Win a Green Star Elite Juicer ($629 value)!

Green Star EliteA glass of homemade juice made from fresh, local produce is a good thing—especially now that the produce is really flowing into the farmer’s markets.

One extremely lucky Appetite for Health reader will win a Green Star Elite juicer—enter today for your chance!

You’ll really get your creative juices flowing if you win this amazing Green Star Elite juicer!

Truth be told, I was never one of those folks who felt the need to jump into juicing at home…probably because I didn’t have access to a juicer. Now that I’ve seen what a good-quality juicer can do, I can see why folks like to make their own. Here is what I thought about using the Green Star Elite Juicer (and many thanks to Green Star Elite for letting me try the juicer)…

The foodie in me loved the fact that I could tailor my homemade juice exactly to my taste or nutritional desires. Whatever you like in a juice can be yours if you have a good-quality juicer. When I got ahold of the Green Star Elite juicer I immediately purchased an array of fresh produce to try. My spinach, Fuji apple and carrot concoction was very tasty, certainly (though I should have chilled it before consuming it, in my opinion). My homemade juice practically screamed “nutrient-packed and bursting with freshness!” which was a nice change from some store-bought juices.

Green Star

This is a heavy-duty machine. It feels like quality—not flimsy or breakable, and it can handle pretty much whatever you are looking to juice. I also liked how easy it was to put the Green Star Elite machine together and take it apart for cleaning. I’m not one for gadgets of 1,000 parts (don’t ever ask me to put together a dresser from Ikea). I will admit that when I opened the box I was a bit intimidated by all the pieces and parts. However, after about 3 minutes of looking at the pieces and glancing briefly at the instruction booklet, my 12-year-old daughter put it together with no problem at all (yes, I’m the rule-following, booklet-reading type for whom life seems much more complicated than it probably is). Also, all parts were easily rinsed and/or washed, and it cleaned up in a matter of minutes the very first time we used it!

Here is some more basic info on this juicer:

  • The Green Star Elite by Tribest Corporation is the only juicer on the market that is based on the way that our bodies chew foods. That is, the Jumbo Twin-Gear Juicing Technology uses a 3-stage process (crushing, mixing, and pressing) to produce higher juice yields.
  • The juicer also works at 110 revolutions per minute (similar to our chewing speed of 100-120 times per minute) to prevent air bubbles that degrade (oxidize) the nutritional value of the juice. It also uses exclusive magnetic and bioceramic technology to help delay oxidation and stabilize the liquid, which can increase the length of time that the nutrients last in homemade juice.
  •  The Green Star Elite easily juices most fruits, herbs and vegetables; grinds nuts, seeds and soaked grains; and works as a food mill for the preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters. This best-selling juicer is available for purchase online. More information can be found at

Want to try and win a Green Star Elite Juicer? Here’s what you need to do:

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  1. Jim Kottke says

    A juicer would work great to help me lose a few pounds to get ready for shirt-less hot weather coming up this summer

  2. Tracy R says

    I really need to win this. My husband and I only eat fruit and vege’s for breakfast and lunch and then eat a regular dinner. This juicer would take it to a whole new enjoyment.

  3. sherry warlick says

    I need a juicer because I think it would go a long way to helping me change to a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Stephanie Mitchell says

    A juicer would be a wonderful way to make delicious and healthy drinks and help me lose the extra pounds. A blender really doesn’t work. :)

  5. Renee Rousseau says

    I need a Green Star Elite Juicer because I do not have a Green Star Elite Juicer or any juicer for that matter and to proceed with a healthy lifestyle a juicer is a necessity. The Green Star Elite Juicer looks awesome.

  6. says

    I tried to like tribest and this is what I got.
    ot Found, Error 404
    The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return back to the site’s homepage and see if you can find what you are looking for. Or, you can try finding it with the information below.

  7. Joan Gales says

    A juicer would help me make healthy vegtables and fruit drinks that my blender just will not do.

  8. sandyd says

    we go thru alot of vegies and juice would love to squeeze our preservatives

  9. says

    a juicer would be great, especially with the warmer weather approaching… lots of fresh smoothies!

  10. says

    I would love to own a good juicer and this one looks like the best one available. We’re on a fixed income now so it is not possible for us to actually purchase this appliance so winning would be a real wow! This would contribute to our health.,

  11. Lori says

    I can’t find Tribest on fb to like it or I would. I’d love to have this juicer to get my kids and husband to eat more fruits & veggies. Plus, I’d love to try to make some homemade nut butters for my peanut allergic son.

  12. Jennifer says

    I would love to have a juicer to get in more fruits and veggies. I would also like to experiment and develop recipes to share with my clients.

  13. says

    The blender has seen its better days and I love to make spinach and blueberry drinks to help get my fruit and veggies in for the day.

  14. angela says

    Because there are no juice bars near my house or work and I miss having a a good dose of nutrients! And in the TX summer heat, getting all those electrolytes from veggies and fruit rather than sports drinks would be a plus.

  15. Rhonda Farrell says

    I have lost 145 pounds by changing my eating habits. I think this would be a new way for me continue on that path and lose my last 100 pounds.

  16. Josh Ramish says

    Wow i would love to have a Juicer. Im a triathlete and that would help me get more nutrition into my diet. also i could make my own nut nutritious nut butter. i used to have a juicer in the past but had to sale it when i moved from Portland. I didn’t have the extra money to ship it. thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  17. says

    I need this juicer because I’m working toward a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family Thanks for the chance Would love to win

  18. Marissa Kenny says

    I would love to have a new juicer! I had one years ago, but it was no where near the quality of this one and quit working long ago. I love that you can even throw nuts and grains into this one–my old one never would have had the power to handle all of that! Juicing is the healthiest addition anyone can add to their lifestyle. It’s so much better for digestion, for nutrient intake…and with this juicer, the flavor options seem endless!

