Special SodaStream Discount Code for AFH Fans

Sodastream SourceHere’s something you don’t want to miss….a special AFH SodaStream discount code for you to use if you need a last-minute holiday gift or you want something for yourself to start the new year off to a healthy start.

I use my SodaStream machine every day! Seriously, every day. In fact, just today, the Food Network’s blog has my number one healthy gift recommendation of the season included in their round-up of gifts of health recommended by top nutrition experts.

As most of you know, we run several giveaways with SodaStream during the year and we’ll continue to do so.  We also have a great discount code provided to us from SodaStream so that for those of you who want to start 2013 off to the right start or if you need a last-minute gift, you can use this Appetite for Health special discount. Free Shipping on all Home Soda Maker Orders for a Limited Time Only! Use Promo Code FREEFIZZ

Here are the three things I really like about SodaStream machines:  A) They make fizzy water or flavored seltzers customized to your liking. I like mine ultra-fizzy so I just add more carbonation when I’m making mine B) They’re environmentally-friendly because there are no empties that go into landfill;  and C) They save you money because a bottle of soda or seltzer can really add up and SodaStream allows you to turn your tap water into fizzy beverages.

There are so many models and colors of the machines to choose from now, there will certainly be one that will look great in your kitchen.

Since liquid calories are associated with being overweight and they provide no satiety (sense of fullness), it’s critical to Think Before You Drink if you want to peel off pounds and improve your overall diet. Since the leading source of added sugars in the U.S. diet comes from sodas and other sugary beverages, we know SodaStream can play a role in helping to lick a sweet tooth–once and for all!

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