Clean Eating for Busy Families Cookbook Giveaway

Clean Eating for Busy FamiliesOne of our favorite colleagues, Michelle Dudash, RD, is a Cordon-Bleu-certified chef as well as a dietitian. We’re thrilled to feature her new cookbook, Clean Eating for Busy Families as a giveaway today.

Busy families who strive to eat clean but don’t want to spend tons of time planning now have a simple guide to help them put nutritious and delicious food on the dinner table. Win one of five copies of Clean Eating for Busy Families (a $20 value) in our Weekend Cookbook Giveaway.

Dudash explains the basic concept of the book this way: “…eating whole, minimally processed foods made with natural ingredients that are good for your body and good for the planet.” She gives guidelines for purchasing these ingredients at mainstream stores and tips to help you “go green” and “go clean” sprinkled throughout the book. It’s a very practical book with recipes that families will enjoy—and most of her recipes take only 30 minutes or less to prep. This book is centered on dinner, which is what most people want help with when it comes to cooking.

For those of you who like to see photos of the recipes (and who doesn’t?), you’ll be pleased to know that many of the recipes have full-page photos alongside. I happen to love the way that so many veggies are worked into the recipes. That’s a smart strategy that goes a long way toward saving time, improving nutritional content, and cutting down on dishes to wash! In general, filling out a recipe with more veggies is a good thing, and Dudash uses some creative and delicious ways to make that happen.

Want to try and win a copy of this great, new book (a $20 value) for your family? We’ve got five copies reserved for our Appetite for Health readers!Michelle Dudash

Here’s how to enter to win one of five copies of Clean Eating for Busy Families, by Michelle Dudash, RD:  

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  1. by eating fresh fruits,vegies…less cooking..less processed

  2. Eating organic, natural, and vegetarian

  3. Pack my lunch and the kids the night before and not buying foods I don’t want in the house. More homemade veg soups, smoothies etc. Fruits and vegs with meals, organic if able.

  4. Darby Brazoski says:

    I try to eat more local foods, and buy tons of fruits and veggies!

  5. Make a big pot of begatable soup that lasts for days. I keep it out so that when I am looking for asomething to nosh on it is right there and ready to go.

  6. alison harvey says:

    I like to wash and prepare all our veggies so you can just go to the fridge and have a quick healthty snack … also sneaking veggies into meals is a great way to get them to eat healthier without knowing it :)

  7. Julie Erickson says:

    green smoothies

  8. I am trying to eat more fruit smoothies every week, so far so good!

  9. Eating real foods. No processed snacks like granola bars. Eating fruits and nuts for snacks instead.

  10. We try to drink more water, not soda or other drinks.

  11. Prepping my veggies and meal ideas over the weekend helps me eat clean and make clean meals for my family!
    I love healthy cookbooks and this sounds like one that I would be using on my everyday cooking!

  12. Eating fiber veggies and fruit daily. I am sending over a friend.

  13. Eating salads, steamed vegetables and grilled vegetables each week. New friend entry.

  14. Jonathan Buffington says:

    I eat cleaner by eating fresh and simple; seasoned baked potato cubes, steamed veggies, and fresh fruit. This cookbook would be awesome for me to get new ideas on quick, clean, and fresh meals.

  15. I changed all my bad habits and replaced bad food like sweets, fast food, bread (only eat wheat bread) and now I eat more vegetables, protein and dairy!

  16. I’ve been making my own green smoothies & try to cook dinner from scratch more often.

  17. Kim Heater says:

    I eat cleaner by trying to shop mostly on the outer edges of the grocery store and purchasing more simple foods.

  18. What a great site! John B. referred me here, glad he did! I am working on drinking green smoothies every day, they are so simple to make and really taste good!

  19. I try to eat fresh foods rather than processed. I will send a friend your way!

  20. Raphaela R says:

    Eating fresh, least amount of preservatives, read the label, no more than 3 ingredients

  21. Diane Sax says:

    Would be nice

  22. Don’t buy processed foods and grow my own vegetables organically and freeze for out of season eating.

  23. amie pepper says:

    I try to feed the Kids as much fresh fruits and veggies as Possible when i can get it.

    Would love some new Ideas on how to feed a busy family of 6

  24. natasha mehta says:


  25. I have been making green smoothies and avoiding (trying to eliminate all together) dairy, wheat and sugar.

    Amie Pepper from Coupon’n Canadians sent me here.

  26. Carol Belanger says:

    Roseanne M. Shannon sent me . . . I have begun reducing the amount of packaged foods that I buy, and try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables each day.

  27. Roseanne Shannon sent me!

  28. We threw out all of the refined sugars and processed foods a few months ago. We snack on nuts & veggies instead of junk. Biggest “clean” help: I use chocolate stevia drops instead of Nesquik for the kids :)

  29. Sheryl Law says:

    Making smoothies from the Vitamix website. Hannah F sent me

  30. Favourite way is reduction in fats and salts… more food made from scratch and out of home grown veggies.

  31. Oooo and Amie Pepper sent me 😀 (posted above as Nicole)

  32. I now grind my own whole grain flour fresh…

  33. By eating healthier – I always include at least one fruit and one vegetable at lunch and dinner and always fruit with breakfast. I a posting this on FB and hope one of my fb friends comments that she saw my entry

  34. I don’t let any processed foods into my house! Not seen, not eaten :)
    And I always have half of the plates as vegetables for lunch and supper !

  35. Natasha Azrak sent me ! Great site !

  36. By eating a salad with a variety of greens, veggies, and legumes everyday! Incorporating smoothies with fruits and veggies as well : )

  37. says:

    Natasha Azrak sent me here!!!

  38. I am trying to eat cleaner by not eating any processed foods
    I get your newsletter and I follow you on Facebook (Carolsue Anderson)
    I also referred Jennifer Keefer to your Facebook Page and she is now following you
    (I will have her leave a post also)

  39. Jennifer Keefer says:

    Carolsue Anderson sent me to your FB page and I joined your following – Jennifer Keefer

  40. This book would be so awesome as my family and I are taking a healthier approach to eating! I am most excited to see how I could incorporate my seve year ols son’s food tastes into eating cleaner!

  41. Good morning my AFH friends!
    Here are the five lucky winners of our friends’ new cookbook, “Clean Eating for Healthy Families”:

    Roseanne S., Amie P., Carol B., Rose L., and Natasha A.
    Congrats to our winners! Check your emails (and spam folder) for an email from me with instructions on how to claim your prize. Please respond within 48 hours.

    If you didn’t win today, try, try again–we’ve got great tea to give away this weekend!

  42. Roseanne Shannon says:

    I checked my email and the spam folder but there is no message yet. Will check again later.

  43. Carol Belanger says:

    Thank you so much!
    I responded to your email as instructed. I look forward to trying some of your healthy recipes!

  44. I got my email… thank you SO very much…. I am SO excited!!!

  45. amie pepper says:

    THANK YOU so much!!

    I can’t wait

  46. “Eat Real foods!” Skip the processed food! DRINK WATER! And more water…dump the sodas. The only bread I eat now is Dave’s Killer! Add brown rice, chicken, fish and lots of vegggies! Sweet potatoes are the ‘wonder’ food. I don’t really like them so I buy the fries and bake them really , really crispy!

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