Gifts of Good Health: NewMetro Juicer Giveaway!

NewMetro JuicerThis juicer is the perfect example of efficient simplicity—no muss, no fuss. Enter our NewMetro Juicer Giveaway today on Appetite for Health and you could win one of these great juicing gadgets ($18 value).

Big juicer too much for you? Do you really only need it to get lemon juice for recipes, or maybe an occasional glass of fresh OJ? Then this is your juicer.

NewMetro sent over their JuiceLab manual juicer for us to try, and we were pleasantly surprised. The NewMetro Design JuiceLab features a scientific beaker-like container that holds 5 oz. of juice. The slim design makes it easy to hold and the non-skid ring on the base keeps it from slipping. I was able to squeeze a lemon quickly, without much force, and got an instant measure of the amount of juice, while the strainer captured all the seeds and most of the pulp. The best part, though, was that there was no mess: no squirts on my face, no seeds flying off! Plus, the juice pours out easily—no dripping, no waste, no transferring to a measuring cup. If you have extra juice, no problem—just pop on in the plug-style lid and refrigerate.JuiceLab

NewMetro Design JuiceLab is completely BPA-Free, made in the USA of 100 percent recyclable plastic, and it’s dishwasher safe.  JuiceLab is ideal for for whipping up fabulous cocktails, as well as creating a myriad of sweet and savory recipes that call for citrus juice. I’m thinking this would make a good stocking stuffer for a foodie friend or someone who likes to cook healthy. So many recipes that are lower in fat and salt call for hits of citrus to amp up flavor. We like this one for those times when you need citrus juice and you need it quick and easy.

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  1. says

    Have something similar, mine measures 1/4 cup, or 60 ml, or 4 TBS, and these are great while making recipes, or just to juice up some citrus

  2. Tara says

    We have started using lots of fresh citrus juice in cooking instead of bottled and this would be great!

  3. 'Deji says

    I don’t have a juicer and would love to win this one. I use the old-fashioned method of a fork! I also shared the Best Protein-Rich Snacks to Lose Weight blog on Facebook.

  4. says

    I could really use one of these juicers!It’s getting harder to squeeze juice now that I’ve gotten older.This would be a big help!I have shared this giveaway on Facebook,and Tweeted too!

  5. shelley says

    i need this juicer to help me make lemon and lime juicde for hummus and guac …. love the shape of it!

  6. Jona says

    Not sure if I need one, but it sure would be fun to have one. It would make fresh healthy juice in the morning so much easier.

  7. darnel says

    i dont have a juicer it would help out allot since we will be getting a huge box of oranges soon…kids can squeeze their own juice

  8. Cheryl says

    Have just fell in love with fresh citrus this year by adding juice to snacks, veggies, and even oatmeal; I have lost weight by going ‘less processed foods’ and this tool would be perfect for that juice flavor!


    shared on facebook and twitter!!
    my kiddo loves freshly squeezed orange juice!! and we use lots of lime juices in our recipes!!

  10. Rebecca Lord says

    As much as I would love one, I would give it to my mom and step dad. My step dad grows his own fruit trees and veggies and they would love it after they pick their oranges (I bought him 3 orange trees a few years back for Christmas, and they produce a pretty good amount of fruit) thanks for the chanc to win =)

  11. Ellen says

    I can’t squeeze my citrus fruits with my hands like I used to, so this juicer looks like it would be helpful but not take up as much space in my kitchen as an electric juicer.

  12. Robin Wilson says

    I think that any gadget that is fun to use and will entice my son to do something healthy, make fresh juice, is a must for my kitchen!

  13. Heather A says

    I would love one – I use fresh lemon/lime/orange juice for recipes and the little juicer I have now isn’t cutting it anymore, sadly. Due to allergies, I am cooking more and more from scratch and the juicer would be a perfect fit to my slowly growing kitchen set. :)

  14. Tara A. says

    I would love the NewMetro Juicer in my kitchen because I make myself fresh muesli for every morning’s breakfast, and I use fresh juice of an orange in it. It is difficult to efficiently squeeze out orange juice with just my hands, and I know I am wasting a lot.

  15. Joe G says

    WE drink lots of juice and this would be fun for the kids and encourage them to drink healthy. Thanks and shared on FB.

  16. Jane Downes says

    This would make it easy to add that healthy burst of flavor from lemon/lime/orange.
    Shared on Pinterest.

  17. sarah shult says

    I like you on FB as Edward S. I need this juicer because our electric juicer doesn’t work at all & we need something new:)

  18. says

    Shared via facebook and twitter. The New Metro juicer would be perfect for making fresh citrus juice. It would also be handy for making juice for use i recipes.

  19. Sandy Smith says

    Over Thanksgiving I was trying to juice some lemons with a fork – just doesn’t work very well! This would help so much!

  20. Becky Strauss says

    Awesome juicer! I love fresh citrus juice in a lot of things. This looks incredibly user friendly and handy.

  21. gina welborn says

    Wow! When I saw the picture of the lemon juicer and then read how easy it is to work I thought”this would be an excellent gift for my friend Karen”. I haven’t got her gift and she has REALLY BAD rheumatiod arthritis and has been searching for something she can use to juice lemons! I’m also sharing on Facebook!

  22. Kristin Troska says

    This would be perfect for my very old no electric outlet kitchen. I would love to juice lemons and limes with this awesome juicer. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays.

