Great Melissa’s Gift Basket Giveaway!

Melissa's fruit basketWe’re already thinking about gifts here at Appetite for Health, and our friends at Melissa’s Produce have some tasty (and healthy) options.

In fact, we’ll prove it here with another Great Melissa’s Gift Basket Giveaway! Two lucky AFH readers will receive a Fresh and Dried Organic Fruit Basket valued at $65! Entry information is below.

Get your gift-giving thinking caps on, people, it’s that time of year! Before you groan and head to the mall, check out Melissa’s for some unusual and healthful gift basket ideas. (And enter our Great Melissa’s Gift Basket Giveaway to win one for yourself!)

Thinking you’re not the gift basket type? I’d suggest you take a look at Melissa’s before deciding. They’ve got something for every taste, from practical and family-friendly to exotic and gourmet. We’re not talking supermarket quality baskets here, we are  talking high-end, quality produce—that’s what Melissa’s does. See, Melissa’s is an actual produce company, not just a gift basket company. These people know their kumquats from their clementines and their persimmons from their pomegranates (ok, I’m done with the alliterative product comparisons). Anyway, you get the idea. These are nice baskets; check ’em out and check off some of the folks on your gift list. (Bonus: They have a Black Friday special, so mark your calendars!)

The generous folks at Melissa’s have provided us with two prizes for our Great Melissa’s Gift Basket Giveaway! The one we chose to feature is the Fresh and Dried Organic Fruit Basket (pictured up top at left). It’s a $65 value and includes a combo of fresh and dried organic fruits in a hand-woven basket (all tied up with a pretty bow). Based on availability, it may include the following fresh items: kiwis, apples, pink grapefruit, pears and oranges; and will include all of the following dried organic items: cranberries, mango, pineapple rings, papaya and raisins.

To enter, first  sign up for our e-newsletter. You also need to “Like” Melissa’s on Facebook. Then just leave us a little comment below this giveaway post telling us why you think fruit makes a great gift! Enter by Tuesday, November 13th at midnight. Please note: The Arizona and Florida Agricultural Departments prohibit the shipment of any Citrus fruits into their states. So, if you live in those states, we cannot pick you to win this prize (sorry—we didn’t make that rule). As always, if you refer some people to our website, make sure they tell us who referred them! Sharing this contest and any AFH content is appreciated. 

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  1. says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it is healthy for you and delicious as well. Fruit has nutrients and good sugars and are the gifts that keep on giving :)

  2. jolie says

    Fruit is sweet and everyone has a sweet tooth that needs satisfying. What better gift than giving nature’s candy to the one’s you love! :]

  3. Michelle Fellows says

    Fruit makes the perfect gift because alwmost everyone loves it and it is so yummy. I would love getting a fruit basket as a gift over a box of chocolates anyday….Like and shared both pages..Thanks a bunch.

  4. Haley DelPlato says

    such a great gift because it satisfies a sweet tooth without any of the guilt that candy can sometimes bring!! smiles all around =)

  5. Sharon B. says

    Fruit is a loving gift to people you care about because you’re blessing them with health and wellness!

  6. Maryann Dean says

    Love Melissa’s! Will be placing my Christmas baskets gift order with them soon. Shared AFH & Melissa’s! Thanks!

  7. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I already received your newsletter and I like you both on Facebook. I think fruit is the perfect gift–although we may have different likes, giving a healthy gift demonstrates our care and concern for someone’s well-being (in addition, the gift of fruit is a sign of hospitality, I believe)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. anita says

    A fruit basket will make a wonderful gift for those who are wanting to eat healthy or because of health conditions (diabetes) need “sweet” alternatives.

  9. says

    I like Melissa’s Produce on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)
    I subscribed to your newsletter

    fruits are fresh, healthy, not processed and you can’t feel guilty if you indulge :)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  10. Jennifer F. says

    Fruit is so good and says I love you to the people you give it to. I would love this basket. It also gave be the idea to check out Melissa’s website for a birthday gift for my health conscience brother.

  11. Howell says

    Fruit is so much healthier than candy or baked goods for satisfying a craving for something sweet.

  12. katie says

    I sign up your e-newsletter and I “Like” Melissa’s on Facebook. Fruit makes a great gift because it is healthy for you, delicious and its nature candy.

