Win A Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack!

Muir Glen tomatoesCanned tomato products are a pantry staple for most people. If you haven’t  tried Muir Glen’s tomato products, today could be your lucky day because you can enter to win a Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack today!

Muir Glen’s Organic tomato products are perfect for winter recipes like chili, pasta sauce and soups. If you’d like to try winning one of five Muir Glen Organic Prize packs (a $37 value!), check out the entry details below. 

The generous folks at Muir Glen sent me some of their tomato products recently so I could try them out at home. I had used their pasta sauces before and liked them, but this was the first time I tried a variety of their canned tomato product line. In fact, I hadn’t realized that the company was really built on tomatoes (ok, not literally of course). Named after the famous naturalist, John Muir, Muir Glen was founded in 1991. All Muir Glen products contain their organic tomatoes, which are field grown using certified organic practices, and bear the USDA Organic Seal. And in case you are wondering, the cans used by Muir Glen are BPA-free.

I decided to make a ground chicken and pinto bean chili with Muir Glen’s No Salt Added Diced Tomatoes. These tomatoes were beautiful from the moment I opened the can—truly top quality. The chili simmered away in my slow cooker last Sunday, tempting me and my children for hours. The results? Scrumptious! The other products I tried were equally as good (though not all were no-sat-added). If you’re looking for a little culinary inspiration, check out Muir Glen’s website recipe section. Want to win a Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack for yourself ? Muir Glen tomatoes

Here’s how to enter to win one of five Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack (including a basket of Muir Glen’s special Reserve products pictured at right, plus recipes, a tote bag and a kitchen towel) worth $37: 

First, ”Like” us on our Appetite for Health Facebook page and make sure you’re signed up for our  e-newsletter. Also, be sure to “Like” Muir Glen on Facebook.  Then just leave us a message in the comment section below letting us know what tasty recipe YOU would make if you won a Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack! Enter by Thursday, January 10th at midnight. This contest is open to US residents. 

As always, if you share any AFH nutrition or fitness articles on your social media, show us where—we’ll try to give your entry a little more consideration. All AFH terms and conditions apply.


  1. Chrissy Malave says:

    I would make chicken parmesean!

  2. Jennifer Sullivan says:


  3. lasagne..vegetable lasagne

  4. I would make a yummy warm chili for hubby and I

  5. Pasta bologese!

  6. claudette knestrick says:

    I would make chicken parm

  7. what couldn';t you make – veal or eggplant parmigian – like & shared –

  8. Zenzele Bell says:

    I’d make a nice chunky spagetti sauce with organic ground turkey.

  9. sherry warlick says:

    I would make pasta or soup.

  10. Tracey Pullum says:

    Venison chili

  11. I love making Chicken Parmigiana using the tinned tomatoes, That’s my favourite, crumbed chicken breast, lightly fried, then top with tomatoes and grated cheese and into the oven,, yumm.

  12. Anne Clemmer says:

    I would make pastas and chilis.

  13. I would make eggplant parmesean!

  14. MDKennedy says:

    I always make my own tomato sauce, so I would love to use these BPA-free tomatoes! Hard to find BPA-free in my area.

    I am a newsletter subscriber, Like you both on FB, shared this post on FB and tweeted at

  15. It would have to be Eggplant

  16. jimandapril08 says:

    I would make lasagna

  17. I would make lasagna for our family birthday for my nephew. They’d all be delighted!

  18. Befh Morgan says:

    Lasagna and stewed tomatoes to go with mac and cheese

  19. Terri David says:

    I use Muir Glen tomato products to make soups and casseroles. Posted contest to twitter (meat kills) and to facebook.

  20. I have used Muir Glen in the past; I would make some spaghetti sauce and have the entire family over for dinner.

  21. Emily Adams says:

    I would make chili or ghoulash.

  22. alison harvey says:

    I would make chicken parmesan . One of my husbands favourite dinners.

  23. Love Muir Glen products. I would make some chicken tortilla soup..yum! Sharing on FB & Twitter.

  24. Heather A says:

    I would make tomato soup with honey, lemon juice and fresh basil. It’s wonderful for a cold winter day!

  25. Greg Carbone says:

    I love this product and would use my free Muir Glen Organics to make great organic pizzas for my family and friends! We have pizza parties and it is always a hit to let everyone make their own healthy pizza. Muir Glen tomatoes, organic flour, organic cheese, fresh veg toppings and organic, no nitrate sausage.

