Best Diet and Fitness Quotes to Keep You on Track

you have a choice“It’s cold out.”  “Ugh….my workout partner just texted that she’s not  meeting me at the track.”  “I’m too tired to cook tonight.” “I’ll start for real tomorrow.”

Sound familiar? If so, use some of the best inspirational diet and fitness quotes to keep you on track—starting now!.

We all need extra motivation–especially on Mondays–to help us put our best foot forward on the hardest day of the week. While it may seem hard, there’s no better time than Monday to get it right.

Research shows that when you start your week eating well and working out, you’ll be more likely to do so all week long. In addition, when your first meal of the day is stellar, your daily diet is better than if you skip breakfast or eat low-quality choices (read: doughnuts, muffins, baked goods or sugary cereals).

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challenge to change


yesterday you said tomorrow


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don't give up




get it right


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    Good stuff! I also like to tell people to stop the “Monday diet;” I hear so many people say “I am starting my diet on Monday,” Instead, start eating healthy at the very next meal occasion…don’t wait until Monday.

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    thank you for this great list of quotes they are very motivational and bring a lot of inspiration. My favourite is “yesterday you said tomorrow” it makes me smile but hurts me too because I know that I have to do more.

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