Win a Fabulous Fagor Multi-Cooker!

Fagor multi cookerIt’s a three-in-one appliance that’s perfect for speedy summer suppers. Five Appetite for Health readers will Win a Fabulous Fagor Multi-Cooker!

What’s not to like about three appliances in one? Yeah, we thought so too. Enter today to win a fabulous Fagor Multi-Cooker (a $99 value)!

My life certainly doesn’t need more pressure—whose does? But pressure cooking has always intrigued me. Truth be told, pressure cooking always looked kinda scary and intimidating. Well, not anymore, friends! This Fagor Multi-Cooker has convinced me that pressure cooking is safe and easy. Actually, the Multi-Cooker has three functions:

  • Rice cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Pressure cooker

It’s also got a delay function (so you can program it to start cooking later), plus you can brown food in it, keep food warm and it comes with plenty of recipes, too.

I tried out the Multi-Cooker that the folks at Fagor sent me to review; here’s what I thought. First of all, this is a beautiful appliance–sleek and modern, and though not small, it’s definitely store-able in my pantry cabinet. The instructions were uber-easy to understand, and the sturdy unit performed just as the booklet said it would. I started out with rice, since the booklet said it would cook my rice in 6 minutes (and I had forgotten to make the rice to go with the stir-fry I was going to have for dinner). Rice in 6 minutes sounded good to me! And you know what? In 6 minutes I had rice that was cooked nicely. The slow cooking function works really well, too…maybe my others will be retired now that I’ve tried this fabu Fagor. And pressure cooking? Well, let’s just say I’m still a newbie at it, but now that I’ve tried it a few times I’m no longer scared of it, and can see that the time saved would really be helpful on super-crazy-busy days!

Want to try and win a fabulous Fagor Multi-Cooker for yourself? We’ve got five of them (each a $99 value)! Here’s how to enter:

Fagor logo

First, be sure you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please “Like” Fagor on Facebook, too. Then, tell us in the comment section below (not on Facebook) which cooking function you’d most like to try with a Fagor Multi-Pot.  Enter by Friday, May 24th at midnight. Contest open to US Residents.

Remember, extra credit is given to those who share AFH nutrition or fitness articles on social media–tell us where you shared (a link is handy)! All AFH Terms and Conditions Apply.




  1. says

    Pressure cooker! I’ve had a Fagor pressure cooker on my Amazon wish list for months! The stovetop kind scare me, so I want an electric one.

  2. says

    like that this is mutli=tunctional – can you steam in it as well? I do not make a lot of rice because it can get tricky – this sounds easy – liked & shared

  3. says

    I’d most like to try the pressure cooker feature. It’d help keep the house cooler in the summer if I didn’t have to use the oven to cook roasts, etc.

  4. says

    Pressure cooker I love the thought of turning it on and not having to watchot!!!! Would love to experiment with recipes and the speed colette

  5. Julie La Morte says

    I love that it does all 3 functions. I especially want to learn to use the pressure cooker, my Mother used one growing up to make yummy meals for our large family.

  6. MeganG says

    OMG, I’ve been shopping for either a pressure cooker or an induction cooktop since I have no stove or oven. I need this. Dry, soaked beans would be done in a flash!

  7. tiff q says

    All 3!!!!! How awesome! Pressure cooker would be really handy. Love anything that can get food on the table quicker for my family of 6!

  8. Janet Welna says

    I would love to try the Pressure Cooker, since that is uncharted territory for me. I NEED to have rice in 6 minutes, though – I always forget to start it in time!!!1

  9. Melissa Alvarado says

    I subscribe to your newsletter, I like both of you on Facebook and I shared this giveaway on Facebook publicly as Melissa Alvarado. I would like to try the rice cooker aspect of this appliance the most. I use a vegetable steamer to make rice and it takes 56 minutes! Thanks for the chance :-)

  10. Joan Gales says

    Rice in 6 minutes sounds awesome but I would really love to try the Pressure Cooker. That would be a new cooking experience for me.

