Gifts of Good Health: Yonanas Giveaway!

Yonanas machineThe last time we featured Yonanas our fans went bananas—really!

Now, we’ve got three Yonanas Frozen Treat Makers this time, my friends (a $50 value)—enter our Yonanas Giveaway today!

Our Appetite for Health readers LOVE Yonanas Frozen Treat Makers, and it’s easy to see why. Making ice-cream-like desserts out of frozen fruit (thereby cutting fat and adding some nutrients)—what could be better? Ok, winning a Yonanas machine would be better! Entry details are below…

Sweet treats and holidays go together, we know, but wouldn’t it be great if you could make something festive and tasty that’s also healthy? Why yes it would, and one way you can do that is with a Yonanas machine. The Yonanas is a small kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruit into a delicious, smooth dessert that looks and tastes like soft-serve ice cream. It’s an awesome idea for those folks who adore ice cream but want (or need) something more nutritious and lower in fat. (Yes, that’s a gift idea right there—seek out Yonanas at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond or order from the Yonanas site.)

To get you in a festive mood, Yonanas provided this recipe from their website:Yonanas Strawberry Terrine

Strawberry Pistachio Terrine

1. Double the Strawberry Yonanas recipe and layer inside a 5 x 7 or similar sized container
2. Layer the Pistachio Yonanas on top
3. Once container is full it is optional to add a layer of cinnamon graham crackers
4. Seal container with the lid and turn it upside down (on the lid) and place in freezer. Freeze over night
5. To remove terrine: remove lid and place on plate pull container up and off of Yonanas (If it will not remove after a few minutes, replace lid and dip the base of the container into warm water, repeating as necessary).


Pistachio Yonanas

Ingredients: 2 frozen ripe bananas, 8 frozen pistachio cubes.

Directions: In a food processor, grind 12 oz. of shelled pistachios until it looks like grains of sand. In a medium saucepan add ground pistachios to 1 1⁄2 cups unsweetened almond milk and 1⁄4 teaspoon vanilla extract and bring to a simmer. Cover and cool. With a teaspoon, fill ice cube trays with pistachio mixture and freeze.

1. Insert 1⁄2 frozen banana
2. Add 2 pistachio cubes
3. Continue alternating 2 pistachio cubes and 1⁄2 frozen bananas
4. Stir in bowl to combine

Strawberry Yonanas

Ingredients: 2 frozen ripe bananas, 3⁄4 cup frozen strawberries

1. Insert one frozen banana
2. Add 3⁄4 cup frozen strawberries
3. Insert second frozen banana
4. Stir in bowl to combine

Ok, want to win one of these cool appliances? We’ve got five of them lined up for our AFH readers. To enter, be sure that you’ve signed up for our e-newsletter, “Like” us on Facebook and then “Like” Yonanas on Facebook, too. Tell us in the comment section below what holiday treat you’d make with the Yonanas machine if you won. Enter by Friday, December  7 at midnight. This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. 

Remember, if you share this post or any AFH content via Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, let us know where and we’ll put in a good word for you come prize choosing time. 

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  1. karen shaughnessy says

    WOW…This sounds almost too good to be true! I would make..something using low fat egg nog, or perhaps FF pumpkin?

  2. Peggy says

    This looks awesome and very kid friendly. I would like to try the recipes above and one with blueberries for the blueberry monster in my house.

  3. Renea Hawk says

    Oh my, I’d make Pumpkin Pie Yonanas definitely! I am dairy & gluten free, so I havent been able to enjoy pumpkin pie in so long – this would be heaven!

  4. says

    Strawberries are one of most favorite fruits; with them being red this would be an excellent frozen dessert for the holidays and healthy too.

  5. christie says

    I love love love yonanas. I have given as a gift. Any combination is possible – strawberries, rasberries and blueberries are my favorite!!!

  6. says

    With three young boys trying to stay healthy, this would be a perfect kitchen addition. We’d start with the strawberry yonanas but I bet I could do something with the raspberries and blueberries in my freezer!

  7. says

    I would love to try Yonanas!There are so many different treats I could make with this machine.I raised pumpkins in my garden this year,and I would like to try making something with my pumpkins that I have.