  19. Christy says

    I would love the Green Star Elite Juicer to take my health to new heights! This would be great to help me continue on my journey toward optimum health. I want that “Nutrient packed and bursting with freshness” juice!! Thanks for the opportunity for this great giveaway!!

  20. Barbara wicklund says

    have tried cheap juicers and they are not worth the effort, would love to have this!!

  21. Marion Hecht says

    I never owned a juicer and have read that juicing is a great way to obtain needed vitamins and minerals that may be loss from refined and processed foods. This looks like a very high quality juicer, unlike the ones I have seen in stores.

  22. Lorraine says

    I would love this juicer for the health benefits…Thank you for the chance to win :)

  23. Kathy Lane says

    I would love to have a juicer,I’m trying to make my life more healthier and this would be a great way to do so.We drink a lot of juice,and I would love to be able to make my own fresh juice.I have shared on Facebook,Twitter,and Pinterest.

  24. julie g says

    Fresh squeezed juice is really the only juice worth drinking. I’d love this for the whole family

  25. Debbie Beekman says

    My husband and I just turned 50 this year and last. We are slightly overweight and I have several health problems. We would so like to eat and drink healthier for us, and our children and grandchildren. This juicer seems like the best out there and would be a nice addition to our lives.

  26. Lillian P. says

    I would love to start juicing, but I need the esssential equipment to start a healthier lifestyle. This would be great to own!

  27. Kathy says

    Turning 40 today and I could use a new healthy way to drink my fruits and veggies.

  28. Teresa Mueller says

    Would love to add a juicer to my get healthy plan! The Green Star Elite Juicer looks top of the line.

  29. Stefanie says

    I have been wanting to start drinking juice more and this would help a lot.

  30. says

    I follow both pages and receive your newsletter – I would love this because it is not only a juicer but also a food mill and I think that is absolutely awesome. I like to juice because it gets that additional load of nutrients in my body that I would not have otherwise gotten.

  31. Robbie Melville says

    I would love to win this juicer. It would make it much easier to drink more nutritious jucies.

  32. says

    I’m signed up for your e-newsletter and “Like Appetite for Health on Facebook and “Like” Tribest on Facebook. I would love to keep this but my mom really needs a new Green Star Elite Juicer, so I would give it to her. She has trouble eating vegetables, but I know she would enjoy juices–so it would help keep her healthy!

  33. says

    My goal this year is to lose weight this year. I changed my diet and exercise every day. I really need a juicer to add more nutrients in my diet as I am always on the go. With all the fruit I will be growing in my garden this year this fabulous juicer would really come in handy and change my life for the better.

  34. April says

    I need a green star elite juicer because I have a two year old that I make juice for everyday. Its the only think that helps him with his constipation plus he gets the vitamins in it and he loves to taste. My hubby and I enjoy fresh juice also. Problem is the juicer i have now is really cheap and only juices 1 cup at a time and doesnt blend up the pulp as well. Its always cracked and broken and ill need to get a new one soon. I would love to win this Green Star Elite juicer.

  35. michele b says

    I would love to win this to make fresh juices and jellies instead of store bought for my family. Thanks gals.

  36. says

    I have been reading so much about how good green juice is for you, I just can’t afford a juicer at the moment. This would be a great way to sneak veggies into my sons diet too!

  37. Tania Lafave says

    I really need this juicer because I am making healthy drinks that my kids will enjoy. Both boys have autism, and to get them to eat healthy is a real challenge, so since they love the smoothies, this would be a God send! I also make smoothies with anti-inflammatory properties to help me with my fibromyalgia. Good luck to all!

  38. Jayme J. says

    I’ve really wanted to try juicing some of my favorite vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.), but haven’t been able to afford a high-quality juicer yet; winning a juicer would let me experiment on some of these healthy options in time for summer:)

  39. Manuel Z. says

    I would use the Green Star Elite Juicer to fuel our family’s cycling adventures on the Great Allegheny Passage!

  40. says

    We would love this healthy addition in our house. We are moving away from sports drinks for the kids and trying to do more unpasturized juices at breakfast to get more of the nutrients. My other half is also on a health and weight loss journey in which this would really help. I subscribe to the newsletter, shared on Facebook, shared on pinterest and linked in too.

  41. tina maria ratzke says

    I love your newsletter I have really learned a lot. The juicier looks great would love to win.

  42. Catherine N. says

    I would love to win a juicer! I have a CSA share and this would go a long way towards using up the piles of produce. I’m also gluten-free, so anything interesting that I could use to make fun summer foods would be great!

  43. Rick Bristol says

    I am in dire need of a juicer. Due to my recent diagnosis of Celiac AND Osteoporosis I need all the vitamins I can get in their freshest form. Love a good beet, ginger and apple juice right from the source.

  44. Lisabeth Groener says

    This would be awesome. Morning juice… I think my friend Elizabeth Anuskiewicz will sign up for this as well. I have posted this on FB, Pinned it and gave it out on G+. I hope it comes my way.
    Thanks for letting us always sign up for such great prizes…

  45. Mary Ann Helmstetler says

    I just started a new Hearth Healthy diet, and this would be one massive tool to aide me In my venture! I try each and every day to make unique healthy creations from my fruits and veggies! The only thing I’m lacking is juicer! This would be such a blessing to me! Thanks for the oppoptunity!

  46. lisa hayward says

    hi! i would love to win this juicer! i don’t know anything about juicers but i have heard about the benefits of owning one!! thanks!

  47. says

    I REALLY need to win this. I believe this is the only way I will ever get enough fruits and vegetables (especially since I like vegetables).

