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Know a foodie who likes to flaunt their “foodiness”? Check out Foodspiration for some gift-giving inspiration—and enter our Foodspiration Tote Giveaway ($24 value) today!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for a nice gift that features beautiful food art on it—my house is filled with plates, bowls, mugs, artwork and objects d’art graced with fruit and veggie graphics. (And my stationery and thank you cards frequently feature anything from kumquats to carrots.) Some might even say (and they have), that I’m a bit over the top with my penchant for pretty produce pictures.

I’m not alone—lots of foodies like these kinds of things—and so do other health and fitness-minded folks. If you know someone who might like t-shirts, notecards, tote bags and other foodie/health inspirational items, check out Foodspiration. It’s a product line created by Registered Dietitian Yvette Quantz and designer Stephanie Weibring. Foodspiration was created on core values that are intended to help people live healthier, happier, more vibrant lives. Says Yvette, “We know that if you fuel your body with good and healthy food, and feed your mind with positive thoughts and words, you will continue to amaze yourself and those around you with all you can do.” It doesn’t get more positive than that!

While we are partial to the “I Like It Local” tote bag (so appropriate for taking to the farmer’s market!), during this month, all T-shirts from Foodspiration are $10.00 off when you use the code HOLIDAYSALE at checkout. And you can feel extra good about your purchase because 5% of all proceeds from the Foodspiration™ product lines go to support Fed Up Inc.,, a non-profit organization that educates girls and boys ages 5-25 on positive body image, self esteem, and healthy living.

Want to be one of five lucky friends who will win a “I Like It Local” tote in our Foodspiration Tote Giveaway? To enter, first make sure that you have signed up for our no-spam-ever newsletter, and also be sure to “Like” Foodspiration on Facebook, too.  Then, leave us a comment below (not on Facebook) letting us know why YOU like it local! Enter by Sunday, Dec. 9th at midnight! Contest open to US and Canadian residents.

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  1. Michelle Fellows says:

    Love to support the local farms by shopping at the farmers markets and fruit stands.

  2. I love to buy local because that’s how I get the FRESHEST fruits and veggies. Plus reusable bags are required in DC and parts of Maryland, so this would be great.

  3. Darby Brazoski says:

    I have a CSA throughout the summer-it tastes so much better than the stuff you get in the grocery store!

  4. Like to support my local “friends”!!

  5. I like to buy local because it helps everyone!The grower,seller,and the buyer! I have shared,and tweeted about this giveaway too!

  6. Trista Imhof says:

    We buy from our local farmers often. The farmers market here is wonderful!!

  7. love local, fresh for sure

  8. I love local because local produce is fresher, healthier and has a smaller carbon footprint! I “like” both of you, am subscribed to your newsletter and tweeted this giveaway at !

  9. jennifer woosley says:

    I go local because you know you are helping people in your community and thats a good feeling to know that you are helping your local economy!

  10. Shopping local is the easiest way to insure that I know where my products came from and how they were grown/raised/made. Plus, it supports MY local economy!

  11. dianne clark says:

    we buy local because you get the fresh,healthy andnatural food.

  12. Alison Harvey says:

    Shopping local guaranteess fresh produce , and what could be better than supporting local farmers .

  13. billie jean says:

    Is rather have foods from people and farmers I know, than people and factories thousands of miles away!

  14. Rebecca Lord says:

    love it local because i live in a small town where you still see tractors on the road, and I love to support the farmers….We even have a small grocery store that has a whole lot of our local peoples stuff in it, from veggies to honey to even season salt…

  15. I like it local because i know it’s the freshest, and organic unlike the grocery store!!

  16. claudette knestrick says:

    i like fresh foods and supporting local economy.

  17. Shared on FB and Twitter!!

  18. I like to eat local because fresh food is the best there can be!

  19. Teresa Melton says:

    I would be so proud to carry this in my local farmers’ market. I strongly believe it is much better for my family’s health and for the earth to shop locally, and it is so impressive talking to them because they really care about their products!

  20. the things are usually fresher, which makes for more nutricious.

  21. Fresh foods are the best local and the best quality.

  22. Fresher, and in rural New England, know your farmer. Also alleviates the carbon footprint trucking cross-country!

  23. tammy vangen says:

    Our city just opened a year round Farmers Market! That is sooo exciting!

