Lucky You! A Lundberg Rice Giveaway!

Lundberg rice samplerWe’re stocking up on some of our favorite pantry basics in anticipation of all the cooking we’ll be doing for the upcoming holidays

To help you do the same, we’ve arranged for another Lundberg Rice Giveaway! Five lucky Appetite for Health winners will score a Lundberg Rice Sampler packed with $32 worth of rices, rice blends, rice chips and more! To enter, see below.

Easy, tasty and healthy, rice is a favorite go-to food for us when we’re busy. Try a new variety of rice or a rice blend–our Lundberg Rice Sampler boasts a bevy of rice products—some of which we’ll bet are new to you.

Not familiar with Lundberg Family Farms? They’ve been farming rice and creating rice products in Sacramento Valley since 1937. They are pioneers in the rice business (they have even created an awesome new re-closeable stand-up pouch that keeps their rice upright on the shelf—so much easier to see, store and use).

If you’re looking to change things up a little this Thanksgiving, check out the Lundberg Family Farms website. It’s packed withinformation and recipes that will help you use their wide variety of products. They’ve even got a whole section just for holiday recipes! And here’s something to get you started—a novel stuffing recipe that features Lundberg’s Black Japonica rice (LOVE!). And get this, it contains no butter or added fat of any kind.

Black Japonica™ Stuffing

Can be used to stuff poultry or vegetables like bell peppers, cabbage leaves, onions, eggplant, or winter squash.

  • 1/2 cup Black Japonica™ cooked according to package directionsLundberg black japonica rice
  • 6 slices of bread 3 white 3 black (or rye) toasted and cubed or torn
  • 1 med chopped onion
  • 3 celery sticks chopped
  • 3 c Chicken broth
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp ground rubbed sage


In a sauce pan, pre-cook the onion and celery in the broth until soft. Beat 2 eggs and sage in a large bowl. Add bread onions and mix with eggs. Add liquid and cooked rice mix until blended. Put stuffing in buttered casserole dish and bake until brown at 350 degrees.

Makes 6 servings.

Lundberg logoIf you’d like to try and win one of 5 Lundberg Rice Samplers  (each a $32 value!), here’s what you need to do: “Like” Lundberg on Facebook and sign up for our enewsletter and  “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook too. Then be sure to  leave us a comment below this post (not on Facebook please) telling us how you like to rice it up at holiday time. Enter by Tuesday, Nov. 13th at midnight. 

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  1. love just making a vegie mix in crockpot and serving it over rice

  2. I like to make rice pilaf as an alternative to potatos and gravy.

  3. rice with everything… :)

  4. I like to “rice it up” by preparing a bed of pilaf for our turkey. It absorbes any juices that escape during the meal and it is heaven in a bowl at breakfast the next morning.

  5. I make a wild rice and brown rice harvest casserole!

  6. We like making what my family always called “holiday rice”: you saute onions and garlic in olive oil, add the rice, sliced almonds, raisins, and shredded carrots, then you add water and salt to taste and cook until rice is perfectly cooked. You can also add a cinnamon stick to perfume it, it goes well with the sweetness of the raisins (which get deliciously plump!) and carrots.
    It is funny to think about this rice, because someone always made when we used to get reunited at my grandmother’s house for Christmas, and now I make it at home.
    I also like to sprinkle pommegranate seeds on top of mine just for a more festive look! This always makes me smile as I remember the best part of my life, the days of family together at grandma’s house :-)

  7. randa trella says:

    Looks like lots of types of rice to experiment with.

  8. I already do all three things. I like to rice it up during the holidays with wild rice stuffing. I also like to make rice salad and a healthier rice pudding.

  9. Andre Kato says:

    As son of japaneses I love rice anyway and anytime. Even desserts or snacks made with rice. :)

  10. TammeraSirois says:

    My all time favorite 😉 “Rice It Up”
    Homemade vanilla pudding , rice ( cooked), cinnamon , nutmeg , and organic dried cherries!
    Touch of whipped Creme 😉

  11. I use rice to make stuffing for Thanksgiving as well as rice pudding as a dessert!

  12. i like to mix wild rice into my stuffing it as a great flavor

  13. Rice, Rice Baby! Rice is so universal… it can be incoroporated into a variety of dishes. I especally like it in stuffed green bell peppers!

