Win a Tortilla Prize Pack!

100 calorie tortillasDon’t you love how good tortillas make it a breeze to throw together quick, healthy and tasty meals and snacks? We do, too, so we arranged for 10 lucky Appetite for Health readers to Win a Tortilla Prize Pack from La Tortilla Factory! 

Need a little something to spruce up your eggs at breakfast, your tuna salad at lunch or your pre-workout snack? La Tortilla Factory’s wide variety of mini and 100 cal tortillas to the rescue! Enter today to Win a Tortilla Prize Pack ($30 value)!

I adore tortillas, but don’t like to ramp up the calorie count of my otherwise healthful snack or meal by wrapping it in a monstrous tortilla. When I tried some La Tortilla Factory tortillas at a nutrition conference last fall, I was impressed with the range of products available and their quality. They are soft and pliable, have good flavor (and come in a variety of flavors), and many of them are moderate in size and on the lower end of the calorie spectrum. My faves were the 100-calorie tortillas since they were big enough to make something substantial out of them, like a small wrap for lunch or breakfast. The folks at the exhibit were nice enough to let me take home a couple packages of their products (and yes, toting packages of tortillas in my checked baggage is not that unusual for me). I shared the Soft Wrap Minis with my kids and friends, who liked their flavors and fun, diminutive size for snacking purposes.tortilla wrap Here’s some more info on these two La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious tortilla lines:

  • Soft Wraps Mini tortillas weigh in at just 50 calories each and come in five flavors: White Whole Wheat, Honey Oat, Fiesta, Multi-Bran and Three Seed.
  • La Tortilla Factory’s 100 Calorie Tortillas (in Traditional and Whole Wheat varieties) have the taste and texture of traditional tortillas, but with only 100 calories each. They also have 8 grams of fiber, omega 3-rich flax seeds, added calcium and no hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. The 100% Whole Wheat tortillas contain 20 grams of whole grains per tortilla as well.

And here’s something cool: Not only does the company website have plenty of recipe ideas, but if you  submit your own recipe using their products and it’s chosen to appear on the website,  they will send you $25 worth of coupons for free and discounted La Tortilla Factory products!

La Tortilla FactoryWant to try and Win a Tortilla Prize Pack of La Tortilla Factory products ($30 value)? Here’s what to do:

First, be sure you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, please  “Like” La Tortilla Factory on Facebook,  too. Then, tell us in the comment section below this post (not on Facebook) about your favorite way to use tortillas. Easy! Enter by Thursday, Jan 17th at midnight.

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  1. Lori Williams says

    We use them for quick snacks. You can roll anything up in them. Love some blt roll ups!

  2. sherry warlick says

    I love them to make a quick lunch or breakfast. Could not find the website to like. link was broken!

  3. says

    I love to use tortillas in the morning for breakfast; spread a thin coat of peanut butter over the tortilla and then wrap that around a banana. Cut in small circular pieces and watch it disappear.

  4. Athena R says

    I love to use tortillas to make freezer breakfast burritos. It’s a quick healthy lunch that I can grab and take with me out the door.
    -sharing on Twitter, FB & Pinterest

  5. says

    I like to use them for dinner – make a tortilla bake – put one in the bottom of a pie plate or pan, then add a layer of browned meat (you can use ground turkey or chicken to be healthier) & cheese, place another tortilla, then add a layer of salsa or diced tomatoes, top with another tortilla .. you can repeat or create more layers of your favorite mexican ingredients. Bake for 30 minutes or until the top is golden brown. Serve in pie style slices and top with fat free sour cream.

  6. Helene says

    Bake those babies in a mold and then fill with chopped greens, crisped up spicy soy crumbles, salsa, and top with greek yogurt & low fat cheddar cheese….Make my own taco salad and dig in…LOVE IT!!!

  7. says

    My family likes to use tortillas in quesadillas! We make a sort of create your own thing where I have the healthy fillings and we each choose what we want inside. This way everyone is happy and we can all have a fun and delicious meal together!

  8. alison harvey says

    I love to make breakfast burritos … crumbled turkey sausage , egg , peppers and onion on whole wheat wraps

  9. ria clarke says

    It’s all we eat. I make breakfast burritos and sometimes fill them with chili and cheese for dinner. Or I make quesadillas to pack for lunch. They are so versatile!