  26. I would make a batch of bbq sauce to see if the reserve tomatoes give it that extra push tweeted as well

  27. ratatouille

  28. Kathy Lane says:

    I would make taco soup,or macaroni and tomatoes if I won this giveaway.I have shared on FB and Twitter also.

  29. I saw on test kitchen where they did a comparison of canned tomato products..MUIR GLEN won and rightly so. I love their products for the great flavor and appreciate they use organic produce. I use their products in so many dishes, soups, on pizza (their pizza sauce is the BEST) casseroles, Truly hands down it is sincerely my favorite canned tomatoes. Pam

  30. I love to use Muir Glen for my healthy crockpot chicken tenders that turn into two meals…brothy chicken fiesta soup…and a healthy chicken fiesta salad !

  31. i would make turkey black bean chili

  32. malinda kordell says:

    I would make Garlic Crostini with Fresh Mozzarella.. because it’s.easy peasy and would taste great!

  33. Tomato with my bean soup!

  34. bonnie w. says:

    The possibilities are endless, pizza, spaghetti, chicken caccitore,etc! Yum

  35. debbie binder says:

    I use Muir Glen all of the time! Did you know their cans are BPA free? I would make chili, to warm up on these cold winter days.

  36. Always have canned tomato products on hand — definitely a pantry staple. Ragouts, blender salsas, vegetable barley soup, pizza and pasta sauces.

  37. I would make chili or a yummy salsa. I always keep canned tomatoes on hand for recipes, preferably no salt added.

  38. I would want to try the stuffed shells recipe. Chili is also a biggie right now…even my picky eater loves it!

  39. Christine Knox says:

    Would love this prize, I always try to make my own sauce. Taste is much better than the premade ones.

  40. Darby Brazoski says:

    I would use it in chilli!

  41. I would make homemade pizza sauce and pasta sauce

  42. I would make pasta and chicken parm, a favorite of us 3 here at home!!

  43. Lori Williams says:

    I would love to use their products to make homemade pizza or pasta sauce!! Thanks!

  44. anne hill says:

    i subscribe to your newsletter & like muir glen on FB

  45. anne hill says:
  46. I would use the products for stew and homemade spaghetti squash sauce! I also tweeted this giveaway with the Twitter username @Taraa2

  47. anne hill says:
  48. It would be a customized delicious pasta dish as our family loves Italian food.

  49. I would probably make either chili or tomato soup. Both sound really good on this chilly day.

  50. Skillet Tomato Chicken. My favorite family recipe.

  51. I would make homemade tomato basil vegetable soup.

  52. i would make a bolognese sauce for spaghetti

  53. Love to make a creamy tomato basil soup!

  54. I’d make my fabulous homemade marina sauce for Chicken Parmigiana.

  55. I love cooking with Muir Tomatoes! I always try to have them on hand for cooking my stews, soups, sauces and casseroles. When I can’t get fresh tomatoes I turn straight to Muir! I love making vegetable sauté with the diced tomatoes to poor over rice, quinoa, chicken or even meats – Packing in the veggies!

  56. The BLACK BEAN AND CHORIZO CHILIrecipe from Muir Glen’s website grabbed my tastebuds!

  57. pennie courtois says:

    great product.

  58. I love Muir Glen Organic and I use their tomatoes to make so many things, especially Pollo de Tinga! YUM!

  59. I would make vegan Braised lentils with tomatoes!

  60. Jennifer M. says:

    I would use the tomatoes to make homemade turkey chili.

  61. Debra Monroe says:

    I would make some homemade Chili for this cold weather

  62. Bonnie Cooper says:

    My homemade bolognese sauce would be awesome made with the Muir Glen Organic tomatoes–yummmm!

  63. Christine says:

    Its simple but so healthy tomatoes on toast with pepper and worcestershire sauce……..mmmm

  64. Pasta!!!! :)

  65. Kristin Troska says:

    I liked both Muir Glen and AFH on facebook. I love getting AFH e-mails. Muir Glen is the only tinned tomato and pizza sauce I will buy. YUM. If I win, I will make a big batch of chili to share with friends next time we all get together to play games. Thanks for the chance.

  66. matthew b says:

    i like all on F B and get emails, but i would just make my own vodka sauce. oh so awesome!

  67. I think I would use them to make goulash

  68. Melissa K says:

    I would make minestrone soup. I liked both on FB and get your newsletter. THanks!

  69. Blessie Nelson says:

    I would make a hearty tomato garlic soup :))

  70. Blessie Nelson says:
  71. Kathleen Conner says:

    Homemade spaghetti sauce!

