Gourmet Pear Gift Box Giveaway!

Beautiful PearsJuicy, ripe pears can add taste, nutrition and style to your cooking. Or you could just eat them as they are—perfect! Five lucky Appetite for Health fans will win our Fresh Gourmet Pear Gift Box Giveaway. See below for entry details.

We know our Appetite for Health friends LOVE pears, so we’ve brought back our popular Fresh Pear Gift Box Giveaway (a $39 value), courtesy of USA Pears and The Fruit Company. We’ve got five of these beautiful Pear Medley boxes (pictured at left) to share—just in time for the holiday season, so enter today!

Have you ever noticed that some people are “afraid” of fresh pears. I think I know why. It’s because nobody has ever clued them in on how to tell when a fresh pear is ripe. Therefore, these poor folks have only eaten unripe, hard and less-than-flavorful pears. Don’t be one of those people! Here’s the trick to telling when pears are actually ripe and ready for eating: gently press on the “neck” or stem end of the pear. If it yields to pressure, it’s ripe, sweet and juicy. That’s it. Easy!Pear ripeness test

Pears are one of the few fruits that does not ripen on the tree, so they are harvested when mature, but not ripe. If you’ve purchased pears that are not ripe yet, no problem. Simply leave them at room temperature for a couple days. (If you need them for a recipe on a specific day though, be sure to purchase them a couple days ahead of time so you can make sure they’re ready on time.) Check them daily for ripeness so you catch them at the perfect ripeness. Once ripe, you can slow additional ripening by putting them in the fridge. This is never a problem at my house though because once they are ripe they get eaten immediately. Plus, they usually aren’t all perfectly ripe on exactly the same day.

USA Pears are an excellent source of fiber and a good source of vitamin C, with only 100 calories per medium pear. They’re also naturally sodium and fat-free. Try cooking with pears—they’re versatile (and we already know they’re delish). Check out the USA Pears website for recipe ideas (we’ve got one of their holiday dessert recipe featuring pears here). The holidays are coming and pears should be on your table in some way, shape or form. On mine, pears share the spotlight with fresh cranberries and dried cherries in my version of cranberry sauce.

If you’d like to try and win one of 5 of these beautiful, 7-pound medley collections in our Fresh Pear Gift Box Giveaway, here’s what to do: First, make sure you’ve signed up for sign-up for our newsletter (no spam ever!), and be sure to “Like” USA Pears on Facebook , too. Then just leave us a comment below (not on Facebook please) telling us your favorite way to enjoy fresh pears in the fall (in salad? on oatmeal?). Enter by Midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 6th.

And don’t forget to tell us where you’ve shared this contest or any AFH content on your social media. The pear giveaway gods like that. Open to residents of the continental US only please. All AFH Terms and Conditions apply.



  1. gayle lancaster says:

    I just slice them up and eat them fresh nothing else needed. they are wonderful on their own.

  2. I like pears as a snack, but would like to try a drunken (red wine) pear recipe!

  3. right out of the fruit bowl

  4. My mother usedtobake them. Cut in half and dab with butter and sprinkle small amount of cinnamon/sugar. Delicious and great w/ice cream!!!

  5. kristin h says:

    I just love to eat them sliced and cold.

  6. I love pears of all kinds, shapes and sizes and enjoy pears in all kinds of ways too! From chopped up on my salads with cranberries, apples and avocado to baked in the oven with strawberry sauce – Pears are so yummy and full of fiber and nutrition! Also like spreading cheese on pears or even dipping in a melted cheese fondue! Email subscriber, Like both FB pages, Shared on my FB wall and tweeted too! Thank you so much!

  7. Nopthing beats a ripe cold pear

  8. Rachelle Arnold says:

    I love to slice up my pear and put into a container in my frig to infuse the flavor. I live in FL where it’s hot and humid 95% of the time so it’s a crisp cool pick me up – yum – wish I had one now!

  9. Carol LeClair says:

    Nothing like eating a nice ripe pear. But I would love to try eating them different ways

  10. Love ’em just the way they are!

  11. I love pears in the fall in a salad of greens and chopped walnuts!

    shared on twitter as @textiff I have 2,995 followers on twitter

  12. This would be a great way to make sure that my family got one of there servings of fruit. I would just give them a freshly washed and ripe pear for their afternoon snack.

  13. Heidi J. Sisco says:

    I like to just slice them up and eat them as well, but I would love to try baking one and eating it with a little vanilla ice cream.

  14. I love pears just on their own or in a salad but this article is may inspire me to try something new!

  15. Kate Finn says:

    I love pears with a crumbly cheese.

  16. Stephanie B. says:

    I like USA Pears on FB.

  17. Stephanie B. says:

    I am signed up to receive your newsletter. A box of pears is calling for me to look up some good, sweet pie recipes…and possibly a homemade pear butter!

  18. Barb Brown says:

    My grandmother sent us a box of fresh pears every Christmas season for decades! For that reason, everytime I eat a fresh pear I think of her….such wonderful memories!! So, please, so that I can have a rush of “grandma memories”, send me that box of juicy fresh pears! I love your newsletter. You always have interesting tidbits that I can use with clients and patients. Thank you!!