  10. Jenn says

    I subscribe, I like you on FB and I liked the La Tortilla Factory on FB. I like to make breakfast burritos out of them any type of wrap really. yummy

  11. Lisa Mcdonald says

    I use them in place of bread my hubby is dieabtic and these are better for him to eat.

  12. Mindy D. says

    We love tortillas! Use them for breakfast burritos, enchiladas, tacos, wraps, and basically in anything in place of bread.

    I’ve liked all the pages on facebook, I get your email and I shared the giveaway on facebook and twitter. Thanks!

  13. Megan says

    I love to use the 50-calorie La Tortilla Factory tortillas to make a cheese quesadilla to have (instead of grilled cheese) with my tomato soup! Lots fewer calories!

  14. Sue Morris says

    I like to make chicken enchiladas with tortillas. I visited the La Tortilla Factory’s website and I want to try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap featured. My grandchildren love quesadillas, also.

  15. Rhiannon Rowland says

    I love to use them for my sons lunches! And we have a favorite dinner in our house, Chicken Enchiladas. Yum.

  16. Kristin Troska says

    I like AFH and La Tortilla Factory on Facebook. I love getting AFH in my e-mail. We use tortillas for beany cheesy. Any mix of cooked beans, with spices, and gouda cheese….all wrapped up in a nice tortilla. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. says

    I like to make chips out of these. Just spray some no cal/or low calories spray and any spice you like , cut with pizza cutter in triangles place in hot oven til crisp DELISCIOUS.

  18. Hannah F says

    Living in the southwest, tortillas are everywhere. I’d love to try these healthier alternatives. We use them for modified pizzas, wraps, breakfast burritos, veggie roll-ups.

    I shared on FB.

  19. Sandi says

    I love wraps!! I have one everyday for lunch. I also will bake them with cinnamon and sugar for a crispy snack. Would love to try these lower calorie tortilla.

  20. says

    Unable to get on La Toetilla FB site to “like” but would love to use them on my egg breakfast burrito – scrambled egg with peppers and onion on tortilla spread with Weight Watchers White Cheddar Cheese wedge. Yummy.

  21. Sherri says

    I mainly use them for the mexican flair, quesadillas, burritos. But I really need to try sandwich wraps. That sounds good!

  22. Kathy Lane says

    I love to use them for Chicken Fajitas and Quesadillas.I have shared this giveaway on Facebook,and Tweeted too!

  23. Shawn T. says

    We LOVE to make quesadillas with tortillas. First, a drop or two of olive oil into a hot fry pan, next the tortilla, add shredded cheese, diced tomatoes and any other ingredients of your choice (I like to add some leftover cooked chicken) then a little more cheese and topped with another tortilla. Flip when browned and serve with sour cream and salsa. The best part is everyone gets what they want!
    Shared on Facebook!

  24. Jocelyn Baldwin says

    My favorite way to use tortillas is to make breakfast wraps with scrambled eggs, salsa, munster cheese and onions.

  25. Colleen Leighton says

    I love to use tortillas by brushing with olive oil and sprinkling with garlic, or if I have no where to go I use fresh garlic 😉 lol and pop in the oven till crispy – they go great with spaghetti or with salads and are lighter then garlic bread!! Yum Yum

  26. Dorothy Lenhart says

    Quesadillas are my favorite, but burritos happen almost as frequently! Also a great way to use up leftover chili – heat with cheese, add avocado & lettuce or spinach and you have a meal in your hand!

  27. Raquel A. says

    Sprinkle with some lime juice and a touch of salt and then bake them up for tortilla chips to serve with my homemade salsa.

  28. says

    My picky teenager LOVES homemade tacos with soft shell tortillas, refried beans, lettuce and tomatoes! Sometimes I make my own tortilla chips to use in homemade nachos! yum!

    kymom13 at gmail dot com

    FB: Barrie MacLauchlin
    email subscriber too:)

  29. Christine says

    mmmm delicious I like the idea of mini ones you still can enjoy the treat without all the additional calories I mini fajita for me and a larger one for my husband perfect that way i dont miss out!

  30. Brandy says

    I eat tortillas daily. One unique way I use them is when I’m packing lunches and realize we’re out of sandwich bread… a tortilla PBJ rollup suits our needs. Mmmm.

  31. says

    We use tortillas in place of bread whenever we can. I’m able to enjoy the contents of a sandwich or wrap more with a tortilla, it doens’t over-power the sandwich.