  8. Terri David says

    I make treats with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I posted to FB and Twitter.

  9. says

    I think a banana & pistachio frozen combination would be delicious or my second choice would be blueberries. Thanks for this wonderful offer, I am sure you will receive lots of responses and combinations.

  10. Jolie Brouttier says

    Elvis will roll over in his grave with the concoction I would make- banana with peanut butter and a pie crust crumble. Oh baby, I’m all shook up just thinking bout this!

  11. angela says

    I will make a yonanas “ice cream” cake…choc/banana/peanut butter. Everyone’s favorite. And maybe experiment with a little pumpkin for a second holiday treat.

    Will share on my facebook today.

  12. Angela C. says

    I already like yonanas and AFH on facebook and subscriber to newsletter. I would definitely trying making the strawberry pistachio terrine.

  13. Naomi says

    I’d like to try something with apples and walnuts and pumpkin spice… or something with raspberries… or maybe mango!

  14. Catherine Kelleher says

    OMG, I would definitely make some Frozen Berry Delicious Treats. We love all sorts of berries, and for the holidays, I would try some cranberry concoctions! Mmmm, would really love to be able to get my fruit servings this way! PS, shared on FB, Twitter & Pinterest!

  15. shawna mahoney says

    Pumpkin pie Yonanas! yummy! A great treat for my son and healthy too! I shared on Facebook, Twitter,Pintrest, Stumbleupon,and Google+!

  16. pauline longchamp says

    liked and shared on facebook. it would have to be pistacheo yonanas, i’m just nuts for them!

  17. katie says

    i have signed up for your e-newsletter, “Like” you on Facebook and “Like” Yonanas on Facebook, too.If I won the Yonanas machine the holiday treat I would make first is the Strawberry Yonanas because I love strawberries and since I have Lactose intolerance I can’t have ice cream and this would be like eating strawberry ice cream.

  18. Rebecca Lord says

    I would make a Chocolate peppermint banana split sundae….I would use bananas and strawberry’s mixed together, then I would top with chocolate syrup and sprinkle with peppermint chips and some nuts…..yummy…..and now I am hungry….lol

  19. Athena R says

    I would make some peanut butter, dark chocolate chip yonana cream…yum! I love making banana “ice cream”.

  20. Jim K. says

    Yonanas has been “liked” and I subscribe and have you on my Facebook Interests list and Notification Feed” as well. I’d try the Salted caramel off of their website page first.

  21. says

    My husband and I love eating ice cream! This would be awesome to have so we can enjoy the ice cream without feeling guilty! Also the recipes are wonderful!! Shared on Facebook, google +, twitter, my blog, and pinterest! Already subscribed! :)

  22. Casey Piercey says

    For a holiday treat try a pomegranate, or can make pumpkin parfaits. I posted on facebook.

  23. Charlotte Greer says

    This is a timely contest for me. I just started back on my diet. I would make strawberry/banana yonana. Yummy. I shared on facebook, twitter and pinterest. Thanks

  24. Megan says

    For the holidays, I’d try chocolate peppermint or cranberry pomegranate or pumpkin spice – I’m not sure which I’d try first. I think the possibilities are endless!

  25. Marge Bowman says

    I would make banana yonana’s for my husband who just found out he’s diabetic! He loves banana’s and ice cream, so this sounds perfect for him!!! I’m going to share on facebook and twitter!

  26. says

    Ohh my, now this would be THE Christmas gift to me!
    I would make Hot Chocolate YoNana ice cream and Peppermint Yonana ice cream! How merry would that be?! My family would just absolutely love this gift!

  27. says

    omg i always wanted this i feel being healthy is easier with this machine! Pistachio Yonanas sounds super yummy!!! thanks for the chance hoping to win

  28. Tara A. says

    The Strawberry Pistachio Terrine looks AMAZING. omg. I shared to my friends on twitter @bag_of_bones, but it’s friends only.

  29. linda says

    I have just started Weight Watchers and would like to have the Yonana to make coffee bean yonana ice cream EVERY NIGHT! AHHH, the different concoctions you can make by just using your imagination! I would LOVE to win this!

  30. Becky says

    My husband is diabetic, so any fruit with low sugar would make a great frozen dessert for him. He has got a sweet tooth and it seems this would be great!

