Top Diet and Nutrition Trends of 2013

apple with measuring tapeWhat will be making nutrition news in 2013?

A new survey identified the top diet and nutrition trends of 2013.

The survey, conducted by New York City-based Pollock Communications, a full-service marketing and PR agency, asked registered dietitians to help identify what’s in and what’s out for the new year.

Goodbye HCG Diet, hello Wheat Belly.

1.  Natural and Simple are IN; low-fat and low-carb are OUT

Most dietitians(51%) predict that consumers will continue to demand natural and simple foods that are minimally processed with few ingredients, compared to last year’s survey (46%).  And with more consumers cooking at home, consumers will be looking at the ingredient list to evaluate the foods they serve their families.  Making healthier foods delicious, and seeking items that are gluten free/wheat free, tied for the second biggest nutrition trend.  What’s out?  Half of dietitians agree that low-fat and low-carb diets are out in 2013.

2. Gluten free and Wheat Belly Diets Remain Popular

Dietitians were split down the middle, with wheat belly/gluten free (42%) beating out commercial diet programs (41%) by only one percent as the most popular approach to weight loss.  While wheat belly/gluten free is predicted to be a popular weight loss trend, diet programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig will continue to see consumers turning to them for weight loss assistance in the New Year.

3. Social media, Smart Phones and RDs  are Best Nutrition Resources

Whether it’s because they provide community support, easy access or a personalized approach, dietitians predict that social media, smart phone apps and dietitians will be the go-to sources for nutrition information in 2013.

4. Quality Over Quantity

The majority of dietitians (57%) surveyed say that eating high-quality calories – foods with more nutrition per bite – will be most important for achieving a healthy diet and weight in 2013.  It’s not just about total calories, it’s about the quality of those calories.

5.  Fruits and Veggies Most Important for Improving Health

Hands down, dietitians agree that eating more fruits and vegetables will have the biggest impact on improving American’s diet and health in 2013 and beyond. These diet staples are packed with disease fighting nutrients, and can help consumers maintain a healthy weight when eaten as part of a balanced diet.  Whether fresh or frozen, consumers will look to include more plant based foods in their diets.


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    Gluten-Free & Wheat Belly are definitely going to be popular this year and I think Paleo/Primal is going to explode further as well – the reasons being that these diets are actually SMART and work.

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