  48. shirley kooi says

    Need need need to make all the yummy juices i find on Pinterest! My goal is to drop 40 lbs by the end of Dec and this would be so helpful (along with your book of course ;0).)

  49. Renee says

    Would love to win juicer s I could use this for all my vegetables and fruits. Would benefit me for health reasons and give me the nutrients I need in a more beneficial way.

  50. John Williams Sr says

    Liked both. I really need this Green Star Elite Juicer because my wife has been juicing for us every day for us for the past 2-3 years. she bought a juicer at walmart because thats all we could afford. she has been doing research and found that the greenstar is the best to give us the most nutrients. she has been saying this is her dream juicer. would love to give to her on mothers day for being the best wife and greatest mom raising our 3 awesome kids. thanks.

  51. Jen Haley says

    This would be a wonderful thing for my family to help us all get more fruits and veggies into our diet.

  52. Kelly Kriefall says

    Jump start to summer health! No need for cookies with the Green Star Elite Juicer!

  53. says

    I would give this to my sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and is changing her eating and drinking habits for a healthier life.

  54. says

    I’d love to win this juicer because I want to have delicious and healthy homemade juiced veggie and fruit juices whenever I want!

  55. Rachel Ford says

    I am changing my habits to healthy habits and would use the juicer as a tool to do it! :) As always, thank you for the opportunity to win.

  56. says

    I am from Colombia, on our country we used to have real fruits and veggies juices every day, I would love to do this again.

  57. Teresa F says

    I have been thinking about juicing after hearing about it from a few of my friends. Thank you

  58. Ebonie H.W. says

    This juicer would be awesome to have! My entire family is trying to live healthy, and juicing is something we want to try. This would help us in that department! :)

  59. bonnie w. says

    Would love this product because we make smoothies and juice drinks daily and it would help make the morning easier and better!

  60. Nikki Shaffer says

    I’d love to win this juicer, I’ve never owned one but have been looking into them because there are so many health benefits to juicing! I’ve lost 115 lbs so far and this would be great to add to my routine and to aid in my weight loss. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  61. Sandy N says

    I dont have a juicer and this would be great. Nothing like having freshly made juice – it would be fun to use!

  62. Brooke says

    Awesome giveaway Tribest!!
    I juice on a pretty regular basis, but my juicer is a cheap one and it’s on it’s last leg. This Green Star Elite juicer would take my juicing to a whole new level. It would get my creative juices flowing for sure! It would be a huge blessing to win this juicer If I’m not the one who wins it, congratulations to the lucky person who does!

    Shared on pinterest-
    Shared on FB-
    Shared on Twitter-

  63. Judy Grant says

    Mu husband does organic gardening so we have LOTS of fresh vegetable and fruits. I do not have a juicer but can think of dozens of different receipes to try!

  64. Nicolette Work says

    Been wanting to introduce juicing into my new life style change for a while, just haven’t been successful in getting my husband to buy me a juicer, I know if he did the drinks as well as our 21 year old (who’s disabled) we’d all benefit specially on those “rush” days! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to try and win this beautiful machine!

  65. Betsy Keplinger says

    I shared this article/giveaway info on facebook. I have been reading up on juicer and talking to friends who juice and just haven’t been able to figure out which juicer to get. I would really love to get more into juicing and would love to have this be my first juicer(juicer virgin). I would also be happy to write or submit journal entries about my juicing efforts, good or bad.

  66. Stephanie says

    I don’t have a juicer and currently make smoothies with a blender. The Green Star Juicer would be fantastic for adding nuts, beets and leafy greens to my family’s “smoothies.”

  67. says

    I recently discovered that I am lactose intolerant and have been struggling with a Vitamin D deficiency. I bought a cheap blender for myself for Christmas and have been using it nearly everyday making smoothies. The motor is almost shot already. A juicer would be awesome!

  68. Billie says

    I would like to have a Green Star Elite Juicer because I don’t have a juicer and really love fresh juice!

  69. Kara says

    Wow! What an amazing juicer! I love fresh juice so much, it’s so healthy and is like an instant energy pick-me-up, and I think it’s awesome that this one can handle grinding nuts and grains! I’d really enjoy having this one in particular as it would be nice to have one tool that does so much instead of having to try and find a different tool for each thing I do in my kitchen! My juicer I think is on its last legs, and there are many things it can’t handle, so this would be an amazing replacement.

  70. Sena C. says

    I need a Tribest juicer because I have been using my moms old juicer and it has slowed down considerably. I would love to replace it with this awesome juicer!

  71. Jessica G says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make my own peanut and almond butter and this would be the PERFECT addition to my kitchen to make this happen!!!

  72. Ashley Vazquez says

    I have been hearing wonderful stories about weight loss when being able to use a juicer, and would love to try a juicer!

  73. says

    Liked everything on FB, signed up for newsletter, retweeted article (don’t know how to post link), have shared others in the past, and now for why I really want to win this juicer! Mine and my husband’s first anniversary is coming up and I would LOVE to surprise him with this! He is a big reason why I’ve started eating super healthy (organic, homemade protein bars, etc.) and I know he would love a juicer since it would help us be even healthier! We strive to be healthy so we have many, many more anniversaries together!

  74. says

    After a year of having both feet cast due to fractures I am finally “back on my feet” and working towards losing the weight accrued with the healing time. Have been reading about juicing and quite overwhelmed with the array of juicers and cost prohibits the purchase of this incredible machine. Would love to win one and start repairing my whole body. Thanks for your daily encouragement, information & advice.

  75. Andrea Jean says

    My husband is about to deployed, so my sister and I made a vow to start juicing together. All we need now is the juicer!

