Win Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave InspireIf you’re a runner, today’s your day, because you have a chance to win Mizuno running shoes.

I must have had at least a zillion pairs of sneakers in my life. (Ok, I do exaggerate a bit…but realistically, I’ve worn well over a thousand.)  As a sports fanatic that combines road running, trail running, multisport events and CrossFit, I’ve worn a  lot of athletic shoes.

As a bit of a sneaker snob, I’m thrilled to have the  opportunity to give away one of my favorite brands of running shoes—Mizuno—for the holidays and to help you gear up for the new year.  We have five pairs of the award-winning Mizuno Wave Rider 16 or Wave Inspire 9 shoes to give away.

Mizuno isn’t the flashiest footwear company and they don’t spend millions on advertising. They just make great footwear and rely more on word of mouth marketing. I always say it’s a shoe for real runners or real athletes not posers. I also like that on their website, they have a “Precision Fit” tool that guides to the perfect shoe for your feet.

Wave Inspire 9

Wave InspireIf you want a shoe that offers a “neutral” fit, this is one of the best.  It balances lightweight feel, sculpted fit and exquisitely smooth ride. By maximizing the responsive action of Mizuno’s innovative Wave plate technology, the Wave Rider continues to define and create the brilliant run experience. The SRP for Inspire 9 is $115.00.

Wave Rider 16

This shoe is for those who need support but also want flexibility. The Wave Inspire’s glove-like fit makes it seem to disappear from your foot to create a MIzuno Wave Riderlight-as-air ride all while providing the critical stability and protection you need for miles of brilliant running. The SRP of the Wave Rider 16 is $115.00.

How to Enter

To enter, be sure to “Like” Mizuno Running on Facebook and be sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Extra credit is always given for those who tweet one of your favorite nutrition posts from our site or share it on your Facebook wall.  Leave a comment below if you’ve done that!

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  1. Todd Bliss says:

    I would like to win if they are men’s sizes too

  2. i will definatelly love to try them!!
    I have worn of all major giants but nothing lasts longer and maier times not good or my feet…
    Excited to try Mizuno…new never heard of….if it best fits in….
    I have my family in line to buy them!!

  3. I like Mizuno on facebook and follow App for Heath on facebook and twitter @tweetyscute

  4. Liked Mizuno on facebook and follow App for Heath on facebook and following on twitter @kb1285! I would love to try Mizuno! They look really comfortable!

  5. Kristin Troska says:

    I like Mizuno and AFH on facebook. Would love to try a pair of fancy dancy Mizuno shoes. Thanks for the chance. Happy Holidays.

  6. Wanting to get back into running again, and these would help tremendously!

  7. Winning sneaks?!?! So cool! The colors are awesome!!

  8. I desperately need a new pair of runners! I am a newsletter subscriber, “Like” you and Mizumo on FB and follow you on Twitter. I tweeted this giveaway at

  9. liked them on FB great looking sneakers!!

  10. the wave 16 are the best out there and love them on FB. mine a worn out. tweeted

  11. I want these!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow what a wonderful AFH Christmas present! I am in need of some new running shoes being my current pair is quite worn thin after five years – there’s no support or traction left! So a new pair is on my wishlist! I like AFH and Mizuno on Facebook and I am following on Twitter via @serene_streams. Also a loyal reader and email subscriber and shared on Facebook and Twitter too! Merry merry and thank you all so very much for the opportunity!

  13. Yes plz entered

  14. joanne gentry says:

    Ohh boy do I need a new pair of shoes and these look awesome! I love the look of the Wave Rider 16 and love that they give support but are still flexible. What an awesome addition to my running routine this would be. Thanks for the chance to win AppetiteforHealth and Mizuno!

    Following Appetite for Health on Facebook joanne gentry!
    Following Mizuno Running on Facebook
    Following AppetiteforHealth on Twitter @ jojlem
    Subscribe to

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  15. Rosemary Erickson says:

    I would looooove to win these 😉

  16. I liked them on facebook and would love to win!

  17. Evelyn Goettner says:

    I like Mizuno running on facebook. I also follow you on facebook and twitter and subscribe to your newsletter and shared :)

  18. I’d love to try MIzunos. I’ve only run in Asics, and I’ve been thinking about trying something new.

  19. Vanessa Madrigal says:

    I liked and followed. I’d love to win these! =]

  20. This is the best giveaway I have EVER seen you gals do! First of all, I LOVE Mizuno!! I have a pair of the women’s Wave Precision 13’s that I’ve been using and they are fantastic. Kinda cool that you are giving away a pair of the Wave Rider 16’s because those were the ones that I have been eyeing for a few months. Winning a pair of these would mean everything to me, as I’ve decided to train for my first half marathon, which is in May, 2013 and ideally I would love to have a pair of Wave Rider 16’s help me make the 13.1 mile trek! I’ve liked Mizuno on Facebook for a long time and also follow you on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to your newsletter. PLEASE pick me for this, as it would truly mean the world to me and I would genuinely appreciate the shoes and put them to a lot of good use. Thanks!!!

