Win Pretzel Crisps!

Pretzel CrispsWith the holidays here, you need plenty of healthy snacks at the ready as you never know when someone’s going to show up at your doorstep. Here’s an easy solution: win Pretzel Crisps from Appetite for Health and you’ll be all set! 

Ten lucky fans will win six full-size bags of Pretzel Crisps and a reusable tote. Get on it, people, ’cause guests will be calling and you won’t want to be standing there not holding a bag of Pretzel Crisps!

The folks at Snack Factory sent us some samples of their Pretzel Crisps to try recently—they’d be a great thing to keep on hand for those impromptu social situations (look for them in the deli section at the store).

The other Pretzel Crisps (non-chocolate-covered) are a simple snack that are a bit lower in calories than the average potato chips and pita chips—and substantially lower in fat than those options as well. Per ounce (that’s 10-11 crisps), Pretzel Crisps have 110 calories and no fat, compared to about 150 calories and 10 grams of fat in the same 1-ounce serving of potato chips. Pretzel Crisps also have no saturated or trans fats.

There are plenty of flavors—from savory to spicy to sweet. I even received samples of the special, chocolate-covered Pretzel Crisps available right now, called Holiday Indulgents (which I may have “inadvertently” hidden from my children). Yep, the holiday ones are not exactly health food in anyone’s book, but they’re a pretty garnish and one or two crisps makes a nice after-dinner sweet.

Pretzel crisp cranberry recipeFor holiday snacking, you can find recipes using Pretzel Crisps on their website. ! Here’s one I found: top Pretzel Crisps with mild goat cheese and garnish with a little dollop of cranberry sauce—pretty! (And a good way to utilize any leftover cranberry sauce you might have around.)

Ten fans will win six full-size bags of Pretzel Crisps (in Original, Sesame, Everything, Garlic Parmesan and both Holiday Indulgents flavors!) plus a reusable tote. To enter, here’s what you need to do: First, make sure you’ve signed up for our  no-spam-ever Appetite for Health newsletter, also jump over and “Like” Pretzel Crisps on Facebook. Then leave us a message in the comments section below this post (not on Facebook) that tells us which flavor of Pretzel Crisps you’re most looking forward to trying. 

And, as always, sharing this contest or any AFH content will help make your entry more “noticeable” to us. This contest is open to residents of the continental US only please.

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  1. says

    I would love to try them all! I have so many ideas running through my head on how I could make great appetizers out of them for my Christmas entertaining! Yummy! Is it wrong to have a strong desire to have pretzels for breakfast now?

  2. kristina says

    The EVERYTHING…it’s the Holidays, ya gotta splurge! Of course, ALL the flavors sound great!

  3. says

    I like Pretzel crisp on Fb and get your newsletter everyday,
    I want to try the holiday choc covered pretzel crisp. I have tried most of there flavors and am a huge fan. Fingers crossed. love you guys.
    Happy Holidays!!

  4. teresa harvey says

    Both of the Holiday Indulgents, never seen those hope I can find them. I love Pretzel Crisps!

  5. Linda Oliver says

    Oh please oh please pick me!!! I’ve only had the regular and had no idea about the other flavours. They all look heavenly and I can’t decide which one…send me all pretty please!!!! :) thank you so much!

  6. Renata says

    Love pretzels as their my favorite go-to healthy snack and a fabulous alternative to chips! I would love to try their Sesame Flavor as they sound scrumptious!
    I’m a loyal email subscriber and reader. I like Appetite for Health and Pretzel Crisps on Facebook and shared on my wall. I also follow you and Pretzel Crisps on Twitter via @serene_streams and tweeted too!
    Thank you so much and have a happy holiday season!

  7. says

    These are my son’s favorite pretzels! We like the original and the sesame at our home, but never tried the garlic parmesan, so definitely looking forward to trying that flavor!

  8. Kristin Troska says

    Liked. Liked. Already tried Original and Everything. Super excited to try Tuscan Three Cheese! Thanks for the chance to win. These would be great to take along to Christmas Eve at my sister’s house. Everyone would love them.