  76. Jess L says

    I have a slight allergy where my lips swell when raw fruit touches them, so I have to either cook my fruit well, or drink them through a straw. This juicer would really help me with increasing my intake of fruits because it’s too much of a hassle all the time to wait for my fruit to cook before i can eat it. I also love wheat grass from Jamba Juice and I would like to grow some but I wouldn’t want the grassy texture either so a juicer would be great!

    I shared the 5 unhealthy foods article! I love the idea of freezing greek yogurt–

  77. Joe G says

    Our kids love juice and have a blast making their own smoothies and would get lots of use use out of the Tribest juicer making fresh squeezed! Thanks! It will get used quite often!

  78. Sarah W says

    I really need the Green Star Elite Juicer because I have been juicing to help me with my arthritis and my current juicer is on its last leg.

  79. says

    Oh wow, this is an amazing giveaway!
    I absolutely love juices, green juices especially, and I have a very simple (and crapy) juicer that does not juice leaves and greens well, it barely extracts juice from my kale/spinach/chard and just makes me frustrated that I am wasting produce while I could be enhancing my health with it.
    Plus, as a nutritionist, this would be an amaaaazing feature in my kitchen so I could keep up with my clients, show them how awesome juicing is for your health and lead by example!

  80. says

    I tweeted your article “5 more Foods that sound healthy but aren’t!”
    My twitter is @KitchenspaceAna

  81. elizabeth says

    Hi there, I’m home recovering from a hysterectomy and really trying to eat healthy to keep the pounds off, since i can’t do much for 8 weeks. This juicer would really help in the kitchen and on the scale.

  82. gina sandoval says

    I’m trying to eat healthier and this would help a lot. We drink a lot of juice and smoothies, try to stay away from sodas

  83. melinda singer says

    Green Juice has become a staple in my diet, it gets expensive buying it at juice shops. I’d love to have benefits of fresh juice without having to drive to a juice shop!

  84. priscilla / @pawsnhooves says

    I subscribe to email, I like you on Facebook, I like Tribest on Facebook. Shared!
    My husband is in the Military and they have access to juicers at work. He tells me daily how good they are and that we should get one! They are so expensive and its hard to tell which one would be best for us.Our daughter does not like many green veggies and this would be a great way to sneak them in 😉

  85. Shawna B says

    I am a 2 time liver transplant recipient and have been pur on perm disability. Jusr diagnised wirh diabetes too. This would help me to cobtinue my new way of eating and help to make me feel like a healthier million bucks again!

  86. says

    Healthy eating and living is critical in our household. Our 3 YO son was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome and while Evan’s appetite may be unhealthy and to be honest dangerous but if we feed him healthy food and set very strict boundaries then he has a better chance of staying healthy. Winning your elite juicer will help us achieve our end goal.

    Also, I shared one of your Seared Shrimp with Tomato and Avocado on our One Small Step for Prader-Willi Syndrome, New York City Facebook page. Every Monday I share a recipe on this page and I hope to share more AFH recipes in the future.

    Thank you for providing this resource to all of us and for the opportunity to win your juicer!

  87. Keena says

    I certainly am not as deserving as some of the other folk on here, but at 55, my body is starting to show the wear and tear I’ve put it through, and having the convenience of juicing would enhance my diet, and, ultimately, my life!

  88. matthew b says

    i need this to help me with my paleo diet.
    gotta get the rockin summer bod

  89. Christine says

    amazing maybe this is the answer i have been looking for to get my self truly fit

  90. says

    I am really wanting to try one i have a friend who lost over 100 pounds doing this. I am looking for a new way to get healthy with so many juicers on the market it really is hard to choose the right one..I think this would not only be good for me but my family as well.. Thanks for the chance

  91. michele malone says

    I’d love to win this because I love juice, but not all the unhealthy crap many companies add to it.

  92. Heather Taylor says

    One of the best ways to maintain a daily healthy diet is to be infused with fresh fruits and vegetables and the easiest way to do that would be by using a good quality juicer! I have yet to acquire one of these high qualtiy juicers but I sure would love one so I can make daily smoothies and drinks using kale, avocado, wild blueberries as part of my daily “superfood intake” in a fun and easy way!

  93. Amy Lynn says

    What an awesome giveaway!! I have been really interested in Juicing and recently watched fat sick and nearly dead and am AMAZED at what juicing can do for your health! I would love to win this for my family and to share with my personal training clients how to get more veggies in~ Oooh and this would make my new CSA finds all that more exciting because I could juice them too! Thanks again!!
    I like you (and subscribe) and Tribest on FB
    shared stressed/desserts article GENIUS!
    RT your meal plan tweet ( … Drop 5 in 5
    (weeks that is ;)!!!) Check out our Mix n Match Meal Plans!!! #eatwell #diet #eat)

  94. janice foreman says

    I would love to have this juicer! I have been on a weightloss journey and this would be the perfect addition to my new healthy lifestyle :)

  95. Jane Kenyon says

    Love drinking my fruits and veggies, but haven’t yet made the leap to getting a juicer. this would be great!

  96. Nicole S. says

    I like both pages and I get your newsletter too. Would love the chance to win. :)

  97. Ttrockwood says

    I would love to win so my whole family could be sure to get as many fruit and veggie nutrients as possible! This would be so awesome to make homemade juice popsicles all summer and teach my nephew how it can be fun to enjoy produce

  98. Jennifer S. says

    I would LOVE a Green Star Elite Juicer because I’ve got a bit of a ways to go on my weight loss journey and this will be so helpful in accomplishing more results. I’ve got to a place where I’m a little stuck and am trying to change up my eating in hopes that it will help me more. So far, I’m down 25 lbs since January, with a long road ahead of me. This would be such a helpful tool in healthier eating.

  99. Anthony says

    I need a juicer because I would save SO MUCH money if I didn’t have to keep buying fresh juices!

