Amazing Plum Amazins Giveaway!

Plum AmazinsYou mean you haven’t tried Plum Amazins yet? Score some in our Amazing Plum Amazins Giveaway!

Ten Appetite for Health friends will win Plum Amazins plus the entire 2012 season of America’s Test Kitchen on DVD and its accompanying cookbook (a $75 value)! Entry details below…

If  you like to cook (or know someone who does), you need to get in on our Amazing Plum Amazins giveaway, pronto! Not only are these diced, dried plums amazingly tasty, but this prize comes with a the 2012 cookbook and DVD from America’s Test Kitchen.

I like pretty much all types of dried fruit, and  Sunsweet Plum Amazins are no exception. With 50% more fiber and half the sugar of raisins, they’re a nice change of pace, so if you haven’t tried them, give them a whirl. If you have, my guess is that you haven’t cooked with them. I don’t blame you, since mine rarely find their way into a recipe either—I just like eating them for a snack or sprinkling them on yogurt or oatmeal. But, dried fruit is a great ingredient in recipes either sweet or savory, and we have a recipe to prove it! This is a nice, seasonal stuffing recipe that’s taken up a notch with lots of fruit. It’s not your typical fowl filler. Check it out below (it looks pretty tasty, right)?

Country Sausage, Apple and Sunsweet Cherry Stuffing

  • 1 lb. Italian-style chicken or turkey sausage, casings removed
  • 1 1/2 yellow onions, dicedPlum Amazins Stuffing
  • 5 celery stalks, diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 cup Sunsweet Cherries
  • 1 cup Sunsweet Plum Amazins
  • 3/4 cup Sunsweet Prune Juice
  • 1 apple, peeled, cored and diced
  • 1/2 cup parsley, chopped fine
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth
  • 5 cups French bread, cubed and dried

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a skillet, brown the sausage, remove excess fat and add the vegetables and garlic. Cook briefly, about 2 minutes, set aside. Put the cherries and Plum Amazins in a pan with the prune juice, bring to a boil, set aside. Put the bread cubes, sausage, vegetables, apples and parsley in a large bowl, season with salt and pepper. Whisk eggs and chicken broth together and pour over the bread mixture, stirring until everything is well distributed. Drain cherries and Plum Amazins, and add to the stuffing mixture, tossing again. If the mixture is too dry, add more broth, 1/4 cup at a time. Place in a lightly greased 9×13-inch pan and cover with foil. Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes, remove foil and bake 10 minutes to crisp. Serve warm.


Plum AmazinsWant to be one of our 10 Amazing Plum Amazins giveaway winners? Here’s how to enter: First make sure you’ve  signed up for our e-newsletter, “Liked” Appetite for Health on Facebook, and also head over to Sunsweet and give them a Facebook “Like,” too. Then leave us a note in the comment section below (not on Facebook please) telling us how you think you’ll use your Plum Amazins if you should win this contest. Enter by Tuesday, Nov. 20th at midnight. Contest is open to US residents only please. If you share this post or any AFH content, be sure to tell us where if you want extra consideration for this prize.

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  1. Lisa Mcdonald says:

    I would love to win this package………

  2. Todd Bliss says:

    I think I would use them as snacks at work or Ina salad

  3. Rebecca Smith says:

    I would love to win this package and already was a fan of you and sunsweet! I use my plum amazins just by themselves as a healthy snack! As a diabetic, I love portable healthy fruit snacks that are good for me, and along with raisins, these are my go to!!!!!

  4. I would be able to create so many new meal ideas


    Shared on facebook and twitter.
    My toddler loves eating these. :)

  6. Id love to use them in a turkey or chicken salad sandwich or in stuffing.

  7. I would like these as a snack or maybe in muffins! Yummy and healthy!

  8. I shared this giveaway both on twitter and fb.

  9. I love eating them all by themselves, and also in salads and diced up in my quick breads…
    shared on my facebook also

  10. I got a sample of “Plum Amazins” from their facebook page. They’re great as a snack. In addition, I watch America’s Test Kitchen on Saturday mornings whenever I get the chance. They give a pretty good analysis of different dishes and a great alternative to make them even better on your own. To get a copy of their cookbook would be great to get for future use.

  11. Sunsweet makes the best plums ever, i love the variety they offer.Also they are the moistist plums i’ve ever tasted. I like to eat them just by thereselves or in a reciepe.

  12. I would use half in a muffin mix and then the other half in some stuffing. I love when good healthy foods have already been diced so I can quickly add them into dishes. America’s Test Kitchen are a great company and do amazing work. I would love to have their cookbook. Takes the guesswork out of recipes. Thanks.

