Win Ghirardelli Chocolate for Valentine’s Day!

Ghirardelli prizeTen lucky Appetite for Health fans will win Ghirardelli chocolate this week for Valentine’s Day! Enter today!

Ghirardelli calls this tempting package of chocolates (see left) their “What’s New” Gift Box. We just call it Ghirardelli heaven. Enter now to win this $55 box of chocolate goodness. (Nobody will know if you keep it for yourself or share it with your special someone.)

Life without chocolate? Sorry, we’re not going to do it. But when we do indulge, we try to choose high quality, dark chocolate—and we limit our portions to an ounce. While we’re not saying that chocolate bars are “health food” by any means, dark chocolate does have some health benefits. Flavanols are a type of flavonoid (naturally occurring, health-promoting plant compounds) specifically found in cocoa and they have been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve the flexibility of arteries, make blood less likely to clot and help reduce cholesterol levels.The more cacao in the chocolate, the darker it will be, and the more flavanols it will contain.

Ghirardelli makes a number of dark chocolate products; you can check them out (or order some) on the Ghirardelli website. One that we’re liking for Valentine’s day is the Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree bar. Though there are Ghirardelli bars with a higher percentage of cacao, (and we adore those, too) we think this combo of dark chocolate, almonds and a little bit of sea salt is extra special for Valentine’s day. (Incidentally, if your Valentine really prefers milk chocolate, consider the Gourmet Milk 32% Creamy Devotion bar. The name alone should score you some extra points.)

Ghiradelli Sea Salt

Here are the specifics on our Ghirardelli Valentine’s chocolate prize; the “What’s New” Gift Box has a $55 value and includes the following items:

  • 1 Intense Dark™ Sea Salt Soiree bar
  • 1 Intense Dark™ Hazelnut Heaven bar
  • 1 NEW Intense Dark™ Cabernet Matinee bar
  • 1 NEW Gourmet Milk™ 32% Creamy Devotion bar
  • 1 NEW Gourmet Milk™ Sea Salt Escape bar
  • 1 NEW Gourmet Milk™ Coconut Rendezvous bar
  • 1 bag of assorted SQUARES chocolates in the newest flavors (36 ct)

Want to try and win Ghirardelli chocolate? Here’s what to do:

First, be sure you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please  “Like” Ghirardelli on  Facebook, too.  Then, tell us in the comment section below (not on Facebook) why you think quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Enter by Thursday, Feb. 14th at midnight. Open to US residents.

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  1. karen s says

    I indulge in chocolate so very rarely, but when I do it is usually dark chocolate. And having the best quality chocolate available is important to me because I want to savor each bite. High quality ingredients, a family owned business with a fantastic reputation, Ghiaradelli meets all of my standards for chocolate.

  2. Martha F says

    Every woman can appreciate the power of chocolate. A fine piece a chocolate can totally calm and relax a woman and if you can find a man who supports this miracle he is a keeper. A good piece of chocolate can save a marriage and end an argument.

  3. Danny W. says

    Quality chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because you and your partner can enjoy it together… preferably after a romantic dinner.

  4. sherry warlick says

    I think quality chocolate is a great gift because it is good for you and makes you feel good when you eat it.

  5. says

    chocolate is always a great gift – sweet, yummy, fun to share – it is my absolute favorite & I love Ghirardelli the best – already liked you both on FB – shared

  6. says

    I’ve signed up for your e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook and “Like” Ghirardelli on Facebook, too. I think quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, because people take the time to savor chocolate like Ghirardelli, and it makes them feel appreciated to receive it as a gift!!

  7. says

    Quality chocolates make a perfect Valentines gift because when you have quality chocolate there is no going back. All other chocolates don’t quite measure up. When you get them you just feel special and loved that someone took that consideration to buy you a better brand that just a dollar store candy! I have signed up for the e-newsletter and “Liked” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, “Liked” Ghirardelli on Facebook, too, I have shared through Facebook, twitter as @jenesparza, google and linkedin.

  8. Kerragh says

    The Ghiradelli is the perfect addition to my homemade Chocolate Decadence Granola. I make it for my Mom every year :)

  9. rosidentevil says

    I am an email subscriber
    I like both pages on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)
    Quality Chocolates are always the perfect gift because of it’s presentation in a fancy wrapper and of course the premium taste

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  10. Helen B says

    I love chocolate but as Ive made a promise to myself to only eat good quality chocolate.When U wat the ‘good stuff’ I find that I never overindulge. Its perfect!!

  11. belinda says

    I’m single, so my valentines day will be spent alone. Nothing like a good chocolate to forget about my lonesome blues!

  12. Rosemary M. says

    Chocolate makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it is about creating a luxurious experience and showing the person they are special, Chocolate is so indulgent and lets the receiver enjoy something just for themselves. It puts everyone in a better mood!

  13. Grace Lin says

    Quality dark chocolate is so much smoother than mediocre dark chocolate. You can definitely tell the difference when the chocolate is quality because it melts like butter in your mouth. With mediocre chocolate, it kind of just sits in your mouth and doesn’t have the right consistency or taste.

  14. Joan says

    quality chocolate makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s day because it not only tells your sweetheart that you think they are sweet and special, they are quality special. I not only bought you chocolate, I bought the best chocolate, because you are worth it.

  15. Stacy says

    Quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s day gift because it is delicious, has health benefits, and can be shared! I can not resist chocolate!

  16. Cheryl says

    Quality chocolate makes the perfect gift because it tastes so good and after one bite you will be hooked. Ghiradelli chocolate is some of the best chocolate in the world. Everyone should have the chance to try it at least once in their lifetime, and Valentine’s day is the perfect time to give or get such a great gift.

  17. says

    Once you have tried/eaten good quality Chocolate like Ghirardelli, there is no going back to cheap chocolate. Good quality melt in your mouth chocolate is an indulgance well worth the calories, and research has shown it can be good for your heart and your health. So EAT CHOCOLATE!
    I get your newsletters and like both on FB.

  18. says


    I am an email subscriber and I liked both pages. I also shared an artical about how to tell if you are being scammed by a diet. You can find my public posting on my Facebook page:

    I think Quality Chocolate makes the perfect Valentines day gift because it specifically tells the person that they are special and deserve the best. Quality chocolate is roasted to perfection with beans,and has a very rich flavor, and you can select the amount of cacao %. It satisfies the chocolate craving effectively. Unlike regular milk chocolate which has a higher percentage of sugar and isn’t made from beans but made from a powder.

    Happy Valentines!

  19. Patricia Hancock says

    I subscribe to your email, I like your facebook page and like Ghirardelli on facebook as well.

    I think chocolate is the perfect aphrodisiac. It is also rich and decadent and tantalizing to the pallet. And of course it has antioxidants.

  20. GEET MAHA says

    Chocolate are the best gifts. May be their composition have to do something that makes them perfect valentine gift. There must be something in it that sooth your senses… :)

  21. Audrey Sherrill says

    Quality chocolate is a rare and special treat for me. When I receive it as a gift I know the giver really thinks I’m something special.

  22. Kathy Lane says

    I think that quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day,because when you give good chocolate it means more than giving cheaper chocolate it means that the one you give it to is worth the higher price.Ghiaradelli Chocolate is one of the best that you can buy.I have like and shared on Facebook,tweeted,and shared on Google +,and Pinterest,and StumbleUpon.

  23. Susan Hatstat says

    Sometimes a simple candy bar isn’t enough, you have to indulge in a really good quality chocolate to finally fill that craving.

  24. Sabrina says

    There is no better chocolate than ghiaradelli, and while it makes a wonderful Valentines gift, it makes an even better everyday treat;) I keep myself on track by rewarding myself one square of ghiaderelli sea salt soiree every evening,after a full day of staying on track :) it gives me something to look forward to, encourages me to stay away from junk(or forfeit my beloved chocolate) and the antioxdents and health benefits are just a plus!! Liked Tweeted and shared<3

  25. Sharon I. says

    Chocolate is the perfect Valentines Day gift. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Some chocolate, some flowers…good to go!

  26. says

    chocolate is a healthy snack and make it dark and its the best to show the one you love some love. You will be helping them stay healthy and you will be showing them how much they mean to you.

