be so excited to use the Ronco dehydrator to make some super yummy, raw kale chips!

  130. says

    I have signed up for your e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook and “Like” Ronco on Facebook. I would love a Ronco Dehydrator, because it would be an innovative, simple way to maintain my consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables all year long! Fabulous!!!!

  131. says

    This would be a great way to extend the life of the fruits I love in the summer like strawberries. Also easier to take with me when I am on the go.

  132. Kathy Lane says

    I would love to have a Ronco Food Dehydrator,because I could make healthy snacks for my kids to take to school,plus I can dry all my fresh garden veggies and we have apple and pear trees too.All of my family loves jerky and this would come in handy making some healthy turkey jerky.I have shared on Facebook,Twitter,and Pinterest.

  133. Aleyah Swan says

    This is an appealing design to me-I love the shape of the Ronco and the way the various foods being dried are stacked so neatly. My kids and I have so many projects in mind for this dehydrator-making herbal sachets, oils and vinegars for the holidays. Plus, of course lots of delicious and nutritious snacks like kale chips and dried fruit for our gluten free granola. So many possibilities! Yum!

  134. Danyelle Simone Cotten says

    I would love to own a Ronco Food Dehydrator because I would love to eat healthier and I’m trying to adopt a vegan lifestyle.This would be a wonderful thing to help me on my journey to wellness,I’m trying to avoid many of the health problems that seem to run in my family unfortunatly.I could also use this for healthy things for my 3 children to eat,we’re always trying to avoid sugar laden snacks for them :)

  135. Laura Mckissock says

    With three kids being able to make my own fresh snacks using a dehydrator would be invaluable…my youngest has muscular dystrophy so it is important that she eats good healthy food in order to give her a better advantage at health. We also have three dogs and work with many foster dogs waiting for their own homes and being able to make them fresh treats would be amazing as well…We have been looking at buying a dehydrator and winning this one would go a long way to helping our budget which is tight like most folks now a days haha…Thank you for the opportunity to try to win one :)

  136. Sarah says

    Would love this so that I could make healthy snacks to take to work. Otherwise, it’s vending machine.. and I’m getting so sick of gum. -_-

  137. says

    I would love a Ronco food dehydrator because I am getting ready to move to OH and our new house has an acre of land which means I finally get my dream garden! There will be lots of food that I get to preserve.

  138. Kathleen Ostapchuk says

    I would love to win this so that I can give it to my vegetarian sister! She loves to eat healthy and she also helps me!

  139. Shannon Hallamek says

    subscribe to the e-newsletter, Like Appetite for Health and Ronco on Facebook. I’d like a Ronco a dehydrator so I can make healthy snacks for my entire family!!!

  140. Kristi Wilkerson says

    I am very big into making my own foods these days.. granola bars, peanut butter, jelly, etc, I have tried using the oven for drying but have never really been happy with how things have turned out, would like to make chips, fruit leathers and other dried fruits.. and beef jerky too of course. :)

  141. Gloria Emborsky says

    My son and I are working on eating more healthy. We are trying to count our calories and this would make great snacks and energy foods.

  142. sherry warlick says

    I would love to have one of these. Dried fruit is my favorite. The boys would love jerky though!

  143. penny wal says

    With dealing with cancer again, eating healthy is something I started doing. But things just don’t last long and having a Ronco Food Dehydrator will help me and my family eat the healthy foods we need daily.

  144. says

    Many years ago, when my first kids were little, I found a very old (noisy and rickety) dehydrator at a thrift shop. 6 kids later, I realize an update could be a good thing. =)

  145. Dana says

    Would love a dehydrator. So much package fruit is processed on equipment with wheat, so we have to often avoid, this would definitely be a solution to that problem!

  146. Kaylie S. says

    As a mom to a picky four old, and being pregnant with baby number two, healthy snacks that are yummy too are a must! I’ve been wanting to try making my own in a dehydrator! I hope I win!:)

  147. Mary says

    I would love a dehydrator. Have my own garden and children that like jerky. Now that I’m an empty nester, I would love to begin making my own jerky.

  148. says

    When I finally find good berries here in the midwest, I tend to buy them in bulk, but then I can’t ever seem to use them before they go bad. If I had this dehydrator, I’d have a perfect solution to stop wasting money and nutrients!!! I would also like to make my own turkey jerky because omg-have you seen the price of that stuff in the store or the sodium content???

  149. Maryann Dean says

    I tried making kale chips the other night but it was a mess!!! With this dehydrator, I’ll bet they would come out perfect. I think the list is endless of what you can do with it! Would love to win this!