  13. tbennington says

    Subscriber and “Like” Melissa’s on Facebook. (Tamara Bennington)
    Giving fruit as a gift is such a healthy alternative than giving chocolates. A little sunshine for everyone.

  14. Jim K. says

    I subscribe to your newletter and have “liked” Melissa’s Facebook page. I’ve seen this basket advertised before and think it’s a great way to get a healthy snack that doesn’t have alot of “hidden” ingredients in it.

  15. bethelderton says

    I subscribe and like on FB
    Fruit makes a wonderful gift. Besides being healthy, it’s beautiful and makes for gorgeous gift baskets. It’s lovely for someone who “has everything.” I also include a piece or two of fruit in the stockings.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  16. Tracy Petitjean says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it’s healthy and good for you, especially if it’s organic.

  17. Johanna Burnett says

    Fruit makes a terrific gift because you know everyone will enjoy it! There will definitely be no regifting with a fruit basket!!

  18. michele malone says

    I would love to be entered. I think fruit is a wonderful gift, especially around the holidays when candy and desserts are being thrust at you from every direction. it’s such a healthy fresh way to get sweet without all that unhealthy stuff.

  19. Eliza Klinger says

    I like AFH and Melissa’s produce on Facebook
    Fb name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I think a fruit basket makes a wonderful gift because everyone loves fruit and it shows the beauty and yumminess that this earth has to offer. What a beautiful fruit basket! hope I’ll be so lucky:)

  20. says

    Fruit is a great gift because it is healthy and mostly everyone like a certain kind of fruit. A gift basket shows the person you love them and care about them. I love getting fruit baskets as a gift!

  21. Ashley N says

    I think fruit makes a perfect gift, because nothing is better then to recieve a basket full of nice healthy and colorful fruits to eat all day long! It’s different and I think sends a great message!

  22. Todd Bliss says

    Fruit is a great gift because everybody needs to eat it and everyone enjoys eating fresh fruit from time to time and it is essential to everyone’s diet.

  23. Kimberly says

    Everyone could use more fruit in their diet and getting organic premium fruit makes it even better.

  24. Julie A says

    Fruit is a good gift because its a gift that will get used and everybody needs. Its healthy for you too! :)

  25. Jesse says

    Fruit is a great gift because it is healthy for you and shows you care about the other person’s health

  26. Jennifer S. says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it shows you care about that person and their health by treating them to a gift they can really enjoy!

  27. Kathryn D. says

    I already liked both :)

    Fruit makes an excellent gift, especially for those individuals who have everything. Instead of giving a monetary gift or gift card that lacks personality, fruit is healthy, colorful present. Since fruit is healthier than typical junk foods that tempt the taste buds and expand the waist line, fruit can be enjoyed guilt free!

  28. Swarupa says

    I already liked both the pages. And I am signed up for AFH newsletters as well. I think fruit makes a better gift because it looks good and taste good and good for your health too. These fruits make great addition to my weight loss. And I love dried cranberries cause they make salads pretty tasty and my kids love salads if I add some dried cranberries to the salad.

  29. Cynthia says

    Fruit as a gift is great because it’s nutritious! It’s something that most people will “use” instead of buying something that you hope that they’ll use!

  30. Karin C. says

    Many people cannot have or do not want candy and sweets nowadays. Fruit is so yummy and healthy at the same time.

  31. tabitha a pittz says

    fresh makes a great giveaway because it is healthy alternative to sugary sweets. it seems like these days more people than not are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

  32. Anthony says

    It’s a great gift for people who already have “everything” and you just don’t know what to get them.

  33. leda says

    Fruit is a great gift because it’s something everyone likes and everyone can use. Plus, it’s good for you! That’s great! :)

  34. says

    Loved,shared and tweeted,Fruit makes a great gift because pretty much everyone loves some kind of Fruit and it’s so healthy to add to all your meals.Natural full of flavor snacks.Thanks

  35. Nicole Kelly says

    How could fruit NOT be a great gift???? It’s fresh, tasty & does wonders for you & your body. Some fruits are super foods

  36. says

    Fruit’s a great gift because it’s so important to good health. Plus, the recepient gets to enjoy it and then it’s gone…no dusting it, no finding a place to store it!

  37. Tracey Pullum says

    I think fruit is a great tasting gift that is good for you! Nothing that will get shoved to the back of the closet.