  14. Please enter me in the giveaway I love your site

  15. Rosa Espinal says:

    I “liked” and I signed up,please enter me in the giveaway!!!

  16. Rice is one of the simplest things to make by just boiling water. After that I just add a little butter with peas, corn, or whatever I’m in the mood for and I’m good to go.

  17. Brenda Riley says:

    Rice is so versatile. I’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been exploring different types of rice and like almost all of them. Brown and wild rices do take a bit more cooking, but are well worth the time!

  18. dorothy borgese says:

    don’t really like stuffing this is a great alternative

  19. I love to add brown and wild rice to the stuffing- adds texture. I also make a broccoli, rice and cheese casserole that the family loves. Rice is great because it absorbs flavors so well.

  20. To shake it up a it this holiday season, I was thinking of making some home-made rice milk to substitute for milk and cream in my recipes…so winning this package might give me a different-tasting option as well as some great other ingredients for my table!

  21. Wild rice stuffing! Rice pudding, too!

  22. GL Meranda says:

    Turkey soup with wild rice sounds great. looking forward to seeing more

  23. My kids are not a big fan of mac and cheese but they love rice and cheese. For desserts we would make a fall spiced rice pudding with cinnamon, nutmeg ect.. it will also be great for leftover turkey to make a yummy soup.

  24. Love the wild rice mix. Been going out of my way to find it for special occasions for years! Would love to try their other products!

  25. one of our favorite fall recipes..rice with pumpkin, raisin and fall seasonings.

  26. Mix fresh cranberries and nuts with rice as a great alternative to potatos!

  27. I like rice in my soup, I know it’s not a holiday meal but its light enough for those days after the feast!

  28. i love making a gluten free wild rice stuffing for thanksgiving

  29. I like both FB pages and am an email subscriber. I’m really the only one in my family that likes potatoes or stuffing so I usually make a couple or rice dishes as substitutes!

  30. Darci Rodgers says:

    I love rice..AND it’s one of the very few healthy things my husband will gladly eat!

  31. I love rice mixed in with my stuffing.

  32. I would serve rice as side dish

  33. Heather Vongsavanh says:

    If my husband could, he would eat rice at least 3x/day. We love rice, too. Our favorites are sticky rice and coconut rice with mangos. I like a variety, but I’ve never had the Japonica type. Would love to try.

  34. Liked, subscribed & liked. Lundberg rice is my favorite! Rice pudding is traditional at our Thanksgiving. And I’m trying to create a new stuffing recipe …. with no gluten, so rice is being featured. I don’t have it quite right yet – but I’ll get there!

  35. Love trying new healthy things :)!!

  36. Laura Eichenlaub says:

    I wish I saw rice at more holiday dinners – I prefer little seasoning or extras with my rice, I like to let the rice toot its own horn :) A little butter or oil and salt/pepper is how I love my rice! What a fantastic give away!

  37. I “Like” Lundberg and Appetite for Health on Facebook I have sign up for your enewsletter.
    I like to rice it up at holiday time by serving rice cakes topped with pumpkin butter, and coconut flakes I also like Mixing fresh cranberries and walnuts in wild rice, and making brown rice hot dish with.garlic squash and green beans..

  38. Rice in stuffing.

  39. Rebecca Lord says:

    My hubby has just gotten on a rice kick and I love it, finally I can ditch the mashed potatoes, I love to make stir fry….I am really getting the hang of it and experimenting more and more with it
    Also, a chicken corn casserole with rice at the holidays is my favorite

  40. I like you both on Facebook as Jay Cee and am a continuing newsletter subscriber. Rice? I am half Korean so I grew up eating a lot of rice. I love eating plain rice sometimes. Rice cakes lightly browned in olive oil sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and hickory bark syrup… Mmmm Mmm!

  41. I like both pages on facebook (Louis H Uffmire) and I am on your email list. I like to add chopped nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) to my rice or curry to had some spice
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  42. I can’t eat gluten, so rice is my go-to grain! It’s perfect for sweet and savory dishes during the holidays, and it’s a great way to make recipes more nutritious!

  43. I love rice!I like to try it in different recipes during the holidays.It’s a great alternative to potatos.

  44. We make a broccoli cheese and rice casserole every Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  45. I’d like to add this rice to my homemade turkey broth. That plus veggies will make a yummy soup!