  13. Danielle W. says:

    I would love to add Plum Amazins to oatmeal cookies in place of raisins, to my morning oatmeal, and to homemade granola or trail mix!

  14. I would use them as a healthy snack and some in a loaf of bread.

  15. michele malone says:

    I’ll likely use them as a mix in for yogurt and oatmeal.

  16. I would probably use them as a snack or in some oatmeal for breakfast!

  17. I would make the most KILLER gluten free muffins and bread with these babies.

  18. I’d add them to my salad!! YUMM

  19. I would love to win this!

  20. Nancy Holland says:

    I would make excellent molasses chocolate plum cookies.

  21. I would use these in a salad!

  22. Andre Kato says:

    Between meals cheating my stomach and my desire for food!

  23. Katie Moeller says:

    I’ll eat them straight up! I’ve had these dried plums before and they are amazin’!

  24. I would put the Plum Amazins in a chicken tagine.

  25. I would bake them in muffins.

  26. I would use them as a snack, in cereal, yogurt, salads…..have to win ’em to try ’em!

  27. Jefferson Svengsouk says:

    To doctor up wholesome, whole grain, or high fiber breakfast cereals.

  28. I would put them in cornbread muffins before baking!

  29. Great for snacking after the kids play a soccer game.

  30. I like to put them in fruit bars and in apple pies.

  31. I just recently tried Plum Amazins for the first time recently. I can think of many ways to use these; breads, upside-down cakes or salads.

  32. Patricia Evans says:

    I would use Plum Amazins in cookies, muffins, cereal, crisps and cobbers–anything I might use raisins in. They sound delicious!

  33. I would give them to my mother (she LOVES plums, dried or otherwise!) and together we’d either eat them or use them in some kind of recipe. I have a recipe for cranberry sauce that these would work well in!

  34. Angelique Drummond says:

    I checked out plum amazins site for recipes. I think I would make this recipe first. Yumm! (Pearl Couscous & Dried Fruit Salad)

  35. I would put them on all of my salads.

  36. Samantha Daleo says:

    I think I will try them first in a batch of cookies or a loaf..maybe mixed into my Banana Bread loaf…that sounds yummy,

  37. use them as snack.

  38. Sheryl Edwards says:

    I would use Plum Amazins to mix with Greek Yogurt as a healthy snack! I also think they would taste great in a sauce with a pork loin roast! I would also use them in salads.
    I love watching America’s Test Kitchen! How fabulous it would be to have this cookbook!!!

  39. Sheryl Edwards says:
  40. I like them in salads!

  41. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I would snack on them, or put them in my yogurt. And I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen! It’s my favorite show and I already have one of their cookbooks. They are fantastic.

  42. lisa mcfarland says:

    I would use them as a healthy work day snack.

  43. I would probably eat them alone at first….until I figured out else I can do with them. They look delicious!

  44. thetastycompanionK says:

    I’m going to try my Plum Amazins instead of raisins in my special gluten-free Meusli cookies!

  45. Kristin Troska says:

    like and like. wonder if Plum Amazons would be good in my hot oat breakfast cereal? thanks for the chance to win. Happy Thanksgiving.

  46. I will probably just eat them straight out of the package. I’m weird like that!

  47. josee carpentier says:

    Great giveaway

  48. teresa scarborough says:

    eat them with grandkids

  49. Trista Imhof says:

    We love plum amazins in our home already and would welcome more!!

  50. right out of yogurt..oatmeal

  51. I am a diabetic and sunsweet prunes are awesome

  52. Eliza Klinger says:

    I am an email subscriber to your newsletter
    I like AFH and Sunsweet on Facebook
    FB name Eliza Chadley Labayen Klinger
    I would love to stew these prunes and eat with chicken. I have a wonderful recipe that incorporates prunes…yum!

  53. For starters right out of the container as a snack for sure!!!

  54. I would use Plum Amazons on cooked squash with a little brown sugar and butter. Yummy :)

  55. Always add them to oatmeal and just eat them as a snack but that recipe sounds delicious!

  56. Would love to try them in stuffing or a salad. Yummm

  57. I want to eat them right out of the package as a snack. So I hope I win. I need some healthy snacks with the holidays approaching.

  58. They would be great in oatmeal, quinoa, and/or some couscous. SHaring on FB, Twitter & Pinterest.

  59. like to chop them up and add to my oatmeal

  60. Sandy Smith says:

    These would be so yummy in oatmeal and muffins! Shared on FB, too!

  61. Jennifer F. says:

    I would eat them as a snack or add to my morning cereal. They sound good

  62. pennie courtois says:

    to make me feel healthy.

  63. After weeks of therapy my ortho doc tells me this morning that I am good to go…get out and walk again, 20 minutes every day. I want to use this package on my walks as energy snacks.