  27. Jess L says

    Quality chocolate has a sophisticated taste different from a candy bar. It melts in your mouth perfectly along with combining all the flavors in your mouth. It’s a sentiment of love, perfect for V-day.

  28. mamotts says

    quality shows thought, and you actually want person to enjoy..therefore rembering te sweetie that gave them the sweets

  29. Kris B says

    Dark chocolate has health benefits and has vitamins and minerals in it! Quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it tastes delicious and is luxurious! Also, perfect to share with a loved one!

  30. Susan Kennedy says

    I don’t feel guilty giving my family dark chocolate for Valentine’s Day because I know of the health benefits. My daughter and I have insulin resistance and are trying to reverse pre-diabetes so we really need to stay away from any other kind of chocolate.

  31. Denise Bigley says

    It is a special treat and what better day to give it than Valentines Day to show you really care to give the best

  32. brian says

    quality chocolate makes a perfect V-Day gift because chocolate is delicious and taste very great and smells really good and u can share it and chocolate is sweet and yummy

  33. Denise M says

    Quality chocolate makes a great gift because it shows you care more than if you bought a one dollar box at the gas station

  34. Jennifer Sullivan says

    My husband is a quality husband that is well on his way to healthy eating. Quality chocolate, especially Ghiradeli, is the best way to reward all his hard work

  35. Lisa Williamson says

    I think thats why my daughter is such a happy little girl because I craved chocolate when I was pregnant with her!

  36. Donna G says

    Chocolate is always a good gift. Ghirardelli chocolate is one of mine and my husbands favorite. We were in SF and toured the factory! Amazing!

  37. ria clarke says

    Chocolate is the perfect Valentine for everybody no matter the age and with all the variety that Ghiradelli offers, there’s something to please everybody’s taste. Everybody loves chocolate! I signed up for your e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, I “Like” Ghirardelli on Facebook

  38. Jenn W says

    Love love quality chocolate! I it a great little “cheat” snack to have once in awhile for me. I like Ghiradelli on FB and shared this giveaway on FB. I already get your newsletter :)

  39. Andrea Workman says

    Chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it is sensual and a bit naughty. It’s an indulgence you can share with your loved ones.

  40. jessie goltz says

    Quality chocolate makes a great gift , not only for valentines day, but for every day that you want to say i love you to someone.

  41. says

    I think quality chocolate is in the taste. When you bite into a piece you should be able to taste the bean, and the roast. It should taste like chocolate. To give this wonderful gift for a Valentine’s Day present shows that you are thinking about the person you are giving it to and want them to have the very best.

  42. Michelle says

    Quality chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s gift for me because I strive to lead a healthy life, but I allow myself a treat everyday, and there is nothing better than chocolate. Chocolate is the one food I will never give up, and when I do have it, I don’t want any old chocolate. Quality, smooth, creamy, delicious chocolate is the best, and I love all of the varieties Ghiradelli has to satisfy my cravings!
    (I am signed up for your newsletter, and “like” the pages on facebook)

  43. says

    I think a quality chocolate such as Ghiaradelli is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because Ghiaradelli is the best and it tell’s the love of your life that you think they are special and it shows them that you think they are worth the best because it just don’t get any better then Ghiaradelli. *Smiles* Plus Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate products have some great health benefits so show’s them that you care.
    I Love Ghiaradelli, it feels and taste so wonderful as it melts in my mouth!!! I hope someone get’s me some for Valentines Day! hint hint *grins & smiles*
    I am signed up for your e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook and “Like” Ghirardelli on Facebook, I have shared on Facebook as Donna D and on Pinterest & Twitter as @turq101

  44. Jen B says

    I think quality chocolate makes a great gift any time of year, not just Valentine’s Day, but since Valentine’s Day is the day you tell someone special how much they mean to you, you should only give them the best.

  45. Lea says

    Because on Valentine’s Day a gift of quality chocolate shows how much thought you put into it. Just any old run of the mill chocolate won’t do for Valentine’s Day. You want to show that special someone that you really put some thought into this gift for the most romantic Holiday of the year, besides that other day called your Anniversary.

  46. Melanie Fry says

    Chocolate is a great gift because you can share your gift with the one who gave it to you! It’s not meant just for yourself, it’s best eaten with another.

  47. Diana R says

    High quality chocolate such as Ghirardelli is great for Valentine’s day and any other day because there is so much you can do with it and more importantly, you know its made from good quality ingredients that you’re not afraid to put in your body.
    I receive AFH’s e-newsletter, I like AFH and Ghirardelli on FB.

  48. gayle lancaster says

    good quality chocolate can bring a smile to any ones face. I would love to win some for my hubby.

  49. bonnie w. says

    Chocolate is truly wonderful and even better if its good quality chocolate and can even be nutritional, in moderation of course!

  50. Susan S., TN says

    Already subscribed to newsletter, already “Liked” AFH & Ghirardelli on FB. I think a quality chocolate makes a great Valentines gift because it means, 1 that the giver took time to pick out only the best for the person they love. And 2 the receiver is going to take time to enjoy that great quality chocolate. When u have a quality chocolate u want to savor that taste and make it last. I will always remember a great chocolate over flowers any day!!
    Shared AFH article,, and

  51. Camille P. says

    Chocolate is a GREAT gift for Valentine’s Day! From the simple pleasures of that smooth, milky chocolate taste, to the rich intenseness of dark chocolate and fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, and mangoes, to the exotic flavors of chipotle, sea salt, and YES even bacon, chocolate has a taste for everyone. Chocolate has always been a part of my life. I love sharing what I love with others. My children get so excited to receive their chocolate Valentine’s Day heart and my husband likes his special treat of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate puts a smile on your face.

  52. lisa mcfarland says

    quality chocolate makes a great gift – almost everyone enjoys a piece of chocolate, dark chocolate has health benefits, you can share it easily with others and it is easy to eat in moderation

  53. Diana says

    It’s always been about chocolate and roses for Valentines. Now a little bit of a good dark chocolate can be good for you and Ghirardelli is the best!

  54. Kristin Troska says

    I like AFH and Ghirardelli on Facebook. I get AFH in my e-mail. Chocolate is perfect for any holiday, because it is yummy and good for you in moderation!

  55. Dorothy Lenhart says

    “Liked” Ghiradelli, (easy!), and shared your article about potassium on Facebook. Chocolate makes a great Valentine gift because it is luxurious, tasty and good for you! I am giving my daughter and grandchildren chocolate for Valentine’s Day along with home made Valentine cards. We don’t necessarily have chocolate every day, so it makes it even more special. If I win, that’s a lot of chocolate, of course I would share!

  56. jeannine drenchek-scavo says

    I think it makes a great gift because quality chocolate tastes so much better then cheaper brands.

  57. says

    Giving somebody quality Ghirardelli chocolates really lets them know you love them. Lesser quality chocolates would be like hugs, quality Ghirardelli chocolates would be like a night of passionate love. And even though you should always let somebody know that you love them, Valentine’s Day is meant for love.

  58. Mary Rice says

    Chocolate Yum..I love Dark Chocolate better than any other, the bitterness and sweet combined it a perfect combination. For Valentines it is a true love and my hubby always surprises me with chocolates every year for the 20yrs we have been Married. Even when he was deployed and I am expecting Nothing he would surprise me with chocolates and flowers. So its perfect that the two go together..

  59. Glenda Sampley says

    Ghiardelli has made the best chocolate for years. I cant go to San Francisco without having a hot fudge sunday at the shop there. A tradition. Always a perfect gift.

  60. olivia tokarz says

    I love chocolate! Plus I don’t have a Valentine, so winning chocolate for Valentines Day would be nice!

  61. says

    I subscribe to your email, I like both Appetite for Health and Ghirardelli on facebook.
    Chocolate is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it is rich and indulgent. The smooth silky texture is sensual and great for sharing. The perfect sweet for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or any day!!
    Shared How to Detect a Diet Scam via facebook and twitter.
    (The shareaholic app on the article was unresponsive after numerous attempts this am)

  62. Emily Adams says

    Quality chocolate tastes so much better & everyone always enjoys chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

  63. says

  64. Laura says

    A little good chocolate goes a long way! the one food I don’t think I could ever give up, dark chocolate! I get your newsletter, like you on FB and will like Ghirardelli for sure (can’t get the links above for their FB page to work, but I’ll find them!)