  38. Athena R says

    I already do both. I think fruit makes a perfect gift because it’s healthy and delicious. Also, I don’t know too many people who don’t like fruit, so it’s an easy choice.

  39. says

    Fruit is a gift that shows love. I always give my older grandparents fruit as a gift because they really are not in need of material possessions, but giving them fruit helps out with the grocery bill and if it is there they will eat it (much better choice than a box of chocolate).

  40. Andre Kato says

    Cause it’s not just a object to gather dust! It’s usefull, colorfull, pretty and healthy! 😀 I would love to win fruits.

  41. Pamela Britt says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it is healthy for you. You know you are doing someone a good thing if you give them fruit!!

  42. Brenda Riley says

    I’m a fruit lover, hubby is not but I find ways to get him to eat at least one piece or serving a day!

  43. says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it is good for you and doesn’t everyone love fruit. A variety fruit basket may also give you the opportunity to try a fruit you may have never had the chance to try before!.
    .I like all on FB and get your newsletter

  44. Lunachique says

    Fruit makes a great gift because there are so very many kinds of fruit that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s also delicious, healthy, and either leaves no waste or biodegradable waste!

  45. Rosemary Green says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it comes in so many delicious flavors, there has to be at least one that everybody likes, and it’s even good for us. What could be easier than letting Melissa’s produce do all the work for us.

  46. Laura says

    Fruit makes a great gift for the holidays or anytime. With all the high fat foods and over eating that often happens when people are gathered together fruit is a welcomed changed.

  47. Mary Becker says

    Fruit is a great way to say I love you because their this no healthier cheery gift that is oh so yummy!

  48. Denise M says

    it makes a great gift because at the holidays we are so full of junk, we need to detox with a healthy snack

  49. Megan says

    A fruit basket makes a great gift because there is generally something for everyone! And, we could all use a bit of healthy food after the holidays!

  50. says

    Fruit makes a great gift for anyone!Fresh or dried its good for you and tastes great too!Eating fruit everyday helps to supply you with fiber,vitamins that you need to stay in good health.

  51. Pamela Craig says

    I give fruit baskets to friends and family every year. Who doesn’t like fruit? Add a few nuts and wrapped candies and you’re ready to give away!

  52. Martha Waugh says

    Fruit is a nice gift because it’s a change from all the fattening holiday goodies that people normally give. I think it shows that you really care because you’re considering the recipient’s health.

  53. Sue Morris says

    Fruit makes a great gift because almost everyone likes some type of fruit. It is also healthy and we certainly need that!

  54. Michelle says

    Fruit is one gift pretty much everyone likes, will share and it not only shows you are thinking of someone else with a gift, but you are giving them something healthy.

  55. ava says

    Excellant gift to give, it is healthy,and good for you! because you care enough to give them thee very best! we all wish each other best wishes, so this we can double by saying,giving,and blessing them with all~!
    Also, when in doubt, of what to give? when we really dont know what people like? Give fruit.

  56. Maureen Polson says

    Most people like fruit and it is definitely a beautiful gift to be given. Even better than flowers since flowers you can just look at until they wilt but fruit you can enjoy and you think of the person who gave it to you everytime you take a bite.

  57. Char Watkis says

    Fruit always makes a great gift because you can give it anytime of year. Whether it’s baby showers, get wells, just because, or anything else it’s something that is well appreciated. The cost is a lot less and it’s a great way to give others a healthy treat and jump start.

  58. Tori says

    Fruit is a great snack because it contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals. Dried fruit is a nice option for a sweet tooth and the chewiness helps to relieve stress. Fruit on! :)

  59. Catherine Kelleher says

    I love making gift baskets, especially at this time of year! Fruit is so versatile to use in baskets, especially packages of dried fruits!

  60. Nicole Ledwon says

    I always find fruit to be a refreshing snack and I can’t think of one person I know that would not love a fruit basket for a gift!

  61. lacey mixon says

    This would be a great gift to my mom who has just (about 8 wks ago) started on a vegan diet due to some medical issues. This is great because not only is it delicious and healthy for you but everyone loves fruit!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. kym says

    I absolutely love having fruit as a gift myself, after all the goodies that I receive and or make as gifts we all could use a healthy snack!!

