How to Make Resolutions a Reality

diet successIf you’ve decided to commit to losing weight and improving your health this year, to get you on the right track, I compiled the top five ways to to help you slim down and tone up.

These tips will instantly upgrade your diet help help your diet resolutions become a reality. They’re 100% gimmick- and fad-free and designed to help you transform your bad habits into healthier ones.

Lick Added Sugars Once and for All

I’m convinced that the worst diet wreckers in the typical US diet are sweeteners used in all kinds of foods and beverages. Added sugars provide no nutritional value (other than energy) and cause a rapid risk in blood sugar levels and trigger hunger and cravings for more food shortly after eating. They can create a vicious cycle that can derail even a dietitian’s diet. (I know first-hand!) Use my 5-step approach to lick sugar once and for all to get you off the sweet stuff–starting now!

Incorporate HIIT Into Your Exercise Routine

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is the best way to torch calories in a short amount of time. It also helps to boost your metabolism so you burn additional calories all day, something walking or other low-intensity exercise doesn’t provide.  Check this out for several HIIT workouts you can do anywhere.

Sleep More to Lose More

If it means you need to learn to say “no” to extra projects and learn how to relax a bit more, making a goal of trying to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to peel off pounds. Reams of research now show how losing zzzs make you gain inches.

Think Quality and Quantity

Everyone knows that eating well means lots of fruits and veggies; lean proteins and whole grains and limiting low-quality choices like sweets, desserts, chips and fried foods. But eating healthy foods won’t always equal pounds lost if your portion sizes are ginormous.  Use these tools to get a handle on what’s a perfect portion.

Get Expert Advice

As one of our new offerings for 2013, we’re offering our fans more ways to obtain nutrition and diet advice from us.  One of our best tools for losing lbs is our monthly meal plans for weight loss as well as our Facebook page and on Twitter.  Email us questions and concerns as we’re here for you.


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