  11. Deborah D says

    I think the slow cooker would be nice to try. I use a wheelchair & I think the slow cooker would help me in that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting burned like I do when I try and use the stove. Shared on facebook, twitter, pinterst, linkedin, google+, stumble upon

  12. Paula Fife says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker feature. Reminds me of the fabulous meals my mother and grandmother prepared!!

  13. Anita F says

    Would really love this with both of my boys home from college, I need to be able to put together healthy meals quick. The pressure cooker feature would be awesom

  14. Eliza Klinger says

    I like AFH and Fagor on Facebook
    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I would love to try the Pressure Cooker because it cuts down the cooking time!

  15. Nicole SHaffer says

    I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker, so that would be the first function I’d use!

  16. Jim Kottke says

    I’d use the slow cooker function most of all to make rice mixed with plenty of fresh vegetables

  17. Kathy Lane says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker function!I have always been afraid to use the stovetop ones.I’ve seen them blowup on my Mother when I was younger,and I’ve been afraid to use them every since.This machine would come in handy for everything.I love the slow cooker part too,but I have never had a rice cooker.That would be great too.I have liked and shared on Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,and Google+.

  18. Jessica G says

    I have never used a pressure cooker so I definitely want to try that function out!!!

  19. Martha F says

    I love my slow cooker but having the option of a delayed start time sounds amazing. So many recipes call for only 5 or 6 hours which is less time then I am away from home each day for work.

  20. Josh Ramish says

    I would use it to mostly cook rice and grains. i could start it before i go on a hard training session and i would be ready for a post ride or bike snack.

  21. Diane B says

    Man, I would use it for all those things. How exciting to have an all-in-one cooking machine!

  22. Donna G says

    I have an older one that is on it’s last leg. Love to make soups in the winter, and rice in the summer.

  23. DeAnn O says

    This looks cool! I’d love to try the pressure cooker (even though they make me a little nervous, I’d love to find one that is simple to use).

  24. Amanda says

    I have never used a pressure cooker or a slow cooker… Would love to try both! 😉

  25. says

    wow, what an awesome pot! I have a very old pressure cooker and am in true need for a new one. Never had a rice cooker or a slow cooker, and would like to try these features as it has become popular and I see lots of recipes out there. As a mom, student, wife, worker, homemaker, and dog carer I can only imagine how wonderful this pot would be in my daily cooking life!

  26. Michelle Meneely says

    I would most like to try both the slow cooker and pressure cooker features! We do not eat a lot of rice and pasta in our house!

  27. Leona Gibbs says

    Would love to try the crock pot feature. Just bought a new one and do not like it. Cooks at too high of a temperature.

  28. Carri Arrieta says

    as a busy mother of 5, all of the functions would come in handy…..and seriously, rice in 6 minutes?!

  29. Casey Piercey, RD says

    It is endless what you could make in this multi-cooker. I would love to make all my slow cooker dishes such chili, pesto chicken, ribs and etc. Then the rice cooker would be excellent because I don’t make rice much cause the hassle and time it takes to make brown rice. The pressure cooker is amazing to cook down roast or tough meats into shredded meats for all kinds of recipes. Most awesome quality is it is 3 appliances in one and for someone downsizing to move across country to go to grad school in a mini apartment this is perfect. Shared on pintrest and facebook.

  30. Anne Lehnick says

    I would really love to have a rice cooker. But I’d be interested in trying the pressure cooker function as well because I’ve never used one.

    I like both on Facebook

  31. says

    I’m a huge huge fan of Rice, so being able to have a cooker that can evenly cook rice would be wonderful! I can’t ever seem to correctly cook rice via stovetop so I’ve resorted to buying the bags of rice you microwave. Those are probably super unhealthy. So this would be a step up. Plus, I’ve always wanted to understand better how to pressure cook things…. Thanks!