  31. Courtney Tucker says

    I would make the Pumpkin Pie Yonanas, it looks very nice, have had a craving for Pumpkin this year.

    I am signed up for your newsletter, have liked you and also Yonanas on Facebook.

    Thank You

  32. says

    My family would really love to make their favorite frozen fruit desserts and other scrumptious creations using this fantastically super cool Yonanas machine. It would be a smash hit to use for around the holidays, birthdays, special events, or anytime.

  33. Jenefer Lynn says

    I would make the tiramisu yonanas. I love tiramisu, and this way is so much more healthier than the normal tiramisu! My son wants the chocolate hazelnut, and since he’s my banana lover, I’d definitely make that for him.

  34. Marla Alleman says

    wow this would be great to make with my granddaughters. The first thing we would make would be the Strawberry Yonanas since they love strawberries. This would make great after school treats.

  35. kelly says

    I would definitely make Strawberry Yonanas.. and then i would make up something with all the flavors that we see during the holidays…

  36. Jess L says

    With the yonanas machine, I would make a strawberry espresso treat. Many people do not feel like they go together, but the flavors I believe balance each other so well! Add the frozen banana, strawberries, and a touch of espresso powder. Top with toasted whole wheat pita! Mm~

  37. Cheryl M says

    How yummy does this sound. I absolutely love pistachios and ice cream, but am cutting back on my fat as I am into body building now. This is a great idea!!! Would absolutely love to win one of these and try all kinds of frozen fruit!

  38. says

    signed up for our e-newsletter, done

    “Like” us on Facebook and then “Like” Yonanas on Facebook, too. Amy Rouse

    Tell us in the comment section below what holiday treat you’d make with the Yonanas machine if you won

    Kiwi banana strawberry for my baby grandson

  39. Terri Reader says

    I don’t need anything fancy. Just choc banana. Bananas and a little sugar free choc syrup! Yum, sound delicious!

  40. Esmeralda Velasquez says

    I’ve seen this product featured on QVC many times.. would love to try my own recipes or a spin on a dessert classic!

  41. Maria Edie says

    Sounds wonderful! I always use my food processor to make banana ice cream. I would make pumpkin ice cream with low fat egg nog. Mmmm I’m getting hungry now.

  42. Kyla D. says

    I would love to try the Strawberry Pistachio Terrine. This would be something that my 6 year old and I could do together and also it will help me on my weight loss journey and teach her about healthy eating.

  43. Brandy G says

    I would get creative and try coconut milk and pineapple or mango. But strawberry banana would probably be my go to snack. I always have them in my freezer.

  44. says

    I am addicted to this machine! I first found out about this banana process at Annie’s Banannies in Rehoboth Beach! ( It opened to my eyes into healthy eating for desserts! I would love to have one of these machines therefore I can create fun recipes, eat healthy, and stop going to the fro-yo shop right next to my house. Currently right now I use a food blender to make something similar to this but its not the same. So I get frustrated and just go to the fro-yo shop which sucks because frozen yogurt isnt the best for you because of the dairy and sugar content.

    A recipe I would do for the holidays if I had this machine!

    Cranberry, Pumpkin, Chocolate Peppermint Banana layered cake Ice Cream Cake!

    I imagine having a layer of cranberry and banana (fresh cranberries & banana), second layer peppermint mocha(coco and peppermint pieces) and last layer pumpkin with graham cracker. A little of everything for holiday treats!

    I have posted about this machine before when I went to Annie’s Banannies but I will be posting these lovely treats today. I have shared on my facebook(Jami Gobao) and twitter (jamijoytiu) accounts too! Check out my blog ( I want to spread clean eating and enjoying sweets but making them healthy!

  45. Patricia Evans says

    Tiramisu Yonana’s. Oh we love tiramisu but not the calories. This would be wonderful to try! So many recipes I’d love to try. Thanks!

  46. Bonnie Cooper says

    Great way to get the word out about this appliance! I’d never heard of it before, so now I’m intrigued! It sounds like a wonderful way to make healthy desserts for the family. I’d be thrilled if I won a Yonana’s!!

