Gifts of Good Health: Microplane Elite Grater Giveaway!

Microplane graterToday’s Gifts of Good Health series features a Microplane Grater that can take the hassle out of this cooking chore for someone you love (or yourself)!

Enter our Microplane Elite Grater Giveaway today—it’s a one-day giveaway, details below. 

We’re fans of gadgets that make cooking healthy easier, faster and more pleasurable. This grater does it for us. In fact, we think this grater is so great that we arranged for five of our loyal Appetite for Health readers to win one of their own in our Microplane Elite Grater Giveaway.

When you ask dietitians and chefs what kitchen tools they recommend to make healthy cooking easier, a Microplane grater is nearly always on the list. Why? Well, ingredients that require grating, such as lemon and lime peel, ginger, and good quality hard cheeses add zing to healthy recipes when sodium and fat are reduced. Using ingredients like these are often what makes a good dish into a great dish. And why Microplane? They’re well-made and they work like a charm.

If you’re anything like me, and grating grates on your nerves, maybe it’s time to switch graters. Typical graters are messy, and grating into a bowl or onto a cutting board is sometimes awkward and inefficient. This new Microplane Elite Series Ribbon Grater eliminates these issue with its special transparent cover that doubles as a catcher and measuring cup, so you can catch everything you grate—and then quickly measure it (up to 1 cup). A sturdy rubber foot keeps the grater from sliding around on the counter as you grate, too. Just think, friends, no more migrating grater moving across the counter, and no more grated tidbits flying around the kitchen! It’s dishwasher safe, so clean-up is a breeze, and when it’s time to put it away, the cover doubles as protection for the grater (and your fingers), keeping its blades super sharp when it’s not being used. I got one in my Christmas stocking years ago and boy was I glad it came with a cover!

Microplane grater

This Elite Series Ribbon Grater also makes elegant, thin strips that add interesting texture to garnishes, salads, and other dishes, and is ideal for grating chocolate, soft and hard cheeses, and all kinds of veggies. Right now this American-made grater is available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma—but you could win one here by entering our contest!

To enter our or Microplane Elite Grater Giveaway, first sign up for our e-newsletter AND also “Like Microplane on Facebook”.  Be sure to follow @microplane and @appetite4health on Twitter.  Then, tell us in the comment section below what you’d cook if you won a new Microplane Elite Series Ribbon Grater (we know you can come up with something besides coleslaw)! Enter by Sunday, Dec. 8th at midnight.

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  1. Amy Engelman says:

    I would make potato pancakes… this would be perfect! I haven’t made them in ages because I had to part with my old, well-used grater. Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone!

  2. Lori Williams says:

    I use a lot of zest when I bake, so this would be wonderful. I would also make a baked gluten free mac n cheese with freshley grated Sharp cheddar and colby jack!! Thanks!

  3. Lori Williams says:

    I also posted this giveaway on my twitter @icalledonjesus . Thanks!

  4. Martha frenz says:

    I love to bake and would use for zesting fruit and fresh nutmeg in my recipes.

  5. I am signed up for your e-newsletter AND I also “Like” Microplane. I would love a microplane for zesting my lemons and limes. I am tired of trying to do the same with a potato peeler!

  6. Camille P. says:

    If I won a new Microplane Elite Series Ribbon Grater, would make sugared lemon rind to sprinkle on my lemon meringue pies and also potato latkes – my husband’s favorite treat.

  7. jennifer woosley says:

    I would cook something italian..maybe a lasagna where I had to use fresh cheeses and use the grater!

  8. I like you all on facebook and follow on twitter!
    Microplanes are the best! I would use it to zest oranges and make Panettone, a traditional Christmas bread from my culture! I like making mini loaves and giving it as gifts to all my friends during this time of the year!

  9. I would make a great homemade cheeseball for Christmas!It would be perfect for grating onions,peppers,and cheese.I have shared on Facebook,and also Tweeted!

  10. I would make Lemon Butter Chicken and use the microplane to zest the lemon.

  11. Juanita Davis Edwards says:

    I would make Lemonade with lemon & lime zest!

  12. This would be a great tool for all the recipes that call for “zest” of one kind or another.

  13. I would love to use the Microplane Elite Grater for all or most types of foods into many recipes that calls for zesting, grating, shaving, and garnishing.

