Win An Exercise DVD From Collage Video!

Exercise with DVDWe don’t think that the New Year requires a “new you”—but what about an improved you? If exercise is on your resolution list, you should enter to win an exercise DVD from Collage Video this weekend!

Exercise DVDs are a terrific way to get your daily workout in, and Collage Video is making it possible for five Appetite for Health readers to win an exercise DVD. See entry details below.

New to exercise? Hate going out in wintry weather? Can’t deal with the New Year’s crowd at the gym? Then exercise DVDs are a great tool to have in your fitness tool-box. Leslie Sansone DVD

In our opinion, is one of the best places to purchase them. Collage Video allows you to search by personal fitness goals, type of workout, instructor, brand or even equipment used. This way you can easily find videos that meet your needs. In my opinion, the best part of the site is the way the videos are reviewed—every video on the site is tested by an ACE-certified instructor and a “real person” like you and me. The reviews are not marketing blurbs reprinted from the back of the DVD package—they are written by those who tried them out (and you can see comments from others who have used the videos, too). Finally, if you purchase a DVD that you are not satisfied with, Collage video will give you a full refund as long as it’s within 30 days of purchase—even if you’ve opened it and tried it out (how else would you know you do or don’t like it?).

Here are the videos we are giving away, courtesy of Collage Video—check them out on the site via the links. For the contest, we’ll try to honor your request of video title, but cannot guarantee that, so if you enter, make sure you’re ok with receiving any one of the following videos:

Collage videoWant to try and win an exercise DVD from Collage Video? Here’s how to enter:  First, be sure you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please “Like” Collage Video on Facebook, too. Then, tell us in the comment section below this post (not on Facebook) which video intrigues you the most. Easy! Enter by Monday, Jan. 7th at midnight.

Remember, extra credit is always given to those who share a nutrition article  from AFH on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  If you do that, be sure to tell us how you shared our content (a link is nice)!


  1. Connie McKeever says:

    Dancing With the Stars – Cardio Dance

  2. Todd Bliss says:

    The dancing with the stars is intriguing because it looks like it would be fun but also give me plenty of exercise also.

  3. Amy Gittins says:

    Denise Austin’s Fit in a Flash sounds like it will blow away the cobwebs created over Xmas!!

  4. My first choice would be Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 or No More Trouble Zones, i love her! But i would be totally ok with anything

  5. Leslie’s 5 day slim down would be at the top of my list, but I believe I could benefit from any of the video. I would also share with my lunchtime workout buddies.

  6. Dancing with the Stars – Cardio Dance would be my first choice. Maksim would definitely keep me motivated! :)

  7. Jennifer S. says:

    Leslie Sansone’s videos appealed to me the most, but I would most want the Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk. It seems to fit my “speed” and type of exercise the most and just seemed like a lot of fun.

  8. Danielle P. says:

    Leslie Sansone’s 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk would be my choice. I think that I could definitely benefit from this dvd.

  9. The Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance sounds like the one I’d use the most, something new.

  10. dancing with the stars i have watch them on tv and i think i could benefit from the video and my 2 daughters also my son also loves them

  11. olivia tokarz says:

    Denise Austin’s fit in a flash. She has been around for ever!

  12. Sharon Norris says:

    Dancing with the Starts sounds like alot of fun.

  13. I’m a big fan of The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels. The workout dvds that peaked my interest were the two new BL ones – 30 Day Power X-Train and Power Ab Blast. Thanks!

  14. carol yemola says:

    My first choice would be Cardio for Beginners with Petra Kolber. I am new to the exercise regime and would like to start out slowly. This video would be ideal! Please pick me!!!

  15. Jennifer F says:

    Leslie Santone’s 5 day Slimdown. I use her Walk Slim Fast & Firm. When it is raining or a little to cold to walk/run outside. I like that dvd alot.

  16. Dorothy Hull says:

    My first choice would be 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk but would love to receive whichever one you’d like to send me. Thanks.