  21. Love Mizunos! Fit like a glove.

  22. I would <3 a pair of Wave Riders! I'm on about my 20th pair of these running shoes – they are all I wear and I need a new pair to get ready for a 50-miler! — I'm a fan of y'all and Mizuno on FB, am signed up for newsletters, and am sharing/tweeting this contest!

  23. I would love a pair of these… I know that heads would turn.. so awesome. Would love to win, Liked and shared and tweeted!!

  24. love the brand – did not know they made running shoes and i run…….

  25. Nice looking shoesThese would be nice to try. I tweeted & shared. Thank you!!!

  26. Liked mizuno on FB – jo r skidmore

  27. Vickie Alford says:

    I lke Appetite for Health on Facebook

  28. Vickie Alford says:

    I like Mizuno Running on Facebook

  29. I like appetite for health on FB – jo r skidmore

  30. Vickie Alford says:
  31. I follow appetite for health on twitter – jskidmoreca

  32. Vickie Alford says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook

  33. I subscribe to appetite for health newsletter

  34. Exciting giveaway – I am running in Mizunos now after a long hiatus and love the cushioning!

  35. I got my wife to sign up for a marathon in May so we can mark it off the bucket list while we are still somewhat young. Our training schedule starts up in January so these would really come in handy. I like Mizuno on Facebook and Twitter, follow your Facebook and Twitter pages, and get your email updates to I shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and StumbleUpon! Thanks for the chance!

  36. melinda singer says:

    Following both on FB and receive newsletter.

  37. Darby Brazoski says:

    Followed both Facebook pages and on Twitter-I would love to win!

  38. I “liked” Mizuno and am following Appetite For Health on both Twiiter and Facebook.

  39. Paul Osborn says:

    Glad I found your site!

  40. Wow…what a give-a-way! Thank you, Julie & Katherine, for doing this…you girls are AWESOME! I’m so enjoying the website & I’ve recommended appetite4health to my Twitter & FB friends. I love Mizuno – great brand! I’ll begin training in January for my first marathon in May – so excited! I run in Mizunos now & want to run in them during the marathon. (If chosen to win these) I’d definitely put them to good use…

    But thanks again for all the info you give & for what you give away – keep up the great work – awesome!!!

  41. I would love to try these shoes!

  42. Angel Bowman says:

    Really in need of some new running shoes. A friend who run marathons recently told me about this and I started doing research. I would love to get a pair in a wide width to do some comfy running! I liked on FB and already had Appetite for health liked on FB and following on Twitter. Thanks!

  43. Sandi Landwehr says:

    I LOVE MIzuno shoes!! They were recommended to me by my podiatrist to help with my heel spur and plantar fascitis, and they are wonderful. would love to win a new pair!!

  44. i LOVE Mizuno!! They have improved my running tremendously!! and i could really use a new pair 😉 I am following both on FB & Twitter. Thanks for the chance!

  45. kimber michelle says:

    Thanks for the chance liked both and follow u on twitter

  46. Megan George says:

    Out of all the giveaways you have done this is the one that I would really like to win!!!! I have wanted to buy a pair of these but since my money has to go to school books running shoes have been put on the back burner!!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  47. Lyndi Malarchuk says:

    I like Mizuno Running on FB
    I like Appetite for Health on FB
    I follow @appetite4health on Twitter (@LyndiM)
    I follow @mizunorunning on Twitter (@LyndiM)
    I tweeted about the giveaway (
    I liked the giveaway on FB
    I will continue liking and tweeting to accumulate as many entries as I possibly can!!

    I NEEEEEED new running shoes!!! I have just finished physical therapy for a back/knee issue and I need to ease myself back into running. I am a “late” beginner, having just started running at the age of 34. I was doing very well, running about 4-5mi/day and walking another 4-5mi. Then I was sidelined by an old, recurring knee issue. Not sure if the knee screwed up the back or the back exacerbated the knee, but either way, it resulted in months of inactivity and pain and the gaining back of about 40lbs. I’ve dropped 27 of it, but if I want to get rid of the last 13lbs, I need to get back to exercising regularly (preferably without pain!!). A new pair of running shoes would go a long way to making that happen!

    Thanks! Great giveaway!!

  48. I liked both, followed on twitter and love the shoes!

  49. What a wonderful giveaway. I walk daily and will start running soon. I liked facebook for Mizuno and appetite for Health.

  50. I would LOVE a shot at winning these Mizuno running shoes. I’ve been on a fitness kick for the last few years that has allowed me to lose 105 pounds, and I am trying to teach myself to run. I have a cheaper pair of running shoes that just don’t seem to do the trick. I’d like to try these.

  51. Dana Montgomery says:

    The Inspire, Wave Rider, Elixer, Creation…Needless to say, as a runner, I LOVE Mizuno shoes. I get more milage from them, that I do with any other shoe.