  46. Robin Wilson says:

    We love rice as a part of our meal and as a way to use our leftovers to make even more delicious meals. From stuffing to soup it is family favorite any time!

  47. Robin Wilson says:

    I subscribe to your wonderful newsletter and like you and Lunberg Rice on Facebook.

  48. michele malone says:

    we eat rice all year round, but I think rick and leftover turkey would make a wonderful soup.

  49. My son loves rice and will eat it 3 times a day. Will be making him stuffed pepper soup, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, rice and stewed tomatoes and a bunch of different casseroles while he’s home for the holidays!

  50. Lori Williams says:

    I like Lundberg and AFH on Facebook! I also get your newsletter! Me and my husband love rice! Whatever I cook, I can always count on my darling hubby to ask, “got any rice with this?” We just recently realized there us more varieties than just brown rice, and so I have been trying to buy a different kind each week to try. It has been very interesting and yummy. If we don’t mix it up with what i made on our plates, or if it isn’t already mixed in, we love rice with butter, sea salt and pepper as a side dish!! This package of everything rice products from Lundberg looks awesome. My hubby is a diabetic and one of our sons has celiac, and I am gluten intolerant, so rice is most definately a daily staple in our home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Glorified Rice is a holiday tradition in our family. I love it!

  52. Ineke Ojanen says:

    Use a rice blend to make a turkey and vegetable soup. Also, brown basamati rice with dried fruit, nuts and spices for a tasty side.

  53. Love making rice pudding for the holidays and rice it up! We use holiday spices like nutmeg and clove….

  54. I like you and Lundberg and I’m a newsletter subscriber. For the holidays I make a brown rice/lentil/diced tomato mix that everyone enjoys!

  55. Andrea Zeng says:

    I would make a festive fall salad with the rice.

  56. Eliza Klinger says:

    I like AFH and Kundberg on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I subscribe to your email newsletter
    I would love to use this rice to make stuff peppers or a rice casserole…yum!!

  57. I love wild rice and salmon! :)

  58. I love all kinds of rice. I also enjoy always trying new dishes to make with fish,chicken,turkey and beef. :)

  59. For the holidays my family “rices it up” by making a wild rice stuffing. Much healthier and tastier. Also every Christmas morning we have a crockpot full of rice pudding. I already “liked” both pages and have signed up ages ago for the AFH newsletter. Also shared on my FB page. Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  60. going to try and gluten free rice stuffing this year . and i love to crush up lundberg wasabi rice chips and use them for breading eggplant, tofu and veggie burgers!!

  61. Sandy Smith says:

    Rice pudding! All time best comfort food…

  62. Rice is a staple in my house. I like to eat with just about anything.

  63. really want to try some new rice mixes

  64. Rice Pudding!

  65. We eat rice with anything, its a nice easy side dish.

  66. Rice is a must in our home.

  67. I lie them on fb and you on fb. I would rice it up on Thanksgiving

  68. Lisa Richardson says:

    My sister in law makes rice dressing that is to die for. I only get it once a year, and I look forward to that. Nobody makes it like she does!!

  69. Cheryl Boyce says:

    Rice Pudding..YUMM!!!! Turkey & Rice Casserole is expected at my house the day after a Turkey is prepared.

  70. Dana Montgomery says:

    LOVE their Pumpkin and Rice soup recipe. It’s an easy, gluten free recipe that hits the spot during the holidays!

  71. We love having a variety of rices. And, I usually make “extra” in the rice cooker that migrates into a rice pudding dessert!

  72. Rice & veggies – endless combinations there!

  73. Leah Brislin says:

    I like to make my Aunt’s Christmas Rice!

  74. I love wild rice and almonds!!

  75. Andra Eads says:

    I like bothy AFL and Lundberg on FB. Shared this contest with my friends on FB. I love to have rice as an option along with potatoes during the holidays.

  76. Kimberly Newell says:

    Love rice, would like to try the rice sampler! Thank you.

  77. I’m usually assigned the cranberry-orange relish, but maybe they’d let me add another dish if I make something yummy with Lundberg Family Farms rice. Great products!

  78. I like to add sliced or slivered almonds .

  79. I love to make a wild rice soup in these cold months! =]

  80. Jennifer S. says:

    I love to “rice it up” during the holidays with my rice pudding. It’s a recipe that’s been handed down in my family and it’s the one time a year my entire family gets to enjoy it.