  47. Yelena S. says

    would make the Peppermint Mocha Yonanas, Tiramisu Yonanas, Yonanas Crepes sounds perfect. My daughter and my grandson would really LOVE it, and they would love to make something new every time and create some new recipes. Thank you.

  48. Heather Disbrow-Blackburn says

    I would start with the recipes above. My son loves ice cream. With this, I could actually let him have it more than I let him!

  49. carol yemola says

    The Strawberry Yonanas Recipe sounds fairly easy and it would be a great place to start. After that and when I build up enough confidence it would be time to experiment!

  50. Lori says

    I have a bunch of frozen bananas in my freezer ready to make the chocolate Yonanas! Yum! I’d love to win for my whole family to enjoy!

  51. Robin says

    The featured recipe sounds great! But perhaps something with eggnog or pumpkin for the holidays too!

  52. Angie Bennett says

    I think I just want the strawberry cone that is on the Yonanas Facebook page. It’s 80 in Houston today…..why not. I would love this little machine. I am signed up for the emails and have liked both you and Yonanas on Facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  53. Jeannie says

    We are berry lovers so I would be a “berry” yummy banana berry dessert with berries sprinkled on top.

  54. says

    I am thinking that a cranberry pistachio banana layered dessert would be beautiful, representing the colors of the season.. It would be fun experimenting with the machine and see exactly what creations could be made with his health promoting machine.

  55. Tina W says

    Im new to this type of machine if I won I would come back to the website and look for recipes to make. My year old grand daughter and my 17 year old daughter and I would make stuff together. Something with fruit in it would be awesome to make

  56. matthew b says

    i would make some egg nog yonanas. that and then maybe sweet potato. ok and green tea. but who is keeping track. alright and a little “elvis” style ice cream. good golly! this would be awesome!

  57. gina says

    I have all kinds of ideas of yummy crewations!..;-) The one I would try first would include cherries, bananns, and pineapples! Can’t wait to eat it..

  58. Jennifer F. says

    We have several birthdays in December so this would come in handy as a healthier way to have ice cream. strawberry pistachio terrine sounds mighty good.

  59. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I like ya’ll on FB as Mary Beth Elderton.
    I’d love to make a chocolate chip banana “ice cream”

  60. michele malone says

    I like you both and I get your email. I also shared with about 50 friends on facebook. 😀 Thank you so much for the chance to win. This is on top of my christmas list this year. :) my boys are allergic to eggs and nuts, and one can’t have dairy either, so I think this would really be perfect for us. as for what I’d make with it, pretty much everything in the book! lol I’d love to try all kinds of fruit in there.

  61. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I love this! How incredibly awesome. I would make the pumpkin pie recipe on their website… and hundreds of other things!

  62. Maria Goodwin says

    I think it’s got infinite possibilities, but for me it would be the Pumpkin/Banana recipe….maybe with some chopped walnuts on top!! And sharing this on my Weight Watchers Facebook page…..Maria’s WW Group……..over 100 members and links to another 1200! Our Weight Watchers members love this machine!

  63. Teresa C. says

    I am so excited for this giveaway. I would try all of the recipes you posted but would try one with melons, maybe cantaloupe or watermelon. I think the fruit combinations would be endless and my family would get tons of use out of this. I “liked” yonanas on Facebook and have been a newsletter subscriber already. Thanks for the best giveaway EVER!

  64. Sharyn Buksbaum says

    I would LOVE a Yonanas machine – everytime I see it on HSN I want it – but somehow my kids needs always come before mine. I would love to try the pistacho banana recipe for the holidays – how yummy!!!
    I shared on twitter, facebook and pintrest!

  65. Monisha says

    Ooh that sounds so good-I will definitely try the Pistachio Yonanas as I love Pistachio gelato and pair it with dark chocolate Yonanas!!

  66. leda says

    We love smushed up frozen bananas. I didn’t know it was something other people ate and I certainly didn’t know there is an appliance to help make it easier. This is fantastic! Our very favorite is banana, peanut butter and choc. chips – super yummy! We would make that one all of teh time! And their pumpkin pie recipe sounds amazing! :)

  67. Amy Engelman says

    I would love to make the Strawberry Pistachio Terrine; it sounds so delicious and so fun to make! I would love experimenting and creating new treats, and creating all sorts of desserts for our holiday feast. We love fruit, and it’s fun to find new ways to encourage my four year old to indulge in these sweet treats. Thanks so much for the giveaway, good luck everyone!