  32. Maria Edie says

    I would use the pressure cooker because I have so many recipes for pressure cookers and I don’t have one. I would love to have one of these wonderful machines. My birthday is coming up real soon.

  33. Mary Becker says

    Have long wanted a pressure cooker. That is definitely the function I’d most like to try out!
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  34. Megan says

    Both a rice cooker & a pressure cooker have been on my wish-list for new appliances so I’m not really sure which I’d want to use first. But I’m sure I’d try the rice cooking function right away while I got up the nerve to use the pressure cooking function.

  35. Monisha says

    My Pressure cooker is ancient and needs to be replaced -also have never tried a slow cooker and would love to try one

  36. Sushma Kanchan says

    From Indian biryanis to a fancy paella, from pulaos to steamed rice… whats not to like..rice rice everyday….Fagor makes it a convenient day! My South Indian Mangalorean taste buds need their fish curry rice as a daily staple so this definitely simplifies my day. Also pretty curious about slow cookers as not used normally in India. Cheers!

  37. says

    this pot sounds perfect for our family! we live in the Texas and I hate to cook in the oven in the summer due to the heat. We like rice and my husband has been wanting a pressure cooker for some time just never have gotten around to buying one. We have a nice size garden and love to cook from it and this pot would make that so much easier! Thanks for having the contest!

  38. Dee Hartnek says

    I love slow cooking and I really need a rice cooker as well. This looks like a great food preparation tool!

  39. Rebecca Lord says

    love all pages and already a subscriber…shared on facebook and twitter
    My father in law used to fry chicken in a pressure cooker, i would love to try that, it was always so delish!!!

  40. Shari W says

    Subscribed, liked & liked. I’m excited by the pressure cooker feature. I’ve never had a pressure cooker before but would love to try it out!

  41. Jo Ann Stock says

    Could really use this as I do a lot of cooking from “Scratch”. . .had a young girl ask me once, “What is Scratch, and where do I buy it?” Still laugh about that almost daily..

  42. Christine A. says

    We would love to cook rice in this because I sometimes forget to get the rice going on the stovetop and that takes forever, plus the stirring. Six minutes to rice, yes please. I also love that it can be a slow cooker too.

  43. michele malone says

    I’d be most excited about the pressure cooker. I’ve never had one, but I understand that they are very helpful with canning.

  44. Jun Z. says

    The pressure cooker function, I’ve got a savory pulled pork recipe that I’m curious how it would turn out!

  45. Lisa Puckett says

    Nice, what an awesome giveaway!! Good luck to all, I would be most excited about trying the pressure cooker function. Love Appetite for Health!! Thanks for the chance!! Sharing, pinning and tweeting of course!! :)

  46. Tina Knezevic says

    I would love to try all three functions such as the rice, slow and pressure. I love to cook for my family and nothing would make me happier than putting my meal in this machine and walk away and do other tasks at the same time. Time is very valuable to me and this machine would definitely solve this issue. Thanks!

  47. Rick Bristol says

    It would be so awesome to have this. I make a LOT of rice, Quinoa & soups due to Celiac. It would also be the first time I ever used a pressure cooker. Would love to learn canning.

  48. says

    I have been looking for a good pressure cooker I can afford, but no luck. I belong to a CSA and this would be great for preparing vegetables for freezing, canning, etc.

  49. Marabeth says

    Put this on my Christmas list last year, but did not receive one! So disappointed! Would love to have on for both the pressure cooker and the rice cooker features! I have a friend that has one and she loves it!!!

  50. April Reis says

    If I have to pick one… Pressure cooker, definitely! Three appliances in one, love it!!!

  51. says

    I’d love to try the SLOW COOKER part of this fancy 3 in 1 cooker.. all of its features sound amazing.. the mere fact 3 in 1 has so many benefits.. LOVE the idea..

  52. Teresa Melton says

    I would love to have a pressure cooker because I used to have one and loved it. I have a rice cooker and a slow cooker but would gladly give them away if I had this one machine to do what ever I need done with less storage needed. But you are right, I would probably actually try the rice cooker first just to get used to the machine itself.