  23. Jan Burgess says

    That is a really neat juicer.. My daughter and I just juiced lemons last week. Squeezed them that is.. I considered digging out my old depression glass one but thought better of it.. Who knows where that has been…

  24. Anne Egan says

    Juicing and measuring at the same time! This would be a great addition to my kitchen and save washing extra measuring cups :)

  25. Pam says

    I LOVE fresh squeezed juice, there is nothing like it. I love the ease of this and the compact size. I have next to no counter space. This would be perfect to have!

  26. Lori says

    I need it because right now I use a fork and a mesh strainer to get my fruit juiced minus the seeds. This gadget looks awesome! I’d love to win it!

  27. Karen D says

    I like the fact that it does it all with one gadget! Juice, strain & measure without dirtying multiple utensils. And it is compact…takes up less space in my tiny kitchen!

  28. Esmeralda Velasquez says

    My mom squeezes my daughter fresh orange juice daily, old-school style. An easier way to strain & pour would make it so much easier! (maybe is actually do it once in a while!)

  29. Jenn says

    I drink the juice of one lemon mixed with a liter of water first thing every morning. This nifty gadget would save me from getting lemon juice in any paper cuts. Not that I have any. But if I did. (I shared this on Twitter… I also hired a small aircraft to write this in the sky :)

  30. Teresa C. says

    This would be awesome for recipes where you have to measure out juice but I think my boys who eat tons of grapefruit would get the most use out of this. No more sticky messes from juicing grapefruits laden with sugar :) Shared this on my Facebook page and re-pinned on my Pinterest under “A Healthy Me”! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  31. Jennifer says

    I’ve always wanted a juicer, whether it be manual or electric and this one looks really neat and is simple enough. I would love to have fresh squeezed juice in the morning.

  32. Diane Mason says

    I don’t have a juicer and would love to find some great oranges and make the greatest juice!

  33. Hannah F says

    We have a lime tree so this juicer would be awesome to have! We trade some limes for our neighbors lemons and grapefruits. Yum!

  34. angela marie says

    I would love to share with my kids how fresh juice is made using this and get us on a healthy track instead of store bought juices

  35. Anthony says

    I love how this has a built in measuring tool to measure the juice. This would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  36. Zachary says

    I think every Chef should have one of these (ME!) This would be awesome for cooking when fresh lemon or other citrus juices are called for in a recipe.

  37. katie says

    why I need a new NewMetro Design JuiceLab in my kitchen is I don’t have an juicer yet i could use one to start my morning off heahtly

  38. Steph says

    I’ll be going to Vegas and adding this baby to my suitcase will make mixing fresh squeezed juice into my drinks a whole lot easier.
    Fresh lime and orange juice always adds zest and this juicer looks handy!

  39. barbie ryan says

    I shared your link on Facebook. :) I need this Juicer because I love lemonade and limeade, drink them all the time, so I go through a lot of lemons and limes. I love how refreshing they are, it is my preferred drink. This gadget would make things so much easier for me!

  40. patricia jones says

    If had one of these juicers I would make more recipes that called for fresh squeezed juice for recipes. Neat idea

  41. Beth says

    I use lemon or lime juice everyday in my morning tea, massaged kale salads, dressings, etc. I could USE this awesome juicer!

  42. Jess L says

    Not only for food (and tea), but also I would use the NewMetro Design JuiceLab as an eco-friendly multi-surface cleaner! You can make cleaners mixing baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice for all types of stains all-naturally without harmful chemicals! *inspired by FullCircle products that I recommend (:

  43. Anh Thu says

    5 Ways to Lighten Up the Festival of Lights shared on FB. This would be easier to squeeze fresh orange juice and lemon juice for baking. Thanks

  44. Belinda says

    I don’t have a juicer but I have a beautiful lemon tree that is giving me lemons every year so I would love to try this on them. Thanks!

  45. Rachel says

    A citrus press/juicer is on my “kitchen gadget wish list.” I love using lemons for salads and many other recipes. This would be very convenient to have!

  46. shashi jani says

    Want to win a JuiceLab in our NewMetro Juicer Giveaway.I need a juicer for me and my kids!!
    My kids love oranges and mannier times ts difficult to take the juice out!! eiter the juicer is out or takes time to assemble and juice out and wash and keep out!! So need easy solution…\\
    Me needs to squeeze lemons and hubby and kids need to squeeze oranges!!
    And its perfect that fulfills everyone`s requirement!!

  47. Kay Garrett says

    I would love to have this juicer. It would be a way to use fresh and to use all the produce’s wonderful juice with such little effort. Shared on my facebook wall and also mentioned it via email to two special friends to make sure they saw it. Thanks for the chance and hoping to be one of the lucky ones.

  48. denise rivera says

    I’d love to have one of these! I do not own something like this. i just recently started eating better , this could help me stay on that track . also just quit smoking a few months ago =) thanks for your wonderful page.

  49. jennifer woosley says

    I make lemonade all the time usually with just lemon juice. I would love to make it from fresh lemons and have some pulp in with my lemonade.

  50. says

    Well, we don’t own any type of fruit juicers, but we would like to have this NewMetro Juicer to receive as a gift. We have been making our own squeezed juices by hand which is quite time consuming and a whole lot of effort to perform. And at times, we just simply would buy our fruit juices in the grocery stores instead. It could come in handy when in making juicing just a little bit easier for us.

  51. says






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