Gifts of Good Health: Super SodaStream Giveaway!

Sodastream SourceWe’re big fans of SodaStream soda makers—and we’ve got five of the new SodaStream Source ($130 value) to give away to our fans! See our SodaStream Giveaway details below.

SodaStream partnered with renouned designer Yves Behar to create the fab new SodaStream Source soda maker with refined mechanics, LED displays and easy operation. This elegant machine can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond stores, or you can win one here if you’re one of our lucky five fans!

We like it’s a great way to make healthful carbonated beverages such as fizzy seltzer, juice spritzers or festive mocktails at home where you control the ingredients. You control the flavors, the sweetness, and how much carbonation to add! Making your own carbonated drinks means you can keep calories low and enjoyment high.

These nifty carbonator machines turn tap water, juice or any other beverages into fizzy beverages that are just more fun than plain water. Most of us need to drink more water and having a SodaStream makes it more fun to drink that water. Plus, you don’t have the expense of buying seltzer and the SodaStream bottle is reusable so more environmentally friendly (no more dealing with a bunch of empty bottles).Sodastream source

Five Appetite for Health readers will win one of a new SodaStream Source machine (you get to choose either black or white)—a $130 value! Here’s how to enter our SodaStream Giveaway: First,  sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on twitter. Also, “Like” SodaStream on Facebook. Then just leave us a little comment below this giveaway post (not on Facebook) telling us why you’d like to win a SodaStream Source. Enter by Thursday, December 20th at midnight. 

Share an AFH nutrition article on your social media and you’ll have a better chance at winning (tell us where you shared). Good luck!

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  1. Todd Bliss says

    I would like to win a sodastream because I would like to make soda pop a little more healthy and I love drinking coke a cola

  2. karen shaughnessy says

    I would like to win a sodastream to help cut down on the cans and bottles we go through in our household. Also, I could make egg creams…memories of my childhood!

  3. shashi jani says

    With sodastream i will not only control its ingredients but will be able to control my intake habbits too!!
    Sodastream will give me independence to make the fizz anytime and anywhere!!
    Love sodastream.its idol for my household!!
    hope to win it!!

  4. himani jain says

    Yves Behar to create the fab new SodaStream Source soda maker with refined mechanics, LED displays thats fabulous.Environment friendly and plain water turns tasty!! Mind blowing :)

  5. says

    I would like to win a soda stream to give to my Dad; he has been interested and investigating this gadget lately. I would make a great gift for a poor college student to give to her Dad and bring lots of smiles.

  6. Renata S says

    Merry Merry & Jolly Joy! A Sodastream is on my Mom’s Christmas wishlist for a top healthy nutritious gift! She loves her ginger ale and seltzer water so this would be fabulously festive to keep our family fit and trim and get a head start on all our healthy New Year’s Resolutions!
    I like Appetite for Health and I like Sodastream on Facebook and shared the link on my wall.

    I follow Appetite for Health and Sodastream on Twitter via @serene_streams and Tweeted:

    Also I’m a loyal reader and subscriber and share your article information.
    Thank you all so very much and Happy Holidays & New Year!

  7. Merle says

    My husband has one in his office – we love it and want one at home!!!!
    Will never drink Coke/Peosi et al again!!

  8. leda says

    We love fun fizzy water. Being able to make it ourselves will keep all those bottles out of the consumer stream. We’d love that. :)

  9. Katie M says

    I’ve signed up for your e-newsletter, and I follow you on twitter. Also, I “Like” SodaStream on Facebook. Plus, I tweeted about this giveaway:

    I’d love to win a SodaStream because my family and I really enjoy carbonated beverages. However, we are trying to be healthier, and the SodaStream would allow us to make better flavoring choices, as we could carbonate our own water and then add natural flavorings. Sounds refreshing!

  10. says

    I’d love to win this for my 3 children. As a rule we don’t have softdrink in our fridge (just beer and wine, lol) and sometimes sodawater, so this would be a treat and fun for the kids to watch. It is on our Wishlist for 2013… SodaStream = Bubbles of delight!!

  11. Kelly Paradise says

    I’d love to win a Sodastream because my husband is addicted to drinking diet soda & I feel it’s so unhealthy for him & it’s the one habit he just cannot seem to break & I would love for him to try the Sodastream so he can make healthier choices. Thanks for this wonderfully healthy giveaway :)

  12. Patricia says

    I would love to have one to put a little fizz in the kids juice so they would drink it better, Like sparkling grape, twinkling orange, and dazzling lemonade to name a few.

  13. angela m. says

    thank you for the giveaway! i absolutely love soda but now that im a nursing mom ive pretty much stopped drinking in and some of the alternatives are so pricey! I would love this to create my own seltzers with juice flavors and more healthy options!