  9. Michelle R says

    The jalapeno are wonderful. They are my husband’s favorite snack. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Laura says

    I would love to try the Holiday Pretzel Crisps. I love chocolate covered pretzels and need to taste these asap.

  11. Jim K says

    I was just at the store not too long ago looking for garlic pretzels you can buy. The garlic parmesan pretzels crisps would be just what I was looking for. It’s probably easier to buy them than to make them on your own. As always, I already liked and subscribedto your newsletter and have “liked” pretzel crisps as well.

  12. Hannah Farrel says

    Everything bagels are my favorite, but those are off limits. These sound like a tasty alternative! I shared on FB.

  13. Jessica Cheri Pease says

    My family & I love pretzel crisps ! Especially with a garlic/cheese spread… I wanna try dipping them in chocolate now !

  14. Cheryl says

    I love plain pretzel crisps the best, but garlic Parmesan and everything pretzel crisps sound amazing,

  15. Casey N Mclendon says

    already a fan! They are so yummy! And they have christmas ones out right now OHHHH I need some of those! lol Everyone is right the Garlic Parm are awesome!

  16. Katie says

    I’m already an fan of your no-spam-ever Appetite for Health newsletter, I also jump over and “Like” Pretzel Crisps on Facebook.. I think Cinnamon Toast sounds good and sounds like it would be good with Hot Toddy.

  17. Brandy says

    My friend had peanut butter ones recently I have yet to see, but everything is at the top of my list. And the chocolate covered? Oh my.

  18. Charlotte Greer says

    They all sound delicious but I think the Everything would be great. Shared on fb and twitter

  19. says

    Ooooh! I would love to try a variety of flavors of pretzels, sounds chummily delicious to share with others! And now, they come in flat shapes? It’s getting to be more interesting and making recipes with them would be even great!

  20. Sandi Landwehr says

    I love Pretzel Crisps!! They are my favorite snack. Original is my go to, but have had bullafo too. Would love to try the Everything and chocolate ones, will have to look for them.

  21. michele malone says

    I have tried all of the savory flavors, but none of the holiday indulgence flavors. I’d most like to try them.

  22. AnnMarie says

    Any flavor of these pretzels would be great! As long as I have a nice bowl of Hummus the best dip ever!!! The perfect pair.

  23. Sheila K. says

    I’d like to try the Everything Pretzel Crisps! I’m a newsletter subscriber, and I like Pretzel Crisps on Facebook (Sheila Korman)!

  24. says

    I think I would like the original – i like plain stuff. But… my grandkids eat anything!!!! I think they would love all of them! The holiday ones look especially fun and delicious – yum yum yum

  25. Claire P. says

    We just love pretzels crisps though i have tried them all, those chocolate covered ones sound absolutely amazing!!! YUM!!

  26. sarah shult says

    Newletter subscriber, Like Pretzel chips on fb as Edward Shult. I LOVE the white chocolate with candy cane bites YUMMMMY

  27. Teresa C. says

    The Everything Pretzel Crisps are loved by my entire family but since the holidays are near and they are around for a limited time, we would love to try the Holiday Indulgence in either white chocolate or dark. We love both and they sound amazing. Have already liked pretzel crisps for ages and signed up for your newsletter a while back as well. Thanks for another great drawing!

  28. Teresa C. says

    Shared on my Facebook and Pinterest. I would love to try the Holiday Indulgence in either dark or white. They sound yummy :) Already liked Pretzel Crisps on Facebook and have been a subscriber to the AFH newsletter for ages :)

  29. Megan says

    I saw the white chocolate crisps at my local grocer, but now that I know they have a dark chocolate variety, I’m going to have to try to find them. I love Pretzel Crisps!

  30. Laura says

    We have had all of the flavors except for the Everything and the holiday flavors. I cannot wait to try those! Pretzel chips are awesome! As is Appetite for Health! Thanks ladies!!!!