  100. Christine A. says

    Our home would LOVE to win this, as I adore veggies and eat them everyday, it is NOT so easy to get the boys and hubs to eat theirs. This juicer would help us eat local produce and get their “juice” fix in a much healthier way. Then the sticker charts would be full of veggie eating/drinking gold stars.

  101. Janet says

    I need a juicer to enable my entire family to create tasty juices that are filled with vitamins and minerals that we may otherwise be lacking in our diet. I’d love to try a juicer. Thank you for the chance. Good luck all!

  102. Dale Fish says

    We need a Green Star Elite Juicer because we do not have a Green Star Elite Juicer or any juicer for that matter. To proceed with a healthy lifestyle, a juicer is a necessity.

  103. Leslie says

    I need a juicer because I’m trying to get more vegetables into my diet. I tend to be deficient in a great way to add that extra kale and spinach.

  104. Stephanie says

    I would love a juicer because I love the idea of juicing and would love to start!

  105. Billie Jean says

    I need a new juicer because the one I have now is a centrifugal and doesn’t juice as well anymore!

  106. Laurie says

    I buy fresh squeezed local juice all the time and it is so expensive. This would help me save money and drink even more juice.

  107. Brandy says

    I am always on the go and this would make it so easy for me to take something healthy with me. as an athlete it would so perfectly into my lifestyle and that of my family!

  108. says

    I LOVE Naked juice, but can’t afford to buy it very often. I would love to try making my own juice, and this juicer would be the perfect way to do it!

  109. says

    I NEED a Green Star Elite juicer because I buy and drink those bottled green juices all the time, and I want to be able to make my own healthier and tasty versions for me and my family. Plus, I would love to be able to make my own nut butters-peanut, almond, cashew…Also, this would be a great Mother’s Day present for me! :)

  110. says

    Despite all my hard, hard (and honest) efforts, I can not budge weight wise. Mostly due to breast cancer follow up medication and thyroid issues. But I never stop eating healthy and working out. I would love the option to drink all my kale, spinach, other veggies and fruits and not just in a smoothie!!!

  111. says

    I need a new Green Star Elite Juicer because I am bad about taking enough time and chewing my food properly. Lack of energy & lack of sleep are two things I won’t miss with a Green Star Elite juicer!

  112. Betsy says

    Would love this juicer! My sister passed away 3 1/2 years ago from steroid induced diabetes (long history of asthma), and didn’t “take care” of herself, she just took the meds the doctors gave her. My husband this year has been put on pre-diabetes medication. He is slowly starting to eat healthier (which in the past he has been reluctant to do), however he’s not a big veggie or fruit eater. I would use this juicer to make wonderful tasting, healthy juices for him because I refuse to lose another family member to diabetes. I went through it once, and won’t do it again. I shared the article on six foods for aging on my FB page, but am uncomfortable sharing the link for all to see since my page is private. Thank for all your great articles!

  113. says

    I also repost your incredible information on my private FB group “Healthy is the New Skinny”. It is a place for friends to be able to post their workouts, triumphs, questions, nutrition and exercise information, etc., and to motivate each other!!!

  114. says

    I need a juicer because the one that we had died and I haven’t gotten another one. I love making different concoctions of juices!

  115. Linda Frost says

    This is an awesome juicer and it’d definitely help me with my diet!

  116. marsha mcfarland says

    have been wanting a juicer on the hopes it would help me with my weight lose

  117. Jill H says

    I am a e-newsletter subscriber, I “Like Appetite for Health on Facebook. I, “Like” Tribest on Facebook. I need a Green Star Elite Juicer because I need to live a healthy lifestyle to keep my Chron’s under control and a juicer fits into that healthy lifestyle. This juicer sounds great and I don’t have a juicer. Thank you so much for the chance!

  118. kelly says

    I’m a stay home mom of a 9 month old and a 7 year old, I do my best t raise them with the healthiest choices but its so hard with todays economy… I just cant afford a juicer, so I try to process all my fresh fruits and vegetables thru a blender and the strain as much pulp out as I can(a very long process) to give especially my oldest the juice because he wont eat many of his vegetables. I most definitely could use this juicer and guarantee an everyday use. Please and thank you!!!

  119. Haley Lash says

    A juicer would be an amazing gift from me to my DADDY! He’s been my biggest supporter through my eating disorder recovery, and he’s recently transitioned toward a healthier lifestyle! Through hard work, exercise, eating right, and proper education he’s lost 33 pounds all by himself! My dad is an amazing supporter and selfless individual. I woul absolutely love to pay back a fraction of the support and amazing love he has given me.

  120. says

    Done Done and Done! Hope I get this juicer. After just coming home from a 7 month cross country trip that included a lot of delicious, high calorie food, this juicer would help me get back into a healthy eating routine that includes juicing. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to try.
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  121. carol roberts says

    i need one so i can loose weight this seems awesome for someone like me and my kids could join with me not that they need to loose weight but to stay healthy and get in the rythem of doing things like eating or drinking things that are better for them

  122. carol roberts says

    wasnt sure if i write each time so i like both of you all on face book and i receive ur newsletter

  123. Diana W. says

    I have been seeking out info on juicers and juicing. I really want to give it a try. My husband and myself could use more fruits and veggies in our diet. This juicer looks and sounds like a really good one.

  124. Jolie Brouttier says

    Why do I need a juicer…let me count the ways. I teach Kindergarten and the kids literally suck the energy out from me. Due to having no energy after work, I vowed to workout before class so yes, I’m in the gym EVERY morning from 4-6 am doing Cardio and Strength training. With a schedule and lifestyle like mine (did I mention I’m a vegetarian?)…finding time to fuel my body, mind, and soul is tricky. I never get a chance to sit and enjoy my raw veggies and fruits. A juicer however…a juicer has been on my wishlist for months now! How wonderful it would be to walk around carrying around with me a cup full of quick, easy, green goodness full of packed punches and energyful (yes I made that word up) liquid gold! I would benefit from it, my students would benefit from it! And if a 12 year old can assemble it? Well, then surely a Kinder teacher could too! Pick me, pick me, pick me….I’M SO THIRSTY!