  65. Renee Rousseau says

    Just the picture of Ghirardelli Chocolates makes my mouth water! That is perfection confection!

  66. Jayme J. says

    Healthy and delicious, a little bit of Ghirardelli goes a long way! It’s a great way to tell someone you love them (and their heart!) :)

  67. Kim K says

    Quality chocolate is great for every occasion not just Valentine’s Day. Chocolate makes everything better :)

  68. carol yemola says

    Dark chocolate is not only fabulously delicious, but it has the added health benefit of antioxidants. What better way to show your love than to care about your loved one’s heath.

  69. michele malone says

    quality chocolate makes a great and healthier gift for valentine’s day because you don’t have to eat a whole box to feel like you’ve had something indulgent. you can just have a bite or tow and feel fulfilled.

  70. says

    Giving quality chocolate shows you care, because you are giving the best there is. Quality dark chocolate is not only delicious, it has health benefits also. I love Ghirardelli chocolates! They are quality chocolates that are just heavenly! Shared on Facebook!

  71. Evie McGee-Malone says

    Chocolate always feels decadent. But we all know that the right chocolate – in the right amount – is good for you, too. Giving high quality chocolate like Ghirardelli (who makes perfect-portion squares) shows that you want them to have the best of both worlds.

    I tweeted here:
    Shared on FB (I tagged Appetite for Health)
    Pinned here:
    and shared on Google+ (tagged Julie Upton)

  72. Stacey B. says

    Chocolate has antioxidants, so that means that whoever gives it to you must really care about your health! That’s love!

  73. kira c says

    I love chocolate especially dark chocolate which is good for you right? Wink wink. I also think quality makes all the difference in the taste and texture of the chocolate.

  74. says

    I have a chocoholic husband, it is a must have after dinner even if it is just a single bite. I would love to win this for him — a late valentine

  75. Jennifer Vicars says

    Ghirardelli is the best chocolate ever! Who wouldnt love to receive it as a gift!?! I hope I get Ghirardelli chocolate for Valentines Day!!!

  76. Eliza Klinger says

    I like AFH and Ghiradelli on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I love chocolate on Valentines Day because it adds a blast of happiness to my tastebuds after working so hard to eat right and stay fit throughout the year….mmm Ghiradelli is so decadent!!

  77. Cathy says

    Chocolate is one of life’s little indulgences, and on Valentines Day, it just makes you feel *loved*.

  78. Lynlee Llarson says

    quality chocolate for valentines day shows they care and want to give you something you can savor.

  79. M Chamney says

    I always think if I’m giving someone a present it has to be the quality that is acceptable to me. In this case Ghirardelli chocolate..only the best!

  80. says

    quality dark chocolate is the best– actually good for your heart and an afrodiaziac (spelling- haha) and what better day to share some than on Valentines day…

  81. Shannon Carlson says

    Dark chocolate is good for your heart and that’s why its a perfect gift for Valentines Day!

  82. Danielle says

    Giving quality chocolate as a Valentines’ gift is a great way of indulging in a decadent treat with a special person!

  83. Mystogan G. says

    Buying quality chocolate, typically dark chocolate nowadays makes a great present for Valentine’s Day. Not many people dislike chocolate so it is a great gift either to male or female, not to mention it is also an aphrodisiac. 😉

  84. Brenda Hojonski says

    Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is good for the heart and helps with keeping your mood upbeat. So what better way to tell your Valentine, you are in my heart and I want you happy and healthy? The better quality, the better results.

  85. SueEllen says

    Ghirardelli is my favorite! Their chocolate is so rich and creamy, it melts in your mouth. The Sea Salt / Caramel is the best!

  86. Joan J says

    The stereotype is that women love chocolate more then men. In my house, its the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy chocolate but my husband…well…its like air to him. So since there’s a history of heart disease in his family, I need to give him the best of the best. Ghirardelli would be the perfect Heart Day gift, from my heart to his!

    I’m a follower of Appetite for Health and Ghirardelli on FB and have been happily receiving AH newsletter for a while. Thanks for all you do!

  87. Erin says

    I subscribe to your newsletter and like Appetite for Health and Ghirardelli on Facebook. I think quality chocolate makes an excellent Valentine’s gift for those of us who like a little indulgence, but want to make sure it’s the best bang for our buck!

  88. says

    i like you and Ghirardelli on facebook – tony l smoaks. I signed up for your newsletter too! I think that quality chocolate makes a difference because it is more satisfying. I do not allow myself too many sweets so when I do have some I want them to be of the highest quality so that I am able to enjoy myself!

  89. Laurel says

    For me, chocolate is pretty much its own food group, though I’m always afraid that I won’t appreciate it as much if it eat it as frequently. I know it has an amazing amount of benefits for both my mental and physical being, but I never find myself going to get a nice bar, or a couple nice pieces….I’m always waiting for that “special” occasion. For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just sharing the love I have with my boyfriend, but also with my friends, those who are but near and far in proximity. It’s a day to remind them of how special they are and how that really have molded the person that I am today in so many ways. Having chocolate on a day like February 14th would be special for so many reasons, and Ghiradelli definitely makes some of the best! I would love to be able to share this awesome prize with those close to me :) (it would definitely taste better too!).

    Thank you so much!

  90. says

    Quality chocolate is the best gift because top notch chocolate requires less quatity. :) You can indulge and taste something amazing, and know it’s good for you. Nice dark chocolate. mmmm.

  91. says

    Because quality chocolate is an excellent gift for *anything*. :)

    Seriously though, A nice bit of dark chocolate is an excellent reminder that one does not have to give up tasty food when eating healthily.

    … Then there’s the fact that chocolate causes the brain to release the same chemicals in your brain that sex does – specifically “afterglow” – for women. So there’s a reason we tend to go for the chocolate after a break-up. Oxytocin!

  92. Helene Tienda says

    I’ve been receiving your newsletter for a while, and love your articles, but today HAS to be my favorite. I mean Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate on top of that!?!? Yummm… One thing I will NOT eat is that waxy boxed junk from the grocery or drug store. That stuff is nasty, and a waste of money. I would much rather spend a little more on quality chocolate that is creamy and actually melts in your mouth, which is why I LOVE Ghirardelli. And since I live in the North Bay Area, I’m fortunate enough to be able to visit their store every once in a while. This is a perfect giveaway, and I would love to win this to share with my family. Thanks for telling more people about this wonderful brand of chocolate!


    Quality chocolate like Ghirardelli is a must for any recipe, from chocolate chip cookies to just a sweet gift for someone. It is the only chocolate I buy, especially on Valentine’s Day! And it is the only chocolate I want to recieve.

  94. Julie S says

    Chocolate savored slowly is great for relaxing and taking the time to enjoy the people who make your life happier!

  95. says

    Once you start eating quality chocolate, there is no going back. I would share this with my mom who loves hazelnut in her chcolate. I may be fasting for Ash Wednesday, but I did not give up chocolate for Lent. Keeps me in a good mood.

  96. Steph Lee says

    No better aphrodisiac than chocolate. Gets the heart pumping and improves heart health. On a day that celebrates hearts, chocolate especially the good quality kind like from Ghiradelli’s, is the way to go!

    Liked you on Facebook! Hope to get some heart healthy chocolate for this upcoming heartfelt Valentine’s Day!

  97. Laura Plecki says

    On the “one of life’s pleasures” side, chocolate is an indulgence that needs to be fed. Nothing can change a foul mood quicker or bring on a smile than a bite of wonderful, rich chocolate. On the “healthy side”, pure chocolate contains flavinoids (antioxidants). Antioxidants help prevent cancer. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Yay chocolate! ; )

  98. Lisa says

    Ghiradelli Dark chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s gift. Its combination of creamy goodness and rich, luxurious cocoa entices decadent palates. Use it in hundreds recipes or indulge in eating it by itself or sharing with a friend- either way, its sure to make someone extremely happy this Valentine’s day

  99. Melissa K says

    My boyfriend is hooked on chocolate, so I can’t go wrong with that gift. I also shared your article on “6 Age Erasing Foods” on FB. Thanks!

