Win a Frittata Pan from Circulon

circulon panWin a Frittata Pan from Circulon!

We’re big on frittatas, and if you’re a fan, we know you’ll like this pan (a $60 value)—plus you can win a Frittata Pan from Circulon in our giveaway today.

Frittatas are fast, healthy and a great use for leftovers (I’m sure we all have those little bits of veggies, chicken, steak, cheese and whatnot that are lying about in the fridge). Frittatas bring all the goodness of a great omelet, but without the fussiness of rolling the egg mixture around the filling. And you know what makes frittatas even easier? Yep. A great frittata pan, like the Circulon Contempo Frittata pan. We’ve written about the Circulon Contempo Frittata pan before—yes, we love it that much.


Here’s why:

  • It’s made of heavy gauge, hard-anodized aluminum—it’s twice as hard as stainless steel.
  • It heats fast and evenly—no hot spots.
  • The highly advanced non-stick surface means you can use less fat when cooking, and clean-up is a breeze.
  • The two interlocking skillets (they lock at sides) provide a foolproof, easy way to flip your frittata—no mess!

We’ve got two of these great pans to pass on to our fans.

To enter:  “Like Appetite for Health on Facebook” AND “Like Circulon on Facebook”, too. Then, tell us in the comment section below this post (not on our Facebook site) why you need a new Circulon Contempo frittata pan in your kitchen! Enter by Friday, Dec. 21st at midnight. Contest open to US residents.

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  1. Nancy S. says

    I’ve seen some great recipes for frittatas, but didn’t have the pan to make them! I’d love to try it out!

  2. Tara says

    I would love to try frittatas in my house! I’ve never made them but think my kids and husband would love them!

  3. kelly s says

    My husband loves frittatas . He eats them when we go to one of our fave places to eat.. I cant make them for him at home because i dont have a frittata maker…. would LOVE to win this then i could make them for him all the time!! and with the advanced non stick surface, clean up would be a breeze!!

  4. brooke kanarek says

    Liked & Shared. I’d love to win one of these because I’ve had depression for a while and always battled with my weight ( especially after having kids ). My son is also overweight and I’m always looking for new things to cook involving eggs ( my kids love them ) that are healthier so that me and him can both lose weight. Plus they look so tasty!

  5. Julie L says

    Nothing like having the proper tools to make something like a fritata!
    I’ve lost 100 pounds and have 25 more to go, this would help in so many ways.

  6. Jim K. says

    I just bought a muffin pan to make bread covered in bacon & eggs type omelets. A frittata pan would be even better to use without all of the mess. I’m already a fan of Circulon and Appetite For Health on facebook so all I had to do is write this short note.

  7. bethy says

    My stove top would thank you over and over. I’ve tried to Make frittata (and other dishes that need to be turned) a few times, but have made a serious mess of them a couple of times, but have dumbed half out twice when trying to flip it over…

  8. Serena K says

    made frittata once before, your Circulon frittata maker would make it so much easier…and who doesn’t like easier especially during the holidays =]

  9. Brenda says

    It would be fun to make frittatas with leftover veggies – and the pan would be a simple way to cook these. Very healthy cooking!

  10. Jennifer Hanzich Morgan says

    OMG…this would be perfect!! I seriously have been holding on to a recipe for a breakfast frittata that I have been wanting to make for my mom and sister on Christmas Day for years!!! But, since I really don’t have the extra cash and/or a frittata pan, I never make it. I would love to win this! You gals rock! Happy Holidays to you!!! I will share on Facebook…and as hopefully can figure the whole Twitter thing out so I can tweet it…and will definitely pin it on Pinterest.

  11. says

    My sister has this pan and we used it when visiting for the holidays last year. I’ve been wanting one ever since, thank you so much for offering this as a prize. Great idea!!

  12. Kassie says

    I would love to win this because I LOVE to cook and I can’t find at any of the stores I have my wedding registry on so this would make my YEAR :)

  13. Brandy says

    Would love to make them at home but can not because I don’t have a pan :( . Would be nice to win something for a change especially after the year we’ve had.

  14. Selena Wright says

    Nancy S. sent me here. I have and love my frittata pan. You can cook unlimited things with it. I would like to win one to give to my daughter in law

  15. Julie says

    like u both on fb Julie A Scott Laws
    I would love to win this for my sis who has always wanted a frittata pan

  16. says

    Sure would like to receive one of these pans. What a great gift idea. Better yet I can have lots of fun making fritatta’s which I do love, but seldom have the opportunity to enjoy.

  17. Patricia says

    Sent here by Nancy S. I would love love to have a frittata pan since I make such a mess out of trying to turn my fritatta’s over in a regular pan.

  18. says

    Attention frittata loving fans!!!
    Here are the two lucky winners of the Circulon Contempo Frittata pans:

    Calshondra W., and djc319 (sorry, no name to list with that one!)

    You two will get an email direct from me today with instructions on how to claim your prize. Pls check your spam folder in case the email gets stuck there (it happens)! I need to hear back from you pretty quickly.

    Everyone else, be sure to enter our Misto oil sprayer giveaway–they are very handy and work like a charm!

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