  19. Love pure, fresh pear! Nothing beats it…my boys love them too!

  20. I also am signed up to receive your newsletter :) I Love them Baked, as a snack or moms pear crisp its so good! a must have for Thanksgiving.

  21. Bonnie Cooper says:

    Gorgeous juicy pears are perfect on a holiday cheese platter, sliced and fanned out around a big hunk of Stilton and toasted walnuts!!

  22. Lynne Kurzweil says:

    I make roasted butternut squash and pear soup. Yum!

  23. I subscribe chaselhoff at usa dot net and like them o fb as colleen busch. I love to enjoy pears just plain in the fall.

  24. since becomming a diabetic, i have learned to appreciate and enjoy fresh fruit, so much more . and….the fiber benefit of sweet juicy pears is not to be overlooked.

  25. My favorite way to enjoy pears is to eat them straight off the cor. I love pears!!!

    I have tweeted: https://mobile.twitter.com/bitsybitsybitsy/status/265823931645186048?#!/bitsybitsybitsy/status/265823931645186048

  26. I receive your email, and like the pear people. Winning would be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. Janice Petersen says:

    I love fresh pears just as they are…. I slice it up and eat it or just eat it like an apple! YUMMM

  28. dave levin says:

    I love when a friend makes me fresh pear butter!

  29. Charlotte Greer says:

    I love pears fresh. Just wash and eat. Yummy! I shared this on Pinterest and twitter.

  30. Pears in a romaine salad with blue cheese, toasted walnuts and an apple cider, fresh basil, oil, garlic, honey dressing.

  31. I agree with many others here; I like pairs fresh. Wash & enjoy!

  32. Casey Piercey says:

    I love to wash and eat them fresh. But they are good on a baby green salad with feta cheese and a vinaigrette dressing. Also baked pears are good as well.

  33. Pears are perfect to grab as a snack on the run…. but they are also awesome in a spring greens salad with diced chicken, baby spinach, chopped pecans and a lemony vinaigrette dressing. Yum!!

  34. I subscribe to your newsletter

  35. Sheila Roebuck says:

    I like pears the best when they are added to a salad, with nuts, crumbled blue cheese, and a light vinaigrette dressing. Romaine lettuce has crispness, pears are sweet, blue cheese is savory, nuts are hearty and filling, and the vinaigrette pulls it all together.

  36. I like Usa pears on FB

  37. We love pears in everything!!! I especially love poached pears!

  38. we like to eat them with different kinds of cheese

  39. Subscriber and “Like” USA Pears on Facebook! Love pears sliced up and love to dip them in some non fat Greek yogurt

  40. I love to eat ripe delicious pears simply with an few excellent cheeses, tiny french bread slices and chilled white wine.

  41. michele malone says:

    while I love fresh pears, they are one o fmy husband’s absolute favorite fruits. I’d love to win for him. we enjoy sharing a juicy ripe pear for dessert

  42. pat pelland says:

    Pear brandy of course! or pear crumble.

  43. I enjoy eating them plain! I Like USA Pears on FB and I’m signed up for the newsletter

  44. I have a recipe for pear crisp that I make in my slow cooker. It is so good spooned over ice cream. P.S. I shared this on Facebook.

  45. I love pears as they are, raw and natural.

  46. We beside eating the fresh, I saw some recipes for baked pears, and the Butternut Squash & Pear soup posted above sounds really nice.. Yum!..

  47. PS Shared on FB :-)

  48. I love fresh, juicy Bartlett pears. Simple and delicious!
    Shared on Facebook!

  49. Like both on fb. Shared via fb & twitter. I love fresh pairs sliced and eaten with a great cheese like Beemster!

  50. Phylicia Phillips says:

    Just a ripe cold pear by itself

  51. Kathleen Conner says:

    Last night I had one of my favorites–diced pear with mayo, salt, and grated cheddar cheese!

  52. Mary Becker says:

    My favorite way to enjoy pears, is simply rinsed and then hand to mouth.

  53. Liked both!

    I enjoy pears in tarts, fresh salads, by themselves, or caramelized with other fruits!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this, Appetite for Health and USA Pears!

  54. Elizabeth G says:

    I love to use pears in a pork recipe or just eat them fresh.

  55. Michelle Castagne says:

    I like eating pears all by themselves.

  56. I love fresh pears. Also good in salad with crumbled bleu cheese and pecans.

  57. Rae Higgins says:

    I’ve always wanted to try baked pears.

  58. My favorite way to enjoy pears is in a salad with glazed walnuts and a raspberry vinaigrette.

  59. Ive pnned the contest under my contest boeard Ive also shared to twitter as well. Id love to try a pear tart or pie using your pears and Ill send you the pic. :)

  60. John Billiris says:

    I love pears in salad, with walnuts and chevre or feta

  61. Margo Culbertson says:

    Pear Tart…

  62. CONGRATULATIONS! Our winners have been selected! All winners PLEASE let me know within 48 hours if you want to accept your prize! CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR MY EMAIL!!!!

    With that said, here are the winners: Bernice, Rachel A, Sarah W, Charloette G, and Sheila R.
    I will be sending the winners an email asking for information to claim their prize!

    Thank you


  63. luv a nice cold pear … wish i had one right now

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