  72. Teresa C. says:

    I would add these wonderful tomatoes to my own recipe for Italian Stew. Sausage,Cheese Fantastico dressing, garlic, diced tomatoes, fresh pepper strips, onion, cannelini beans, and elbow macaroni. Top each bowl off with fresh grated parmesan and serve with crusty french bread. I liked both pages, have already signed up for both newsletters and shared on my Facebook, Twitter #roknbop, and Pinterest under “a healthy me”.

  73. Sheila K. says:

    I would make turkey chili!

  74. Susan Hatstat says:

    I would make Chili

  75. I would make goulash

  76. I would make chicken Parmesan or homemade spaghetti with turkeys meatballs.

  77. carol yemola says:

    I would make Beef Barley Vegetable Soup!

  78. karen shaughnessy says:

    I would make stewed vegetables such as cabbage and zucchini. yum

  79. I would make a delicious chicken pasta soup!

  80. email subscriber
    I like Muir Glen Organic on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)
    I make a queso dip with the diced tomatoes

  81. Pioneer Woman’s salsa or homemade chili. Perfect for winter!

  82. BLT soup

  83. Jennifer D. says:

    chili or spaghetti

  84. I would make a penne arribiata!

    I ”Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook and I am signed up for your e-newsletter. Also, I “Like” Muir Glen on Facebook.

  85. I’d make a gluten free pizza with the organic tomatoes…yum!

  86. Would love to use them in a chunky spaghetti sauce!

  87. I’d use the tomatoes for eggplant parmesan

  88. Salsa for some, pasta sauce for the rest :)

  89. Posted Monthly Meal Plans to twitter at

  90. Megan auterson says:

    I would like to try Chicken Parmesean with homemade sauce. I “liked” on facebook,and I am an e-mail subscriber.

  91. I like to make my own spaghetti sauce & sloppy joe’s, So these would be great!

  92. I just printed out a recipe for Hungarian Goulash where one of the ingredients is a 14 0z can of diced tomatoes. I think I would use their fire roasted diced tomatoes for more flavor. I’m a subscriber and like both on you on facebook.

  93. I would make turkey chili, spaghetti, and a chicken rice bake. :)

  94. Teri Melton says:

    My husband has been begging for lasagna and stuffed shells.

  95. I would make some whole grain pasta with tomatoes! my family loves the simplicity! I am already subscribed, like you, like Muir glen, and I shared on twitter

  96. I would make soup!

  97. Sandy Smith says:

    Best canned tomatoes ever! Right about now a nice homemade chili sounds perfect.

  98. dianne clark says:

    i would make manhatten clam chowder.

  99. Pamela Van Brackle says:

    I would love to make cabbage soup. They add so much flavor to the soup as well as being extremely healthy for you.

  100. I would make Veggie Ratatouille for my awesome family.

  101. Catherine Kelleher says:

    Skinny Chicken Parmesan, boneless-skinless breasts, not breaded, sauteed with garlic, onion & mushrooms. Add in tomatoes, cook for 5-10 minutes or until cooked through & top with spinach and parmigiana reggiano. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  102. I would make my mom a delicious marinara sauce! Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. It may sound simple but my kids LOVE homemade spaghetti sauce. MMMM!

  104. Homemade minestrone is a must for my family. It’s a great way to get veggies into my kids!

  105. Stephanie says:

    Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack would be a great gift to win! I would make a gluten, egg, soy and mostly dairy free chicken parmesan! It taste like heaven. Thanks

  106. teresa harvey says:

    This time of year I love making a nice chili or stew!

  107. Jennifer F says:

    I was use them in my vegetable stew. It sounds like they would be a great addition.

  108. I would make pasta

  109. Time to make the pasta!

  110. I’d make my own marinara sauce and salsa too.

  111. Maria Edie says:

    Spaghetti sauce!

  112. mary mcmenamy says:

    veal parmesean

  113. Tracy Petitjean says:

    I would make my first ever homemade organic pizza.
    Also shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

  114. If I won a Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack I would make quinoa vegetable chili and bean salsa!

    I shared the article “Fructose Makes You Hungrier, New Study” on Twitter:

  115. Gail Cook says:

    Never tried this brand but would like to..Would use it for pizza sauce , love making my own sauce

  116. I would make the most awesome Gluten Free Tuscan Bean Soup and Chili.

  117. i would use them to make home made soups for my family

  118. I would make some Pasta and Chicken Parmesan. These would also be great for a pizza!

  119. Definitely would use it to make something delicious from one of the Hungry Girl cookbooks YUM YUM

  120. I would make a really great vegetable lasagna, spaghetti, or manicotti! I would probably also make some chickpea barley mixture with diced tomatoes.