  81. Kathryn D. says:

    I “likd oth and I am already signed up for the newsletter.

    During the holiday season, I use rice in a more unorthodox way; for my gingerbread houses! I use a mix of Basmati and Jasmine rice for snow on the base of my gingerbread houses. The varying whitenss and shape of the two types of rice give the fake snow a more authentic look.

  82. We love to add rice to every meal – it’s quick and easy and goes great with our veggie and fish dinners. This year for the holiday’s we’re going for rice blends, but are also adding pumpkin rice medley dish to Thanksgiving for the vegetarians among us!

  83. Wild rice stuffing with chestnuts is a favorite dish that I make.

  84. Teresa Fowler says:

    My four boys love it when I make rice, cheese, chicken and peas. Their favorite meal and it actually fills them up :)Thank you

  85. These look like great products. I would love to win this and give it as gift basket to a gal I know that is battling cancer. She’s a single mom of 4 small children. I know she would love this and it would give her a little lift. Thanks for considering!

  86. I like to make a nice stir fry :)

  87. I shared on facebook and twitter !

  88. Sue Morris says:

    I love to serve rice with steamed broccoli as a side to slices of trukey!

  89. I love making fried rice, stuffing it in a turkey, or putting it in pretty peppers and baking them!

  90. I have never tried rice in stuffing, but I bet it would be very good.

  91. Stir fry!

  92. ronda garnett says:

    rice pudding

  93. I make a special rice dish that is the main course. It is Panamanian style with olives, ground beef and scrambled eggs. My family begs for it.

  94. I love making beans and rice. Or chili over rice. And with the cold weather, that’s what’s for dinner!

  95. I shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  96. We are trying to eat more healthy foods and this would be the great way to start.

  97. My rice steamer never rests! Love the organic rice, veggies, and mushroom gravy! Looks like a lot of other great ideas posted that we will need to try!

  98. We always have rice during the holidays. rice with a little butter , onion & green pepper YUM!!!

  99. I like Lundberg Family Farms on FB. Donna Haley

  100. I like Appetite for Health on FB. Donna Haley

  101. tabitha a pittz says:

    Im on a glutten free diet so holiday meals are hard for me to prepare or partake in. Rice is always a great substitute and this would be an awesome giveaway to win just in time for thanksgiving and christmas

  102. We like rice in so many dishes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  103. Rice pudding!

  104. i love rice!!! i eat it all the time but i admit that i never used it in a holiday dinner!!!

  105. Dorothy Hull says:

    Never have tried it, but heard from Mark Martin (NASCAR driver) that black rice is very healthy and good for you. Would love the opportunity to try it.

  106. Melanee Lillis says:

    We always have plain white rice with holiday meals, it started when we lived in japan.

  107. lisa mcfarland says:

    rice is a side dish that turns everything into a main dish

  108. I like both you and Lundberg on facebook and subscribe to your newsletter.

    I like having the wild rice pilaf with cranberries and nuts during the holiday meals.

  109. I recently really fell in love with JASMINE rice.. and its making is so easy.. and I do like brown rice.. I would love to try Lundberg Rice.. Thank you so much.. I would love to include some rice in the holidays.. however need some great recipes to try..

  110. Sharon Norris says:

    Wild rice stuffing, and baked rice pudding.

  111. I cook it in chicken broth!

  112. Sharon Michalove says:

    I’m allergic to wheat, so rice stuffing, rice soups, risotto, etc are a life-saver for me during the holidays.

  113. Jennifer F. says:

    I love rice with everything. I really enjoy using left over rice on salad.

  114. Martha Waugh says:

    Rice pudding is a staple at our holiday gatherings.

  115. Wehani rice with chestnuts
    will REALLY rice it up!

  116. … Best chips around!!! [I haven’t been able to get a taste for a while, but I still remember the flavor!!! Delicious!!!

  117. I dont normally cook but will this year so would love to try some of your products!

  118. Gratia Oakley says:

    The wild rice blend with some sauteed onion, celery, garlic, and mushrooms. Use it as a side dish or add some fresh italian parsely, sage, rosemary, and lemon thyme from the garden and use it as a stuffing. Hope I win the box : )

  119. What only for the holidays??? We love rice anyway we can get it…even out 6 year old when he won’t eat anything else will eat rice and I mean any kind of rice, white, brown, wild (which wild rice is his favorite)

  120. “Rice it up” with Vegan Tomato Risotto and meatless turkey with roasted sweet potatoes! Rice pudding for dessert!! Continuing to LOVE your Gluten Free/Vegan options! Thanks!!