  100. melissa milford says

    I think chocolates make the perfect gift because w/all the varieties..there’s something for everyone!

  101. Laurie says

    Quality chocolate is worth the price for quality ingredients and no fake flavorings or additives.

  102. says

    I have ‘liked’ Appetite for Health and Girardelli on Facebook for some time. I also follow @appetite4health on Twitter as @glutenfreesista.

    I have found several of your articles from the newsletter and shared them, so there is no specific one that is more appplicable to me. Today, I shared the post “potassium-rich foods” because as we age, we also react more to sodium. Hopefully more of my ‘retired friends’ will listen and reduce their sodium intake. I started using the guidelines of the DASH plan a few years ago.

    Good quality chocolate removes the need to to eat another piece just to get the total enjoyment.
    Ghirardelli Squares are so good I want to keep eating them, but the one piece just makes it worthwhile!

    This would be a great Valentine gift for me because I just love Ghirardelli Squares!

  103. Bonnie K. says

    I subscribe to your e-newsletter and liked Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, I liked Ghirardelli on Facebook. I shared on facebook. — I shared on Pinterest.

    I think my husband would really go for the Intense Dark™ Sea Salt Soiree bar. Chocolate has been most often the favorite gift to give. I would love to receive some dark chocolates. So, giving quality dark chocolates ( and maybe some milk chocolates) would be the way to ones heart. :)

  104. katie W says

    I have your -newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health and Ghirardelli on Facebook, chocolate is an good gift because it one of life’s little pleasures

  105. Jennifer S. says

    I think chocolate makes a good gift because it’s that once a year treat that you get to indulge in and treat yourself to.

  106. Karen D says

    For most people, chocolate is smooth, sweet and melt in your mouth good! And dark chocolate is heart healthy. This would be the perfect gift for my husband!!

  107. Amy C. says

    I love to give quality chocolate as gifts because not everyone will spend the money on it for themselves and some people just don’t know how much better tasting quality chocolate is.

  108. Teri Melton says

    I was born and raised in California and going to Ghirardelli square was always a family treat. Many fond memories!

  109. michele says

    chocolate is awesome anytime!!! can’t like ghiradelli on facebook from here, keep getting error message??

  110. Diane Mason says

    Quality chocolate is the taste of love as far as I’m concerned. If love had a taste, that would be it.

  111. Michelle D says

    you can’t go wrong with chocolate, its great no matter what the occassion, what mood you are in, its the perfect go to!

  112. Nancy says

    love is a 4 letter word that I adore, and what better way to show your love for anything than to give someone some Ghiradelli chocolate, and any other day is good but Valentines is the best!!!! <3

  113. Rachel Jenkins says

    Ghiradelli makes the best dark chocolate and it’s a great tasting, healthy Valentine’s Day gift!

  114. Christine A. says

    High quality near to pure chocolate cooked up by a Ghirardelli chocolatier, that is just the best. So many flavors and blends to please us all.

  115. Laura says

    No other chocolate is as good as Ghiradelli. It’s nice to sit with your love and enjoy a wonderful piece of chocolate.

  116. says

    Chocolate makes everything better. :) Quality chocolate can change any day. You can always tell that Ghirardelli is made with love! I love it so much I actually will save calories in a tough day to relax with a hot cup of tea and a chocolate caramel square! Sharing that feeling with your significant other is a pure love moment!

  117. Susan says

    Really love Ghirardelli’s dark chocolates, they are a perfect after dinner snack. Love the health benefits of dark chocolates.

  118. says

    It is the best chocolate out there! Perfect for valentines day or any day of the week!! Ghirardelli chocolates are by far my favorite and a must have in my home

  119. Rebecca Kramer says

    Quality chocilate is better for Valentine’s Day because it tastes better and is better health wise for you.

  120. Gina Patt says

    Chocolate and love go hand in hand. What a better way to say I love you than share your chocolate. Thanks for the chance to win.

  121. Amber Brouillard says

    I think chocolate makes a great V-Day & anytime gift because chocolate is good for ur heath, it helps release endorphin to make u happy, plus they say chocolate can be an aphrodigiac (how ever that is spelt) 😉

  122. Nicole says

    High quality chocolate is the best because quality always shows you care. Plus, that cocao is so good for your heart and mood! 😉

  123. Marilyn Leshowitz says

    As three time breast cancer survivor,your dark chocolate is my medicine every night,and I could not think of another better medicine than yours.The darker the per centage the better.Thank you for this opportunity.

  124. says

    Chocolate is heart healthy because it is full of anti-oxidants. Chocolate improves your mood as well and can lead to a more fuller life. Love yourself eat some chocolate!

  125. Katrina Hardy says

    Ghirardelli chocolate makes the best valentines gift because they taste great. That and the dark chocolate is good for you for having antioxidants in it. That’s the only kind of chocolate that i like.

  126. Alex says

    Quality dark chocolate made by Ghirardelli is the best Valentine’s gift! It is good for your heart, your brain and contains theobromine and is full of antioxidants and minerals (potassium, copper, magnesium and iron). Good dark chocolate has a low glycemic index which helps control your blood sugar. So giving quality chocolate is like giving someone love in the form of something good for your health!

  127. Stefanie says

    Quality chocolate is important because of the health benefits. I also think because of its quality, less is eaten because you are satisfied more quickly with its flavor and texture.

  128. Anne says

    GIving someone special good quality chocolate for Valentine’s day tells them not only that you’re thinking of them, but that you want the best for them!

  129. says

    Quality chocolate is such a rare and wonderful indulgence that it makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone you truly care about. Chocolate is the universal language of love because of its richness, melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction, and out-of-this-world flavor! This is not simply a box of sweets but is the sweetest box of heaven anyone could receive!

  130. tami says

    Chocolate and Valentines day goes hand in hand! And Ghiradelli is the most endulging chocolate there is!

  131. Mary Dobrowolski says

    Nothing better than a Little Sweet Treat on Valentine’s day with the BEST quality chocolate ever.

  132. Heather Taylor says

    My Christmas Ghiradelli stock is almost gone, so it’s time to replenish with this wonderful dark chocolate for Valentin’es Day! It is a must for me to have my daily 2 oz of quality dark chocolate as part of a heart-healthy and satisfying diet! Ghiradelli is always the best way to say I Love You to anyone, including yourself for Valentine’s Day and for any day!

  133. Jen Skorets says

    Liked both Facebook pages [check]
    Email subscriber [check]

    This ghirardelli chocolate gift set would make the perfect valentines present. What’s not to love about chocolate?!?! Plus dark chocolate has antioxidants which are good for you & giving someone something that has a health benefit is a plus in my book.

    YUMMY!! xD

  134. says

    A piece of high percentage cacao DARK chocolate is an Epicurus delight to the palate and soothing to the soul. Awesome with a glass of Cabernet. I wish I could have a chocolate SPA! Enough foolishness…sometimes all you need is one great piece to wash away the days’ troubles. AHHHHHH… <3 😉

  135. Kristen Wilson says

    Quality chocolate is great as a gift for it’s health benefits, decadent taste and also it’s compatability with so many other foods. Love chocolate with fruit!!!! Shared your page/giveaway on FB :)

  136. Lanieekat says

    I’d say first b/c chocolate is my favorite decadent treat ever. But also, because chocolate is fun 2 share (if u want 2) and you can make it last 2 days or 2 months, its up 2 you.

  137. Josephine Messina says

    if you are going to indulge in chocolate, it should be with quality ingredients. I love dark chocolate and it is good for your heart :) need a better excuse to eat it???

  138. carly says

    If your valentine doesn’t give you quality chocolate then its not true love. I eat chocolate almost every day And Ghirardelli is the best!!!!

  139. Lori says

    Quality chocolate is the best Valentine’s gift because I want my calories to be from something tasty that’s worth it!

  140. Heidi says

    Quality chocolate always makes a great Valentine’s Day gift-the person getting the gift will know that they are special!

  141. Kevin Andexler says

    Rich, Creamy and pure chocolate without all the artifical ingrediants… And… and… Located in good ol’ San Francisco CALIFORNIA… I live in southern California… So it’s all good!

