What I Ate Yesterday: Keep a Food Journal to Double Your Weight Loss

diet journalIf you keep a food journal, you can double your weight loss. 

Research consistently shows that writing down what you eat and drink can help you lose weight and keep it off.  Dieters who keep food journals lose, on average, twice as much weight as those who don’t write down what they eat.

I have a calendar notebook that I use only to record my diet and exercise habits. I admit, I don’t always fill it out, but when I do, my diet gets an instant upgrade.

Here’s what I recorded in my diet journal yesterday:

5:45 a.m.:  3 Mandarins and 1 cup oatmeal with 2 Tbs Greek yogurt on way to my CrossFit gym

CrossFit 6 & 7 am class:  Workout 1:  5 Rounds: 15 Dumbell cleans @ 30 pounds, 30 walking lunges with 20 pound dumbbell overhead, 10 push press @ 80 pounds

Workout 2: 20 minutes every On the Minute 3 Heavy Back Squats (odd minutes) Even minutes 6 box jumps and 6 KBS

8:20 am: 12 ounce soy latte

9:00 am: 1 slice whole wheat toast with peanut butter, 2 mandarins–felt hungry after CF

1 slice Provolone cheese

12:30 pm: Lunch

Salad with chicken, black beans, avocado with dressing

3:30 tea and 1 apple with peanut butter

6:00 Healthier General Tso’s Chicken recipe  (stir-fried chicken with lots of broccoli and carrots) over Jasmine rice

7:30 Tea

Half of chocolate chip cookie

If you record what you eat, use our hunger scale to gauge your hunger before and after you eat, so that you start to eat according to your hunger and not your emotions.hunger scale

I should also keep a water goal to drink half my body weight every day in water.  I don’t do this so tracking it would help meet reach this important goal.

Recording in your journal right after you eat is best; which is why I personally prefer a notebook rather than an online program.  When I’ve used online trackers, I miss more days and only load the information at night when I’ve forgotten half of what I’ve eaten.


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    I believe there are several trackers that have mobile apps. Might want to try Pounds off or My fitness pal or maybe spark people has a mobile app


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