  52. I “liked” and follow both of you – plus shared on my LeafyNotBeefy FB page and tweeted! Thanks!

  53. We are too!

  54. walk my trails on the property, in the National Forest, or on top of the retaining wall around the lake every day, at least 2 miles, would love a new pair of shoes. Mine are getting worn out for sure. Sharing on FB and will tweet about this.

  55. I am desperate need for new shoes!

  56. jessie goltz says:

    I would love a new pair of running shoes. My old ones are getting too worn out.

  57. I would like to win these shoes so I could give them to my sister! She is a runner and I am sure she would really enjoy a new pair of running sneakers!

  58. Lyndi Malarchuk says:

    Oh, and Pinterest… I forgot about Pinterest.

    I pinned on Pinterest (
    I follow Appetite for Health on Pinterest (

  59. I would love to win some new shoes. I have been wearing the same pair of running shoes for the past 3 years and they are breaking down. I have also shared this on my Facebook wall as well as on the Banks of the Brazos Adventure Race Facebook page.

  60. I’ve liked Mizuno and Appetite for Health. I’m running a 3rd 1/2 marathon in 2013. Would love to try this brand!

  61. Heather Vongsavanh says:

    Like both you and Mizuno. I have shared on FB.

  62. Terri David says:

    I did all you asked, liked AFH and Mizuno. Posted on FB and tweeted @meatkills.

  63. Liked you both, following and shared :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Joshua Ramish says:

    followed both pages thanks for the great giveaway.

  65. I would love to win these shoes!I need a pair real bad!I liked Mizuno on Facebook and have shared and Tweeted this giveaway too!

  66. lisa mcfarland says:

    would love to win – liked both on facebook and follow on twitter

  67. debbie binder says:

    Liked you both, followed and shared.

  68. debbie binder says:
  69. I already have Mizuno Running & MIzuno Running North America liked on FB.

  70. I go through shoes like my kids go through candy! I’d love these :)

    I shared on FB.

  71. I also follow you on Twitter. @CVermule

  72. I want to be a sneaker snob too! Great shoes! Shared with my friends and liked too! :)

  73. I have also posted to Twitter your article on cranberries. It’s funny that you guys posted it because the day before my kids each came home with a bag of cranberries from school as a holiday “gift.”

  74. gina welborn says:

    I’m 56 years old and I run 6.5 miles Monday thru Friday and I could really put a pair of these to work!LOL! Thanks, and yes I liked on FB.. 😉

  75. new RD follower here and what perfect timing to start! Mizuno is my favorite brand of running shoes! Liked, followed, and shared :) Love your site, ladies!

  76. Thanks for this giveaway. I need new shoes! Ready to get this weight off for good this time!

  77. ladyboarder9669 says:

    i like and follow :) – cindy batchelor, @ladyboarder9669

    These shoes look fab!! would love to try them out on my next run!

  78. Would love to win these as I’m in a running club and run every week . Thanks.

  79. stacy gordon says:

    Shared on FB and tweeted! I would love to win a pair of these. I am training for my first 1/2 marathon!

  80. candice williamson says:

    I love these shoes i liked them on fb too

  81. Jessica Bratrude says:

    Retweeted your post on slimming snacks! Always great ideas!

  82. I would love to win some Mizuno running shoes! Liked both on Mizuno and AFH on facebook! Thanks for your awesome posts and giveaways.

  83. Retweet and followed on Facebook and Twitter..I sure could use some new running shoes

  84. I’d love to try these shoes! Liked ya and shared ya on Facebook.

  85. Robbie Melville says:

    I would love to try these shoes.

  86. Follow your fb, twitter, and not Mizuno on fb as well!

  87. Please pick me! I don’t have any. And need to prioritize other expenses like health insurance. But would like a pair of good running shoes :)

  88. Like Mizuno and AFH on FB. Follow AFH on Twitter – and I tweeted about the contest. :-) And of course, email subscriber.

  89. I like AFH on facebook and follow you on twitter. I also like Mizuno on facebook and follow on twitter. I shared your raspberry ketones article on my facebook page! Great story!

    Also, after trying many types of running shoes, Mizuno is the only brand I trust and I really need a new pair! They are the best!

  90. I ‘like’ Mizuno on facebook.

  91. I follow AFH on Twitter & facebook.

  92. Eliza Klinger says:

    Oh I have had my eye on those Mizunos Wave Rider 16 for some time now as I searching for perfect running shoe to run my marathon. What a fabulous giveaway!
    I like Mizuno Running and AFH on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger.
    I follow AFH on twitter: username Chadley4ever
    I tweeted this giveaway

  93. Lori Williams says:

    I like you and mizuno on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter. Thanks!

  94. I can honestly say that I have heard of the brand but never tried them. This year I have taken that step (or run) into getting myself back into my running form. I have started with the couch to 5k program and very proud to say that I have done 2 5k’s this year (one being a partial spartan run). I already have runs scheduled for next year.

