Another Perfect POM Giveaway!

PomPoms arilsOur fans LOVE their Pom Wonderful Pomegranates, so we arranged to hook you up with POM’s latest—PomPoms Arils (the juicy edible part)—already prepped and ready for snacking or cooking! Enter our Perfect POM Giveaway to win one of 10 PomPoms prize packs (a $45 value) today! 

It’s prime pomegranate season, and we hope you take advantage of them when you see them in the store. Pomegranate arils are the tart and sweet parts that most of us consider the “seeds” of the pomegranate (they are actually the seed casings—the little seeds are inside the red arils). Pomegranates contain fiber, potassium, vitamins and polyphenols aplenty. Plus, the novelty of a pomegranate is fun for kids and adults. But sometimes you just want to get to the arils already! If you’re not in the mood for painstakingly picking through the pomegranate, you can now reach for PomPoms (see the little cup above left). Those are PomPoms fresh arils, all ready for you when you need them. (I think this belongs in the “What took so long before someone thought of this?” file.) Look for PomPoms in the refrigerated, cut-fruit section of the supermarket.

Ok, so what can you do with PomPoms fresh arils? I have lots of ideas (and in fact, I use them a lot around holiday time). I freeze them in ice cube trays for festive drinks, I sprinkle them on salads, toss them into fruit salad, sprinkle them over granola for breakfast, mix them into a savory pilaf, or use them to garnish a dish like pork tenderloin with pomegranate sauce.  The POM Wonderful folks have lots of ideas on their website, as well as these quick ideas:Pomegranate salad

  • Hostess Gifts: perfect for the hectic hostess—tie a pretty bow around the container of fresh arils and go!
  • Add the sweet, tart taste of pomegranate to a savory entrée
  • Sprinkle them over a salad
  • Garnish festive holiday cocktails
  • Sprinkle over yogurt or ice cream
  • Enjoy as a crunchy, healthy snack straight from the package

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  1. says

    Ok so i’ve haven’t tried Pomegranates in my adult life, but since it’s one of the 6 slimming foods on ur list, I’m going to HEB now and grabbing a few. How should i enjoy it?

  2. Martha frenz says

    I love my sweets, but since trying to eat healthier I love to substitute natural sweets in place of processed sugars.

  3. Georgiana says

    I love pomegranates – so red and festive for the holidays! And POM is my favorite with the bright cheery gems of nutrition that go as a lovely topping on everything! I enjoy POMs the most on my lunch salads with turkey, avocado, apples, walnuts, pears and shredded cheese mixed in with baby spring mix and of course the gleaming RED POMs are the “cherries on top!” :)
    Also mix them in my Greek yogurt too for an extra sweet crunch!
    I like Appetite for Health on Facebook and I like PomPoms on Facebook and shared on my wall!
    I subscribe daily to your email newsletters as well!
    Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

  4. karen shaughnessy says comment cut off. I would like to try them in other things, such as yogurt, and I think eating them plain is divine!

  5. Patti Longsine says

    They are so good for you with so many health benefits.It would be nice to have them all ready to to eat!

  6. says

    I like to add them to a salad or just eat them by the spoonful, lol -really love the taste. I like both on Facebook, I subscribe to your newsletter, and shared this post on twitter :)

  7. Sharon Norris says

    I scoop them right out of the fruit ans eat them. I have been eating pomegranates long before they ever became popular.I love them.

  8. Joe G says

    Our family likes to just eat them plain for a snack or on salads for extra flavor. Shared on FB and twitter.

  9. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I like you both on Facebook. Until now, I’ve only eaten pomegranate seeds straight from the pomegranate; however, if I won the PomPoms fresh arils, I sprinkle generously on my salad! They are colorful and delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Shared on Facebook
    @Lexiquin RT’d your most recent tweet 😉

  10. Teresa C. says

    I eat my POM perils straight out of the package, and I love POM juice too, it’s spendy but so tasty! Shared this on my Facebook and re-pinned to my pinterest, also tweeted to my twitter! Liked both pages as well!

  11. Laura Plecki says

    I add them to my home made apple pies. They’re great. I even got my grandson to try them and now he loves them! Good for him, bad for me – he can’t figure out yet how to get the fruit out of their shells (as he calls them).

  12. says

    clicked the like button, but neither coupon will do anything but show a blank screen with an x in the upper right corner, bummer

  13. Gretchen Fernstrom says

    I enjoy and savor every little aril just the way it is. I scoop up a spoonful and put it in my mouth and crunch away. It is a delightful tantalizing experience. Gretchen

  14. Shirley A says

    I enjoy them garnished 3 ways: in a cocktail while eating a salad sprinkled with them followed by an entree that has them as an accompaniment. Then again, I could eat them as is for a snack.