  31. Lori says

    I would love to try the white chocolate and peppermint, but the dark chocolate and peppermint flavors look good too. The original is our favorite though! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Diane Mason says

    DARK CHOCOLATE CRUNCH for me, please. Oh, yeah. I’ve liked Pretzel Crisps on facebook and am a subscriber to AFH . :)

  33. Jessi says

    YUM!! I would love to try the Garlic Parmesan crisps and the holiday one. The buffalo wing crisps are our absolute favorites!

  34. Andra Eads says

    The Tuscon three cheese sounds like a good pick. Although, white chocolate peppermint sounds good too. I shared this giveaway with my facebook friends…YAY!

  35. says

    I really love the everything crisps, but I am looking forward to trying them all. These are one of my favorite snacks that I don’t get very often! This is one I would love to win :)

  36. Jennifer S. says

    I love Pretzel Crisps! They are so tasty and love that their not packed with calories like many other snacks. I look forward to trying Garlic Parmesan flavor.

  37. Irene H says

    LOVE PRETZELS!!! :)))) looking forward to the garlic Parmesan flavor! Pick me!Pick me! Merry Christmas!!!

  38. Kimberly L. says

    The Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crisps sound yummy. My youngest loves chocolate covered pretzels like me so these would be gone in no time.
    Liked and shared on Facebook. Thank you.

  39. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I’m already a subscriber and I like both of you on Facebook. Original is my favorite and I also love Everything! I’m eager to try the Holiday Indulgents 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!
    I shared on Facebook and @Lexiquin tweeted

  40. Laurie says

    I already get your newsletter, signed up last week. love all the fun giveaways and information so far.
    thanks! i LOVE garlic/parm and everything flavors…I would eat/serve any of them though.

  41. Lindag says

    Learned about Pretzel Crisps when they were BOGO at Publix. Never stopped buying them! so good…….

  42. Lorie McGuire says

    I have not tried the sesame flavor so that would be my pick. I hope my store is going to have the holiday flavors too.

  43. carol yemola says

    I absolutely love Everything Bagels so I think that I would really love the Everything flavor and can’t wait to try it!

  44. Andrea Zeng says

    I have liked appitie for health, pretzel crisps and subscribed to the newsletter. I want to try the sesame!

  45. says

    I would love to try the Garlic Parmesan flavor, but they all sound delicious! I am a fan of both pages, subscribe to your newsletter, shared and tweeted about this giveaway! Thank you!

  46. Anh Thu Truong says

    Shared on FB Is Sea Salt Healthier than Table Salt? Would love to try the Garlic Parmesan and Holiday Indulgents flavors. Thanks

  47. Louis says

    I am an email subscriber
    I like Pretzel Crisps on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)
    I love the garlic parmesan flavor
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  48. Julie A says

    Cinnamon Toast sounds yummy Holiday ones sound good too Dark Chocolate & Peppermint & Tuscan 3 Cheese sound great also. I’m hungry now :)

  49. Heather J. says

    I receive your email and I ‘like’ Pretzel Crisps on Facebook. I would love to try the holiday flavors, I saw them at the grocery store recently and wanted to buy them!

  50. Lisa Williamson says

    I love the everything ones! Ive also tried the plain ones! Especially with a dip or pub cheese! Would love to win and try the others! Plus you get quite a bit in a bag and the price is just right!

  51. Lisa Williamson says

    I didnt actually answer the question! I would love to try the chocolate covered pretzel crisps and the sesame!

  52. kathy says

    My favorite treat is chocolate covered pretzels…so of course I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try the Dark Chocolate Peppermint!!

  53. leda says

    I am really curious about the Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Pretzel Crisps. I’ve never seen them in the store. Those are the ones I’d like to try most.

  54. says



    I will be sending you an email telling you what I need to claim your prize! Please check your SPAM to see my email!!!!!


  55. alison harvey says

    I received your email that i had won :)
    thanks so much for the opportunity to enter .. I replied to the email

  56. gina welborn says

    I like pretzels and I like chips so I believe that I would LOVE pretzel chips!! The flavor is the only thing I’m not sure about because I love all the flavors I couldn’t pick a favorite..sorry

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