  142. Jill Waldren says

    Quality chocolate makes the perfect Valentines Day gift because it’s always the right size,the right color, the right style,you can share it and it can last as long as you want it to!!!!

  143. Anna P says

    Chocolate is always a great gift especially when it is Ghiradelli. And not to mention that chocolate is good for you health especially the dark. I would love to win!

  144. Blakeley says

    Quality chocolate makes the perfect Valentine’s gift because, well, who really wants to receive cheap chocolate? It makes you look good giving it and makes the recipient grateful that you didn’t just stop by the Dollar Store for generic brand candy bars.There’s just something about Ghirardelli chocolates that’s so delicious. It’s so creamy and just perfect. I will always pay more for quality chocolate … and their new sea salt bar is to DIE FOR!

  145. Denise Petty says

    Good quality chocolate gives you that needed indulgence, satisfying cravings, and eliminating the need for chips, ice cream, and other less healthy foods. Chocolate is the food of the Gods!

  146. Alesia Stevens says

    I love Ghiradelli chocolate and Valentine’s day is a great time to receive this special endulgence! After all dark chocolate is good for your heart!

  147. Angie Saint-Yl says

    Chocolate is just one of those things to can brighten up your today. Flowers are nice when you first get them but then they die in a week time and you have to toss them. Chocolate, while it may last long either (super chocolate lover), is visually appealing to look at and is something you can eat! I’m all for that!

  148. Maria Paula Gutierrez F says

    There are a lot of situations, people and events when a chocolate is a perfect “excuse” to connect everything in our life: love, joy, happiness, smiles, gifts, imagination, desserts, friends, lovers, party, picnic, Christmas, family, children, youth, laugh, hugs, kisses… this list doesn’t have end. That’s the reason why quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!! It’s a special day in our life and we need to share a special gift with someone special! <3

  149. Mindy Carlson says

    Signed up for newsletter, liked both Facebook pages -already liked Ghirardelli 😉 and shared on my Facebook page. Mmmm…chocolate! I have just recently acquired a taste for dark chocolate and I’m really liking it! It is just classy, like romance should be. :)

  150. Yehudis says

    I love chocolate but it needs to be good and creamy. I find that Hershey is not creamy enough but Ghiradelli is one of the top 3 I love. Chocolate is a great pick me up during the day when I need a sweet treat and the small individually wrapped Ghiradelli chocolate are the perfect ones to grab. I wish someone would give me Ghiradelli chocolate for V-Day.

  151. says

    Chocolate is the soother of hurts, the relaxer of stress, and above all, the deliciousness of life. Whenever chocolate is involved, there is peace and tranquility. The finest chocolate to indulge or offer to guests is, of course, Ghirardelli because it is of the finest ingredients and the best quality!!

  152. Leslie says

    Nearly everyone loves chocolate for Valentines day, but receiving Ghirardelli is the ultimate. The taste and texture is so smooth, they are definitely made with care and devotion..which mirrors the sentiments we have with our love ones on such precious days.

  153. Lana Gordon says

    It would be the perfect gift because I have 6 kids and a husband. I’m a stay at home mother, and a moment deep in chocolate would be wonderfuly appreciated!!!

  154. Laurie A. says

    After taking care of 5 children everyday, 2 with Autism and 1 being an infant, my days are long and full and tiring. Ghiaradelli chocolate is a great mood changer that just makes the end of the day perfect and uplifting. I have only had a few of their flavors and would love to try more. What a great way to tie in valentines day with a great mood changing quality chocolate. Now that is super sweet!

  155. Kris R says

    Ghiradelli is a brand known for producing the finest chocolate. Valentine’s is the perfect time to indulge and treat yourself or a loved one.

  156. says

    I would love to win this as I love Ghirardelli Chocolates and I have noone to give them to me anymore as he died over 3 years ago. I just spend my Valentines days alone now.

  157. Nichole C-W says

    I think the reson Ghiradelli is the best valentine’s gift is because it’s melt in your mouth GOOD and the darker Cocoa chocolates are super relish! I would be in heaven!

  158. Rebecca Laird says

    Dark Chocolate is good for your heart; it has been shown to lower blood pressure. I can’t think of better gift for the person who has captured your heart than a box of chocolate!

  159. Renee says

    Nothing is better than quality chocolate and makes a perfect Valentines gift. For one it means that whoever is receiving the quality chocolate is worth way more than cheap, unpleasant tasting chocolate. Also, quality chocolate like Ghiradelli is worth eating even if it ruins your new years resolution, so it is totally forgivable if your special someone gives you Ghiradelli for Valentines Day

  160. seldenia says

    Chocolate makes you feel special. Excellent Chocolate like Ghiradelli makes Valentine’s Day memorable.

  161. Jenn DiCarlo says

    I love when my husband gets me any dark Ghirardelli chocolate, because it lets me know that he actually does occasionally pay attention to my likes and dislikes. That’s love!

  162. Catherine Shaw says

    Quality chocolate for Val’s Day: yes, it makes all the difference. What could be worse than el-cheapo, bland chocolate? Ghiradelli’s is always in my home, and especially on Valentine’s Day, because quality chocolate is a symbol of quality love and life.

  163. Monica says

    Quality chocolate makes the best Valentine’s gift because it’s so delicious and shows you care. Anyone can grab a basic chocolate while standing in the checkout line. But giving quality chocolate shows you care and you want the best for your Valentine. Indulge on the special day!

  164. Penny Philyaw says

    I love excellent quality chocolate and this is my first go to brand. I have tried Ghirardelli chocolate with sea salt & caramel, raspberries, oranges,& many other varieties of it. It is by far my favorite chocolate. Everyone needs the heart healthy antioxidants that are in dark chocolate, which is my favorite, but I like milk chocolate as well. It just has to be “perfect” for my chocolate fix. I have ordered APH’s newsletter and liked both APH and Ghirardelli on Facebook.

  165. Samantha Cochran says

    Ghiradelli milk chocolate with caramel is my favorite chocolate of any brand. =) I would love to try the new types, though. I never get out of my comfort zone to try other flavors. Oh, I love this site! I’m now following on Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks for all the work you put in! I shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and I emailed it out to my contacts on hotmail and gmail.

  166. Jessica Fuchs says

    Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate is healthy than plain chocolate alone tempting chocolate fanatics every where a new means healthier chocolate for the pure pleasure of chocolate at your cravings!! topped with a healthier salt Sea salt what could be better

  167. Joann says

    I love good dark chocolate at any time. Valentines is a wonderful time to have it! It makes the perfect gift. Cheap chocolate is just nasty!

  168. Cynthia Stacey says

    Dark Chocolate is soooo great – all chocolate is great. There is alot of difference in eating a high quality chocolate regular chocolate – enjoy the wonderful flavor – Ghiradelli is really tasty and one of the best!!!

  169. says

    Great chocolate always makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and Ghirardelli Chocolate signifies quality chocolate and ingredients.
    I have signed up for your newsletter and liked both the newsletter and Ghirardelli on Facebook.

  170. Kianna says

    Good chocolate can make any moment better, but great chocolate can make fix a whole day’s worth of issues. Ghiradelli Chocolate is like opening a small piece of paradise. Every piece feels like a new experience.

  171. Grecia says

    Well chocolate is always the way to go for me to me its like you giving that person a hug without even touching them or even being their !!!! But a hug is also a nice thing to do!! I am a chocoholic and I say it loud and proud lol!

  172. Judy H says

    Good chocolate is important in my family. When he was literally on his deathbed, my grandfather (Emery Weber) made my uncle promise him that my grandmother would always have top quality chocolate. My uncle swore and upheld an oath to keep Granny in chocolate until the day she died. THAT is true romance. These weren’t sexy young people. They were old and wrinkled, having lived through many years and hard times. Good chocolate is a great gift for anyone at any time, but in my family our profoundly deep love of chocolate, combined with my grandfather’s devoted act of love, makes chocolate the perfect gift, even if you have to buy it for yourself..

  173. says

    Quality chocolate is the best gift as it appeals to everyone. I don’t know one person that I trust who doesn’t love chocolate :) There are also some great health benefits to dark chocolate!