  63. joanne gentry says

    I love to give fruit baskets as gifts. When my girls were in college, I would send them. I knew their eating habits weren’t that great on a limited budget and with a hectic college schedule, junk food was easier to find. They loved fruit baskets! !!! I knew they were getting a nutritious snack so that made me feel good! I love to receive them as well. I was a sugar addict and fruit /dried fruit has taken the place of most of the bad sugars I used to eat. Replacing them made a huge difference in my overall health.

    Liked Melissa’s on Facebook-joanne gentry
    Liked Appetite for Health on Facboook
    Subscribed to the
    Shared on facebook–
    Shared on twitter-
    Shared on google+–
    Pinned on Pinterest–
    I also emailed via gmail==my 4 daughters and 2 sisters.

  64. Brandy Ritter says

    Fruit makes such a great gift at the holidays because when it looks really, really delicious it is so much easier to eat as a treat!

  65. Stephanie B. says

    I am signed up for your e-newsletter and I also “Like” Melissa’s on Facebook.

    Fruit is the best gift to give, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation…everyone eats fruit!

  66. Jan Burgess says

    Fruit goes well with everything. Every meal. And is the best snack.. It would be the best gift..

  67. says

    Fruit is a wonderful gift because it’s real food — and sweet! But it’s also wonderful for me, and friends and family, because with food allergies and celiac disease rampant, I don’t know anyone who can’t eat fruit, and enjoy it.

  68. Dawnie Fretwell says

    Holidays are so busy; having fresh fruit around makes having a healthy snack easy- even for the kids!

  69. shawn t says

    Fruit is the perfect gift for those “hard to buy for” people on your holiday shopping list. People of all ages love fruit and fruit snacks. It makes a great family gift. What a beautiful basket of healthiness!
    Shared on Facebook!

  70. says

    Fruit is nature’s perfect food: beautiful to look at AND provides our bodies with energy and nutrients to keep us healthy, fight infections, and ward off chronic diseases! What could possibly be a better gift?!

  71. says

    Because fruit is loved by all!! It is sweet and full of nutrients, delicious and good for you at the same time, what is not to love about this?!!

  72. Linda R says

    Fruit is a wonderful gift, especially for business friends/colleagues who you might not know well. Everyone appreciates beautiful fruit!

  73. Kelly Paradise says

    I personally love fruit & I think it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle and I believe it’s a great gift for anyone to receive and my kids love fruit as well and any time I can I like to have it available as a healthy snack option rather than candy, chips or ice cream :) Thank you for such a great healthy giveaway :)

  74. Jo Skidmore says

    Fruit is a great gift for people who “have everything” and don’t need anything else cluttering up their house. It’s pretty, good tasting and healthy and it’s consumable. Nothing left, in the end to clutter up the house.

  75. teresa harvey says

    If someone gave me a fruit basket as a gift I would be tickled pink! Fruit is so delicious and so good for you! Love love love it!

  76. Heather A says

    Like both on FB.

    Fruit is wonderful as a gift, because it’s also healthy and a great treat to stick in a bit of chocolate at times! (chocolate covered strawberries or cherries, or pineapple…).

  77. Pamela Laws says

    I like both of the websites and every time I log in to Melissa’s, I have to eat a piece of fruit. The basket gifts let the recipients know that you love them and you care about their health. All of the fruits in the basket are wonderful to eat and to cook and bake.

  78. Teresa C. says

    Fruit makes a great gift because everyone loves fruit. Usually people gift chocolate and other unhealthy items around the Holidays. I would much rather get a basket filled with fruity goodies. I already “liked” both pages and have shared on my Facebook as well. Thanks AFH and Melissa’s for a great giveaway!

  79. Carol says

    A gift of Fruit is so much better than a gift of Sugary Treats! Please, oh please hook me up with this healthy gift.

  80. mnsteph says

    I Liked you both on Facebook and already get the newsletter, and I think that fruit makes a great gift because it is healthy and delicious. Who doesn’t love fruit? :)

  81. Tara says

    Fruit makes a wonderful gift because it is consumable (does not permanently take up space), pretty (colorful!) and healthy in a society where so many of us are constantly fighting struggles against obesity due to the prevalence of greasy, unhealthy foods.

  82. Lori says

    Fruit makes a great gift because it is sweet & can be used anytime. You can use it plain, on salads, juiced, etc. I love that the basket has some dried fruits too. Then you can use it in homemade trail mixes, muffins, breads, etc. Great giveaway!