  150. Jennifer says

    I have been wantin to purchase a dehydrator for some time now just haven’t had the extra cash. I would love to make myself and for my two dogs healthy treats and jerky.

  151. nikki says

    I’ve been wanting a dehydrator for a long time, but all the ones i’ve found have been too big and take up way too much space. This one would be amazing for us! A great way to make healthy snacks and extend the life of our produce!

  152. says

    I grew up on a fruit farm where my grandma dehydrated fruit for us. We loved it so much, I own a lot of Ronco products and would love to win this. I have 6 kids and we struggle with having a healthy snack alternative, this would certainly make a better solution than what I currently work with.

  153. Jennifer Torres says

    I have always wanted a dehydrator. Would be such a great way to get the hubby and kids to have more fruits and veggies in their diets ( me too)

  154. Casey Piercey, RD says

    The dehydrator would be a great appliance to make healthy snacks since I am on a tight budget since I just started grad school. Also moved from CA to the midwest and will cost more for those healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables which I can dry without the preservatives.

  155. Alana Vester says

    I would love to win this because I have been trying to eat healthier and this would help me make some great snacks for myself and my children. They love to snack and this would be a great alternative to what they snack on now. Thanks for the chance!

  156. Sophia says

    I would LOVE to win a Ronco Dehydrator for myself and family. It would he us work more on a better and healthier life style. I know my son would love to make his own fruit roll ups at home. ^_^

  157. says

    I’ve never owned a dehydrator before but very curious to try it out since I am trying to go healthier and eat more fresh fruits. I bet it would save me money if I could dry out my own fruit and make my own granola trail mix that I love so much.

  158. says

    I love cooking healthy and eating real food! A Ronco food dehydrator would really help make many delicious treats! I would love to preserve some of my tomatoes, make banana chips… mm the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  159. Helen says

    Wow…Had one years ago..They have really been updated..Would love to win this so I could eat healthier

  160. says

    I have liked App for Health and Ronco on Facebook, and I just shared the article “Six healthy ways to get a chocolate fix” on my facebook page (under the name Sharky Storm). I’d like to have a food dehydrator so I can make vegetable chips and hopefully encourage my toddler, who is a very picky eater, to eat more vegetables.

  161. Kevin Hanson says

    I had a Ronco dehydrator years ago that was a round one. I enjoyed the options it allowed me to make, and hope to win a new one to continue with the healthy eating! Good products.

  162. Anonymous says

    I would love to win this so that I can make healthy non-preservative snacks for my family and friends.

  163. pat pelland says

    I’m trying to eat more “raw” foods so a dehydrator would be a great benefit to my lifestyle. I already like APH and Ronco!

  164. Joyce G. says

    I would love to win this so that I would be able to make healthy non-preservative snacks for my family and friends.

  165. melinda singer says

    Trying to eliminate as many processed foods as possible from my diet, therefore I’ve been buying a lot of dried fruits. Having my own dehydrator would benefit me by allowing me to dry my own fruits.

  166. Kay Eutsler says

    I live on a fixed income, and grow a small amount of vegetables on the farm to help make ends meet. The Ronco dehydrator would give me the chance to preserve my fresh veggies to eat through out the winter.

  167. says

    I’d like to be able to make no sweetener fruit leathers for my grandsons, as well as store the bounty of fresh veggies for winter…and make kale chips!

  168. Iisha B says

    I would love to make healthy snacks that my children would eat as they don’t get enough fruits and veggies.

  169. April says

    I love my dehydrator and I would love to give this gift to a mother I know who is suffering from adrenal fatigue, celiac and children who are afflicted with numerous allergies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  170. CarolynH says

    I subscribe to AFH newsletter via my gmail account. I’d love to use this with the organic produce I grow at home.

  171. CarolynH says

    I’d like to have a Ronco Food Dehydtator to preserve the organic produce I grow at home. My son will be able to help me & learn while doing so.

  172. michele malone says

    I get your emails and like both facebook pages. while I’d love to use this for fruits, I have really been wanting to try my hand at making jerky.

  173. Dave Levin says

    I get your newsletter, already follow you and followed Ronco! Nothing like homemade jerky. You get to control the amount of salt and seasonings. I love a dehydrator so I can make jerky MY OWN!

  174. Sarah says

    My dad recently had a heart attack. My family is doing everything we can to support his new healthy lifestyle and show him eating healthy is fun, easy and delicious. Having a Ronco dehydrator would be AMAZING!!!!