    I never realized how important shoes are when it comes to running. I thought I could just go out and buy a pair of shoes and off I go. I was so wrong. Shoes are so important and I found out the hard way by feeling aches and pains as I ran. Fortunately, I now can say that I run farther, with no pain and looking forward to taking on this next year full steam ahead!!

    I would love to try this brand as it could be my new favorite!! :)

  95. Lucia Alzag says:

    I am an avid runner and I’d like to have a pair of lightweight stability shoes.

  96. I already meet the requirements. I would love to win these shoes as running is on my list of things to start, and I’m clueless as to what shoes to get. I’m off to share some health posts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. today i want to thank you! i started searching articles just to post, but found some great reads! i posted the motivational quotes, the article on sleep and the one on intuitive eating. thanks for encouraging me to read up!!

  98. While these are called running shoes, I will actually be using them for serious WALKING!

  99. sarah shult says:

    I like Mizuno & you on FB as Edward Shult
    Follow you on twitter @3gals3guys

  100. sarah shult says:
  101. Would these make running easier to do?

  102. Like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. Like Mizuno Running on Facebook. Shared giveaway on Facebook.

  103. Me and my tootsies would love some new Mizunos! I like Mizunos FB page.

  104. Jonathan Buffington says:

    Soon after beginning to run I realized just throwing on a pair of shoes and “hitting it” does not bode well for a successful run, after my first run I b-lined it to the shoe store. Runnig doesn’t have to hurt, but I like many others tend to learn the hard way that if you are going to run….please get some good shoes first! These shoes are awesome, would love a pair AFH.

  105. I shared Dont Ditch These Five Foods post

  106. I walk/run several miles a day…these would be great!

  107. I’m always on my feet, I would love to try these, thanks for introducing the brand to me!

    Liked Mizuno on FB, following you on twitter, also subscribed.

  108. Sharon Norris says:

    I sooooooooooooo liked them on facebook!

  109. new runners definitely needed!… thanks for the chance!… :)

  110. Very cool! I like Mizuno Running and Appetite for Health on Facebook, and I also follow you guys on Twitter.

  111. Done. Would love to win. Can’t tell you how old my workout shoes are. LOL! Thanks :-)

  112. Awesome! Liked and reposted to Facebook! Thanks! Love Mizuno’s. One of the best running shoes i’ve had!

  113. I’d love to have a pair of Mizunos.

  114. I follow both on FB and twitter

    I would love these for my daughter, she loves to run and goes through running shoes every couple of months. She is a college student so funds are tight.

  115. I would LOVE to try Mizuno running shoes! I run 5-8 miles each morning, and wear through more shoes than I can afford:) I tweeted my favorite nutrition tip from the site, as well…a little extra credit never hurt!

  116. I need a new pair of running shoes.

  117. Hi AFH Ladies! I consider myself an athletic shoe snob too! I’ve tried LOTS of brands and am always looking for a shoe that works for my feet and activity whether its running with the pup, strength training or hiking. I like you on FB, twitter (@amylynnbee22) and of course I subscribe! I shared this nutritional post on twitter
    and this one on FB
    Thanks for the Mizuno giveaway! Those Wave Inspire have my name on it! :)

  118. I would live to win these!! Liked everyone on fb, tweet and shared on fb page as well as Pinterest.

  119. I shared the raspberry keytones and rehab sugar cookies on fb and pined them on Pinterest. The cookies are fabulous. Dr oz drives me nuts!!!!

  120. I am desperately in need of new running shoes. I would love to give Mizuno a spin as I prepare to run my first half in 2013!

  121. Diane Humphrey says:

    Liked your page and Mizuno on facebook and following on twitter. Would love to win these for my daughter who runs XC. Mizuno are her favorites and she goes through shoes pretty quickly so could always need another pair!

  122. done!! all of em

  123. WOW! What an awesome giveaway. I like Mizuno on FB and follow on Twitter, I also like AFH on FB and follow on Twitter. I shared on my FB page and re-pinned to my pinterest under “a healthy me”. I tweeted on my twitter under roknbop!

  124. Also retweeted your articles about Juicing and sweets!!]

  125. I would love to have a pair of Mizunos. I have been checking them out for awhile and think they would be so comfortable and make my feet happy.

  126. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try a pair of the Mizunos!!! My sister absoutley loves hers, and I recently got back into crossfit and running and am trying to find shoes that won’t kill my feet. I am overweight and have tried Asics and now onto Brooks, however I am still having pain in my feet. I went to the Mizuno website to read up on these shoes to see if they would be a good fit for me. I was encouraged to read that “When your foot touches the ground, Wave actually reduces and redirects impact forces away from your foot. Wave acts much like your car’s suspension.” I also took the Precision Fit test to see if there was a shoe that would be good for me. (Surprised to see that the pinky is involved in this test). I would love to try these shoes out to help me with getting back into shape.

    I liked and shared a post.