  14. Martha Waugh says

    Thank you for offering this giveaway. I would love to win this to give to my husband for Christmas. He has been raving about it since seeing it at a friend’s house and it would be a nice surprise for him.

  15. Stacey Brouk says

    I would love to be able to make a healthier carbonated beverage. I’ve been thinking about buying one of these for a while!

  16. Jenefer Lynn says

    I’d like to win one because my old one got stolen :( Life just isn’t the same without it…seriously. When I first got it, I wasn’t sure if we’d use it all that much but I was wrong. We used it all the time! The kids loved it, I loved it, and honestly the drinks that we made with it tasted so good. My neighbors used to come over and ask if they could make some of the energy drink.

  17. says

    I’ve been wanting one of these since i seen a infomercial about a yr ago. I would love to offer the kids a variety of drinks to chose from, not just water all the time, and with this i would be able to do that!!

  18. Steven Marcrum says

    Would really like to try one of these and see if the flavors are really good and worth not just buying soda from the store!!

  19. says

    I’d love to win one because it would be fun to make our own soda and it would be a little healthier too. As an added plus it is better for the environment.

  20. Tracey Pullum says

    I would love a SodaStream because I dont care for artificial sweetners and I can control the sweetness.

  21. Rosemarie Rodriguez says

    I would like to win a soda stream, it would save alot of money and be healthier. Fresh and frizz drink at the touch, and it will help with environment, i don’t have to worry about recycling so much.

  22. Sandra Tilghman says

    I would love to win this so that I can give it to my almost 20 y/o daughter who so badly wants a Soda Stream but they are just way out of my budget. I would love for her to have it so that she can make a “healthier” soda.

  23. Andrea says

    I would love to win this. I will be such a healthy change for my family and a great change for the environment,

  24. Heather A says

    I follow you guys on Twitter – twilightsrose and have been fans of yours on FB – also liked SodaStream!

    I’d love a SodaStream because I can’t have aspartame (we discovered my cluster headaches were caused by that and MSG), and I know from looking that the SodaStream diet flavors don’t use aspartame. That would help a lot! And I love non-caffeine sodas, but it’s so hard finding ones I can drink!

  25. Crystal M says

    I’d love to win one of these to be able to make fizzy drinks with less sugar and experiment with making juice based seltzers and carbonated teas. My husband and I used to drink a carbonated tea drink with berry that used to be available in stores, but is no longer. If we could make it as home we’d be able to enjoy it again and reduce the amount of packaging we go through.

  26. jennifer woosley says

    I have been wanting a soda stream ever since they came out. I think my kids would really love making their sodas and seeing how they can be made at home. I like both FB pages and I shared on facebook and twitter @jenesparza

  27. Kelly S says

    I love carbonated beverages, but need to reduce the caffine and artifical sweetners in my diet. I would love this as I could control that intake and still enjoy carbonated beverages – plus have a terrific variety!

  28. says

    I’d love a SodaStream! I’ve always enjoyed the effervescence of carbonated drinks and am trying to stay with plain or 0-calorie flavored varieties without accumulating too many plastic bottles for recycling!

  29. Eileen Deliz says

    I’ve struggle to get my family to quit the excessively sugar-laden drinks. This would help me control that!

  30. Johanna Burnett says

    I would love to win this! My daughter is a fan of carbonated juices. We do not normally keep soda in the house, and this would be a huge treat for her!! She has tried this at several friends houses and has loved it, we just havn’t had the funds to buy one yet! I receive the e-newletter, like Soda stream on FB, and signed up for Twitter just to follow you!

  31. Kristin Troska says

    We would love a Sodastream at our house because we avoid artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. A Sodastream would let us control ingredients. I would love to try fizzy fruit and veggie juices. Carrot Fizz :) Tomato Bubble :) Kale & Blueberry Buzz :) Watermelon Froth :) Cucumber Effervesce :) Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays.

  32. Anne Calvo says

    Just like you said we all need to drink more water. I know I could get my hubby to lose 10lbs if I could win this machine

  33. Angelique Drummond says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I’d love a soda stream to take one more step at being more green by reducing the number of soda bottles and cans my house hold uses, and having fresh soda when we want it! I’d love to try their sugar free versions! Already liked Appetite for Health and Soda stream on facebook and twitter, am a newsletter subscriber. Shared on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and google+. Also told a few friends to come over and enter!

  34. Linda F says

    I’d like to win because my family likes to drink soda but I don’t like having to bring the empty bottles back to the store.

  35. carol yemola says

    I don’t drink a lot of soda and I hate to buy it and just have it lay around. I prefer to have freshly made!

  36. melissa says

    I would love to win this to give it to my sister in law. I think this would be so fun to use with her kids.

  37. Teresa C. says

    I would love a SodaStream for my house so I can cut down on the amount of plastic 2 liter bottles and aluminum cans that end up in recycling. It would also take up less room in my home and with all of the different colors it comes in it could match my other appliances :) I tweeted, shared on my Facebook and re-pinned to my pinterest. Please pick us!!