  53. Jennifer Stierly says

    I would love to try a smaller pressure cooker. Love the idea of cooking quick and tasty food

  54. sharon says

    The pressure cooker would be wonderful. I am an e-mail subscriber. I liked the facebook page for Fagor.

  55. Jenni says

    I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker – and I would use the rice cooker and the slow cooker several times a week! What a great way to cut down on kitchen clutter!

  56. says

    I am a personal chef- I use a pressure cooker all the time to speed up cooking for clients! It’s also a fantastic way to short-cut your slow cooker recipes! I would love an electric version, since I wouldn’t be using up burner space on the clients’ stove.

    I would also be able to use this at on-site demonstrations where portable butane burners are unsafe or inappropriate.

    Thanks! Chef Amy

  57. 1BrightDay says

    I have worked with a stove-top pressure cooker before in my childhood. Way back then, I did find them quite scary to use knowing how much pressure can build up inside & what could result if you didn’t follow the exact manufacturer’s manual/directions accordingly. After the cooking process, you had to wait for them to very slowly & gradually cool off itself before opening the lid, and/or sometimes we do a somewhat quick cooling method by running it under cold water or put it in iced cold bath water for a while but still have to wait for the cooling itself effect as usual. We didn’t use it as often for the instill fear was always there with us whenever we use it & we’re really praying & just hoping that there wasn’t any such unfortunate accidental explosions that may occur while in use. Sometime after I got married, I didn’t buy any stove-top pressure cookers, I still had the fears and the uneasiness of owning one. Ever since then, I find the need to never having one at all.

    I would like to try this new technology method of cooking that runs by electricity and that it could possibly be safe & easy to use too. Sounds very new to me, it would be worth to give it a try, and to hopefully bring back my confidence in cooking with an electric pressure cooker instead. I also like the idea that this new electric appliance is a 3-in-1 function multi-cooker and that it can be programmed for the settings to follow with accessible booklet directions. That’s good news to me.

  58. Sabrina5000 says

    I’d try pressure cooking first. Then slow cooking next. Such a great machine as it does so much.

  59. says

    I have done all the likes, both AFH & Fagor and shared on FB too. I want it specifically for the pressure cooker, but hey I am loving the idea of ALL THREE features.

  60. says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker.
    like you and Fagor on Facebook – Sherry Strode
    newsletter subscriber
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  61. says

    I’d love to try the pressure cooker function! I have a big one for the stove, but I’m kind of intimidated by it. It would be so nice to have a small, compact, digital one!

  62. matthew b says

    rice isn’t my favorite (based on being a good boyfriend) and I have a slow cooker that I enjoy. So I am most excited for the pressure cooker. I have never even attempted to use one, and the idea of cutting cooking time down significantly is very appealing.

  63. carrie s says

    I would try the rice cooker first then try the kfc recipe for chicken in the deep fryer

  64. Diane Smock says

    I would love to try the slow cooker and pressure cooker couldn’t decide between one we do grow a garden so this would be great.

  65. says

    wow – this would help us so much – I have never owned a slow cooker, rice cooker or pressure cooker and this is all three in one! Hubby needs to lose some weight and I think this would help us eat healthier! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!!

  66. Jean Bullock says

    I LIKED you on Facebook (Jean.Bullock.148) and signed up for your newsletter. I already liked Fagor. I want to try all the features. I would probably use it as a slow cooker first.

  67. Michele P says

    I’d most like to try the pressure cooker. I’ve never used one before! And since I’m a procrastinator, I would love to cook in a hurry! p.s. I get the newsletter and like both of you on facebook.

  68. says

    I have done all of the above to enter the contest. I want it specifically for the pressure cooker, but all would be wonderful. This is the SECOND time I have entered a comment and what is going on is beyond me. And now I see my comment is not even waiting….. grrr!!!