  121. I would love to win this prize as I have a tasty family spaghetti recipe that would utilize these tomatoes perfectly.

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  122. Heather V says:

    big pot of chili!

  123. I would make a lasagna!! Thanks for the chance! Pinned and shared on FB too!

  124. Ineke Ojanen says:

    Tomato based soup such as Tomato Basil, Minestrone, etc.

  125. Jennifer A. says:

    I would make stuffed shells .(the first meal ever cooked my husband before we we married)

  126. Jennifer A. says:


  127. Rosemary Erickson says:

    I have yet to make homemade penne vodka sauce, and would love to try it with Muir Glen organic tomatoes :)

  128. Jean Godwin says:

    My good old vegetable beef soup with a loaf of homemade bread for sopping up all that good tomatoe-y broth!!!

  129. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’d make a veggie, tomato based soup

  130. Billie Pesanski says:

    I would make spaghetti loy ah lilah!

  131. Honestly I would love to make some chili. Its been so cold lately I’ve been craving it! I ”Like” Appetite for Health Facebook and I havesigned up for the e-newsletter. I also “Like” Muir Glen on Facebook and have shared via facebook, twitter @jenesparza, LinkedIn, and Google.

  132. Pure, tasty, Pasta sauce, sans-chemicals, fructose and soybean oil.

  133. Would make a tasty homemade lasagna or just plain pasta made from scratch with the tomato sauce, fresh Mozzarella and fresh Basil…yummm

  134. I’d make a batch of marinara sauce!

  135. Your products are a great additions to my chili!

  136. I would make Stuffed Shells :)

  137. It would be a tough decision, eggplant parmesan, lasagna, or a pot of sauce for spaghetti. Decisions, decisions. There are so many recipes going through my mind right now, chicken cacciatore…… the list goes on and on. :)

  138. I would make spaghetti, I always add canned tomatoes to my pasta sauce.

  139. marinara sauce

  140. I would make healthier pizza pockets because those on the market are so unhealthy and heavy on sodium! I would make whole wheat pizza dough, some fresh mozarella, and Muir tomatoes spiced into a sauce. Fold and seal into pockets and yum! Great for kids too! Cooked tomatoes with lycopene and whole wheat for grains are a perfect snack! (:

  141. I use so many tomatoes in my cooking it would be difficult to say which one; I use them in my spaghetti sauce of course, also my stew, my vegetable soup, my sausage, tomatoes and peppers, my leg of lamb, I could go on, but I won’t. Would love to win a basket of tomatoes,

  142. Casey Olmsted says:

    I would love to make a good tomato sauce to maybe go with some spaghetti squash! I love their soups so I’d love to try this basket out! Thanks!

  143. I would make my marinara sauce with them as the brand I usually use seems to have added more sodium to their tomatoes.

  144. Braised chicken with tomatoes & peppers…mmmmmmmmmm!

  145. olivia tokarz says:

    Homemade sauce! Homemade sauce is the best!

  146. michele malone says:

    I like you both on facebook. I’d definitely make a big pot of chili.

  147. Teri Melton says:

    Right now a storm front is blowing my trailer and it is forecast to snow tonight. A huge pot of chili would be perfect, and some lentil soup.

  148. A tasty Glen Muir recipe I made today with my 2 year old was homemade pizzas! We used GM tomato sauce which I doctored up with Italian herbs, pitas, green olives and mozz cheese. It is quick to make and she has so much fun creating her own pizza. They taste great too!

  149. Green beans with feta and tomatoes sounds really great! I ‘d like to try that.

  150. pizza sauce!!

  151. I would make some lasagna!

  152. I shared on facebook, twitter and pinterest

  153. Cynthia Hric says:

    I would make a pork chop recipe I originated.

  154. I would use in sauces

  155. Muir Glen tomato product Info pinned here

  156. Good morning AFH friends! Here are the five lucky winners of the MG Reserve Prize packs:

    MDKennedy, Anne H., Julieann, Joyce H., Sharon B.

    THanks for entering, and congrats to our winners! Winners, look for an email direct from me and please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Check your spam folder just in case, too).

    Didn’t win? How about entering our La Tortilla Factory giveaway going on today–last day for that one!

  157. So thankful for choosing me for this lovely gift! THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU, Muri Glen a great way to start any meal!

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