  68. Helene Tienda says

    I would LOVE to make a Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt Pie! Mmmm… I can just taste that Cinnamon and Nutmeg right now! And a nice Graham Cracker Crust, just heavenly!! This is something that I normally make with regular Ice Cream, but much healthier if I can make it with Frozen Yogurt, and I’ve never had/seen a good Pumpkin flavor in the store! I can’t wait to have the opportunity to try making one. Thanks!!!

  69. Shari W says

    I’d like to try something with Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs in it – Banana & Chocolate? Yumm!!!

    I’m subscribed, liked & liked.

  70. Cindy says

    If I won this I would make the pistachio yonana, sounds so yummy! :) I’m going to share on my facebook page. :)

  71. Dorothy Hull says

    I’ve always liked you on FB and now I like Yonanas on FB and would LOVE to try their frozen treat maker.

  72. jennifer caldwell says

    I would love to make something with bananas and blueberries!!! wow this is an awesome invention!!

  73. Phylicia Phillips says

    Strawberry yonanas! My husband really wants a yonanas machine for christmas.. Fingers crossed!

  74. Teresa S says

    I would make a pineapple coconut banana ice cream with this Yonanas machine.
    I shared this giveaway on my facebook page.

  75. kelly D says

    I like you both on FB(Kelly D Saver) subscribe by email under kellywcuATyahooDOTcom and I would make a pineapple & banana frozen fruit creation.

  76. Jennifer S. says

    I would love to try to make the Strawberry Pistachio Terrine! All of the recipes look delicious!

  77. Juanita Davis Edwards says

    I’d make Strawberry Banana. That’s my absolute favorite flavor combination and unlike soft serve ice cream, I (or my husband) wouldn’t regret it later!

  78. kathy says

    I would love to make different frozen treats for my whole family. It would be a lot better then ice cream you get in the store. And I think we could come up with lots of different flavor combinations that everyone would love.

  79. Sunnie Burkhardt says

    Done all that was asked above..I would love to make theStrawberry Pistachio Terrine!! or somthing with cream cheese :) Yummy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. alyce poalillo says

    I would so love to try the Pistachio Yonanas above and also anything with blueberries and chocolate would be great.

  81. aomuse says

    I’ve been experimenting with a delicious raw apple crisp and would like a creamy sugar free addition to serve as a side to that dish.

  82. Melissa J Smith says

    I would go nuts and make lots of varying fruit combo’s as being lactose intolerant I miss out on icecream and I want something creamy and decadent too! I’m thinking banana, mango and berries!

  83. says

    I would love to be able to make some yummy desserts that our dairy and soy free son can eat, desserts that look the same as all the other 2yrs kids are having so he doesn’t feel left out. Maybe ice cream, mousse or cheesecake???

  84. Janet Bellomo says

    I would love to win a Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, so I could make frozen desserts for my hubby and neighbor who are very ill and can only eat soft foods

  85. sarah pierce says

    Well since i live on the beautiful island of Guam and have some amazing fruit trees in my yard i would make a fresh of the tree mango and banana frozen treat for my family and friends during on of our many gathering’s we love to have 😉

  86. says

    I have heard this is just the coolest gadget. I would love to make some kind of cranberry Yonanas treat. It would sure be a pretty color for the holidays. I also love pistachio anything so it would be fun to do both. Very Christmas like! Appealing (no pun intended) for the eyes and for the waistline! :)

  87. Kelly King says

    I’d use some egg nog, honey, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with those bananas to make a yummy eggnog shake. I might add a touch of rum to the adults glasses as well! I think we’d use this often, my kids are big on making smoothies with frozen fruits.

  88. Mary Becker says

    As a holiday treat I’d really like to make the Strawberry Pistachio Terrine but come up with an eggnog flavored layer of graham crackers and oatmeal to add to it.

  89. Yvonne Lenhardt says

    Any of these recipes sounds yummy. Maybe something with peppermint for the holidays.