  174. mechele distefano says

    Just can’t resist good quality dark chocolate…and Valentine’s Day is perfect!! No excuse needed :)

  175. Karen says

    I think if you are going to eat chocolate you should buy the best. There is no doubt about that it is is Ghirardelli of course

  176. Chris says

    When I eat Ghiradelli chocolate, it is comforting to know I am eating healthy and good quality chocolate. I love Ghiradelli for Valentine’s Day and all year round. Yum, I could go for some right now!

  177. Sarah says

    Ghirardelli is pure bliss and eating it on Valentine’s day is like a little piece of heaven on earth… “Halo topped chocolate square perfection GHIRARDELLI in your belly”

  178. Peter says

    I like to buy good quality chocolate for my wife for special occasions and I always buy Ghiradelli. She is never disappointed!

  179. Sharon Dodd says

    Can’t think of anything better to have for Valentine’s Day than Ghirardelli Chocolate! I know it will be delicious……Ghirardelli is the best!

  180. Vandna Sinha says

    chocolate gives me the pleasure that nothing else gives me. It satisfies me and so V-day is the best day to celebrate the chocolates. double happiness!!

  181. susan sinegar says

    Quality over quantity. Good quality chocolate is an indulgent treat and a small piece is enough to brighten up anyone’s day.

  182. Mary LaJoie says

    I prefer quality dark chocolates. That way I know that I’m giving my body something that has health benefits and not just something for my sweet tooth. If its something I feel good about giving myself then I can feel good about giving to the ones I love for a valentines gift. It’s smooth,dark,perfectly balanced flavors that come in a wide variety is a great choice for everyone.

  183. Jenny Kaschner says

    Dark chocolate is delicious and good for you. It is the perfect gift that shows how much you care!

  184. Bonnie Geddes says

    Ooh your chocolate! You know how you put it in your mouth, your eyes close and you’re in love.

  185. Shannon says

    Chocolate is a comfort food; stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin. Makes the world a happier and nicer place. :)

  186. Jennifer Celeste says

    I love dark chocolate. No one else in my family does so I get it all to myself. It is my secret indulgence.


    Quality chocolate always makes me feel better, Ghiradelli’s makes a great gift for any occasion!

  188. Terry Pescosolido says

    My wife loves dark chocolate. No better way to put a smile on her face, especially on Valentine’s day!

  189. Amy Livingston says

    Ghiradelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree is my favorite – I hide it from my kids because they love it too!

  190. Ashley Reitmann says

    Quality chocolate makes the best Valentine’s Day gifts because its an excuse to indulge in something sweet without feeling guilty. :)

  191. Ann Marie Chiesa says

    Chocolate is a girl’s best fiend. Ghiradelli quality with the sea salt is delightful; all the wonderful flavors dancing on your taste buds and bringing a smile to your face.

  192. Lori A says

    I love Ghirardelli chocolate and think it’s the best gift on Valentine’s Day because there are so many varieties for EVERYONE! My favorite is the darkest !!

  193. betsy k says

    Quality chocolate – eaten in moderation – is healthy for people and shows the ones you love that you care enough to give them the very best! Everyday is a good chocolate day!

  194. Julie says

    I’m already signed up for our e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health and Ghirardelli on Facebook. I shared one of your articles I think quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because so much more care and art is put into making quality chocolate. That’s why you can taste the difference and even feel its smooth texture in your mouth.

  195. Zachary says

    Who can not resist chocolate? It makes an awesome gift because it taste great and good quality chocolate shows that you care.

  196. Kayla murphy says

    I don’t believe in celebrating valentines day. Love toward special individuals should be expressed everyday.

  197. nancy says

    Ghirardelli is one of my favorite chocolates. I love trying new flavors. They are delicious, satisfying and decadent

  198. trisha5k says

    chocolate is great any day the same as love is good any day so it only makes since the two go together on valentines day. :)

  199. Tiffany says

    Quality chocolate makes the perfect Valentine’s day gift because seriously, who doesn’t like chocolate? Look how many comments there are to win it? I mean really you can’t go wrong. Why good quality chocolate? Well, it’s the difference between classy and trashy. And Ghirardelli is most defiantly classy.

  200. LORI SIMPSON says


  201. Debbie Beckman says

    Dark, Milk, White, any kind of chocolate is wonderfully satisfying…would love to win and share with my mom. She LOVES Ghirardelli….

  202. Kassy Lankford says

    Chocolate makes the perfect gift because everything about it is calming-even if only for a few seconds while it’s in the taster’s mouth. And it’s delicious.

  203. Krystal Mulder says

    Gourmet chocolate is wonderful for anyone any time of the year but I think that it is really relaxing and a few seconds of heaven on a stressful day.

  204. jacintha martis says

    Ghiradelli Chocolates are the best in Quality and taste. They are also good for your Heart specially the Dark Chocolate.

  205. Michelle Davies says

    I do not eat chocolate all the time, but when I do it is always Ghiradelli. It is so creamy and smooth. I love it. I hide from my kids to eat it. LOL

  206. says

    Chocolate is irresistible, but valentines day is special so no ordinary chocolate will do. Ghirardelli chocolate shows how special chocolate can be.

  207. Cheryl Bryan says

    I love to focus on eating healthy, but I will never give up my chocolate. Ghirardelli chocolate is so smooth and creamy! I never feel guilt when I enjoy a square (or two!).

  208. stacey says

    Ghirardelli chocolate is good for any occasion. You can tell the difference between good chocolate and cheap chocolate.

  209. Ann says

    Would love to win this Ghiradelli chocolate package. Love the sea salt dark chocolates, since I have always liked salty better than sweet – these are perfection!

  210. Heidi says

    I just love Ghiradelli chocolates! So smooth and creamy and just yummy goodness. I love that they are made from quality ingredients which is a must for me.

  211. Sarah Neher says

    Dark chocolate is delicious, it’s not overly sweet, and it has always been one of my favorite kinds of chocolate. I also like that it is better for my health than any other chocolate.

  212. Eugenia Hall says

    Chocolate is always an appropriate gift, particularly the healthier dark chocolate. Makes you feel good and does your body good.

  213. Vickie says

    Quality Ghiradelli dark chocolate is great tasting and also good for you. It helps to combat free radicals in the human body (free radicals cause cancer). So why not enjoy something that tastes delicious and is good for your health all at the same time? :)

  214. Krystal says

    I love Dark Chocolate and Ghirardelli’s is the best! Who can resist such a delicious piece of work!!

  215. Rebecca Fields says

    Gharadelli Choclates is the Best for Valentines Day because they are indeed the best chocolates available

  216. Lisa says

    Quality chocolate makes a great Valentine’s gift because it is so heart healthy and Valentine’s Day is all about the heart, after all! :-)

  217. Gail Watson says

    You can’t beat good quality chocolate and the best is always a good thing to give to others. Ghirardelli chocolates are the best my daughter just showed me on skype what she was giving her valentine and it was Ghirardelli Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Covered Strawberry. If I had been on her campus I think I may have grabbed them and run off :)

  218. says

    It makes a perfect Valentine’s gift because It can be enjoyed by all…Chocolate seems to make everything better…It says everything from I love you to I will be your best friend and I am always here for you!

  219. says

    When ever I am in San Francisco I always visit your factory. I enjoy the quality of your chocolates. They make a prefect Valentines gift to my staff and family. They are reasonably prices.

  220. Caitlyn Foster says

    Chocolates, especially well made chocolates are a great gift for valentines day because they release endorphins and make people happy, also dark chocolate is great for the heart! Chocolate is fantastic, especially Ghirardelli chocolate!

  221. Laurie H says

    I think quality chocolates make the best Valentines gift because chocolate is so yummy 😉 and if there is ever a time to indulge in quality chocolate Valentines is the day to do it!

  222. Jonathan Ammons says

    Everybody likes chocolate. It is a good gift for anyone on Valentine’s Day. I get my lady chocolates every valentines day. Not those heart shaped boxes, but good chocolate like Ghirardelli.

  223. Laura H says

    My Valentine is the most special thing to me…. So he will get the best there is for his chocolate. He loves chocolate and he loves Ghiradelli… He and I visited Ghiradelli Square on our visit to California on our 10th Wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating our 26th in a couple of weeks. We will always remember our visit there…

  224. Margaret says

    Chocolate is the best Valentine’s Day gift to give to anyone. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love chocolate and I believe that chocolate is the best way to say, I love you. It’s the best indulgence to share with the one you love and Ghiradelli is the perfect chocolate.