  64. I would use them in my peach crisp, muffins and as a healthy snack.

  65. Denise Fedor says:

    If I win I would eat all of the Plum Amazins and then decide what to make with them! Quess I would have to buy MORE!

  66. carol yemola says:

    I eat oatmeal every morning and these would be “amazing” in it!

  67. I’d add them to my homemade granola

  68. I love Sunsweet and have been eating them for several years. I throw them into cakes, rehydrate them for fried fruit pies, add them to meat entrees and on and on. I have logged into their facebook page and liked it. I am also a fan of this site and I receive the newsletters.

  69. christopher sorel says:

    I use plums to make my nut bars

  70. bread pudding!

  71. Lori Williams says:

    I like both on Facebook and I get your newsletter. I would have these as a good healthy snack that I could nibble on while I am cooking and baking for the holidays.

  72. I think I would just pop a handful in my mouth to start out and then probably try making some cookies.

  73. I would love to win this package. I’d probably eat the plums straight from the bag. I would also cut them up into a bowl of greek yogurt, add them to a bowl of oatmeal, a cobbler, and/or a savory meat casserole.

  74. I would add them to yogurt and salad

  75. i would eat them right out of canister or for baking ingredient

  76. Cynthia Hric says:

    I would eat as-is or add to a salad.

  77. I like to snack on plums like crazy. To me, it is almost like eating grapes but only its bigger, more plump, a lot more tastier, and oh so nutritious. I even treat prunes & raisins the same way too, I like to snack on them straight just the way they are. Sometimes, I like to use them in recipes that calls for them, and/or, I simply like to add them with other foods to my preference.

  78. Lorie McGuire says:

    I subscribe to your AFH newsletter by email

  79. Lorie McGuire says:

    I would add these to a salad of apples and celery and use these instead of raisins. I would also add some pecans or walnuts.

  80. Lorie McGuire says:

    I follow AFH on Facebook

  81. Lorie McGuire says:

    I follow Sunsweet on Facebook

  82. Lorie McGuire says:

    I shared this giveaway on Twitter- bossy717mc

  83. Lorie McGuire says:

    I shared this giveaway on Google+. Lorie McGuire

  84. Lorie McGuire says:

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  85. Lorie McGuire says:

    I shared Sunsweet Plum Amazins on Pinterest- Lorie McGuire

  86. I would make the Dried Plum and Brie Stuffed Chicken with them.

  87. eve mattair says:

    i would eat them for snacks and make pasteries

  88. If I won, I would use my Plum Amazins in pastries.

  89. Anh Thu Truong says:

    Shared 7 Ways to Outsmart Overeating & Holiday Weight Gain on FB. I like to eat them the way they are or would add to baked goods.

  90. These are great for snacking, salads, and baking …good for me and good eating.

  91. I receive the AFH e-newsletter and like both AFH and Sunsweet on fb.
    I use them to make my own trail mix with other dried fruit, seeds and nuts, but I’ve been thinking of making granola with them.

  92. I would put them in my cranberry sauce at the holidays (and use less sugar that way). Everyday use would definitely be the oatmeal/yogurt topper route or as a quick snack that’s easy to grab on the go.

  93. jennifer woosley says:

    If I won I would put them in my cereal. I need to make my fiber one cereal more interesting!

  94. Terri David says:

    I’d use them on salad, in my cereal, and eat them as snacks. Would hope to learn new ways to use them from the cook book I’d win.

  95. I love sunsweet as a snack

  96. I would use them in my oatmeal and in baking quick bread

  97. Ruby Brandes says:

    I love all the Sunsweet products!

  98. Hubby just love plum amazins…

  99. Michelle Scurlock says:

    I would eat them as a snack and in my cereal.

  100. Leighton VanSickel says:

    won “plumsweets” earlier in the year, and my 86 y/o mother=in=law tried them, and now, she can’t be without them in her home !! She has gotten her friends started on them, as well. I know she would love these, too !!

  101. As a snack and in my cereal with yogurt.

  102. Megan Steffel says:

    I would use them in so many ways! I would definitely have to experiment because I have never tried a plum before (I know- shocking!).

    I think in oatmeal, reduced in sugar to make a syrup for pancakes, waffles, etc, fruit cake, breakfast cookies, in a fall/winter stew…

    the possibilities are endless!

    BTW- I liked & subscribed!

  103. I would put them in salad or snack on them :)

  104. Anita Goodman says:

    I am a recently diagnosed diabetic and am looking for easy and nutricious snacks. Would love this package!





  106. Would love this

  107. liked both on FB. subscribed.
    homemade granola. add to oatmeal. mix in greek yogurt. sprinkled on baby spinach salad.

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