  32. Jayme J. says

    I used La Tortilla Factory tortillas to make grilled fish tacos a few months ago, and they were DELICIOUS! My boyfriend (who usually hates healthy, veggie-laden fare) keeps asking me to make them again:)

  33. jennifer woosley says

    My favorite way to use tortillas is to put ham, cheese, lettuce, and a tomato, roll it up and eat it up! So good! I have alreadysigned up for the e-newsletter and “Liked” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, I “Like” La Tortilla Factory on Facebook too, I have also shared via facebook, twitter as @jenesparza, linkedin, and google.

  34. says

    One of my favorite ways to use tortillas is to make wraps with lunch meat, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, fat free salad dressing and anything else I can throw in there!

  35. Brenda Berg says

    I make sandwich wraps or breakfast wraps for a fast and easy meal to go. Breakfast is a cheese quesadilla, lunch is a ham,light cream cheese and sweet rep pepper wrap.

  36. Jill says

    I am a e-newsletter subscriber, and “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, “Like” La Tortilla Factory on Facebook, too. My favorite way to use tortillas is ground turkey tacos. But I love to use them many ways….

  37. Catherine Kelleher says

    Best lunch or snack wrap ever… whole wheat tortilla with thinly sliced white meat chicken, baby spinach leaves, thinly sliced tomato, a slice of reduced fat swiss cheese, 1/2 tbsp. of lite mayo or reduced fat dressing of your choice, freshly ground black pepper, wrap, slice and eat! OMG, so good. I shared the link on my FB page, under my Contests Board on Pinterest and I tweeted!

  38. says

    I use tortillas for breakfast wraps – Nutella and banana wraps for my daughter for school lunches, tuna salad wraps for my work lunch and cheeseburger pie for dinner for the whole family. I have shared the contest via Pinterest, I shared the Organize your kitchen for weight loss status on my Facebook timeline and I pinned a link to the meal plans.

  39. says

  40. Meiko Cancel says

    I’m signed up for the e-newsletter; I “Liked” Appetite for Health on Facebook and I “Liked” La Tortilla Factory on Facebook. I posted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

    I would love to use these La Tortillia Factory wraps to mold around a strainer and fry to make an edible bowl and either fill with a spinach, feta, bacon, red onion and tomotoes with avocado and grilled chicken or use as an edible desert bowl with fat free yogurt ice cream and diced mangoes, kiwi and fat free whip cream or wrap a banana, caramel and chocolate chips and marshmellow in the La Factory Tortillia wrap and deep fry. Quesadilllias are always a winner and I will definately make fish tacos or fill wrap with poke, cabbage, parsley, onion, wasabi sauce and soy sauce and a little spicy hot sauce for good measure.

    Thank you Appetite For Health and La Tortilla Factory for giving us a chance to win this extraordinary prize of healthy nutritious products.

    Hope you enjoyed the recipes I would make with La Tortilla Factory Wraps.

  41. Anthony says

    My favorite way to use tortillas: spread on Better’n Peanut Butter (a low-fat/reduced-calorie peanut butter substitute) and mashed banana, roll up, and grill. SO GOOD.

  42. Pamela B says

    Using tortillas instead of bread makes our sandwichs and wraps “lighter”, yet healthy. I wouldn’t be without them!

  43. Amber says

    I use them for everything from wraps, paninis, pizza and my newest favorite chips! Use a pizza cutter and cut them into triangles spray them with Pam spray and a little salt and bake…perfect with salsa and low fat dips OR for a sweet treat do the same steps but instead of salt sprinkle and bake with splenda (or whatever sugar substitue) and cinnamon! Love them!

  44. Helene says

    I bake these in a mold and then fill them with shredded greens, spicy soy crumbles, salsa, greek yogurt, and fat free cheddar to make my own tack salads. Healthy and save tons of calories by not using that fried shell!

  45. leda says

    We use tortillas for so many things but our favorite is a straight-up taco – beans, no meat and fresh pico de gallo. Yum!

  46. Lisa Puckett says

    I love to use tortillas in breakfast wraps, for tacos, burritos, chicken wraps and as a replacement for bread!! Yum tortillas!! Thank you for the chance!! Sharing this and other posts!! :)

  47. says

    My favorite is the thanksgiving tortilla that I eat all year round. Layer a tortilla with turkey and cranberry sauce. If you use a smidgen of feta cheese. Yummo

  48. says





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