  69. Tiffany D says

    This is awesome! I have been looking for a reliable rice cooker, I LOVE slow cookers and I have always wanted a pressure cooker. THREE in ONE??? Sign me up!

  70. Maria Aguilera says

    I would use it most as a pressure cooker!!!!! The fact that it is also a slow cooker and rice cooker is just icing on the cake!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  71. says

    I would try the pressure cooker. My Mother use one all the time. But to be honest I am scare to use one. This one looks a lot safer then the one my Mother used. I would love to be able to cook like my Mom did. Thanks

  72. Dorothy Hull says

    Liked Fagor on FB – I have a pressure cooker that I use but it is really wearing out – I’ve had it for approximately 35 years and would love a new one – also would love to use it as a slow cooker as that is also wearing out on me.

  73. says

    I’ve never tried pressure cooking and I’d love to – but rice in 6 minutes? Wow! (Was it brown rice? If so, even more wow!)

  74. Dalores Lounds says

    I’d like to try the pressure cooker function. I’ve never used a pressure cooker, but I’ve heard a lot about them.

  75. Lisa Hunt says

    I would definitely try the pressure cooker function. And rice in 6 minutes? That is awesome!!

  76. says

    I make almost everything from scratch to avoid preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. Would love the delayed start feature for slow cooking something that only needs 4-6 hours. Set up and go, yo, ho, ho, ho. ( sorry I ave a 2 year old, we sing everything.). Also love the pressure cooker concept for short ribs and other long cooking items that can be turned around quicker. Shared on Facebook especially mentioned to mom friends.

  77. Kerry says

    I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker! Wouldn’t it be great to have a product that could do more!

  78. md kennedy says

    The cooking function I’d most like to try with a Fagor Multi-Pot is the slow cooker – I’ve never had a slow-cooker and am dying for one, especially for cooking my beans while I am at work!

    I “Like” You and Fagor on Facebook and am a long-time AFH newsletter subscriber.

    I shared the article, Which Non-Dairy Milks are Best? on:
    Twitter at :
    G+ at:
    Pinterest at:

  79. says

    I would use as a Pressure Cooker. I have always wanted one but was scared to get it. I have heard good things about the Fagor. I would love to win this fabulous prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  80. says

    Subscribe to Appetite for Health Newsletter via e-mail.
    Already liked Appetite for Health on FB (Calshondra Williams)
    Follow Appetite for Health on Twitter (@shonwms)

  81. michelle says

    Rice is a staple at my dinner table, and with the Fagor multi-cooker, I think the possibilities are endless! One dish rice/chicken/vegetable pilafs, stews, soups, bean and lentil dishes. With summer vacation around the corner, I can have a steady flow of meat cooked in the slow cooker to feed the bottomless pits of hunger that I have for teenage boys!! Oh yes, I would love to win this one! Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!!

  82. Jennifer F says

    I would like to try the rice cooker. I eat alot of rice. I also would like to try the slow cooker. I use my crockpot quite a bit. I have never used a pressure cooker.

  83. Wendy Briesch says

    I want to try all the features…my favorite would probably be the slow cooker.

  84. says

  85. says

    First, I’d use the rice cooker feature.We eat brown, red, black & green rice often. Having one footprint serving 3 cooking methods would be such a space saver. Plus being able to switch from one method to another when without transferring the food being cooked would be an bonus.

  86. Lori says

    I’d like to try the pressure cooker option and the rice cooker option. I love that it can be a slow cooker too!

  87. Lynnette C. says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker option. My “must have” pan is my small stove top pressure cooker. I have been told the electric pressure cookers are AWESOME!

  88. karen G says

    I’ve heard it’s great to cook lentils in a pressure cooker. Can’t wait to try it!!

  89. Brenda Shafer-Pellinen says

    Would love to try the pressure cooker. My mom always used one when I was a kid, but I have never taken the time to learn how.