  38. Shelia says

    I would love to win the Soda Stream to not only help the enviroment by reducing, reusing & recycling but to help save all those trips to the grocery store. When we run out of soda at home someone always has to run to the store to get a 2 litre, and this would avoid those gaunts and would save greenhouse emissions also. I currently recycle everything I can but this would help cut down on taking from our planet and make my life easier. At my age it’s getting harder to carry those boxes into the house,

  39. Jennifer S. says

    I would love to win a Sodastream because the cost per bottle is so much less than buying full bottles at the store. It also doesn’t contain the amount of sugar that regular soda contains.

  40. says

    I would love love love to win this! I am a huge fan of sparkling water, and being able to make it on my own, would be amazing. Doing so would also allow me to cut down on the number of bottles around my house!

  41. says

    I absolutely love tonic water and carbonated water. Having a SodaStream would save me money on buying these at the store, and also would keep me from having to carry the heavy bottles from the store!

  42. Sarah W says

    I would love to win a SodaStream Source because it is a great way to make the soda flavors that I like, without all of the waste of plastic. Plus, it’s so easy to use.

    I receive your newsletter
    I follow you on Twitter
    I like SodaStream on FB

  43. Anthony says

    I like how this is a convenient way to always have soda “on hand” and you can control how much or how little you make at a time. I love that there is such a variety of flavors and each person can have a different flavor at the same time.

  44. denise rivera says

    i would love one of these i been trying to get my kids to eat and drink healthier things and they would love this we usually never have soda in the house maybe like 2 times a month so this would be a great thing for my kids they would love you guys forever hehe….. thanks for giving us the opportunity to get things most of us could not afford thank you thank you thank you …. you guys are the best

  45. Veronica says

    it’s healthier. i’ll be controlling what goes into my drink and i could have many different flavors rather than what’s out there

  46. James Burleson says

    Would really love this soda stream, it would reduce the amount of sodas i buy and help me control the sugar intake for my kids!!

  47. stacy conchas says

    I would love to win this machine so me and my daughter can make better alternatives other than soda!

  48. M Chamney says

    This would be such a money saver for us. I follow on twitter, liked on facebook, did everything.

  49. Lucia Adame says

    I liked and and shared on FB and re tweeted on Twitter :) I would love to win this for my family we all drink soda and we need to change our soda drinking habit we would make great flavors and enjoy it as a whole family.

  50. Kris B says

    I would love to win the Soda Stream as I would love to drink a healthier soda! I love that Soda Stream is eco friendly because you don’t use a ton of cans! They also have a great variety of flavors! Would be great for my New Year’s resolution of losing weight!

  51. megan says

    I love the idea that you have control of what goes into your drink……..I love soda water this this is something that I would love to have!!!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  52. Patricia Hancock says

    I love carbonated beverages and love that SodaStream is a green company. I would love to win this so I can save money and cut back on waste in landfills.

  53. Eliza Klinger says

    I like AFH and Sodastream on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I follow AFH on twitter: username @Chadley4ever
    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I would love the Sodastream to reduce the amount of plastic bottles and because it is so easy to use and make

  54. kira c says

    I would love to win a soda stream for the reduced waste and the healthier option for carbonated beverages. Also it gives a great variety.

  55. Linda Jordan says

    I would love to win a SodaStream for my son. He drinks lots of soda and this would be so much healthier for him. We don’t have recycling for our soda bottles so they all go to the land fills. Help us be healthier and save our planet. I signed up for your newsletter, liked SodaStream on FB, and now follow you on Twitter. Love your website so far.

  56. Sharon Norris says

    I think it would be great to make my own seltzer water. And my grandkids would have a ball with it.

  57. joanne gentry says

    There are very few healthy alternatives out there for the soda/pop we have all learned to enjoy. I have a very hard time with the sugar substitutes that they use, especially aspartame. I won’t use it anymore because it hurts my stomach.. An alternative like the sodastream would offer healthier options. I’m also sharing this with my sister who has 4 children who drink a large amount of soda; it would help her with her budget also.

    liked AppetiteforHealth on Facebook-joanne gentry
    liked Soda Stream on facebook
    Following on twitter as @softmemories1
    Shared on facebook–
    Shared on google+
    Shared on stumbleupon :

  58. Melissa M says

    I would love to win because my husband drinks a 12 pack of soda a day. We would save so much money!!

  59. Lori Williams says

    I want to win because my husband and I have been talking about getting one of these for a while. Would be a nice Christmas gift to ourselves. Thanks!