  127. Jennifer S. says:

    I’m a fan of yours and Mizuno Running Shoes on Facebook. I’m not on twitter. These are really nice shoes. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  128. Tiffani Leavitt says:

    I would love a pair of Mizunos. I need a good, nuetral running shoe. I share your articles all of the time. Love your newsletter! Thanks!

  129. Shannon Michelle says:

    Wow! I’m due with my third child in two weeks, so I KNOW how challenging it is to get back into running. These new Mizunos would be so great! I’m a fan on FB and follow on twitter! (@channynn).

  130. I definitely LIKE these shoes.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. I like Mizuno on Facebook and follow App for Heath on Facebook and twitter as @textiff
    I love how the Wave Rider 16 looks.
    I normally share but in honor of the tragedy I am not tweeting or sharing right now. I do tweet, like, share Appetite for health contest often.

  132. Cynthia Hric says:

    Love the colors on these!

  133. Did facebook and twitter and made sure to get the newsletter. So I met all requirements. Theese look cool, still new to running and always looking to try new things.

  134. Liked Mizuno Running on FB (Calshondra Williams)

  135. Following Appetite for Health on FB (Calshondra Williams)
    Following you on Twitter- @shonwms

  136. Subscribe to Appetite for Health Newsletter via e-mail.

  137. sure would like them

  138. Shared on FB about raspberry ketones and tweet this contest. Thank you

  139. Rebecca Zoeller says:

    Oh my word, how have I never heard of this company before, love these sneaks!

  140. i like and follow the pages

  141. I like Appetite For Health and Mizuno Running Shoes on Facebook.

  142. melisa reid says:

    would love to win pls i need this

  143. jennifer woosley says:

    like, shared on both social networks!

  144. Love them (even at my age) :-)

  145. these look like great running shoes – I need a new pair – liked & shared

  146. These running shoes are awesome! I’m a fan of you on Facebook and I became a fan of Mizuno on Facebook as well. I shared your post, “Best Diet and Fitness Quotes to Keep You on Track” on my Facebook wall.

  147. Mizuno is great for my bad knees, helps provide stability while working out!

  148. Lisa Jones says:

    Love Mizunos! Would love to win a pair!
    I liked Mizuno on fb, follow you on FB and twitter and I subscribe to your blog

  149. Kayla murphy says:

    I’m a follower and would love to win!!

  150. I already Like Mizuno on Facebook

  151. I Like AFH on Facebook

  152. I Follow AFH on Twitter

  153. Have never used these shoes but would love to try them!

  154. In need of a new pair of Mizuno Inspire’s after completing my Ironman earlier this year. Thanks!

  155. I Like you both on Facebook, follow on Twitter and get the newsletter. I could use a new pair of running shoes, my current ones are looking pretty grim.
    I tweeted your article about the awesome benefits of Cranberries:

  156. Liked and following….I could use these shoes!!!

  157. I liked Mizuno & AFH on facebook….shared a nutrition link on my twitter, too! @eringraysonrd

  158. I would love to win a pair of Mizunos!
    Liked both pages on FB and twitter!

  159. Rajee (@momsfocus) says:

    To enter, be sure to “Like” Mizuno Running on Facebook

  160. Rajee (@momsfocus) says:
  161. I follow Mizuno and AFH. I love Mizuno Wave Riders – they are the only running shoes I wear!

  162. Janet Cossette says:

    Liked Mizuno and AFH, shared a nutrition article on fb, and raved about your informational website to friends and family (my personal version of a tweet.)
    The Wave Rider 16 is the shoe I’ve been searching for! It will give me the support I need and style I want.

  163. I liked Mizuno page and AFH on facebook. I would love to win the Wave Rider 16. Keeping everything fresh and new to help keep or build that energy is found in your environment, wearing the best running shoes that supports you the best and running in the best running gear. These are qualities that make you feel like accomplishing just about anything. Love to win these.

    I post on my FB, Twitter page

  164. I covet the Wave Rider 16 so much! Please let me win! *fingers crossed*

  165. I follow Mizuno

  166. I follow AFH.

  167. Wave Rider 16 would be an awesome gift to my self. I would use these daily

  168. Johanna Burnett says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I follow you on Twitter and FB, receive your e-newsletter, and like Mizuno on FB!

  169. happychick72 says:

    I would love to try the Wave Runner 16 Shoes! I recently started running and still have not purchased “real” running shoes yet, and these sound amazing! I am a fan of both pages, shared on facebook, and tweeted about this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome shoes for Christmas!

  170. I liked you on Facebook! i would like to try the neutral shoe :)

  171. Anna Louise Downing says:

    I liked on both facebook and twitter!

  172. I have liked and follow! I would love a pair of these!

  173. Ricky Ricardo Martin says:

    done! hope to win!!