  125. mary woollard says

    I NEED this juicer! I have an older one but i definitely need an upgraded version! I am celiac, my daughter has crohns. we are on our way to great health, this would be such a blessing! i would regift my older version to my mom and dad, (in their 80s) they have been thinking about getting one. id love to be able to help them out! thanks for the great opportunity!

  126. Joan Justice says

    I receive your newsletter and am a fan on FB. Also now of Tribest on FB. After taking a hard look at myself and getting the news that hubby has been diagnosed with asbestosis, its time to recommit to healthy changes and focus on living the best days we can. The Tribest juicer would help us both tremendously to be healthier, live longer and be there for each other, our kids and grandkids…and our furbabies! Thanks for the chance.

  127. Sharon Norris says

    It’s not that I need a NEW juicer, I need a juicer. Preferably, THIS juicer. I just started a bootcamp class, twice a week, 1-12 hours each, and I recently started running. I have signed up for several 5k’s. I gotta get healthy!

  128. Daniel Vlcek says

    We have been looking at juicers for a little while and thought that maybe it’s time to take the next step to eat and drink better more natural fruits and vegetables. This would be the push we needed.

  129. bretta Ogburn says

    I am ready to change my health and this juicer would really aid me in being able to do that.

  130. Anthony says

    We’re eating much healthier in my household as well as trying to conserve money. It would be great to be able to make our own juices.

  131. Nancy F says

    Because some days, it’s easier to drink your fruits and veggies than it is to eat them…. :)

  132. Siri says

    Love juicing and this juicer looks awesome. I’m a fan all over, get your newsletter, and frequently like/share your posts on FB.

  133. Donna G says

    Started to incorporate juicing in my diet, smoothies in the morning and juice for lunch, then a healthy dinner. This juicer would make the process so much easier for me.

  134. Zachary says

    Every Good Chef needs a juicer…or is it, every Chef needs a Good juicer….I’m not sure, but I learned one of those in culinary school. lol! I’ve always wanted a juicer, it’s on my wish list. This is such a handy tool to have in the kitchen. I’m crossing my fingers and toes. I follow you and Tribest on Facebook and subscribe to your email. :) Thank you!

  135. Megan G says

    I’ve seen the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and would love to try a juices to see if it helps my neurological condition. Plus, I don’t nearly eat as much produce as I should, and drinking the micronutrients would be great!

    Tweeted and FB shared your “5 More Foods That Sound Healthy… But Really Aren’t”!
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    Tweeted and FB shared your “6 Superfoods You Should Be Eating!”

  136. Julia says

    I need this for my health! It would make it so easy to finally gain control over my health!

  137. Meredith Peters says

    I shared 4 articlesandthis post on Facebook and this post on Pinterest. The articles are
    5 Foods That sound ealthy but arent
    Put on your exercise panties
    Are Bananas bad for your diet
    Exercise Equivalents to Curb Calories (I’m going to print a poster of this one!)

  138. Shirley A says

    Wow, this is the Cadillac of juicers! Have been wanting to start to incorporate juicing into my lifestyle and have been shopping around. Would love to give this baby a test drive! Started drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice into my morning water to kick start my digestive system. Thanks!

  139. Tammy says

    I’ll be getting tons of organic veggies in my CSA, and this will be perfect to start drinking as well as eating them all!

  140. ashley says

    i just watched a documentary on juicing a few days ago! I really wanted to try it but I can’t afford a juicer at the moment! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get lucky!

  141. says

    I struggle to get enough veggies in each day. If I can make a juice in the morning and know that I’ve already fulfilled my servings, all the rest of the veggies I eat are just bonus.

  142. says

    A friend of mine, a fellow AFH friend and reader, has a juicer and introduced me to the benefits of juicing. We also came up with a fantastic Peachtini recipe. I would be very happy to keep the trend going and have a juicer of my own. Unfortunately I work for AnAirline in Bankruptcy and have lost 40 % of my income to corporate excess (since 2003). I could not afford a juicer of this quality on my current pay.

  143. ingemar hulthage says

    Having added green juice my healthy diet I know I’d find having my own juicer as useful tool to continued good health.

  144. rosidentevil says

    I am an email subscriber
    I like both pages on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)
    I’d love a new juicer – since you can easily blend fruits and veggies and the kids will love it
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  145. says

    Wow this would be a great win. Thanks AFH for all the wonderful giveaways you offer. I would like to try a combination of bananas, oranges and strawberries. It would be a great way to start the day or an afternoon pick-me-up.

  146. Andrea Pilar Lamberson says

    I love juicing!! I just finished grad school. I can’t afford anything like this, but I would promise to love and use it often! :)

  147. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    OMG!! THis would be PERFECT for getting some more veggies into my kids (and my hubby)!! We’ve expanded our garden this year, so we’ll get about double the amount we got last year. A juicer would be great for using up the “ugly” fruit & veg that no one wants to eat.
    I subscribe to the Appetite for Health eNewsletter and follow on FB, twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
    I follow Tribest on FB, twitter, and YouTube. (Great recipes!!)
    I shared the article “5 More Foods that Sound Healthy… But Really Aren’t” on FB, twitter, Pinterest, and G+.

  148. LORI SIMPSON says


  149. jacintha martis says

    I would love to win this juicer so I can have fresh juice so I can get my daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

  150. Lorri Smith says

    Working long hours at the hospital, I’m always looking for healthy meals I can eat on the go! A juicer would help me get the vitamins and nutrients my body needs to keep me going!

