Turn Off Food TV to Turn On Weight Loss

food tvA new study found that losing weight and controlling hunger may be this simple: Turn Off Food TV to Turn on Weight Loss

I just wrote about this interesting new study for Shape.com  that was the first to show that simply watching the Food Network programming increased viewers’ cravings for the foods being featured in the program.  Since most shows don’t do big features on fruits and veggies, watching too much food tv can have a negative impact on your diet.

Experts have long tried to better understand how TV watching is linked to being overweight and obesity, and it’s well known that food ads make us want those items being marketed, but this is the first study to show that your cooking show may up your calories too.

Here’s an except of the article with a link to read more:

If you watch more shows like The Rachael Ray Show, Cake Boss, or Iron Chef as opposed to Homeland or Modern Family, chances are you’re eating more too. And if Rach makes a cheesy pasta dish that looks yum-o to you, don’t be surprised if you crave Italian, a new study says.

Researchers at William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY, showed adults a 10-minute clip from either Planet Earth or Food Network. After watching the clip, participants had another 10 minutes to sample chocolate covered candies, cheese curls, and carrots.

Turns out those shown the cooking program ate about 40 more calories of candy than the animal watchers ate, while there was no difference between how much cheese curls or carrots the two groups ate. Since the Food Network segment featured sweet tarts, the study authors suggest that food shows prime the brain to desire the types of foods portrayed in the program.

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