Win Injinji Toesocks

Injinji ToesocksSo many fitness enthusiasts swear by Injinji Toesocks to help keep their feet more comfortable and drier when working out.

If you’re curious about five-toed socks, here’s your chance to win Injinji Toesocks. 

You know how the barefoot shoes are all rage, well here’s how you can get some of the same potential benefits of barefoot shoes—but with a sock.

If you don’t have a pair of these awesome Injinji Toesocks, you need to check out this post. We’re giving away a pair of Injinji Toesocks to 10 lucky AFH readers!

The beauty of toesocks is that they keep toes separated to prevent them from rubbing together during exercise, making blisters a thing of the past. And wh0 doesn’t want that? Our intrepid fitness product tester (yes, that would be Julie Upton) tried out a pair for her normal CrossFit classes and trail running and thought they were great.

Injinji’s Performance Series Toesock is designed as a padded interface for performance in any shoe, climate and terrain. It features a honeycomb design on top of the foot for added breathability and a light compression for proper fit. The Performance Series is engineered with Injinji’s patented technology and built with superior fibers to keep feet dry, cool and comfortable.Injinji

Want to win Injinji Toesocks? To enter, sign up for our enewsletter, “Like” us on Facebook and Like” Injinji, and leave a comment below telling us what activities you’d like to try doing in your new toesocks should you be a winner. Please enter by midnight on Monday, November 12, 2012.

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  1. Loni says

    Love them for camping or skiing transitions, love to wear them in the fall when I’m not ready to give up my flip flops!

  2. Grace says

    wear them during my crossfit WODs, because you know how much they make you sweat. Sweat + 5 finger vibrams = dead animal smell

  3. Jim K says

    I subscribe to your newletter and “liked” injinji as well as sharing your post on facebook

  4. Kim says

    I would have to give them a try while running, but they would be fun just to wear around the house! :0)

  5. allison wagoner says

    I want to try these for hiking or running. They look perfect for yoga, too. I love all the colors!

  6. Kristin Troska says

    Like AFH. Like injinji (Love toe socks). Subscribed too! I would wear my new injinji toe socks hiking in all 68 Minnesota State Parks. Happy trails! Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Teresa C. says

    I would love to win a pair of the bright striped ones in the pic. I would wear them while walking or just lazing around the house on a cold winter day.Liked both pages and already signed up for the newsletter, also shared this on my FB page. Thanks for a great drawing!

  8. Judy Heinsinger says

    I would like to try running in these socks,I get blisters from my toes rubbing together so these would be great and taking my dog for his long walks wearing them would be so comfortable too!

  9. katie says

    I subscribe to your newsletter and “liked” injinji and your page on facebook.
    these would great for walk dog, jogging and hiking.

  10. Rhiannnon says

    I would wear these when I go on my walk. I always end up with blisters, so I think these would really help!

  11. jennifer woosley says

    Taking my daughter for walks around the neighborhood. Its already cold I’m curious to see if they would give my feet the extra comfort and warmth!

  12. says

    wow,these sock look so warm and comfy, i would love to wear these for walking during these winter coming months. I pretty sure my kids would love these too!!

  13. Christine Knox says

    Would love to try these socks, would go great with my Vibrams! Heard good things about Injinji.

  14. Dorothy Hull says

    I would like to try these socks while riding my bike and while walking. (my knees won’t let me run).

  15. michele malone says

    I like you and them, and I get your newsletter. I’d love to try anything while wearing these. i’ve never worn toe socks before, and it sounds really neat.

  16. Tiffani says

    I’d wear them for my runs and my crossfit WOD’s! I have trouble with blisters, so these would be awesome! “Liked” them on FB, and of course I “like” you and get your newsletter.

  17. says

    I love these socks!! imagine if there were only mittens in the world, no gloves.. how frustrating would that be?? that is just not a pretty picture.. How nice to have cozy toes snugly nestled in individually forming sleeves… life is good once again..

  18. Laurie says

    I Like both Facebook pages (Healthy, Organic & Cheap). I would use these socks during zumba class at the gym.

  19. Dorothy says

    I would like to have my son try them while wrestling. He is on the Varsity HS team as an 8th grader and practices two and half hrs a day during the week. Needs comfortable socks. Thanks for chance

  20. Eliza Klinger says

    I like AFH and Injinji on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I also subscribe to your email newsletter
    I am running my first time ever Marathon in June and I would love to wear these socks while training. It would be nice to be blister free and these socks sounds amazing!

  21. says

    I would love to start jogging the bridge with these awesome socks.My feet are horrible so I don’t even walk it now,but I sure could use that exercise.Thanks

  22. Anthony says

    These would be great for hiking and walking. I subscribe to your newsletter, am a fan of yours and Injinji’s on facebook.

  23. Zachary says

    I’d like to wear these while working out and maybe when I go for my runs. They look interesting and I’ve been a fan of toe socks to keep my toes warm in the winter…these would be interesting to work out in.

  24. monica K says

    I’d like to try them while doing Yoga!! sometime mats can be slippery or sweating in 105 degree room would help to wear this! Like FB and already sign for your newsletter

  25. Cynthia says

    I would wear them while working out with my keeele bells and while working out on my Treadclimber. And if they are as comfortable as they look, I’d wear them daily!

  26. says

    Winners include: Leda, Zachary, Monica K., Todd W., Eliza K., Christine K., Jo Ann, Loni, Grace and Jeffrey S. You’ll receive an email from us to claim this prize from Injinji.

  27. Mell Mystique says

    I hope you give away a few more soon. I would love to receive a pair. I get so cold in the winter time & they would be perfect to wear around the house & outdoors. Thanks for sharing AFH. You are one of my favorite pages on FB

  28. Joe G says

    I do regular hikes around our local reservoir, about 5-6 miles , and also jog weekly in a club. I would love to try these out.

  29. Zachary says

    Thank you so so much! I can’t wait to give these a try while I do my workouts and go running. Thank you!!

  30. says

    I have seen them in some stores but I have never own one. They do look funny & odd looking, a pair of sock to cover up for each of your individual toes, imagine that. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it, it could prove interesting to slip them on my feet and into my shoes, or use as slipper socks. I always wonder what they would feel like wearing them. Will it be comfortable & warm, or will it be taking quite some time to get used to them, who knows?

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