Win Kettle Brand Bakes Chips!

Kettle Brand Bakes chipsThe New Year is coming up quick, which means you might be hosting a party (Super Bowl, anyone?) or you might want to rethink your snack choice to help you trim back on calories.

For a smarter snack, enter to Win Kettle Brand Bakes Chips—a chip full of flavor and crunch but with 65% less fat than regular fried chips.

Kettle Brand is introducing two new flavors in their Bakes chip line, and you can sample them for free if you Win Kettle Brand Bakes chips in our contest! Entry details are below…

The kind folks at Kettle Brand sent us samples of their complete Bakes chip line recently so we could try their new flavors. We tried. We liked. We think you’ll like, too.

If you’re not familiar with Kettle Brand Bakes, they’re the only baked potato chip on the market that’s made from slices of real potato (as opposed to potato pulp and flakes). In fact, other than the fact that Bakes are toasted rather than fried, there isn’t much difference between Bakes and regular chip—taste-wise at least. But here’s the clincher, Bakes have 65% less fat than standard potato chips. My favorite flavor was simple and tasty: Sea Salt, but they also come in Hickory Honey Barbecue, Sea Salt & Vinegar and new Sour Cream & Onion and Cheddar & Toasted Tomato.Kettle Brand logo

Want to try and Win Kettle Brand Bakes chips? Ten lucky Appetite for Health readers will each win five full-size bags of Bakes (one bag of each flavor)!

To enter, here’s what to do: First,  sign up for our e-newsletter and be sure to “Like” us on Facebook. Also, “Like” Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook, too.

Then just leave us a message in the comment section below telling us which flavor of Kettle Brand Bakes you’d most like to try. Enter by Jan. 3 and at midnight. This contest is open to U.S. residents.

As always, if you share any AFH nutrition or fitness articles on your social media, tell us where—we’ll give your entry a little more consideration. 

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  1. Lisa Puckett says

    Yum!! They all sound great!! Would like to try them all especially the Sea Salt & Vinegar! Thanks for the chance!! :) Sharing and tweeting this and other posts!!

  2. Melissa K says

    I’d like to try the hickory honey BBQ. I liked both pages on FB and get your newsletter. THanks!

  3. sandy says

    ooh – the cheddar and toasted tomato sound interesting! i’ve seen these in the store but haven’t gotten around to buying them yet.

  4. Joslyn K. says

    I would love to try the sea salt and vinegar!!! I love Kettle Brand, but have never tried their baked products. I will have to look for these the next time I go shopping. I have shared this via facebook, twitter, pinterest, and google +.

  5. Jesse B says

    Hickory Honey BBQ sounds yummy! I shared this article and the fitness and diet quotes article on twitter (@jessebfit)

  6. lisa kay says

    I subscribe to your newsletter
    I “like ” you on FB
    lisa jorgenson kay

    Love to try the
    Cheddar & Toasted Tomato.

  7. leda says

    I already love the sea salt chips and I am intrigued by the Cheddar & Toasted Tomato – I’d like to try those and see what they are like.

  8. Kristin Troska says

    Oh, Cheddar and Toasted Tomato sounds amazing. I like AFH and Kettle on facebook and I love getting AFH newsletter in my e-mail. Thank you for the chance to win. Snowing like crazy here in Minnesota.

  9. tbennington says

    Subscriber, I “Like” you on Facebook. Also, “Like” Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook I love their New York Cheddar chips <3

  10. KarenO says

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm…I’d love to try the cheddar & toasted tomato! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  11. jennifer woosley says

    I already signed up for our e-newsletter and I “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook. Also, I “Like” Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook, This is gong to sound silly but I love the original ones. I love flavor on my chips but I love just eating them plain. They are so good!

  12. Teresa C. says

    I would love to try the Cheddar and Toasted Tomato. Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup are my favorite comfort food and these chips sound amazing (and healthy). Already liked both pages on Facebook, shared on my Facebook, tweeted on my Twitter, and re-pinned to my Pinterest.

  13. Megan says

    Kettle Brand Baked Chips have been my favorite for years – I love both the Sea Salt & the Hickory Honey BBQ! Have been wanting to try the new Cheddar & Toasted Tomato but haven’t been able to find them in my local store, yet.

  14. Linda says

    I have never tried these, but Potato Chips are my downfall. Maybe these Kettle Brand Baked Chips will help me with my weight loss battle!

  15. Eva says

    I think all of the new Kettle Brand sound great, but looking forward to tasting the Sea Salt flavor first. I’m letting all of my friends know about your great website!

  16. Kristina says

    I’ve always loved Kettle Chips so being able to enjoy them with 65% less fat is awesome! All flavors sound amazing but I’d especially be excited to taste the sour cream & onion. I’ve shared AFH on my Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages @myAntNee. Love your site, thanks!

  17. Dorothy Lenhart says

    They all sound delicious, and would make great snacks to offer my grandchildren when they are here. Of course, I would have to ‘taste test’ them first! :-)

  18. Jim K. says

    Anything with sea salt. I “liked” Kettle Chips quite a while ago and have been waiting for some coupons to buy some more. You’re on my e-mail list and have been “liked” as well!