  174. Done and done

  175. I love the Wave Rider 16s! I have a pair and they’re amazing! I follow you both on twitter and Facebook!

  176. I love Mizuno, they make a great running shoe. I would love to win a pair, it would be perfect timing as I start to train for my first marathon

  177. Would really really love to win a pair! I am a fan of both pages, shared the yummy 20 minute dinners on fb and and following on twitter! Thanks for the AMAZING giveaway! Love mizunos and they would be a welcome addition as I am running a marathon in January!

  178. SHARED & already LOVE (not like) Mizuno on FB. Would love to have a new pair of runners! THANK YOU for this opportunity! Love your site!

  179. I love Mizuno shoes! Both of these models are well designed, plus they come in extremely cool colors :) Both pages liked on FB!

  180. I LOVE Mizunos! I have been wearing the Wave Riders since Wave Rider 6. Would love to have the new Wave Rider 16. I am a fan of Mizuno, your page, I follow both on Twitter and love your advice about alcohol…my weakness!!! Thank you for all your great advice!

  181. loved,shared,tweeted and like Mizuno Thanks for all the fantastic giveaways .Sure could use a new pair of running shoes.Thanks

  182. This is a great giveaway THANK YOU!!! I adore Mizunos <3 I liked Mizuno on Facebook as well as Appetite for Health (Twitter too! 😀 )

  183. teresa harvey says:

    Follow both on FB, follow on twitter, tweeted the Holiday Sugar Cookie Rehab article

  184. I’d love to win a pair of Mizuno’s! I already have liked the above, so hopefully I still have a chance to win a pair. :)

  185. WANT!!!! Liked Tweeted followed and shared <3

  186. Tweeted about the Ten Principles of Intuitive Eating. Great article! Intuitive eating is not that easy!

  187. Just put a Facebook post up linking to your article on your favorite fitness quotes. Perfect for this time of year! 😀

  188. Thank you for hosting this giveaway…Mizuno Wave Riders are my absolute favorite running shoe! I liked Mizuno and Appetite for Health on Facebook and I now follow you on twitter and signed up for you newsletter!!

  189. I like Mizuno Running on FB
    I like Appetite for Health on FB
    I signed up for the AFH newsletter.
    I follow @appetite4health on Twitter (@TufMotherRunner)
    I follow @mizunorunning on Twitter (@TufMotherRunner)
    I tweeted about the giveaway (
    I retweeted one of your tips to my 1,216 followers on Twitter (

  190. Alexandra O'Dell says:

    Tweeted about your latest post on quick dinners… they all look great!

  191. Lillian Halloran says:

    I’ve been following you on fb just started on Twitter. Retweeted Easy dinner meals in 20 minutes or less. Thanks for the cool giveaway.Mizunos rock!

  192. Allyson rideout says:

    I’ve been looking at mizunos for a while now, I’m still trying to find a great shoe and I think mizunos are the way to go, I just can’t afford them. I’m a fan on Facebook and twitter @crashingwaves08

  193. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mizuno running – I’m currently in Wave Rider 15s and would love to win a new pair of 16s. It looks like you might have your explanations of the Rider and the Inspire backwards in the post. Either way, it would be great to win!!
    I also just retweeted a post from Mizuno Running about this great giveaway! And I’m excited to learn more about what you’ve got on this blog.

  194. Awesome giveaway – my fingers are crossed since my running shoes are really old

  195. Liked, Tweeted, and pinned! Follow on Facebook and Twitter and I subscribe to the Newsletter! I would love to win a pair of these as I am working towards loosing about 100 lbs. I want to be the size I was before I had kids :). I have already lost 10 lbs, but these shoes would make running sooooo much easier! I love your giveaways :)

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    Already following AFH on Twitter and Facebook, Liked Mizuno on Facebook,then Tweeted & Shared article on Intuitive Eating. Now, I’m ready to run!

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  198. I like Mizuno on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@runfortoday)!!! Mizuno’s are my all time favorite running shoes! I am currently hooked on the Precisions but have been dying to try the Wave Riders :)

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    I like you and Mizuno on fb.i follow u on twitter.

  200. Yeah, I like Mizuno Running NA on FB and am following too! Woo Hoo!

  201. I just came across your blog through a post on the Mizuno FB page- love it! I immediately “liked” your page and shared your post on motivation on my blog’s fb page:

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    I am so glad I follow and receive everything y’all offer! I I don’t catch it on Facebook or twitter I read it in the newsletter! A new pair of running shoes would be a dream come true! Thanks for all that you do!

  204. I love mizuno and would love to try out the 16’s! I like both on FB! THANKS! :)

  205. Just wanted to let you know that I have been “sharing” your posts/giveaways on Facebook and Twitter! Hope that gives me some extra credit :) Thanks! This is by far your best giveaway ever!

  206. thanks for the giveaway!

  207. I liked Mizuno Running on Facebook and am following you on Facebook and Twitter. I signed up for your e-newsletter, too.

  208. Sue Peterson says:

    Shared on Facebook. Have run in Mizuno Inspires for years.

  209. ‘loved’ Mizuno on FB…by far my favorite running shoe…would love to get another pair…I’m due for one :) Thanks!