  175. Teresa H. says

    The Ronco Food Dehydrator is right up my alley! I try to make use of every part of any food item I buy. So I do a lot of freezing, rendering fat, making veggie and meat/bone stocks. I’ve even attempted to dehydrate various fruits, vegetables, and sprouted nuts/seeds in the oven. The best turn outs were kale and butternut squash seeds. But because my oven’s lowest temperature is 200 degrees F, I have to camp out in front of the oven and constantly watch the food so it won’t burn. I’d be thrilled to have this dehydrator because I’d be able to keep my fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds raw AND I’d be able to make my own “clean” jerky. I’d definitely have some food adventures =) I’ve liked AfH (been a fan for over a year) and Ronco on Facebook. And I’ve shared AfH’s article “How to Read a Food Label”- this is why I make my own food. When I first changed my lifestyle to be healthier, I was fooled by the health claims- but not anymore!

  176. Lin says

    My daughter and I are embarking on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. The Ronco Food Dehydrator will assist us on reaching our goals with healthy and delicious food.

  177. Lanieekat says

    I would love a dehydrator because my 12 year old daughter has actually been asking me all summer if we could get one so she can make her own apple chips and beef jerky.

  178. tina maria ratzke says

    Growing up my mom used one and we made healthy fruit rolls and so many things. I would love to do some cranberries and mangos….so many ideas!

  179. Shari W says

    I’ve tried to dehydrate using my oven – and it is so frustrating! I’d love to make our own jerky and fruit strips. A “real” dehydrator would definitely get used in our home!

    Oh – and subscribed, liked & liked! :-) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  180. says

    Here are the lucky winners of the Ronco Dehydrator!

    Catherine, F.Ed K., Victoria G and “KnitYeah”

    Congrats! Look for an email from me with info on how to claim your prize. Please get back to me within 48 hours.

    Didn’t win today? Keep on entering–we’ve got great giveaways running all the time!


  181. Rachel Ford says

    I would like this because I really want to start dehydrating everything I can to eat healthy!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  182. carol cansler says

    Im a vegetarian and try to eat healthy I want to be able to save summer fruit and vegatables.

  183. Myles Post says

    I would love to win a Ronco Food Dehydrator. My family & I love dried fruits for snacks, and my friends are always asking me for freshly made jerky,and I don’t have a Dehydrator to make all those great healthy snacks.I just can’t afford to buy one, because I a a disabled Veteran on a limited income.

  184. Anonymous says

    I’ve recently gotten into drying my homegrown produce and discovering how great it tastes. I would love to win a Ronco Food Dehydrator to facilitate the drying process!

  185. Octavia Dantignac says

    I absolutely love dried fruit. And i never thought my 16 month old would be such a picky eater but i’ve recently started giving her dried fruit and she’s EATING it. It would save me so much money if i could just make it at home!!

  186. Sheila Gonzalez says

    I would absolutely love a RONCO dehydrator because of five reasons. Number 1, I absolutely love to cook and make healthy foods for my mom and siblings in order to get them healthier, that they think are delicious as well. This dehydrator would be the perfect thing that I need and am missing in my kitchen, as well as a lot of other things. Number 2, my grandpa is in love with deer meat and different types of wild animals, but can never go get his own deer meat, and if he does, my grandma will not cook it for him. If I get it I will finally be able to make this jerky for him. Which he would love me to death for. Which would make my day because he is by far my favorite person in this world, and seeing him happy just makes me happy. Number 3, My aunt is currently pregnant and wants to try and have her child have a healthy natural diet and making dehydrated bananas and strawberries would be great for her when she gets a little older, as well as cheap and easy. Number 4, I love to cook and would one day love to become an owner of my own restaurant that I am the head chef of, and this would open up the possibilities of things I can make even more. Just imagine the numerous ideas and recipes that can be derived off of this one kitchen appliance!! Number 5, is because I love all of RONCO’s knives, tools, accessories, and much more, and would be ever grateful because I myself can not afford to buy one, unfortunately. I am in love with my knives that I received as a birthday gift, and i know this appliance will do up to par, just like the knives. Thank you so much for reading my entry and making me a part of this give away. I really hope I get it, but I know if I do not, another very lucky RONCO fan will be getting a great kitchen necessity.

  187. Randy Sanner says

    I would love to win the dehydrator to preserve my garden vegetables and provide healthy snacks for my family to enjoy all year long. We love summer squash chips.

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