  14. There are so many possibilities – lime zest for cilantro lime brown rice, grated nutmeg and ginger for my holiday recipes, shallots for herb cream cheese, lemon zest for lemon chicken, a wedge of parmesan for parmesan chicken orzo or cinnamon for hot cinnamon apples – I don’t know which I’d make first!

  15. I signed up for the newsletter and posted on twitter.

  16. I would do LOTS of baking!

  17. I would zest a lime and make tilapia fish tacos.

  18. If I won a new Microplane Elite Series Ribbon Grater, I’d cook up some Sima, a traditional Finnish drink made with lemons (and requiring lots of lemon zest).

  19. I am making cookies for Christmas that call for orange zest and would love a grater that doesn’t mush up the zest. I also love hard cheese fresh grated on everything Italian. YUM

  20. butternut squash hash!

  21. i use it to get lemon zest for my lemon tart. i also shared on facebook and twitter

  22. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    The first thing I’d do is grate some orange and lemons to make extract. I have my first bottles of vanilla, strawberry, and raspberry extracts almost ready and have read about the citrus. Can’t wait to try them in syrups and frostings as well as baking.
    Like on FB
    Follow on twitter as mbm218

  23. Jennifer Hanzich Morgan says:

    This would be the perfect tool to grate something called “Buddha’s Hand”. It’s like a lemon, but has long fingers…and it’s so fragrant and looks soooooo interesting. If I got the chance to win one of these graters, I’d buy one of the buddha’s hands, which are only available in the produce section around the holidays and I would concoct some holiday drinks using lots of the zest and would bake lots of holiday shortbread cookies.

    Will be sharing this on Facebook and Pinterest!

  24. If I won I would make Romanian cookies and cakes! A lot of them call for zest or for ground nuts! And this would be perfect!! Thank you so much!

  25. I have always wanted one, I would LOVE to win this! I would make all of the recipes I have that require lemon zest, but I never use because i dont have one

  26. I shared on facebook, pintrest and twitter!

  27. I would use it for lemon zest – LOVE lemon and cook with it as often as I can. And of course, I’d use it for nutmeg – I mean with it being eggnog season and all 😉

  28. Catherine Kelleher says:

    I would make Sweet Potato Pancakes with Vegetable Caponata topped with Fresh Toasted Breadcrumbs. I’d use the Microplane for the potato shredding, and I make my own fresh breadcrumbs, so it would be used for breadcrumbs, as well. I have followed the directions above, and I chose the Holiday Sugar Cookie Rehab to re-post to my FB, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

  29. I’m fan of you e-newsletter AND also “Like Microplane on Facebook”. if I won a new Microplane Elite Series Ribbon Grater I would make sweet potato pancakes topped with Greek yogurt and white cheddar cheese

  30. I do A LOT of baking for the holidays. It would definitely come in handy !!!!!

  31. Charlotte Greer says:

    curries and baking, oh the possibilities are endless. shared on facebook and twitter. thanks

  32. I would make latkes and zucchini pancakes!

  33. Teri Melton says:

    I have a little grater that works for nutmeg but just will not zest citrus, so I would be putting citrus zest in almost everything! I would use it for parmesan cheese for all my pasta recipes, and I suppose the first would be pasta Carbonara because I love it so much. Yes I get your newsletter and follow you on FaceBook, and liked Microplane on FaceBook.

  34. This would be perfect for zest, my current grater is very small and makes quite the mess :)

  35. Heaps of Parmesan would be grated over everything! Looks amazing!

  36. Use it to zest my chocolate for my desserts.

  37. Dorothy Hull says:

    We have lemon, orange, tangelo and grapefruit trees in our backyard and would love a really good zester!

  38. I have a recipe for orange oatmeal cookies so this gadget would be perfect for that!!

  39. This would be perfect for when I bake anything with zucchini! Not to mention the lemon and limes we zest with a small zester, my daughter gave up at Thanksgiving because it took so long to go around a whole lemon:)

  40. Grate cheese for pizza…mix of parm & mozz!

  41. Lime zested sugar cookies!

  42. jacintha martis says:

    I would cook pasta and use the microphane to grate cheese.

  43. Kirsten Klein says:

    I would love to be able to create my own zest for recipes, I Shared this on my Facebook page!