  151. Jen says

    I juice everyday already and will need to purchase a new juicer soon. Juicing has helped control my ulcerative colitis. Everyone should juice.

  152. John S. says

    I need this because my old juicer recently kicked the bucket and I miss the taste of fresh greens and fruits in juice form.

  153. Susan A says

    I have fought my weight all my life. I was always the chunky kid in school and got bullied a lot because of it. Turning 50 made me start eating a lot more healthy and I’ve lost 30 lbs but have al least 65 more to go. Store bought juice is so expensive and sugar filled and with my husband unemployed it just makes sense to invest in a more healthy and economical way to get nutrition and lose weight. Winning this juicer would go a long way toward losing this weight and getting healthier.

  154. Lisa Barkey says

    I started juicing in December, I bought myself a juicer for Christmas from a local department store, and have almost worn it out. I would absolutely love a high end juicer!!!!!!!

  155. Karla says

    Hi there-My juicer is getting old ….I still need to get my 10- 15 servings of veg & fruit every day…I would be so happy…choose me….and send that fabulous juicer my way..
    I shared….this on Appetite for Health-Facebook

    Can probiotics help you lose weight?
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  156. LNicole says

    I am on the road to improved health and don’t always have time to cook a meal, and want something fast and tastes great. Juicing would also be a fantastic way to get the nutrients needed to keep me moving, keep healthy and promote weight loss.

  157. Tiffani Leavitt says

    I’m a busy Mom of 5 and it would be nice to have a quick way to give my family, and myself, those healthy fruits and vegis!

  158. Tracy Petitjean says

    I’d love to be able to make my own juice and since it works as a food mill too I could use it for all kinds of things. I saw on their Facebook Page someone made almond milk. I’d love to do that!

  159. Helen Hyte says

    Always wanted a juicer. This one looks wonderful!!! Would be so useful…

  160. says

    I’ve been struggling with being overweight for most of my adult life. I really became concerned since I noticed my daughter was begining to get heavy also,Since the start of the year I started doing raw food preparations for me and my family. I would really love to win this juicer so me and my family could have healthy and nutritious juices. Thanks for the opportunity

  161. Tara A. says

    I would love one of these because I would never in my life be able to afford this, and I’m wanted to get into juicing.

  162. Alexandra Knaub says

    I need a juicer because I want my whole family to have the opportunity to be healthier. I’m aware of the benefits of juicing but have never had the opportunity to try it. I also think my kids would be willing to try so much more when it doesn’t have chunks in it! I may never understand the aversion to chunks but it’s there and they fight hard to avoid them!!

  163. says

    Well..I love veggies and have been wanting a juicer for quite some time now! I know there are many health benefits of juicing, and would love to get myself and my husband started on a juicing regimen ASAP! It would be an awesome reward for us quitting smoking in 2009!

  164. Trisha B. says

    I’m signed up for the AFH newsletter and Like Appetite for Health and Tribest on Facebook.I could use a Green Star Elite Juicer so that I can start enjoying a healthy diet with plenty of different juices,fruits & veggies. I have never owned a juicer,so it would be very nice to start out with one this awesome.

  165. Trisha says

    I’m signed up for the AFH newsletter and Like Appetite for Health and Tribest on Facebook.I would love to use a Green Star Elite Juicer so that I can start eating clean with plenty of different juices,fruits & veggies. I suffer from chronic pain and need to change my way of eating etc,so it would be AWESOME to have this fabulous juicer. PICK ME

  166. Tina says

    Thank you for the offer! I would love the GreenStar Juicer, it looks beautiful. I have read so many great reviews on the high quality juice. I’m currently using a cheap centrifical juicer and the pulp comes out very wet, and my juicer doesn’t juice leafy greens

  167. Gloria says

    Well, tomorrow is my birthday, I love to juice, and currently I’m using my husband’s late GRANDMOTHER’S old centrifugal Acme Juicer. It shakes all over the place and has no safety features, so I would like to retire it soon for the safety of my children. Tribest is a great company, I have the Sedona dehydrator that they make. Loving the blog, keep up the good work!

  168. Celesta Elsenpeter says

    My husband will never buy me one cuz he thinks juicing is all hype! But I really want one!!

  169. chiorganicgirls says

    LIke both on facebook. and subscribe to newsletter. I would like a juicer to help improve my digestion and easily get more fruits in my diet including raw vegetables! I’m already vegetarian, but most of food are cooked so juicing fruits and vegetables would help provide more nutrition and more energy!

  170. Deanna Quintana says

    I have recently had to major lifestyle changes due to a whole bunch of health issues! A juicer would be an absolute amazing product to have I feel like I am lost trying to figure out which one to choose! This would be a definite welcome addition to my new kitchen healthy eating cache!

  171. says

    I have found more pulp in my teeth from just plain old blending. Hoping the juicer will do it’s thing and separate the pulp and the juice well enough to keep my smile untainted by bits of kale and beets :)

  172. wendy says

    I am always looking for new ways to bring healthy food to my family. I work hard every day to make sure my kids know that good food comes from nature, not in a box. A juicer would be the perfect addition to our healthy kitchen.

  173. Mary Jo Geiger says

    I would love love love to have one of these juicers. My husband & I are really trying to eat healthier as we continue to train for marathons and ultra marathons. This would help us on those early morning training days. It would help me to eat more vegetables- that’s what I have the hardest time with.

  174. Katie Flores says

    Why do I need a new Green Star Elite Juicer? Because I have always wanted a juicer to help my family eating healthier & getting the essentials they need (and would love to lose a few pounds)! This would be great!!!