  24. I have no-spam-ever newsletter, and I also “Like” Foodspiration on Facebook. I like living local the farmers market and whole foods are my favorite place to shop

  25. Jennifer F. says:

    I like the freshness of local produce and helping the local farmers by supporting them.

  26. Love shopping local farmers markets! The food is fresh and delicious!

  27. Amy Engelman says:

    I like to buy local because the produce is fresh and delicious and I know where it is coming from. I also love to support local farmers because I know the price of seed and the cost of maintaining a productive farm has been going up, and I am from an area where farming is the main source of income for many.

  28. I like shopping local because I want to know where my food comes from and also to support the local farmers.

  29. If we didn’t have a farmer’s market (which just decided to extend it’s run through the entire winter) we wouldn’t eat cheese or eggs or apples at my house! There is nothing better than getting to know the farmers and snagging great deals on exceptional produce and products.

  30. Andrea Zeng says:

    Food grown locally taste better.

  31. Robin Wilson says:

    I like to get to know the people behind the food! Then I know exactly what I ‘m getting and what went into it from start to finish. I buy fresh whenever it is possible here.

  32. I grew up on a farm in the middle of now where. I understand the hard work and long hours farmers put forth each day to feed us.Thus, I enjoy supporting local farmers and find great health benefits in eating local grown produce.

  33. Jane Downes says:

    Love fresh foods. Also we have made good friends with interesting people — farmers, cheese maker, baker by attending Farmers Market weekly. A sense of community along with a helping of good health. :-)

  34. For our health and our future, my family and I shop seasonally, locally, and sustainably. It’s nice to see Foodinspiration promote those philosophies.

  35. I love buying local in my community because it’s so tight-knit that I am buying for my health and from my friends!

  36. so satisfying to see the same farmers selling at the farmer’s market each week, and getting to know them

  37. I like it local because seasonal local food tastes the best!!!

  38. Every fall we get at least 4 bushels of roma tomatoes from one of our local farmers markets for puree, nothing in a jar on the supermarkets shelf can compare to local fresh produce, and nothing tastes better then fresh tomatoe sauce. You know when you buy local it’s fresh.

  39. Megan Steffel says:

    I liked the page AND shared it on Facebook (: (I am already part of the newsletter!)

    I like it local because I know exactly where my food was grown and made, and I know that my purchases came right out fresh from a farm. I love supporting my local farmers! I also love that my food seems to taste a lot better when I buy it local rather than when I buy it from a large corporation food store. And, it’s cheaper buying local sometimes! (:

  40. Vickie Alford says:

    I like it local because I know my neighbors and I trust their growing practices. I also would rather help out the local farmers than the larger corp farms. We small farm farmers like to stick together. :)

  41. Local produce helps local economy and farmers. The food is fresher and its better for environment, too less gas shipping product too.

  42. Shared on FB:December Slow-Cooker Recipe: “Deconstructed” Stuffed Cabbage Stew. Love local because foods are fresh, taste better and helping out the local farmers and business at the same time.

  43. I support local because it helps the LOCAL economy!

  44. Because it’s better for my body, my community, my earth.

  45. Shared on Facebook AND Pinterest!

  46. Oops! I messed up my email on that last post.

  47. Cynthia Hric says:

    It is the eco-friendly thing to do.

  48. Juanita Davis Edwards says:

    I like it local because I want fresh food that it’s full of nutrients. Food that’s trucked or shipped from afar is no longer fresh and was picked before the fruits and vegetables were fully ready so not as nutritious as that which is grown locally.

  49. Local is the freshest and the freshest is best! Reminds of apple picking at local orchids a few miles from my childhood home.

  50. Jennifer S. says:

    I like to support my local farmers. It helps to keep the economy moving in my neighborhood, as well as I am guaranteed fresh and delicious produce!

  51. Esmeralda Velasquez says:

    I always keep taxes local! & when it comes to my food, I prefer to go straight to the original source. Besides, I always use my reusable totes, so this would be a fun, new addition!

  52. Hello friends!
    Here are the winners of the Foodspirations Tote prize!
    Darby B., Claudette D., Tammy V., Jane D. and AnnMarie.
    Congrats to all! Look for an email from me today (check your spam folder just in case) with info on how to claim your prize.
    Tell your twitter followers and FB friends that you won on AFH!

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