  44. Looks like a great zester. Never had one that worked quite right!

  45. This would be awesome for baking! Zesting for lemon cookies and cakes, chocolate shavings for various treats. I bet this would work so much better than the old hand held grater I have now!

  46. oh anything with lemon zest…cookie, cupcakes…=]

  47. NANCY VALLANCE says:

    wow. i would LOVE THIS. I changed my diet to paleo and im feeling fantastic. this would enable me to bee even healthier. its a fantastic juicer.

  48. Ooooh….lemon zest, grated mozzarella, shaved chocolate – there are lots of uses for this grater! And I love that it won’t make the big mess I’m used to. :-)

    Subscribed, liked & liked.

  49. I would make my ginger orange bulgur wheat recipe that uses a bunch of orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum!

  50. Marge Bowman says:

    I have a recipe for zucchini & carrot ribbons I’ve been wanting to try. This would be perfect for it!

  51. Marge Bowman says:

    oops, I followed both on twitter, I’m @Margebow and liked fb pages :)

  52. allison wagoner says:

    I’d make a delicious carrot and raisin salad. I’d also made homemade mac and cheese. :-)

  53. karen shaughnessy says:

    I would use this for zesting lemons to use on my salads.I don’t use dressing, just a sprinkle of lemon juice and/or olive oil. My zester is a dinosaur, and has never worked properly. Thanks for the opportunity! I now follow on twitter too..and retweeted about the giveaway.

  54. Nicole Ianni says:

    I would use this to make my lasange, I use freshly grated lemon zest,parmesan cheese and nutmeg on a daily basis so this would come in handy!! Shared on Facebook!

  55. always adding fresh nutmeg to my mashed boniato, and orange zest to my steamed kale

  56. I have wanted a microplane grater for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to getting one yet. Will you be my Santa and bring me one. I’m also following on Twitter.

  57. Bonnie Cooper says:

    Yes, all of the above uses + more!! Love zesting citrus, though–to add a pop to sauces :)

  58. Kristin Troska says:

    I would throw out my old cracked ribbon planer. I would use it for hard cheese. Thanks.

  59. I would zest lemons for a topping on lemon bars!

  60. Anything that involves Grano Padano!

  61. Liked everything on facebook & twitter. I would make use it for zesting citrus for lemon curd.

  62. Potato pancakes!! mmmm

  63. Teresa C. says:

    Latkes and Lemon Meringue Pie. I have shared on my Facebook and pinned to Pinterest.

  64. I would love to use a microplane to grate chocolate! I like Appetite4Health and Miroplane on FB, follow on Twitter and tweeted at

  65. I would bake some homeade 5 cheese bread

  66. Teresa Mueller says:

    Nutmeg,ginger,parmesan,orange,lemon,lime….so many healthy things to add to cooking. I’ve liked on fb, shared,posted pintrest and get your e-mail!

  67. Rachel Garner says:

    I’d use the microplane with the fruits and spices i use when making water kefir -so yummy!

  68. Rachel Garner says:

    like you-all and microplane on fb, shared on fb and pined on pinterest. I also get you newsletter :-)

  69. I’d add some lemon zest to my cheesecake…and cheese to lasagna!
    Liked and following on twitter
    Also sharing on twitter, fb and pinterest!

  70. lemon zest and fresh grated Parmesan for gnocchi.

  71. Jennifer S. says:

    I would use this to make a veggie lasagna. I would grate the mozzarella cheese with it.

  72. Jess Louie says:

    Oo.. first I’d use the grater to get some orange zest and fold it into a warm chocolate cake so it has that citrusy sweet flavor. Then I’d use it to shave some quality smooth chocolate to top of the whipped cream. Subtle flavor notes, but excellent taste!

  73. Cynthia Hric says:

    Veggies can be “hidden” in all kinds of things like meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, even baked goods. Every little bit of nutrition helps!

  74. Adding carrot and/or citrus zest curls really dress up salads to make them even prettier!

  75. What would I cook ? The real question is..what wouldn’t I cook ? I could zest up all of the lemons from my Meyer lemon tree and grate lots of cheese… ooh lots of goodies too numerous for this comment box !