  90. JANE KEEL says

    Cherries, Cherries, Cherries (did I mention cherries?) With a sprig of mint on top….Red and green…what could be more Christmasy?

  91. Adele Barton says

    I would love to make cookies and cream yonanas!!! I am dairy-free and haven’t had “ice cream” in years!!!

  92. cindy jones says

    Lets see Pistachio Yonanas, Chai Spice Yonanas, Strawberry Yonanas ….. and on and on I love Yonanas

  93. Diana R says

    I receive your e-newsletter and like AFH and Yonanas on Facebook. I would make mexican hot chocolate yonanas :), love mexican hot chocolate!

  94. Michelle Moss says

    Would love to gift this to my diabetic father in law
    and grandfather in law who live together and have quite the sweet tooth!

  95. Amy C. says

    I have wanted one of those forever. I would have to make banana and strawberry. I would make it all year around. Yummy

  96. Michelle Fellows says

    I have one amd love it so if I win I will be giving it to my sister for her family to make Yonanas. My daughter loves it.

  97. Kathryn Lynn Dombrowski says

    I would make peppermint hot chocolate Yonanas! I would use real dark chocolate with candycane pieces. I think this would be a festive, healthy snack.

  98. says

    This amazing machine is on my Christmas wish list! If I won one, I would be making something peachy for my boys, who love frozen treats, but are on a limited diet. This would be a God-send! I can’t wait to get one!!

  99. tracy says

    i shared the contest link to facebook and i am looking forward to making frozen homemade yonanas shebert

  100. says

    Oh my, would love to win this. A Yonanas machine has been on my Santa’s wish list. I would start with the Strawberry Pistachio Terrine recipe. You can’t go wrong with that combination of ingredients. YUM! Glad to find your site. It looks like a great source of information and good nutrition has become extremely important to me. -Thanks for the opportunity to win such an exciting product.

  101. Tracy Petitjean says

    I need something to satisfy my sweet tooth for ice cream and this would be perfect, the sweetness of fruit and frozen like ice cream.. I could make so many different flavors and it would be healthy and satisfying. I’d LOVE to win one of these!

  102. Zachary says

    I think the Pistachio Yonanas would be great to make for the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win a frozen treat maker.

  103. Anh Thu Truong says

    Shared on FB – Spinning in Style: Which Studio Matches Your Speed?. Would love to make Avocado Yonanas! :o)

  104. says

    Yum! I miss pistachio ice cream, or mint and chip…ok so I love ice cream but can’t handle dairy and don’t like processed food with ingredients names I don’t know how to pronounce or what they mean! :)

  105. Ashley R says

    I would make Bananas and Strawberries ~ classic!!

    Thank you AFH….Shared the post, website and giveaway on Facebook. Hope lots of friends sign up! Oh, and the newsletter, too, of course!


  106. Cheryl Edwards says

    I would try the strawberry banana. I’m trying to get my family to eat a little healthier and this would be a great addition.

  107. Sharon Norris says

    Strawberry Pistachio Terrine sounds sooooooooooooo yummy! I would absolutely have to make it.

  108. says

    This looks amazing. Being lactose intolerant I always miss out on the ice cream. But w/ this I could make all kinds of yummy frozen treats. I would like to make the banana strawberry yonanas. But would also like to try something w/ bananas and nutella. YUMMY!

  109. Kathy rodriguez says

    I am lactose intolerant, and can’t eat ice cream or frozen yogurt. I would make strawberries and banana. I would also like to try mangos and pineapple.

  110. Vickie Alford says

    I just saw this in a store last week and told my husband that I wanted it for Christmas! I would definitely make the Strawberry Yonana, yum!

  111. Maya Levin says

    I love frozen treats and would use it make a healthy banana berry with chocolate desert for myself and my boys.

  112. Rachel says

    There are so many different combinations I’d love to try – pumpkin, mint chocolate, tropical fruits, etc.!

  113. says

    This would be an excellent healthy way for me to get my fruit. I love frozen treats and now I could have any fruit concoction I could possibly dream up in no time.

  114. says

    I would definetly make something with pistachios for my husband, he loves them. He does so much for me this would be a chance for me to do something special for him.