  210. Anne Calvo says:

    Would love to get serious about running again. I like both of you on Facebook

  211. craig borders says:

    Please pick me!

  212. Love Mizunos! I followed and liked!

  213. I want to win these for my wife! I just helped her finish her first Marathon and she could really use some new ones! I followed, liked, and shared!

  214. Did all the above. Would love to win these!

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    Following Mizuno Running on Facebook
    I also shared a favorite blog post on my Facebook wall!

    I would LOVE to win these! I always wear Mizunos for running. Now that I’m training for my first half marathon, I need to replace my old shoes. PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  216. I just bought my first pair of Mizuno running shoes a couple months ago, and I love them!!! I would love to win another pair!

  217. My son needs running shoes (10)! Please pick me! These would be great for Christmas and his self-esteem. I followed, liked and posted a nutrition link from Appetite for Health on my wall. Thank you!!! :)

  218. My very first pair of real running shoes were the Mizuno Inspires. They are amazing!

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  220. I shared the “Skinny Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites” article.

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  223. I do follow & ready Your post….. I would love to have the Wave R..ider 16……Pick Me, Pick Me,….lol

  224. olivia tokarz says:

    Not sure how to twitter, but I have owned 10 pairs of Mizunos. They are the only running shoe that does not tear up my feet or toenails! They are the best running shoe ever!

  225. Allyson Rideout says:

    I’ve been wanting some Wave Riders or ANY Mizunos for a while now…just can’t afford them I’d love to win.
    Shared on
    Twitter Crashingwaves08
    Facebook Cranberrie Nutrition.
    Good Luck everyone & happy holidays.

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  230. I’d love to try these shoes. I’ve worn saucony for years. I run regularly to reduce stress & have been wanting to try another brand of shoe. My saucony shoes just don’t seem to be made as they once were. I already liked you on fb & get your newletter. Liked mizuno on fb.

  231. claudette knestrick says:

    I like, follow, and tweet! love your site and would love a pair of these running shoes!

  232. I’d LOVE to try these shoes! They are so bright and colorful!

  233. Wow, would love to have these!

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  239. michele malone says:

    I like you both and follow you on facebook. I could really use a new pair of running shoes. thanks for the chance.

  240. Come on, momma needs a new pair of shoes!

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  242. Melanie Fry says:

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  243. Follow you and Mizuno on Twitter, and like you both on facebook! Loooove Mizunos, my favorite shoes!

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    Like on facebook and twitter…I would love to win a new pair of running shoes. I have been training for a half marathon and new shoes very soon are in order.

  249. says:

    I love my Mizuno running shoes and I am currently looking for a replacement. The Wave Rider 16 looks awesome, I would love a pair of those. The recipes in Nutrition
    Appetite all look delicious and nutritious.

  250. I did my Facebook liking and sharing the Belly Fat article on social media. I need a new pair of shoes to start training for a 15K in March. Pick me!! =)

  251. following you both on FB. I’m not a “real” runner but I walk a lot (and have lost a lot of weight, >100#) and my favorite walking shoes are running shoes; so much more comfortable (to me) than the usually heavier “walking” type shoes; I am almost walking in my socks now….I really need a new pair of shoes :-)

  252. I would love those – liked both.

  253. Kimberly L. says:

    I am in need of a new pair of running shoes and this is my brand!!! It would make my Christmas to win these. Liked and shared.

  254. I’d love to win either but the 16s would be great. I need extra support in my shoes, especially when I run. My current running shoes are very used and new ones would be awesome!

    I liked both on fb and followed on twitter.

  255. Mary Becker says:

    Like them and you & am following you. Am also sincerely hoping to win! Thanks for this opportunity.

  256. Lucia Alzaga says:

    I am a marathoner and ultramarathoner. I do more roads, though. I want a performance stability shoe, size 7.

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  264. I follow AFH on Twitter as @poohro; I like your Facebook page, Carolyn Hernandez; I am running again after my recovery these shoes would be perfect for me.

  265. I like Mizuno Running on Facebook, Carolyn Hernandez. I hope to win.

  266. I receive your newsletter: jojoecarol at gmail dot com.

  267. Shared your article on Healthy Sushi Selections on Facebook. Carolyn Hernandez

  268. New to your site! I absolutely love Mizunos! (I’m a relatively new runner and a recent Mizuno-devotee after trading in my antique Nikes!!!) Currently wearing the Wave Rider 15s which are terrific…..but I’d love to try the Inspires which would provide a bit more support! Thanks so much for the giveaway — Looking forward to exploring your site more!

  269. I already like Mizuno on Facebook!

  270. I like you guys on Facebook and follow you on Twitter!

  271. Also shared your Curried Eggplant recipe — made a (slight variations due to veggies in house) version of it for dinner tonight: delicious! Thanks so much!

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  273. I like Mizuno on Facebook!

  274. The winners of Mizuno running shoes include Wendy F., L Malarchuk, Janet C., Allyson R and Molly P. You will receive an email directly from us if you are one of the winners.