  17. 3 mile weight loss walk

  18. Dancing with the Stars cardio – that would be something different, to shake my body up!

  19. Cynthia Hric says:

    I would love to try the cardio for beginners!

  20. Cardio for beginners.

  21. Cardio for beginners sounds like my speed.

  22. dancing with the stars

  23. Ineke Ojanen says:

    Would like to try Denise Austin’s DVD.

  24. Denise Austin or dancing with the stars

  25. any of these would be great for me to do alone or with my girl friends; I would probably pick dancing with stars at the top.

  26. Tammy Rudloff says:

    They all sound very interesting, fun, and doable. I would have to say my first pick would be cardio for beginners. It is a great way to get back into a regular routine and I think my husband would do this one with me.

  27. This would be a great birthday gift to give my granddaughter, Natalie G, later this month. She likes all these types of exercise videos; Leslie & Denise would both be great roll models and instructors.

  28. Cardio for Beginners with Petra Kolber because I am lazy with cardio and this would be the push I need!! :)

  29. I am most interested in the Leslie Sansone videos. I know she has a dedicated following and despite my large exercise dvd catalog here at home, I have never tried her videos. I appreciate that she has so much straight cardio. It is harder and harder to find just a cardio video these days as everyone is much more focused on toning (don’t get me wrong, toning helps me look great, but sometimes I just want to get the kinks out and move around).

  30. Denise Austin Fit in a Flash – but I’d be happy with any of them. Thanks!

  31. Dancing with the Stars cardio sounds great!

  32. lori lodice says:

    walkin love it

  33. Teresa C. says: this is the link for sharing your article on my Facebook page. I also liked both pages and shared this contest on my Facebook, twitter @roknbop and re-pinned to my Pinterest under “a healthy me”. I would love the Dancing with the Stars Cardio! I miss my Zumba :(

  34. rjibarra624 says:

    Love Leslie’s walking videos. I have a couple of her older ones, would love to get the 3 mile Weight Loss DVD’s :)

  35. Patti Longsine says:

    the cardio for beginners or Walk at home would b my first choice :)

  36. Danielle P. says:

    I commented earlier on this post. I noticed the extra credit and I thought it would be an appropriate choice to share the article 5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Willpower as a link on my Facebook page. A new year, a new mindset, and better health. I would still love the Leslie Sansone’s 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk as my first choice exercise dvd.

  37. Danielle P. says:
  38. Susan Schirripa says:

    I have felt so out of shape recently after just losing 30 lbs! Would love to get back into shape with one of my favorites LESLIE SANSONE. Trying to stick with my New Years resolution :)

  39. Eliza Klinger says:

    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I like AFH and Collage Video on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I would love to try the Dancing with the Stars Cardio…sounds like a fun workout!

  40. jennifer woosley says:

    Denise Austin’s Fit in a Flash. because I’ve always love Denise Austin! I like both app for health and Collage video on FB I am following on twitter as @jenesparza and tweeting
    Also shared on google and linkedin

  41. I’m most intrigued by Leslie Sansone’s Five Day Slimdown.

  42. I think the Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance looks like it would be a lot of fun and give me a good workout.

  43. Hello Friends! It’s a Fabulous Friday–even more so if your name is among those who won a new exercise DVD from Collage Video! Here are the winners:

    Amy G (Denise Austin’s Fit in a Flash)
    Danielle P (Les Lie Sansone’s 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk)
    Kim K (Petra Kolber Cardio for Beginners)
    John B (Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance)
    Jennifer F (Leslie Sansone’s 5-Day Slim Down)

    Congrats to the winners! Check your email inboxes for a message from me with info on how to claim your prize. Also, pls check your spam folders just in case my email gets stuck there. And try to respond within 48 hours if you would please.

    Didn’t win this time? No worries, your day is coming! Enter some of our other great giveaways!

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