  175. Lindsey.R says

    This juicer would be very helpful to me and my family. We have foster kids coming into the house this week and I want to be able to give them the best nutrition possible. I absolutely love the flavor and nutrition that comes from fresh juice. It is one of the best ways to get whole foods into ones diet. I have been having issues with my right kidney and this would help me to flush it out and hopefully heal the issue. When I moved last year I was foolish and sold my juicer thinking that it was too heavy and took up too much space. My hubby and I are both kicking ourselves now. So this juicer would be the perfect addition to my kitchen :)

    Shared on Facebook…

  176. Rhonda S. Tenderholt says

    I’d love to start juicing. a friend of mine is juicing to detox and mentioned it to me. I think it would be healthy and great for my sons.

  177. Chelsi K says

    Between me being pregnant and having rotten digestion and my daughter’s restrictive diet, something like this would be a lifesaver!

  178. Diana cote says

    I not only love but need one of these. We are big into being healthy and would love to increase our fruit/ vegetable consumption as much was we can, we also have a picky toddler who I make all the foods and drinks for but it’s hard to get some stuff in her diet and she’s not find of smoothies but she loves juice, this would be perfect for her and us. It would definitely make sure we are getting our required nutritional needs every day. Did I mention we don’t do ready made or processed foods and drinks in our house so I do everything? We are also new to living on our own so we don’t have much kitchen stuff and we live on just the one partners salary so we could give the best care to our child.

  179. olivia tokarz says

    I am into health and fitness. Very into eating healthy and I do CrossFit 5 to 6 times a week, sometimes I do 2 CrossFit classes back yo back. Juicing I think would be very beneficial to my diet and health. I would love to have this! :)

  180. lisa mcfarland says

    this would be perfect to encourage me to consume more fruits and veggies

  181. says

    Wow that’s alot of people trying to get one juicer.I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year and after alot of trials and errors the most important thing I found out was nutrition.It’s so important for a person with fibromyalgia to eat nutritional food and supplements.This juicer would make my life so much easier.I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to purchase one on my own.This juicer would be used everyday ,from soup to juices.Thank you for the opportunity to try and win.It’s been fun.

  182. Gabrielle says

    I would love a more practical, portable way of incorporating veggies as well as fruits in my family’s every day life! Awesome giveaway!!! Holy Smokes!!!

  183. Linda Meranda says

    I deal with Fibro, progressive arthritis. My juicer needs retired, This one is great. thanks for the chance. Shared on Facebook, public

  184. says

    I need this juicer, especially for my husband, who doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables but drinks naked juice. Having this juicer would really be a great & less costly alternative to spending money on naked jucies or the like. This juicer would make my life easier and my husband’s life healthier! Thank you for the opportunity to win!! :)

  185. Chris says

    I need this juicer, my other juicer is not powerful enough and there are only a few things I can juice. I have been in the habit of juicing and drinking fresh juices for years for my health. Not having a good juicer to use has changed my juicing habits! I’d love get back into juicing again and this juicer looks amazing!

  186. Christine says

    I pray I win this juicer. I have done the prequistes required to qualify and even done extra credit on fb by sharing your awesome articles. I need this wonderful juicer because I believe juicing can reverse diseases. My husband and I have a friend from Louisiana that will be moving in with us. He is recovering from stage four throat cancer. He cannot eat and gets his nutrition from putting liquids in
    a bag. Right now, he’s using ensure for nutrition. I believe he will get better if he drinks green juice. I have also suffered from depression and chronic fatigue. I turn 44 tomorrow. If you kindly chose us, I believe Jim and I can both beat our disease/illnesses. Thank you.

  187. Karla says

    I would love to own this juicer-I am just thinking of all the health I could have with this fantastic juicer. ( I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and psoriasis) This juicer would go a long way to helping me.

  188. Jeffrey says

    I think this would be great for my whole family. We are water and milk drinkers, no sodas for us but I would be nice every once in a while to mix it up! I am all for the health reasons of juicing, if I don’t win, hopefully someone does that will use it to its full potential!

  189. Rachel R. says

    I would love to win this. My kids and I make smoothies and this would be another healthy option for us.

  190. 1BrightDay says

    I do hope I win this beautiful Green Star Elite Juicer. It would be nice to make all the healthy recipes with this machine.

  191. says

    Shared again. Tweeted multiple times. Really want to win this to give to my husband who has helped me become healthier!

  192. Rena Hemmert says

    I don’t typically eat fruits and veggies, but if I could make some smoothies and drink my nutrients, I would change the way I eat!!!

  193. says

    Good Morning Friends!
    Here is the uber-lucky winner of the Green Star Juicer………
    Cheryl S (cherylmass)

    Congrats Cheryl! Look for an email from me later today with into on how to claim your prize!!!

    Everybody else, thanks for entering and keep on entering–we have lots of good giveaways running ALL the time :-)

  194. says

    Wow, wow, wow! I’m super surprised, and super grateful! Thanks to Appetite For Health for offering these contests and for giving us such a helpful and informative site. Can’t wait to get my juicer. What a great way to start the summer!! As soon as I get it, I’ll be blogging about my new kitchen gadget and Appetite for Health. Just unbelievable! Thanks again.

  195. says

    I subscribed to newsletter.
    Liked you and Tribest on FB Toni Marie Caravello Feimer
    I would love to win this juicer because I have been comparing juicers and watching youtube videos showing the results of each type of juicer. This juicer seems to juice everything fairly well. It also renders the dryest pulp meaning more juice in your cup and no wasting of juice. I love that it is not slow but not fast either, and that it mimics human chewing is kind of cool. The only issue is the pricetag for me though I am sure this juicer is worth every penny, I just can’t afford that much on a juicer. I hope to win and I will juice for my brother who might have prostate issues and hope we can avoid anything worse.

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