  121. china johnson says:

    Rice the gluten free alternative for my holiday!!

  122. We love lil pumpkins stuffed with a fruit, rice, veggie & spices mix. It makes a lovely presentation dish for our vegetarian table. :)

  123. We like rice with so many things… we created a quick and easy ‘go to potluck’ idea — Steam your favorite Lundbergs rice (Hubby likes Basmati…) put in baking dish; cook up a couple (to a few) chicken breasts in a skillet (we prefer cast iron) and chop up to bite sized pieces as you cook (we use a professional spatula, cuts great!) Season with garlic powder and pepper and we LOVE Soy Vay Island Teriyaki sauce (be generous) — Saute in some pineapple chunks; when done pour over the rice, cover and go! ~ Glad to have found you via Lundbergs Facebook Page! Now following you and have subscribed to your blog! Definitely will be sharing with others!! Yummy!

  124. I make Italian Rice Balls for Christmas and on New Years for our family meals because rice signfies rice and prosperity. It’s a fun way to bring everyone a little good fortune for the year to come.

  125. I like wild rice with cranberries at holiday time.

  126. *wealth and prosperity not rice and prosperity lol!

  127. I grew with white rice almost every night. Now I like to try different kinds of rice. For holidays, or any day for that matter, rice pilaf with a mix of black, brown and red rice is a tasty treat.

  128. JasonMChicago says:

    I like cooking brown rice and wild rice for the holidays. I use it in interesting ways like soup and even salads!

  129. I definitely love making rice pudding and cheesy rice and broccoli casserole!

  130. Last year I made butternut squash soup with brown rice in a crock pot for Thanksgiving eve. Tasty.

  131. Gayle Escobar says:

    Everything is better over rice, especially during the holidays.

  132. Even if I don’t win, I will seek these products!!! I remember the flavor and the healthful way they made me feel!!! 😉

  133. candace gregory says:

    Love a Wild Rice Pilaf with lots of goodies in it like mushrooms. Mmmmm

  134. I love that rice gives a delicious alternative for those sensitive to gluten and milk, like my sister and I. I’ve even convinced the rest of my family that rice is better! Tough with our Celtic roots! Rice made with vegetable stock or even rice pudding can be found anytime – especially holidays with m family. :)

  135. I love Lunberg’s brown basmati, plain, in stir fries, with gravy poured over it, just about any way possible. Yum!

  136. Dace Carlin says:

    I discovered your products not long time ago thanks to PROP37. Before the campaign I thought that we were eating healthy, but when I started to gather information on foods what were in our pantry I was in shock. Thanks to Unprocessed October campaign and companies like yours my pantry looks much much better and feel awesome about food what I’m feeding my family!
    Our thanksgiving will be very different from how it looked the years before. We switched to mostly organic produce and will try a lot of new recipes including Lundberg family rice products.

    Thank you so much for doing great work!

  137. Courtney Dettman says:

    i like to make chicken curry with rice

  138. Judy Heinsinger says:

    I love rice,but I’ve never had it for thanksgiving so this would be a nice change to have some wild rice with the turkey! It looks much more interesting than the same old white rice and more flavor too!

  139. Rice pudding. I could eat it almost everyday of the year :-)

  140. Michelle Fellows says:

    I love ruce and we always have a rice dish for Thanksgiving. Yuumy! I have liked and shared…

  141. I love all the different varieties of rice and used to think all rice was instant white. I love making a wild rice pilaf for my family.

  142. Rachael Beatty says:

    Rice pilaf, cranberry-orange rice pudding, broccoli and rice casserole :-)

  143. Being asian and slightly gluten-sensitive, rice has been a staple my entire life. Nothing too fancy for the holidays. Plain, and steamed in broth, balances well with well-seasoned beans, meats and vegetables.

  144. I have never made rice pudding and would love to give it a shot this thanksgiving! Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. Rice salads made with dried fruits and nuts. Any combination seemed to work. Always a hit.

  146. We love everything riceful! For Thanksgiving, we like an acorn squash stuffed with wild rice pilaf and we usually do a pumpkin risotto for breakfast.