  76. I love making scones with zest in it.

  77. Robin Robertson says:

    I hope I get one since love to grate with lemon, and of course cheese, cheese,and more cheese

  78. I would use it to shred potatoes and onions to make my mother in laws famous German Latkes. They taste amazing and this handy tool would make it so much easier.

  79. Grate cheeses for salads and Italian dishes

  80. Every great chef needs great tools and this is definitely one of them. I could do so much with this, but my favorite would be grating fresh ginger into my stir-fry beef. Would love to win this. Thanks!

  81. Sharon Norris says:

    Carrot Cake, Yumm!

  82. Maria Edie says:

    I would zest a lot of lemons for lemon bars, cookies, pies. Anything lemon.

  83. Lemons, ginger, fresh cinnamon, oranges, garlic, oh the list could go on and on!!!

  84. Cheesecake with a chocolate crust and lots and lots of orange zest!

  85. anne hill says:

    i would cook a fresh pizza w/ hard grat parm on top!

  86. Use it for lots of”zest”!

  87. gina welborn says:

    I use grated lemon peel in my herbal iced tea with a little Naked juice EVERY DAY! I would really wear one of these out!LOL
    PS. I shared on FB AND Pinterest..;-)

  88. I would use it to zest Lemons to make homemade limoncello.

  89. olivia tokarz says:

    I use lemon zest on everything! Microplane is the best!

  90. Hannah Farrel says:

    We have a lime tree and it’s citrus season! I’d put lime zest on everything!! I shared on FB, too.

  91. Ineke Ojanen says:

    Add orange and lemon zest to muffins!

  92. Michelle Fellows says:

    What to make? I would have to try out some new things if I won this. Liked and shared on FB and twitter.

  93. I would grate beetroot to make a sweet and sour brazilian salad

  94. I need a lemon zester bad. Pick me ! Pick me!

  95. This would be perfect for grating fresh nutmeg which is a popular spice in many of my fall and winter recipes.

  96. I would use it to grate potato to make potato pancakes.

  97. I would use it to make lemon pi e.

  98. Kaydee Lynn says:

    Cranberry-Orange relish. It is healthy, brightly colored, and delicious.

  99. I would grate lemon zest to put on top of my custard.

  100. Janet Cossette says:

    The European Christmas cookies and cakes my family bakes require lots of lemon and orange zest and nuts. I also grate horseradish from my garden to give as gifts during the holidays.
    Shared on fb.

  101. Kathleen Conner says:

    I’d like to use it for more authentic lemon chicken

  102. i would mostly use it to zest lemons

  103. I like both Appetite for Health and Microplane on facebook. I shared via twitter as @kzarr and shared on facebook. The first thing I would make with the wonderful miicroplane grater would be a lemon pound cake with loads of lemon zest!

  104. Oh the possibilities are endless! I’ve been wanting a Microplane for quite sometime now. I am so ready to start zesting my lemons to add a fresh taste to my salads & marinades! It would also be ideal to grate nutmegs to add that pizaz to my meat dishes & to shred cheese on my salads! How sturdy these look! Love them! <3

  105. I would grate ginger and mix it with soy sauce and black vinegar for a dip for dumplings.

  106. Eliza Klinger says:

    I like AFH and Microplane on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I follow AFH and Microplane on twitter
    username Chadley4ever
    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I would love to make a delicious low fat healthy version of lasagna using this grater to grate the cheeses…yum!!

  107. I would love to make a lasagna with freshly grated mozzarella cheese :)
    Followed on FB and Twitter, pinned and shared on twitter and FB!

  108. John Billiris says:

    I’d love to use this for nutmeg for pumpkin pie.

  109. Easy Applesauce Cake shared on FB. Would be fun to try using it to make potato, carrots and onions pancakes to eat with applesauce. Thanks

  110. Hi Friends! Here are the lucky winners of the microplane grater:
    Jennifer H-M., Catherine K., Karen D., Kirsten K. and Lauren M.

    Congratulations! Look for an email today from me (check your spam folder too just in case) with details on how to claim your prize–you’ll need to get back to me in the next couple days.

    Everyone else, keep on entering–we’ve got lots of cool stuff to give away this month! And thanks for sharing AFH content on your social media–we do take that into consideration. Maybe next time will be your turn to win! Fingers crossed for you!

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