  90. Carolyn P says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker option. I have been looking at rice cookers but I wouldn’t need a separate applicance if I had a Fagor. A Fagor has been at the top of my “I Want” list for years . Fagor is the best electric pressure cooker on the market. I cook “fresh” and from scratch because of the health benefits plus I have hypothyroidism which is aggravated by the additives in commercially-prepared food. P.S. I love Appetite for Health!

  91. Mary Taylor says

    This would be awesom. I would love to have one – could do away with some of the appliances already have taking up space. I love my pressure cooker but this would replace it.

  92. Helen Hyte says

    I have wanted one of these for a while…Would really love to win that it does all 3 functions. I especially want to learn to use the pressure cooker,

  93. amy rouse says

    First, be sure you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter done

    and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please “Like” Fagor on Facebook, too done and done amy rouse

    Then, tell us in the comment section below (not on Facebook) which cooking function you’d most like to try with a Fagor Multi-Pot. I’d use the pressure cooker function

  94. Lorraine says

    I think I would enjoy the rice cooker function the most. I love brown rice! I have also wanted to try a slow cooker, too.

  95. Jayme J. says

    I’d really like to try steaming veggies with the rice cooker function (fresh steamed broccoli – yum!).

  96. says

    Man this is an awesome giveaway.Man with 7 people living in the house this would be a big time saver. Expecailly with haveing a new baby . My sister- in law also would love this she can come in throw in a healthy meal in now time.

  97. says

    I’ve never owned a rice cooker or pressure cooker so I’d try the slow cooker feature first. I have a lot of slow cooker recipes but no slow cooker. This would be a big help in my kitchen! Liked Fagor on FB

  98. Martha Waugh says

    I like the pressure cooker function. I’ve never owned one and am fascinated by how it speeds up the cooking process.

  99. mercoug says

    I would use the pressure cooking function. I had a stove top, but the food would burn on the bottom. I have seen this pressure in action and it does not burn the food. I would love to win this cooker.

  100. Donna says

    All of them, cause I cook from scratch 5 times a week. I guess especially the slow cooker, mine is at least 20 years old and still going.

  101. Kristin Troska says

    Hi. I liked AFH and Fagor on Facebook. I love getting e-mails from AFH. I have never tried pressure cooking so would try making my Grandma’s Bean Recipe first. Thanks AFH for the chance to win. Shared Facebook post for extra credit.

  102. Karen Dyer says

    Would like to try the Slow cooker – it’s been a long time since I had baked beans

  103. Jocelyn Baldwin says

    Rice cooker and pressure cooker. I use my old pressure cooker but it is really big so I feel I am wasting heat and energy using it.

  104. says

    Yay! Completed all that was required and then shared one of your web pages on nutrition on my accounts. Without posting my personal information with the link, here are the places I posted to:
    Shared this giveaway on Facebook:Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon.

    I would use the rice function to see if I could master Risotto. My family would be thrilled.

  105. says

    The pressure cooker function is one I’d love. Used to have my grandmothers pressure cooker, and loved to use it, but it did scare me a bit.

  106. Ashley Vazquez says

    I’d love to try our the pressure cooker function, there are some recipes I’ve been wanting to try! :)

  107. patricia jones says

    All three but mostly the rice cooker, my rice is not so good. use instant most of the time. ha

  108. says

    I would love to try the Pressure cooker to make short ribs.Haven’t made them like them since my Granny used to make them .She passed over 18 years ago.So would love to try her recipe…Liked Fagor on FB and shared on FB shared on FB Already loved and signed up for newsletters from Appetite for health..And shared a article

  109. kathyr says

    I use a Fagor pressure cooker, but to have this all-in-one appliance would be just fantastic as we downsize for the final quarter of our life. I love pressure cookers ever since my MIL introduced me to one, over 40 yrs ago.

  110. Natalie Vandenberghe says

    I’m already a subscriber and I like you both on Facebook. I’d probably use the slow-cooker function the most; however, because I don’t have a pressure cooker, I’d like to discover the uses of that option. Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. Amy C. says

    I woul like to use it as a pressure cooker first. This one doesn’t seem scary to use. I know I would use it as a slow cooker too. So handy.