  147. We use rice often and Love Lundberg Farms.Thanks for a great giveaway!

  148. My machine crashed, so had to start over….

    Yes I love Lundberg rice. I noticed the new packaging the past weekend.

    I already “Like” Lundberg on Facebook and signed up for your enewsletter and “Like” Appetite for Health
    I tweeted this post at
    I follow @appetite4health as @glutenfreesista
    I shared the post on my timeline
    and my page
    I would love that rice sampler!

  149. Loved,shared and tweeted.Upcoming Turkey Dinner will be great with rice the next day

  150. Chris Cribbett says:

    I like it in rice pudding.

  151. I love whipping up rice pudding — with Lundberg’s Mochi — around the holidays. Nutmeg and cinnamon, and coconut cream, with slow-cooked sweet rice. But I also like making rice bowls with kabocha squash, paprika and nutmeg and cinnamon to top it.

  152. jacintha martis says:

    I would use the Rice with the grilled meat and vegetables.

  153. We cook rice lots of different ways.My husband is spanish and he loves his rice every day!

  154. We love Wild Rice with anything. I cook it in chicken broth for a little extra flavor, and add some dried cranberries or cherries for a little extra special color and flavor.

  155. Betty Cannon says:

    One of our favorite recipe for family gatherings is black japonica rice, baked with mushroom soup and fresh mushrooms. It goes great with so many things. And we also eat a lot of brown rice with steamed fish for breakfast.

  156. I love making rice for the holidays. My all time favorite is, Rice and Beans (Arroz con gandules).

  157. We like trying new healthy things … and we love rice!

  158. I like to make a Holiday Wild Rice. I add red peppers and green onions to go with the holiday colors and add some other tasty ingredients.

  159. Charlotte Greer says:

    I cook brown rice almost every day. We love it. I also like to make rice pudding this time of year. Warm and oh so yummy.

  160. I just bought a bag of your short grain brown rice. It’s so delicious.

  161. jennifer woosley says:

    we like rice pudding.a dessert that can be really good for you!

  162. Tracy Petitjean says:

    I’ve never cooked rice for holiday dinners. This would be a great way to start since I love rice and have been trying to find new kinds to try.
    I also shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

  163. I’d love to Rice it up, but I have a family who only will eat the traditional holiday foods. I really love Lundberg’s Rice products and buy them exclusively!!!

  164. I love making a wild and brown rice salad instead of stuffing for Thanksgiving, it is much tastier and healthier. The texture, nutty taste, and health benefits make me not miss good ole bread stuffing at all.
    I like both Lundberg, and AFH on FB and receive AFH’s newsletter :)

  165. Ellen Mark says:

    I use your brown rice couscous in my lentil loaf. It is wonderful. And I love your brown rice along with organic beans and organic salsa. I’m always baking with your brown rice syrup. I make lots of applesauce blueberry and banana raisin muffins with 1/2 cup brown rice syrup. Thanks!

  166. Debra Patton says:

    Leftover turkey and rice casserole is great and healthy too!

  167. Here in South Florida, I don’t see a lot of Lundberg products, but now that I know RICE is on the “menu” this Thanksgiving, I will DEFINITELY start looking for it — sooooo excited!! I don’t eat potatoes or wheat (until GMO’s are labeled in this country!), so rice on the Thanksgiving table is something I’m REALLY looking forward to! :-)

  168. I love trying anything new and Rice it up with Lundberg Rice. It is always a great and healthy taste!

  169. Rice pudding, rice with turkey, ham , gravy, and soup on and on I could go so many options that we make for the holidays around here.We have all friends and family who come so nobody’s alone make rice with everything, but the sad news is I get whats left rice is the last thing that gets past to me .It does not matter what flavor it all taste so Delicious. When I get it.

  170. i like to make rice pudding with Cinnamon and honey

  171. Rice is a comfort food for my family; they love my chicken and rice; warms and fills the tummies.

  172. Wild rice salad and Brown rice & cranberry pudding with ram sauce for thanks giving. of course, Vegan turkey stuffed with brown rice, almonds, Onions, carrots, etc… make Thanks giving more special!

  173. My Mom used to make a rice mushroom dish for the holidays with canned mushrooms and canned french onion soup that was absolutely delicious. I would love to figure out how to make it with real fresh ingredients instead of the canned.

  174. Christine Yaeger says:

    I use rice in our scrambled eggs with onion, tomato and a little cheese! Yum!