  83. Zachary says

    I’m a fan of you both on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. I think fruit makes a good gift because it’s healthy and it’s usually good to send to someone that lives far from you. It’s a practical gift and I enjoy giving practical gifts.

  84. says

    Fruit is a great gift because you can eat it so many ways: fresh, cooked or baked. In a basket of fruit, everyone will find something to eat that they like and share.

  85. Casey says

    Many in my family are vegetarians, so this would be a big hit. Who doesn’t love fresh fruit!
    I would keep this gift basket & refill it with lotions, soaps & a loofah sponge for my Sister for Christmas!

  86. Lisa Richardson says

    It’s beautiful, it’s healthy, and everyone loves it! There are so many uses for it too!

  87. Kara says

    How can you ever go wrong with fruit as a gift? Healthy, delicious, full of vitamins and anti-oxidents, all healthy gifts, which are the best kind to give (and recieve)!

  88. Kate Rossiter says

    I don’t eat fruit as often as I should, but when I do, I think, why don’t I eat this at every meal. Fruit makes me feel better!! So, the perfect gift of hapiness, it’s sweet without the guilt!!

  89. Beth Johnson says

    I love getting fruit as a gift! It’s a tradition from when I was little to get fruit & nuts in stockings, and we lays started Thanksgiving with big bowls of fruit so company could snack when they stopped by! We don’t do sweets in our house, but let the family munch away on fruit & nuts when a snack is needed!

  90. Kim L. says

    Fruit is the BEST GIFT to give and receive. It’s healthy and yummy. Right now with all the sweet goodies going around, a piece of fruit is very much needed. Love Love Fruit-fresh and dried!!!
    Shared on FB.

  91. wendy collier says

    Fruit is a great gift because it is healthy and delicious. It shows the person you are gifting that you care about their taste buds AND their health.

  92. Juanita Davis Edwards says

    Because fruit is healthy, it’s a gift you don’t have to feel guilty about giving.

  93. Joanne Polyak says

    Fruit is a great gift because it is something that you can give to anyone! It is healthy, fits any size, and it taste great! :)

  94. allison wagoner says

    fruit is the best gift because it’s healthy, delicious, and cheaper than electronics! I want some of this! :-)

  95. says

    I “Like” Melissa’s, and Appetite for Health on Facebook, plus subscribe to your newsletter. I tweeted about this giveaway on twitter as @anniemos … Fruit is a perfect gift, because you know you are giving something the recipient will enjoy, and you know that you are giving a healthy gift as well!

  96. Renee ( Holly ) says

    Fruit makes the perfect gift because I have lots of hospital patients who are lonely and it is perfectly healthy and safe for them to eat!

  97. laurel says

    This is perfect for when your family wants something sweet and you want to give them something healthy!!

  98. says

    One size fits all.. no packaging required..
    Fruit is its own gift that gives so much..
    Light from the sun to grow this great fruit..
    Love from who planted and pruned and cared for the tree..
    Take a bite of fruit and enjoy..

    Thank you for the chance to win this basket of so much..

  99. Sandy Smith says

    Fresh fruit, especially citrus in the depths of winter, is like a big package of sunshine and happiness!

  100. Kathleen Conner says

    Fruit is a great gift, because everyone needs a little more “healthy” during the holiday!

  101. John Billiris says

    In this age, I think fruit would be a welcome gift, because it is so practical and will be used.

  102. jennifer woosley says

    Fruit makes the perfect gift because its healthy and you can’t always get good tasting fruit all times of the year. I would love fruit for a gift!

  103. Sandi says

    I would so love to win this basket from Melissa! I liked their page long ago but have not been able to afford anything yet 😀

  104. says





  105. says

    Fruit makes a great gift because not only do they get delicious fruit, they also get vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that help prevent and reverse disease!

  106. says

    I just love a good healthy, nutritious selections of fruit. And I love to see a variety of bright colors and assorted shapes & sizes. The different flavors & tastes of each natural & dried fruit is nature’s perfect food indeed. My family and I just love to eat them by themselves and we just love to make many delicious recipes with them too.

  107. denise rivera says

    I’d love to have a shot at something yummy like this!!!!! You can’t go wrong with a basket filled with healthy stuff! Seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find healthy stuff like this! Please count me in on this treat filled basket!

  108. Patricia Hancock says

    I love fruit baskets. The fruit is always so sweet and delicious. We order them at work every year for customers and they rave about them

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