  225. Lan Young says

    Chocolate is a symbol of love, and quality chocolate like Ghirardelli Chocolate is a CONFIRMED symbol of LOVE.

  226. Melissa Robertson Marcum says

    The name Ghiradelli means not only delicious, premium chocolate…it is also a name you can trust and feel great giving as a gift for special occasions or just as a way of showing someone your thinking of them. You also feel good giving a gourmet gift from the heart and there is no other chocolate that compares to this…it is our family’s favorite, we <3 it !!

  227. Peggy says

    I think quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it tastes so wonderful, good for your health and you won’t be given the wrong size…..ok the box can be too small but NEVER too large :)

  228. Mary Jo Geiger says

    I try to limit myself to only dark chocolate that is high quality as it tastes better and satisfies my craving faster and longer.

  229. Pamela K. Renel says

    I love dark chocolate and Ghirardelli Chocolates are my favorite. I always have a bag of your dark chocolate at my office and one at home…it usually is our dessert! I just bought your new “cabaret” dark chocolate bar and added it to my hubby’s Valentines day gift. So thanks for making such a delicious dark chocolate and I hope to visit you in SanFrancisco sometime soon!!

  230. Pamela Craig says

    Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand! It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate!

  231. Lisa Faris says

    Indulging in chocolate is shear pleasure, but only if it is quality chocolate like Ghirardelli.

  232. Kimberly Cuilla says

    because good chocolate says LOVE! My love left me last year, so if I win I will be treating myself, and sharing with my kids!

  233. Michael Adamski says

    I gave some chocolate to my mom for valentines day because she does love quality chocolate and she says that’s her indulgence so she doesnt over do other sweets. Giving quality and the best to my mom is important to me and for healths sake even sweeter!

  234. Linda Davis says

    My husband and I do not indulge in chocolate very much but when we do it is most definitely Ghirardelli. We had the pleasure of going to the candy and ice cream facility in San Francisco and it was marvelous. We are hooked on Ghirardelli!

  235. says

    Quality chocolate is the best for Valentines, as it shows the one you love that they deserve nothing but the best and top quality. It’s a symbol of love and what better way to make someone feel appreciated than to show up with Ghirardelli chocolates. They have been my favorite since I was little and to me they represent top pure quality. I would be disappointed if I received something other than Ghirardelli chocolates.

  236. Amanda Coon says

    I love the Hazelnut heaven one- , I think that the intense dark series has turned me into a chocolate snob. Nothing else will do now, it’s better for you and tastes the best!

  237. Karen Arnold says

    Quality chocolate like Ghirardelli is a sweet way to indulge your valentine with something special.

  238. Michelle Conklin- Bender says

    Ghiradelli choclate is my favorite Valentines Day gift to give. You can always count on it to be of fine quality; smooth and delicious. I hope my hubby enjoy his tonight!!!

  239. Robyn Barnhart says

    Quality chocolate makes a great Valentine’s Day gift because women love chocolate! I just got two bags of Ghirardelli Valentine’s Chocolate Duo from my husband today! I might share..maybe.

  240. maryjean pasley says

    Plain & simple – chocolate is a great gift for any occasion! Especially Valentine’s Day.

  241. says

    Chocolate makes a great gift because it not only taste good but has a lot of benefits too. It is good for your heart (broken or healthy ), can satisfy a sweet tooth even when on a diet. Dark chocolate is good for you and contains antioxidants and it is good for the brain. Chocolate has been proven to actually help with stress. Chocolate helps with your emotions. Kids love it which is a big help to moms and dads everywhere. I think Chocolate is great and would love to share some with my kids :)

  242. Joanne Wedemeier says

    Chocolate, particularly Ghirardelli, is the best invention ever….added bonus, it is good for your heart!

  243. Jaime Taylor says

    I have signed up for the newsletter and liked both sites on Facebook. My philosphy is not to eat anything that does not make me happy. Good chocolate especially Ghiradelli makes me very happy. Ghiradelli is what I bought my husband for Valentine’s day and also Christmas.

  244. says

    No only does Ghiradelli make some of the worlds best chocolate, but my wife and I took a trip to San Francisco for one of our anniversaries so eating Ghiradelli’s chocolate always takes us back to that trip.

  245. BARBARA S says

    There is nothing so pleasant a taste as good chocolate. It also shows your special person that you care……that old slogan “when you care enough to send the very best”…..applies to chocolate. and the plus side that dark chocolate is good for you….can’t beat that:)

  246. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Chocolate is a great gift since it’s sweet and such a special treat, perfect for the holiday and extra nice to share!

  247. says

    I love chocolate, so if there is anything I could indulge one, that would be the way to my heart… but there is nothing worse than biting into a chalky, tasteless and overly sugary piece of chocolate, not to mention the fact that bad chocolate is pretty unhealthy for you. Good quality cacao on the other hand has many benefits that make its a delicious but also healthy treat. :)

  248. Holly Caudle says

    We all love a piece of good quality chocolate for those extra special moments! I also would only share the best with people I care about.

  249. says

    My husband Mike and I love dark chocolate and Ghiradelli’s makes the best hands down! We love to have chocolate before we go to bed at night, it’s something we have done for years! And the way they are packaged makes them ideal to keep in the nightstand. They are great tasting and good for you as well, dark chocolate is good for your memory! Scientists say you should eat an ounce of dark chocolate to keep your memory sharp! I have liked on all pages and shared some information on the calories that are in Girl Scout cookies on my Facebook page as that’s whats going around right now. The carmel filled ones are great also!! Sorry don’t know how to share the link for my post for Appetite for Health.

  250. PACMAN says

    Ghirardelli Chocolates make a great gift for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. They are great to give and receive!

  251. Monica Edwards says

    Ghirardelli chocolates are a girls best friend!! They make they perfect gift for Valentines Day or any day of the year, as they should be eaten daily.

  252. Jennifer Piotrowski says

    I think quality chocolate makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it says “I love you enough to buy the very best that can be made”. No other chocolate can compare to♥ Ghirardelli!

  253. Andrea says

    If you are going to give a gift of chocolate, it is VERY important to make sure it is the good stuff. There is nothing worse than being the recipient of a chocolatey gift, waking up at 2am the following night to your brain saying “THERE IS CHOCOLATE UPSTAIRS, GO! GO! GO!”, climbing up the stairs (stepping on sharp toys the whole way) finally making it to the kitchen, grabbing the chocolate, biting into it, and realizing it is IN FACT a super crappy dollar store knock off of something “CRUNCHy” that wasn’t even good to begin with. This stuff is so bad, MILK doesnt even make it swallow-able…. which leads to me going back to bed, grabbing ALL the blankets in a puffy manner, and being quite grouchy the next day. Moral? GET THE GOOD STUFF

  254. Karen Cavanaugh says

    I love Ghirardelli chocolate!! I bought tons of it at Christmas time. You can definitely taste the quality and pure scrumptiousness in every bite, and it makes an awesome Valentine’s day gift. So much more delightful than cheap chocolate, which is what my husband always gives me…lol! So this year, I’m giving him some delicious Ghirardelli…..and he better get the hint…..or else!! Lol! <3 <3

  255. MaryAnn says

    I love, love, love Ghirardelli chocolates! It is the only chocolate that I use, I made my hubby chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines! It is the best chocolate that I have ever tasted and if they don’t have it, I go to a different store 😀

  256. Stephanie Moore says

    I am a stay at home mom of a three and five year old. Chocolate is a must to help keep my sanity on the “rough” day and Ghirardelli is my favorite! Valentine’s means I will be getting an extra stash of chocolate from my sweetie.

  257. barbara says

    Quality chocolate is the best Valentine’s gift because it shows that you care enough to give the best. Plus Dark chocolate is good for you.

  258. Crystal Hunter says

    Chocolate, especially dark, makes a great gift anytime. It’s especially good for Valentine’s Day because it’s a heart-healthy treat.

  259. Kate Voss says

    Quite simply, Valentine’s Day needs chocolate. And Ghirardelli dark chocolate is the perfect way to supply that need. Rich and succulent, who can ask for more?