  19. Erin says

    I would like to try the Cheddar and Roasted Tomato chips. Actually, I’d like to try all of the flavors!

  20. Phyllis says

    I would absolutely love to try the Hickory Honey Barbecue! I’m sure all of the flavors are delicious!!

  21. Johanna Burnett says

    I would love to try the sea salt, so would my daughter! She’s twelve and prefers baked chips to the traditional fried, gotta love it!
    I shared this on twitter!!

  22. says

    I’d like to try the plain old Sea Salt variety. I really like their Krinkle cut chips but have yet to try the bakes.
    I tweeted, pinned and shared on Google+.

  23. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I would love to try the Cheddar & Toasted Tomato. Sounds yummy!

    I subscribe to your enewsletter. (
    I like Appetite for Health on Facebook.
    I like Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook.
    I follow @appetite4health on Twitter (@LyndiM)
    I follow @KettleChips on Twitter (@LyndiM)
    I follow Appetite for Health on Pinterest (
    I tweeted about this review/giveaway (
    I shared on Google+. (


  24. Tracy Petitjean says

    Sour Cream and Onion is my all time favorite potato chip flavor so that’s the one I’d definitely love to try. Second choice would be Hickory Honey Barbecue.
    I shared on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and Google +.

  25. lindag says

    Sea Salt & Vinegar! I can already taste them! Well “almost” can already taste them. What a winning flavor!

  26. says

    I’m already addicted to Kettle Brand Potato Chips…so I’m probably going to be obsessed once I taste their Sea Salt Bakes variety! My secret is out to all my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter!!!

  27. Rhiannon Rowland says

    I love Kettle Brand chips! I have never had the Jalapeno Jack one though, so would love to try them!

  28. Jill says

    e-newsletter subscriber, “Like” you on Facebook. Also, “Like” Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook,
    I would love to try the Sour Cream and Onion

  29. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I’ve already signed-up for your newsletter and I like you both on Facebook. I think I’d really like the Sea Salt & Vinegar and Cheddar & Toasted Tomato.

  30. Laurel C says

    Sour cream and onion would be my favorite but I’m planning on trying the sea salt and vinegar too.

  31. Nancy J. says

    Sour Cream & Onion is my fave, but I would love to try Cheddar & Roasted Tomato. I’ve never seen that one in the store!!

  32. Rosemary McFarland says

    I would love to try the Cheddar & Toasted Tomato! That sounds like such a unique and delicious combination!

  33. Lori Williams says

    Our family loves these chips! We favor the sea salt and vinegar, but we love them all!! I like both of yoy on Facebook and I get your newsletter. Thanks!

  34. Charlene Knudsen says

    I would like to try honey barbeque but if they had honey Dijon that would be my first choice.

  35. krista grandstaff says

    I think Sea Salt would be a good start… I’ve never tried the Kettle brand of baked chips :)

    I’m following both on facebook, (Krista Grandstaff) and I’m following by newsletter
    ( redcincibabe(at)yahoo(do)com )

  36. Anh Thu says

    Did everything and shared on FB – Gatorade, Asparagus, Prickly Pear…Hangover Helpers or Hype? Would love to try the new Cheddar and Toasted Tomato . Thanks

  37. Julie says

    I’m already signed up for your e-newsletter, and I already “Like” you and Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook. I’d love to try the Cheddar & Roasted Tomato flavor! It sounds a little fancy and different for a potato chip. :)

  38. Evelyn Goettner says

    I’d love to try the sour cream and onion!

    already signed up for your e-newslette
    already “Like” you on Facebook.
    Also, I already “Like” Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook,

  39. Heather A says

    Cheddar and Toasted Tomato! How can you go wrong?!

    Fan on FB, liked Kettle Chips and subscribed to newsletter a while ago :)

  40. Megan G says

    Mmmmm, Cheddar & Toasted Tomato. Tweeted with @appetite4health twice this week, and shared on Facebook!

  41. Laura Craig says

    Sea Salt and Vinegar are my favorite!!! Shared your 8 Ways to Eat Smarter in 2013 article on Twitter @lpcraigchs

  42. Anthony says

    I’d really like to try the Sea Salt! I’ve become a big fan of sea salts this year. I am signed up for your e-newsletter, “Like” you on Facebook and “Like” Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook.

  43. calidreamin87 says

    1. I’m signed up for your e-newsletter.
    2. I like Appetite for Health & Kettle Brand Chips on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)
    3. I most want to try the Sea Salt & Vinegar!

  44. says

    Happy Friday, AFH Friends!
    Here are the winners of the Kettle Brand chips giveaway:

    Lisa K., Amy, Johanna B., Marge B., Jill, Cheryl L., calidreamin87, Janelle L-F, Kay Z., and Ttrockwood.

    Congrats to the lucky winners! Check your emails for a message from me with instructions on how to claim your prize (please check your spam folder as well since, well, it happens). I need to hear back from you in the next 2 days please! Thanks!

    Didn’t win today? Keep reading (and sharing AFH content) and keep entering! We’ve got lots of good stuff coming up!

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