Win Green Mountain Coffee and a Keurig Brewing System!

Green Mountain Focus Blend CoffeeAn awesome cup of coffee is a beautiful (and healthful) thing. It’s also a necessary part of my day!

If coffee is part of your life, you’ll love today’s giveaway. Ten Appetite for Health fans will Win Green Mountain coffee—plus one winner will also take home the grand prize—a new Keurig Platinum Brewing System (a $180 value)!

Perk up, people, coffee is good for you! We hear about tea’s health benefits a lot, but coffee is healthful, too (good news for those of us who prefer coffee over tea, like me)! Recently the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released the results of a study that found that coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes and infections. Pretty impressive.

The researchers caution that this is not necessarily a causal relationship (meaning they can’t say that coffee consumption is THE reason for the results), but it does provide reassurance that coffee drinking does not adversely impact health. (Yeah, in the “old days” it was thought that drinking coffee wasn’t so great for us—thank goodness those days are gone!)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has just introduced a Wellness Collection of coffees in handy K-cup packs.Pop them into a Keurig brewer and a minute or so later you have a perfect cup of tasty coffee. The two Wellness Collection coffees include Antioxidant Blend and Focus Blend coffees, both of which are Fair Trade Certified. We can’t say that these coffees will change your world, but like Green Mountain says, they “believe in the power of ‘and'”—if you’re going to drink coffee anyway, why not get a little extra value in your cup?Keurig platinum

Here’s the pertinent info on the new blends:

  • Green Mountain Antioxidant Blend—A classic blend of light and dark roasts, the smooth, well-rounded body has a buttery richness. An 8-oz. cup provides 10% Daily Value of antioxidant vitamins C and E.
  • Green Mountain CoffeeFocus Blend—A rich, brew with 50mg of L-Theanine in every 8 oz. serving.

AFH has 10 Wellness Collection prize packs to give to our readers! And yes, one of those winners will also win the grand prize of a new Keurig Platinum Brewing System! This brewer (pictured at right) is fully programmable, allows for different cup sizes (including travel mugs), and brews in under 1 minute. Awesome!

To win Green Mountain coffee for Keurig brewers, here’s what you need to do: First, sign-up for our no-spam-ever enewsletter, “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook AND “Like” Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook, too.

Then, in the comment section below (not on Facebook please), tell us how coffee is part of YOUR healthy life (for me, it gives me a little boost to get going on my morning workout). Enter by midnight on Oct. 31st. This contest is open to residents of US only please.

Share this post on your social media, or get a friend to enter (they should let us know who sent them to our site)—that will help you get extra consideration when we draw winners’ names!

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  1. Vicki Sarraino says:

    Coffee is a must in my life, it gets me going for my running around at work, yep lots of miles put on there

  2. Gayle lancaster says:

    A hot cup on a cold morning gives me the boost I need to get going …

  3. I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, I like to get up early before anyone else in the house, my morning coffee and reading in a quiet house have become a great way to start my day!

  4. Lynlee Llarson says:

    This is the perfect weather for coffee~! A great way to start the day!

  5. Coffee helps me have the energy to chase around my two little kids! Thank god for my cup o

  6. give me a boost in morning shake after workout

  7. Coffee is part of every morning at my home. Its that shot of energy to get us going for the day ahead.

  8. Always need my coffee for all the crazy running around I do at work, on my feet the entire day :)

  9. My husband has coffee to give him a boost in the morning and I love decaf in the evenings to relax and warm me up!

  10. Leona Gibbs says:

    I cannot start my day without coffee. If I don’t have it I feel blah.

  11. allysmama says:

    Like both and newsletter subscriber! Regular coffee gets my day started off right & Decaf coffee is a way I relax at night.

  12. I use it in place of sweets!

  13. Coffee helps me to kick off my day!

  14. Karnicsha miller says:

    Coffee is part of my daily routine. Without coffee I would not have any focus and wouldn’t accomplish nothing! It helps me get going on my morning run and keeps me going during the day. I llove it!

  15. Nancy Hickman says:

    Sharing an afternoon coffee break with my friends is just the thing to chase away that afternoon slump! And it encourages closer friendships!!!

  16. I don’t drink every day, but those mornings that i’m just not in the mood for tea, a cup of coffee with a little fat free milk/pumpkin puree(homemade) mix is really good. I’ve been having this treat a lot lately :) Nice way to start the day :)

  17. Coffee helps warm me up in the mornings or gives me a boost before I exercise

  18. Kelly Harrington says:

    My husband and I wake up eary, before our 1 year old, sit on the couch, chat about any and everything and drink our coffee. This little routine may seem simple, but it feels so good on my mental health :)

  19. