New Yoga DVD Giveaway!

Canyon Ranch Yoga DVDWish you had strength and energy to spare? Yep, us too. Enter our New Yoga DVD Giveaway this weekend!

Boost your energy this winter! Three readers will win a copy of “Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength and Energy“!For entry details, see below.

The folks at Canyon Ranch spa know their yoga, and their first yoga DVD “Strong and Sculpted” won high praise from us and some awards, too. Didn’t win a copy of that one last spring? No worries, we’ve got them back! 

Acacia, the company that produces these DVDs, let us review this new yoga DVD and, like all of  Canyon Ranch’s efforts, it’s high-quality and has a holistic focus. It comes with lots of bonus content (and a recipe booklet) from top Canyon Ranch experts. Filmed at the beautiful Canyon Ranch flagship resort in Tuscon, Arizona, this DVD includes two energy-enhancing workouts (each a little over 20 minutes long), and an 11-minute cool-down. The three bonus segments focus on eating, sleeping and other lifestyle measures that can impact your energy all day long.

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Led by a Canyon Ranch fitness instructor, we found these workouts to be do-able for beginners and also appropriate for more experienced yogis as well. They are quick workouts—perfect for busy schedules, and will leave you invigorated, strong and ready to conquer your day!

To win one of three copies of “Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength and Energy” here’s what you need to do: First, make sure you’ve “Liked” Appetite for Health on Facebook and also “Liked” Acacia on Facebook, too. Then just leave us a little message in the comment section below this post (not on Facebook) telling us what you would do with a little extra energy! (Play outside with your kids more? Learn to rock climb? Go back to school?) Be sure to enter by Monday, Dec. 24th at midnight. 

As always, if you share any AFH nutrition or fitness articles on your social media, tell us about it—we’ll give your entry a little more consideration. 

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  1. Maryelizabeth Cipriano says

    With a little more energy I would be able to get everything done. Housework,exercise,shopping etc.

  2. Sarah says

    With a little more energy, I would train more for my upcoming half marathon… And spend quality time in the kitchen with my husband, making all kinds of healthy food- instead of picking up takeout! Lame, but so true!

  3. Katie M says

    With a little more energy, I would manage to walk or bike everywhere. Technically, I could bike to most places in my community, but usually, by the time that I’ve run or practiced yoga and taken care of household responsibilities, I don’t have the energy to deal with getting out the bike, checking the tires for air, and riding it.

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  4. Patricia says

    I belive I would try anything to get more energy and strength. Trying to keep up with my two grandchildren skipping rope, pushing them in the swings, riding bikes and going on hikes takes all the energy this grandma can muster up…….After all that there’s not enough energy left to fix a snack

  5. says

    I would love to win this giveaway! I am in the process of losing weight to better my health and better my diabetes 2..but I find that with some minor leg disabilities that some exercises are more difficult than others. I tire easily and and sometimes I just feel too weak. My doctor has suggested yoga, and I do have some DVD’s of my own, but none that I have rejuvenate me to continue exercising. And no gyms in my area offer yoga classes. A dvd such as this might be just what the doctor ordered (literally) I also shared the facebook post to this giveaway on my own page. Thank you!

  6. Mary Beth Haley says

    If I had more energy I would organize all the stacks of “stuff” in my house. I would also like to start playing tennis again. Since I developed MS 14 yrs ago my biggest problem is a lack of energy. I feel better when I exercise, but I never feel like exercising :)

  7. Kim Norwood says

    I would love to do more fishing with my husband. I have RA and hope this video can help me get some sort of exercise.

  8. Maria says

    i could use some extra energy and this sounds like an easy do-over for me to incorporate into my life. Wow! that extra energy would certainly lift my spirits to just DO IT!

  9. Laurie says

    With extra energy I would be happier throughout the day because I wouldn’t feel so tired and blue about it.

  10. says

    I’d love to give this to my sister in law who loves her Zumba, and she tries very hard to find the time to excercise. She’d have more zest for life and energy to put into the dating scene so she could meet the man of her dreams!!

  11. says

    So funny that today’s give-away is a Yoga dvd. After a visit with new back specialist he said I was limited in what type of exercise I could participate in and Yoga was one thing I could DO! Wow, imagine the universe aligning up like that – Having more energy would help me get my momentum back from losing my job!

  12. Sharon Norris says

    A little more energy and I might be able to increase my running distance from 4.6 miles to 5 miles!

  13. Teresa C. says

    With more energy I could keep up with my two growing boys who are VERY active, keep up on all my Mom chores and still have energy left to exercise and take care of me :) Share on my Facebook, tweeted to my Twitter #roknbop, and re-pinned to my Pinterest under “a healthy me”. Already liked both pages as well. I could use more energy in 2013!

  14. Becky K says

    Already liked both pages.

    With more energy I would de- clutter my house. Or maybe train for a 50 miler. :-)

  15. says

    I need more energy to get my hiney motivated to get to moving again…I so need a kick in the rear to get me started this would be a great opportunity… thank you

  16. Carie G says

    More energy would allow me to feel good while taking care of kids and my home in addition to getting some good workouts and a long run!

  17. says

    With a little extra energy, I would be able to tackle some of the projects that are my list of things to do. Right now I tend to run out of gas and the list does not get done.

  18. Erin says

    If I had a little more energy, I would be able to get everything done with less stress. It doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day for work, chores, cooking, etc., and sometimes I’m just so darned tired.

  19. Kathleen Conner says

    With a little more energy, I would cook from scratch more often, and hopefully give myself every more energy!

  20. Maggie says

    My mom and I are saving to go to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, so this is exciting! With more energy I would play more with my kids, and maybe become a group fitness instructor! I’ll probably share this giveaway today on facebook, I’m so excited about it!

  21. says

    Good Morning AFH friends! Here are the winners of the Canyon Ranch Yoga DVD:

    Rebecca S., Carie G., and Lisa.
    Congrats winners! You will receive and email from me (check your spam folder just in case it gets lost in there), and reply back ASAP to claim your prize.

    Everybody else, head over to today’s giveaway and enter that one! We have lots of stuff for you to win in the next month, so don’t give up!

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