A Winning Winter Workout – Couch Potato Approved!

A Winning Winter Workout – Couch Potato Approved!

Too cold outside to trek to the gym?  Got a case of the winter blues?  Here’s some good news: we found a way to get your daily workout in– without leaving your living room.  What’s the magic solution? Exercise DVD’s!  Investing in some good workout DVDS’s is the perfect way to stay slim this winter.  It’s super affordable, allows you to workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and it’s less expensive than a gym membership.

There are a myriad of websites offering exercise DVD’s for purchase, and one of my favorites is collagevideo.com.  The site allows you to search by personal fitness goals, type of workout, instructor, brands, or equipment used, to find the DVD that best meets your needs.  The DVD’s are reasonably priced, and Collage Video offers a full refund within 30 days (even on opened videos), if for some reason you are not satisfied.  For those new to the exercise DVD scene, I highly recommend investing in the Leslie Sansone DVDs.  Her walking workouts are easy to follow, don’t require any equipment, and incorporate simple aerobic moves that emphasize toning and an increased calorie burn.

Exercise DVD’s also offer a way to participate in expensive workout classes on a budget. For instance, a class at Physique 57, the revolutionary barre-based fitness company, will set you back a whopping $35 per class.  Rather than break the bank attending one of the barre classes in person, purchase one of Physique’s workout DVD’s and get the best of both worlds—a complete body sculpting workout at a reasonable price.  Other pricey workout classes, like Barry’s Boot Camp and Yoga Works, also offer exercise DVD’s for purchase.  In addition to being budget friendly, the DVD’s are good to try if you are intimidated about trying a hardcore exercise class in person.  Many people who are working out for the first-time are uncomfortable going to the gym or working out in public, but now you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or appearing out of synch—only your dog will be watching!

If you are concerned that exercise DVD’s aren’t young and trendy enough, here’s a fact that might alleviate your skepticism: Research shows that 18 to 34 year–olds account for 35% of fitness DVD sales, followed by 35 to 50 year-olds at 33%.  Indeed, industry sources and government figures forecast that the fitness DVD industry will grow 9.8% in the next five years, with childhood fitness becoming the next focus.  With a greater national emphasis being placed on the childhood obesity epidemic, parents are encouraged to convince their children to exercise more.  Exercise DVD’s provide a great way for children to work out after school, especially if playing outside or going to a local recreation center is not possible.

As an added bonus, exercise DVD’s make a great holiday gift.  Consider buying a few for a friend, and make a New Year’s resolution to work out together!


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