  15. Heather J. says

    Oh, this is seriously the best giveaway ever. I absolutely adore pomegranates! They are better than candy! I like them alone, or tossed in a smoothie, cereal, or yogurt! Thanks so much. I ‘like’ both pages on Facebook. -Heather J.

  16. Becca Z says

    I enjoy them straight from their shell, I think it’s fun to pick out all the ariels and earn my reward, but i gotta admit it would be a treat to just eat them like this with no extra work!

  17. Bonnie K says

    They are so pretty to use as a garnish. I like sprinkling them in salads. There’s a Mexican dish that I like with ground meat stuffed in poblano peppers covered with a sweetish white sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. I also like them on top of Greek yogurt.

  18. Michael spence says

    I’ve bee eating Pom fresh from our own trees since I was a child. Just can’t get enough of them now!

  19. Elaine White says

    I love to eat my poms in a variety of recipes and especially just straight-up popping them in my mouth and letting that delicious flavor burst through — oh my – yum!!
    ~ recently I made a raw cocoa chia pudding with coconut milk, poms arils (that I harvested myself, as always, lol) and topped w/greek yogurt (posted pics of it here…..

    and here…..

    and here….

    Along with my shares of Appetite for Health & POM Wonderful on Facebook:

    On Twitter:

    (and retweets!!) :)

    And Pinterest:

    while encouraging everyone to sign-up for the NEWSLETTER so they can get in on all the POM and other WONDERFUL fitness, health tips, recipes and awesome give-a-ways!!
    Thank you so much! <3

  20. Anthony says

    I eat pomegranates fresh; slice it in half and bang out the seeds and eat them just like that. Love them!

  21. Libby says

    I eat them over a bowl in front of the tv! I also have a great brownie recipe for them that I love.

  22. Jessica Bong says

    I love Pomegranate, it’s my favorite fruit. I like picking them out at the supermarket and analyzing its rich reddish pink colored skin. When I bring it home and cut it into fourths, I enjoy being squirted everywhere with red juice. Then, I would simply peel off the yellow layers inside that reminds me if the touch and appearance of sulfur. At last, I have a bowl full of bright, fresh pomegranate arils and I scoop them right into my mouth. Tasting the sweet, sour natural taste of pomegranate. Delicious! I would also blend it in my fruit smoothies when I feel like I need a cool drink. Pomegranates are a part of my nutritious life. <3

  23. Alicia laustsen says

    I enjoy on salads. My 8 year old just loves to eat them with a spoon. They are good with turkey and nuts on a salad.

  24. Billie Zahurakj says

    I absolutely LOVE Pom Wonderful juice…or really any kind of Pomegranate juice. I also love the pom scent – in candles, body washes, or body sprays. I love to EAT pompoms straight from the container…YUMMY!

  25. michele malone says

    pomegranate is my absolute favorite fruit, & I always get pom wonderful brand. my favorite way to eat it is by the spoonful very cold from the fridge.

  26. Dr. Lisa Jacobson says

    Pomegranate margaritas with Pom juice & the arils, plus the other margarita fixings are the BEST!!! During the summer I drink a lot of Pom juice mixed with Ice Tea – VERY thirst quenching. I do love the premade Pom/ice tea mix as well….I have 2 pomegranates sitting on my kitchen counter right now….great snack while watching a movie! In the last 5 days, I have eaten 2 packages of arils I bought at Costco last week! I LOVE Pomegranates & the juice!!!!

  27. says

    I remember being introduced to pomegranites as a kid by a great aunt. I have been in love with the fruit ever since and am always excited for November and December to roll around. As an adult I chose to only buy Pom Wonderful because they are the best fruit. I eat them all by themselves..I dont add them to salad or anything. They are so perfect by themselves..They dont need a darn thing with them!!! I collect the arils in a bowl, grab a spoon and enjoy big juicy mouthfuls. It may sound funny but every time I eat one I suddenly relax, I believe it’s because they are just so enjoyable to eat! I am happy to share this contest on my facebook page ..who wouldnt love the prize!!

  28. Jessica says

    I love Pomegranates in basically everything! They hydrate my and make me feel alive and happy and without them I would be very sad!

  29. Anh Thu says

    Shared on FB – Five Healthy Dinners in Less Than 20 Minutes! Love them in salad with pecan or just eat them right from the fruit. Delicious :o)

  30. Gayle L says

    I love to eat them fresh on salads. I break them open and by the time i go to throw them on my salad my three kids have them almost all gone. We love Pomegranate

  31. says






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