  275. Mary Becker says:

    Done what need done to win — all that’s left is you picking me 😉

    Thanks for this opportunity

  276. I just tweeted this giveaway….Mizunos are absolutely awesome! Selfishly, I’d love the opportunity to try (risk-free, as it were!) the Inspires as I think I need a bit more support than my otherwise much-beloved Wave Rider 15s provide ….but at the same time I think EVERYONE should have the opportunity to check out Mizuno! Lots of devoted fans like me would follow! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway….loving your site!

  277. Shared – just wish I could find a date on this on when the giveaway closes.

  278. liked Mizuno on Facebook, like you on Facebook and following you on Twitter. nice sneakers.

  279. Michele Berkes-Adams says:

    I would LOVE a new pair of sneakers! I just cut 2 minutes off my 2 mile run for the military this year and it is only going to get better!!!
    Btw, Appetite for Health is my FAVORITE blog! Thanks for everything you do.

  280. Ok, two new winners were chosen as two past winners never responded…The new winners include Sheryl B and Mike S. I hope you respond to our emails as we don’t want you to miss out on the shoes too!

  281. Wow! I would have loved to won these!!! I am hoping to run the 18 mile LBI run 2013! Congrats to the winners!

  282. Kristyn Corace says:

    My son is ain high school now and running both cross country and track. He plays baseball and uses almost everything mizuno excep this bat! Thanks for the chance to win!

  283. WOO-HOO, Julie!!! Sorry about the others who didn’t respond, but I’m so grateful to be included in the “new winners” 😀 I just emailed with my info & I’m so stoked! Looking forward to hearing back…and again…THANK YOU!!!

  284. I am thrilled beyond words!!!! I would love to have a pair of Wave Rider 16’s in a women’s size 8 (love the Aruba Blue/electric color!). You have no idea how elated I am right now! I also sent you an email. :) <3 Mizuno!!!!

  285. Congrats to you, too, SHERYL B!!! These girls & Appetite for Health are AWESOME…and not just for their give-a-ways, but also for the info they provide & for their attitude & motivation. So happy for you that you’ve won :-)

    Julie, I don’t know how this all works (whether we’ll get the actual shoes or gift card, etc) but if you need to know (and I imagine I could tell you via email, but I’m excited…so please, forgive me, lol!), I’d love a pair of Wave Rider 16’s, men’s size 9, white/Chinese red or blazing yellow/imperial blue. Thank you, thank you!!!

  286. Would love to win and shared

  287. Rajani Patil says:

    Shared on twitter.

  288. Laila Plym says:

    I like you. I like them. I’d love a pair of shoes! :) I tweeted my favorite post, check it out :)

  289. Shawn R. White says:

    My favorite shoes ever! I am running my first 1/2 Marathon in May of 2013. I could really use them. They are the best and I recommend Mizunos to everyone- even strangers!

  290. Yes, Mike, they are awesome!!! I read their blog on a regular basis and soak up the information in them. This is seriously the most fantastic giveaway and I’m just so happy to have been chosen for a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders 16’s! I was just at the running store the other day and tried a pair of these on and fell in love with them. Such an amazing shoe. Mizuno is my favorite! Tonight I officially registered and paid for my registration for my first half on May 18, 2013. Super excited to train and have these Wave Riders take me across the finish line after 13.! I’m so happy you won, Mike!!! I love the blue/pink shoes and also the purple/white ones, too. Thanks again for choosing me as one of your winners! I can’t thank you enough!

  291. Michael Spence says:

    These would really help with my training for the Manhattan & NYC Half Marathons

  292. I’m following you on both Twitter and Facebook.

  293. Oooh la la :) Nice giveaway!

  294. I was told these would have better support on my ankles than the Asics I have been wearing.

  295. Patricia Hancock says:

    I love Mizuno running shoes. They are the best. I like them on fb and also follow you on fb and twitter and subscribe.

  296. Always looking for a great shoe. Love the colors and have never tried. I need the support for running and walking. These shoes look great for getting the job done.

  297. Lyndi Malarchuk says:

    **********THANK YOU!!!!********

    Sorry I haven’t stopped by before now to say thank you, but I’ve been RUNNING!! The Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 sneakers are AMAZING! I seriously can’t say enough great things about them. This is the 3rd pair of Mizunos I’ve had, but the others were volleyball sneakers. The Wave Inspire 9 sneakers are super light, fit like they were made for my feet, look spectacular, and feel incredible! Perfect balance, perfect amount of cushioning, perfect support. I am beyond thrilled with them. Before I had gotten these sneakers, I hadn’t been able to run for almost a year because of a back/knee issue, only walk on the treadmill short distances. Now I’m walking more than 3 miles at a time with about 10 minutes of running peppered throughout. I working my way up slowly, but I’m hoping to be back to 5k form by spring so I can start running outside. Thank you again! I am so grateful to you!

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