  115. Shelby Derrick says

    I would use bananas and NUTELLA! That sounds amazing!!! Thank you! Shared on facebook and pinterest, and tweeted.

  116. ashley says

    Strawberry Pistachio Terrine looks good! I would love to find a away to make a peppermint treat but I’m not sure what fruit would work best!

  117. Alexa Castro says

    I get seasonal depression around the holidays and the cold weather. I have found that eating fruits around this time of year makes me feel more at ease and reminds me of summer. So I think if I won a machine, I’d make ice cream and yogurt out of tropical fruits like bananas, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, starfruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.
    For my husband, I’d make him dark chocolate/banana ice cream with caramel sauce drizzled on top for a delicious treat :)

  118. Adriann W. says

    Am mad about mangos! Gotta try the mango sorbet! And what a healthy twist on Banana Cream Pie – graham cracker/ground flaxseed crust with frozen Yonanas banana cream filling. Yum! Yum!

  119. Lori B says

    I would make anything to get my children to eat more fruit! They love ice cream so this sounds like a terrific item for them. I’d start with strawberries, bananas, & yogurt. When my daughter gets her braces on this would be a great item to have to make some cold healthy treats to soothe her sore mouth. I already get the newsletter & like on fb, liked yonanas on fb, & shared on fb & twitter.

  120. Megan Steffel says

    I would make ENDLESS possibilities!! I have wanted one of these for so long, and I am so glad that I have this special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

    If I could make just ONE extravagent and special yo-nanas flavor, I would make a seasonal eggnogg “ice cream”. I would use the following: a frozen banana, 1/2 cup of silk soy eggnogg (if you haven’t tried it- you’re missing out!!), and then a plain or vanilla chobani for some added protein!

    Of course, I would make MUCH more…. pumpkin pie, strawberry banana, banana cream pie, banana bread, and just plain banana with peanut butter! Okay, and maybe some Chocolate, too…. (;

    Liked both on facebook, am already in the newsletter, AND I shared it on Facebook!!!

  121. says

    I just left a big long comment with all my shares, so not sure where it went! LOL!

    So, hopefully I can re-comment it all! :)

    We have a Christmas Eve tradition of making a delicious Pomegranate-based treat that this would be PERFECT for, so thank you for the give-a-way. I would also love to try the one with Pistaschio. It all just looks so healthy and lovely and delicious!

    I am telling EVERYONE to sign-up for the Appetite for Healthy NEWSLETTER and follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
    I have also signed-up for the newsletter myself and am new to the site, so I LOVE sharing it with everyone I know.

    I am following you, Appetite for Health, and Yonanas on FACEBOOK and have shared your posts! :)

    I also am following you on Twitter and have retweeted both you and Yonanas!
    (tweet-tweet! treat-treat!) lol


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    ~ Happy Holidays!! ~

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  123. Sandra Schultz Hurt says

    So excited just got the e-mail and sent the info will be a great addition to my New Years resolution!!! Thank You!

  124. Jenna Parsons says

    I would make yonanas with hot fudge! I signed up for your e-newsletter, “Like” you on Facebook and then “Like” Yonanas on Facebook!

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    What a great tool for making healthy and delicious ice creams and frozen yogurts! First off I’d start with coconut milk, raw cashews milk, dates, raspberries, blueberries put them in a vitamin and then put them in this baby and wow it’s on! Delicious no cholesterol low glycemic ice cream!
    Pin texted, FB posted and tweeted again too…. Oh I would loveeeeeee to win this awesome baby! 😉 😉 ;)~

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    With spring around the corner and summer on its way, slimming down and losing weight becomes more important than ever. Clothes are getting cutes and bathing suits are beginning to make an appearance. However, as a medical student with a busy life, eating right is often not easy. Hence, eating highly nutritious bananas provides the body with a good source of energy! I actually have recommended Yonanas to friends but haven’t tried it myself yet! I hope to win so I can make a frozen treat for my friends in med school who want to eat right but don’t have much time. It’s also an awesome idea for us folks who adore ice cream but want something more nutritious and lower in fat. I’m going BANANAS for this. Fingers crossed. Shared on twitter and Facebook. and FB – shared!!! your article about yogurts and health benefits

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