  260. says

    Chocolate has a calming effect on me and makes me feel loved. My bf has a drawer filled with chocolate and when he sees that I am getting grumpy, he hands me one and all my troubles melt away. What says I love you more than chocolate and me not ripping his head off? It is a win, win!

  261. Brenda says

    Chocolate is always a great gift to give & when you do you should always give the best. Thanks for the opportunity to share some of the best chocolate around.

  262. says

    I have some dark chocolate every day. It reminds me of the wonderful times with my Grandfather when he would sneak me a chocolate bar when I was little. And at other times, it is the most romantic item to eat with the one you love, so smooth and creamy. There is nothing like it on this earth. No wonder it releases “feel good” hormones when you eat it!!,

  263. Mel haccoun says

    My hubby is from France. It is soooo hard to get good chocolate for him when his relatives made it for him in France his whole life. I buy Ghirardelli and its as close to home as he gets!!

  264. Shara Toennies says

    Chocolate is the perfect gift because it’s a special treat. (Or at least it should be.)

  265. andrea ried says

    Because quality chocolate is a very sensual experience and nothing better than a sensual gift on such a romantic day! :-)

  266. Heather McKnight says

    Valentine’s day is about showing your special someone that you love them and nothing says “I Love You” quite like dark chocolate. We all love our sweats and by giving them something that is good as well as good for your hearts just says I want to keep you happy and healthy so that we can be together forever.

  267. Rose Deccliss says

    I came in 2nd at a local county Ghirardelli dessert contest last year and I believe it is the best chocolate! My Chocolate Covered Strawberry Trifle was made better by using Ghirardelli products! The best!

  268. Jennifer says

    Nothing says “I love you” better than dark chocolate and nobody makes dark chocolate better than Ghirardelli. Spending a quiet evening at home with your loved one and sharing some Ghirardelli chocolate is the best date ever.

    I cannot wait to try your Gourmet Milk™ Coconut Rendezvous bar. love coconut and chocolate

    I already like Ghiradelli on facebook, I tweeted the contest
    I signed up for AFH Newsletter and liked them on facebbook
    I tweeted the article about Calories in Girl Scout Cookies –
    I pinned the recipe for Homemade honey sweetened Granola
    I shared a link on facebook about AFH and this contest.

    I am not sure how to share the links of them. Sorry.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  269. Julia says

    Chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s gift because of all the heart healthy benefits and everyone knows a healthy heart is a happy heart. Happy Heart Day!!! I posted on facebook!

  270. Angie says

    Love Ghirardelli chocolate! I really love the dark chocolate since it is more healthy. Good chocolate makes everyone smile!

  271. kolpin says

    choc is a great vday gift because it’s chockful of anti-oxidants. don’t you want your valentine to live a long and healthy life

    I liked on FB @ Daniel Budsy

  272. says

    Quality chocolate is a quality gift, for quality people. 😀
    I absolutely love any chocolate/hazelnut combination! Oh my! Amazing!
    Ghirardelli makes the best salted chocolate! I’m drooling thinking about it!
    Be my Valentine, pick me! <3

  273. Barbara Johnson says

    I actually know some people who don’t like chocolate…and I pity them! A little bit of chocolate every day is good for the body and the spirit. Dark chocolate is the best.

  274. judy says

    Chololate in a variety of flavors is an EXTRA SPECIAL way to show someone you love them because each flavor can be for a new reason you love them and Chocolate ALWAYS makes you feel better.

  275. Debbie says

    I have recently acquired a taste for dark chocolate and have always enjoyed Ghiradelli’s other flavors. I hope I win!

  276. jessica Camilletti says

    fine chocolate is like true love. it makes you happy, its special, something to savor and enjoy!

  277. Charles says

    i tihnk chocolate is a good vday gift because love is like chocolate, it can be sweet for you and feel really good but then sometimes you may get an surprise in it whether it be nuts or something real nice.

  278. says

    This is a smooth quality chocolate…I enjoy dark more than milk due to the nutritional and antioxidents it has. It is true that if you enjoy one square of dark chocolate a day you have more out of that square that is good for you than if you sat and ate a square of milk that had half that..I do love a quality chocolate and Ghirardelli is the brand I prefer to buy in the store if I had the money..but it also makes a great gift too!

  279. Scott says

    Good chocolate is like a good relationship a few bumps and few nuts makes the chocolate (relationship) better

  280. Suzie Rice says

    Chocolate is a great Valentine’s gift, especially quality chocolate like Ghirardelli. It’s sweet and good for your health.

  281. Tina Ingham says

    Good quality chocolate like Ghirardelli’s is the only chocolate to eat. Ghirardelli’s is the only chocolate I use to make ganache, candy or truffles.

  282. julie satterlee says

    Great quality chocolate is perfect for Valentines Day. We shouldn’t indulge that often so making it great quality, wonderful tasting chocolate with added health benefits makes Ghiradelli perfect.

  283. carol swearengin says

    Quality Chocolate there is just nothing like the taste..and to receive it for Valentines Day shows that it is not just any chocolate they put some thought into it..

  284. says

    My absolute favorite food in the world is chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. The first time I ever tried Ghirardelli chocolate, I was hooked! Every week I treat myself to a bar. I never win anything and I would love, love, love to win this!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful gift! This is ALL I want for Valentine’s day!!!

  285. Karen Schultz says

    I’ve always purchased the best chocolate I can afford. If purchasing as a gift, it shows that you think the other person is really special. I would love to win this as I am alone on Valentine’s Day. Thank you!

  286. Dianne W says

    Chocolate is a special treat I only have on special days. I have read that dark chocolate is actually healthy for you, even good for the heart – perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  287. Deb Ruschy says

    Ghiradelli chocolate, especially the dark is a little piece of heaven on earth silky smooth, rich and luxurious!

  288. Melanie Battaglia says

    Good chocolate is worth the money! Sure you can go to the dollar store and buy some cheap chocolate but you will also get cheap taste! As a chocolate lover, as most women are, if you want to leave a good impression, do it with the best…get Ghirardelli!! She will thank you for it! 😉

  289. Bridget says

    Quality chocolate makes the perfect gift because if you are going to indulge, you should do it with the best!

  290. Sylvia Strickland says

    Ghirardelli chocolate has continue to make quality chocolate, other brands has a wax feel. I’m a chocoholic from the 60’s, ghirardelli hasn’t changed much.

  291. Dane Y. says

    With a beautiful silky texture Ghirardelli chocolate is the perfect treat to finish off a great meal, and a satisfying taste to end an evening…or begin an evening of sweetness. Chocolate always puts a smile on my face!

  292. Helen R says

    Ghirardelli chocolate is delicious and great gift for Valentine’s My husband & I love chocolate & Ghirardelli is our favorite. It’s smooth, creamy and goes with everything. We took a trip to San Francisco last December and made a special point to go in the Ghirardelli store where the factory used to be located. It was wonderful!

    I’ve liked AFH and Ghirardelli and have shared the Girl Scout cookie article. I love receiving the newsletter! Thanks so much!

  293. Jessica Feig says

    Chocolate is awesome and healthy! It makes the best valentine gift. Numerous studies show that it reduces atherosclerosis and heart disease. Therefore, don’t feel bad about indulging!…

  294. Doha Ab says

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? And Ghirardelli chocolate is simply amazing! I would love any gift with the brand’s name scrolled across it. Birthdays, Valentines, ANYtines…is a good time for chocolate 😉

  295. Eva says

    I dont have chocolate everyday, but when I do i make sure I buy Ghiradelli. It makes a big diferenceand you enjoy it!!

  296. Barbara Bibel says

    One or two squares of nice dark chocolate like Ghirardelli make a perfect end to a nice meal.

  297. says

    Good Monday Morning, friends!
    Here are the lucky winners of the Ghirardelli prize:
    Cheryl, Joan J., Laurel J., Helene T., Sandra M., Lee L., Fleur G., Karen T., Jill B., Jessica.

    Check your email inbox (and spam folder just in case) for a message from me with instructions on how to claim your chocolate prize! I do need to hear back from you within 48 hours, so don’t delay!

    If you didn’t win today, enter another contest–awesome giveaways every day!

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