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RunPhones graphicTired of trying to keep your earphones in and your ears warm while exercising in cold weather? Us too. Problem solved—Win RunPhones today!

At the request of customers, the company that originally made SleepPhones created RunPhones. Check out these RunPhones—five readers will win them (a $40 value)!

RunPhones are made of either machine washable/dryable fleece (for the winter ones) or mesh (for the summer ones) and feature removable, padded speakers that are adjustable and allow you to hear your music and not worry about the earphones falling out during your workout.

The headband keeps the hair out of your eyes and keeps your ears warm, too! RunPhones work with iPhones and iPods, as well as many other models of mp3 players and phones. You just plug your own device into the jack and off you go. RunPhones are made in the USA, and are available in multiple sizes, though most people do fine with just a “fits most” size.You gotta love something that solves more than one problem at once!RunPhones

Want to win a RunPhones performance earphone headband for yourself? Enter our contest!

We’ve got five black, winter RunPhones headbands (in “fits most” size) to share with our readers!

Here’s how to enter to win RunPhones today:

First  “Like Appetite for Health on Facebook” AND “Like” RunPhones on Facebook, too. Then, tell us in the comment section below this post (not on our Facebook site) why you like exercising outside in the winter. Enter by Tuesday, Dec. 25th at midnight. 

If you share some AFH nutrition or fitness articles on your social media, be sure to tell us where (we’ll give you “extra credit” in the giveaway). 

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  1. Airess says

    I like exercising outside during the colder months because it smells like “winter” and it seems like the air has a fresh clean smell to it which makes it easier to breathe in.

  2. leda says

    Especially in the winter I like to get outside into the fresh air and sunshine – Yay! sunshine! – for some exercise. I’m not too bothered by the cold. If you dress appropriately, it’s not uncomfortable at all. And the scenery is really pretty, too.

  3. shelley says

    i LOVE exercising outdoors in winter . snow, wild birds and squirrels and hardly any other people around sheer bliss!

  4. Katie M says

    I love to run, and during the winter, my options are the treadmill or running outdoors. Since the treadmill numbs my mind, I choose running outside unless conditions are blizzard-like. There is something so amazing about being one of the few hardy souls outside on a cold day, and it is a great time to think.

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  5. Joan says

    I like walking in the winter and cold weather, it is sometimes the only time I get to get out of the house. It makes me feel refreshed and renewed.

  6. angela says

    I think the crisp, cool air is invigorating and so does my dog, Magic. In this type of weather, he sits down in the middle of the road to fight going back in after a jog. If I didn’t have to worry about my headphones falling all over the place and holding his leash at the same time, I could not only get in extra steps for me, but humor the dog and give him an extra, quick lap around the neighborhood.

  7. says

    Fitness is important in our family, and regardless of weather, I still need to get out and check the mail or pick up a few things, or simply go for a run. I hate having to get in the ar to do this when it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the shop. These would be perfect where we live in the South West of WA.

  8. says

    I love working outdoors in the winter because the air is so fresh and crisp. I feel like I can truly breathe and I love the wide open space.

  9. Lori Williams says

    Excercising outside in Florida winter weather is perfect! It’s more like fall up north, and is so much nicer than summer excersing in Florida. Love it!

  10. sharon says

    A wonderful clear blue sky, sunshine and running in the foothills clears my mind and makes life perfect.

  11. jennifer woosley says

    I like to exercise out side in the winter because it really wakes you up and it takes a little bit for you to start to I feel like I can handle just alittle bit more

  12. says

    Fresh air is the best. I would much rather walk outside than get on the tread mill in the basement. There is just something about the fresh air that opens up both your lungs and your head.

  13. Marge Bowman says

    My daughter is training for her very first 5K! I’d love to give these to her for her birthday in January! Thank you!

  14. Katie Teixeira says

    Both Liked on Facebook! I love working out in the winter because winter means fat-laden holiday food, and I need to keep off the pounds some way!

  15. Carolyn Pearce says

    I have a small head although some would argue the point and my other brand running headphones fall off and have to be held in place with my headband. These would take care of the frustration when I forget one or the other.

  16. Shari W says

    Being outside is the *best* kind of workout! A good, natural dose of Vitamin D & a heart pumping workout – yay! But in Iowa, it gets COLD baby! Anything to keep the head warm & the tunes flowing is a good thing!

  17. Melissa K says

    I like to exercise outdoors in the winter since I live in Northern MN, so the winter is too long to hide from it. I liked both on FB and pinned a fitness article on pintrest. Thanks!

  18. stacy conchas says

    I like to run outside in the cooler weather. yes, its cold at first but once I get going I warm up right away and usually don’t get hot or have to worry about heat exhustion

  19. Kerra says

    Running outside during the winter months is refreshing for both body and mind. It rejuventates the spirit and awakes ths soul!

  20. Maggie C says

    These are great! I have a hard time with my ears getting cold in the summer months, and I don’t like many of my headphones. What a great product! Exercising outside in the winter is hard for me but I notice that it feels so invigorating to get out in the light – that’s why I try to get out there!

  21. sandyY says

    fingers crossed this is what I need- I run everyday outside even in snow- and hate the bud falling out my ear- I love running in the fresh air- the colors, and its my time alone with God and sometimes with Gods best friends my dogs — great therapy and beautiful watching the sunrise

  22. a marie hj saver says

    I love the smells–there is something great about the crisp cold air and faint whiff of fireplace smoke that gets me happy.

  23. Linda Oliver says

    I so need one if these! I have been jogging twice a day these past few days trying to balance these holiday calories despite the fact that it is cold outside and the gym is closed! Running outside is more convenient and more fun than jogging on a boring treadmill any day!!! (Posted on FB for my friends to check out the headband!)

  24. Teresa C. says

    I love exercising in the winter because I need a reason to get my heart rate up. I don’t have a gym membership or anyplace I can exercise indoors so I have no choice. I love the scenery of running, finding new trails and meeting new workout buddies. I would get a bunch of use out of these. Liked both pages, shared on Facebook, Twitter #roknbop, and repinned to my Pinterest under a healthy me. Happy Holidays AFH and Runphones!

  25. ria says

    I love fresh air but exercising when it’s cold outside is not my fave but maybe these runphones will motivate me!

  26. says

    Hey Everyone!
    Here are the five lucky winners of the RunPhones Headphones:

    Kelly, Airessct, Athena R, Ria, and Angela!!!!

    The five of you will receive an email direct from me today with instructions on how to claim your prize. Pls check your spam folder in case the email gets stuck there (it happens)! I need to hear back from you pretty quickly.

    Everyone else, be sure to enter our Williamette Granola Giveaway!

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