  175. lori lodice says:

    I can eat rice everyday

  176. Shelly Pennington says:

    I actually make broccoli rice casserole for Thanksgiving :)

  177. I like to use rice for stuffing, pilafs and with dried fruits for a dessert. All separate meals of course! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Jasmine Blaylock says:

    My kids love rice with just about anything. But I would say our favorite is stir-fry over rice.

  179. love beans and rice AND I regularly cook rice for my pooch:-)

  180. I like mixing their rice with veggies and beans or winter squash. (liked & shared)

  181. Juanita Davis Edwards says:

    Traditionally, my family just has rice and turkey gravy for holiday dinners. This year, my husband and I are celebrating our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple, so we’re seeking out new traditions. I’m thinking rice stuffing, wild rice and/or rice pudding will be on the menu.

  182. Every week I make a batch of brown rice mixed with a medley of veggies and soy sauce. I then top it with teriyaki tofu or a fried egg! (liked and signed up for e-newsletter!)

  183. Great Giveaway!!! My family loves rice .. make it several times a week… they like it served with everything!!

  184. I usually can’t go to see family at Thanksgiving, so I cook for a few friends that I get together with. I love using the rice to mix with lamb, tomatoes and spices for a quick and easy filling for stuffed peppers – which go over really well at a “buffet” type dinner that my friends and I tend to put together.

    During the Christmas season, I’ve used the Lundberg rice to make rice pudding which is a favorite of my mom’s and she always asks me to make it for her!

  185. I like my friend’s rice casserole; she makes it every holiday, and I took down her recipe and cook it for myself as well — using beef bullion, onions and lots or rice– it is DEEEVINE!!!

  186. Rice pudding and rice in the stuffing!

  187. I Like both on Facebook and already get the newsletter and I rice to it up during the holidays by adding rice to some meals like stuffing or rice pudding.

  188. I love to make rice stuffing! Lundberg are awesome products and I’d love to try out their products!

  189. olivia tokarz says:

    I love to make a brown rice casserole with french onion soup, beef consume’, mushrooms and butter! Soooo good! And cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole! Yumm! :)

  190. We love to make rice pudding during the holidays!

  191. Shanon Necochea says:

    Rice isn’t a traditional staple of Thanksgiving in our home but I have read some wonderful recipes here and just may try one. Thank You!! :)

  192. Keith Ruff says:

    With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I like to get out my slow cooker and rice things up. I want to eat healthy and this saves me time too so I can truely enjoy the season!

  193. i like cinnamon and sugar on mine

  194. Hannah Farrel says:

    We stuff cornish game hens with wild rice in lieu of a turkey. So delish and personalized!

  195. I like to make a rice pilaf with nuts and cranberries.

  196. I love a veggie rice pilaf (onions, celery, carrots) with almonds and cranberries.

  197. Broccoli Rice Casserole, one of our most favorite meals!

  198. My favorite dish we make for the holidays with rice is chicken sausage gumbo. Anytime of the year I love to make emerald city salad- a blend of wild rice, kale, swiss chard, bell peppers and more. Yum.

  199. We have wild rice soup on Christmas Eve. I make it in the crock pot and then we can enjoy time with family while it’s cooking and not have lots of cleanup. I love that with so many types of rice you can always be making different dishes to keep it exciting!

  200. Interesting basket – I’m going to my recipe book for some ideas! I like to use rice as a side dish and in soups.

  201. karen shaughnessy says:

    I would like to make rice balls as a side with my Christmas day dinner.

  202. Lucia Alzaga says:

    A nice risotto

  203. Mattea Ritter says:

    wild rice casserole with the leftover turkey

  204. I like to make a baked rice casserole with leftover turkey and lots of veggies. Rice is also good instead of potatoes too. :)

  205. Being gluten free, this is a great alternative. I can’t wait to try new recipes.

  206. My sons and I eat a lot of rice. For Thanksgiving a traditional side dish is broccoli, rice and cream of mushroom soup. Then crushed cheese crackers on top. One of our favorites!





  208. Wild rice stuffing is yummy

  209. Sandra Schultz Hurt says:

    Would love to win as rice is a staple we use at least twice a week in my household!

  210. I love wild rice in my healthy Turkey soup.

  211. want to try Wahini mix with my glazed salmon

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