  60. says

    I really want to win a soda stream!! My son has been begging me for one, saying you can make healthy drinks with it. I wasn’t sure about it so I said no, but I would love to give this to him as a surprise and look into all the healthy drinks you can make. And to prove his big sister wrong. She thinks it’s only for soda :) Even if it was, u don’t need to add as much sweetener. Pleeeese let me surprise my son with this :)

  61. college Hughes- Behler says

    I would lovethis sodastream because I think this soda or drinks that can be made will be better for us than than purchased soda

  62. Catherine Kelleher says

    I would love to win, simply because we spend way too much money on Diet Soda in this household!

  63. Paula says

    We are trying to eat (and drink) more health-consciously… This would make it so much easier to go for a glass of water with a splash of lemon/lime juice, instead of any of the super-additive sodas!

  64. Paula Gillespie says

    I would love to win this because I have wanted one since they came out but can’t afford one. My husband drinks diet cokes like water and I love to drink sprite or ginger ale and my daughter does too, this would save us so much money if we had this product to make our own drinks. We also recycle everything so this would make me feel much better not buying so much plastic although I recycle them. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  65. Melissa Hysell says

    I would love to win a Sodastream because it is much healthier to make drinks at home and it would help my budget tremendously!

  66. says

    I don’t purchase soda for my family because I feel it’s unhealthy. Unfortunately, it’s still something my kids will drink if we are out for dinner. I’d love a SodaStream for creating healthier beverage options. I would also enjoy creating unique flavors using fresh fruits and herbs.

  67. michele malone says

    I like you both and get your newsletter. besides how much healthier making my own sparkling juices would be than conventional sodas, I love the fact that there is so much less throw away with one of these.

  68. Michelle Fellows says

    Oh my daughter would love this…I hope we can win this…Like on FB and Twitter…What a great treat this would be

  69. says

    I would like to win so that I could give this as a gift to my husband. He has been talking about a soda stream for a couple of months now. I myself would like to try some of the fruit flavors like grape.

  70. Lorraine says

    I would love to win a soda stream, I drink Seltzer all the time and making my own would be better for the environment instead of all the cans I use… :)

  71. Jessica says

    I would like to win a Soda Stream as I drink a lot of mineral water and carbonated beverages and end up wasting a lot of bottles, plastic ect..I would like to have the enjoyment of a nice carbonated beverage all in one machine!

  72. says

    I would love to win this for my daughter, who loves flavored seltzers but is on a tight budget. She could also make healthy sodas for her children!

  73. Carly Lauraine says

    I would love to have this great machine for my busy Dietetic Intern lifestyle! It would be a great addition to my small kitchen- I loveeee soda waters!

  74. Rachel Bowlden says

    Carbonation seems to hurt our tummies… I would love to be able to control how much we put in our sodas!

  75. Erin says

    I would like to win this for my husband, who loves pop but doesn’t want to drink it anymore because of the HFCS in it.

  76. says

    I have a Soda Stream and love it. I never open a soda that’s gone flat anymore. If I won this, I would give it to my mom, who will buy a bottle of soda, drink part of it and then throw the rest of it out because it went flat. I think she would enjoy it.

  77. Anh Thu says

    Shared on FB – Five Healthy Dinners in Less Than 20 Minutes! Would be fun to make carbonated juice drinks – like with with my mango and guava juices. :o)

  78. Cynthia Hric says

    Shared on Facebook. I would donate the prize to our church festival–I think it would be very popular and would raise some much needed funds.

  79. Lucia Alzaga says

    I would like to win the soda stream because I drink sparkling water all the time! I grew up drinking it! I could make my own beverages with it.

  80. Calshondra Williams says

    I would love a SodaStream so I can make my own soda for health reasons, recycle and save money.

  81. Calshondra Williams says

    Liked SodaStream on FB under name: Calshondra Williams
    Liked Appetite for Health on FB under name: Calshondra Williams
    Follow Appetite for Health on Twitter (@shonwms)

  82. Kelly D says

    I subscribe to your newsletter under kellywcuATyahooDOTcom, LIke SodaStream on FB(Kelly D Saver), Follow you on twitter(Kellydpa)
    I would like the Sodastream so I can make beverages at home without the time & expense of going out to the grocery store. Thanks!

  83. says

    Sometimes I would just like something carbonated! And I love soda stream because it gives you healthy options!! I would love to win this!

  84. says

    Hi Friends!
    So sorry for the delay in getting these winners announced—holiday craziness snuck up on me!
    Here are the five lucky winners of the SodaStream machines:

    Kristin T., Ahn Thu, Angelique D., Theresa W., and Steven M.
    Congrats to all! Look for an email from me in your inbox (please check your spam folders too just in case) and reply back to me within 48 hours to claim your prize.

  85. Meka says

    I really would love to have one of these since one of my kidneys went M.I.A. a juice/water only ‘diet’ when it comes to drinks gets really boring after awhile, this would definitely help keep me on the right path by making them more exciting.

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