  112. says

    I would LOVE to win this pressure cooker!! I’ve never used one, so if I win, I would look forward to trying that!! It’s really neat that it’s also a rice cooker and a slow cooker at the same time!!! This would be great!!! :)

  113. says

    I would love to try this to cook things like stew or rice, which I love but somehow always mess up when I cook it in a pot. LOL. Great giveaway! :)

  114. Dianne W says

    The pressure cooker would be a great option on our sailboat! Put all the meat and veggies in the pressure cooker and make a nice stew! It will fit on the small sailboat!

  115. says

    I’ve never owned any one of these appliances separately, so I’d first use the rice cooker to make brown rice and quinoa. And I would quickly graduate to using the pressure cooker and slow cooker. What a convenient appliance!

  116. JR says

    I’d love to cook brown rice with the rice cooker and then turn it into rice pudding in the slow cooker

  117. says

    I would love to win this! As I battle to get healthier, this would be a wonderful asset to my family and I giving s the ability hopefully not to want to stray from healthier eating. It would be an encouragement as I am already struggling! I done all the likes as directed, am subscribed. I also shared on facebook
    shared on twitter
    and I repinned it on pinterest

  118. says

    All the features sound appealing, but I would like to try the rice cooker function. I have heard so many people talk about using one and having perfect rice every time, I would like to see for my self.

  119. robin sandwick says

    Its a toss up between the pressure cooking function for healthier foods or the slow cooker. Loved the sound of their ribs and chicken curry recipes

  120. Anne says

    I have a rice cooker (love it!) and a large slow cooker, but not a pressure cooker. The function of this cool Fagor multi-cooker I’d be most interested in learning to use would be the pressure cooking function, but I’d also love to use it as a smaller slow cooker. And I could give my rice cooker to my sister!

    I follow Appetite for Health on Facebook and Twitter, and I also follow Fagor on both platforms, too. I’m an email subscriber to Appetite for Health, which is how I learned about this excellent giveaway. Thanks!

  121. Chelsi says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker function since I don’t have a pressure cooker, have never used one, and am kind of scared by them! :)

  122. Michael Ann says

    I would love the pressure cooker function since I can’t use my stove-top pressure cookers on my new glass cooktop.

  123. says

    I would use all of the features!!!! As a very busy college student this gadget would come in very handy and help me to be able to eat healthy all the time.

  124. Julia Parker says

    Would love to try an electric pressure cooker. Have used my stove-top model for almost 30 yrs., but have to monitor the “Jiggles” per minute to keep the temp at the right place & it takes time to build up pressure (but the pot roast is worth it)

  125. Diana Smith Hill says

    I would love to try the pressure cooker function! Although I would also use the slow cooker and rice cooker function… , nice to have all three in one! Saves counter space! This would be my GO TO cookware!
    I liked both facebook pages and signed up for emails! I love your site!

  126. says

    I have liked you on FB for quite awhile but had never heard of the Fagor brand. I am intrigued with a multi-function product as I recently downsized and am trying to live a simpler life. I love the idea that I could have many options with this cooker. I am most interested in the pressure cooker feature as I have always been cautious at the idea of using one on a stove. I think I would feel safer with this one. I also am looking for the perfect way to make and serve rice. Hoping that this will help me do just that. I also frequently post your articles to my fb wall and pinterest.

  127. says

    Good Monday morning AFH friends!
    Here are the lucky winners of the five Fagor Multi-Cookers:

    Teresa S., Casey P., Martha F., Lisa P., Colleen (dilgy1266)

    Congrats winners! Look for an email from me later today with instructions on how to claim your prize. Pls. check your spam folders too just in case my note gets lost in there. Also, pls get back to me within 48 hours.

    If you didn’t win today, stay tuned….we have more Multi-Cookers coming soon for our readers!

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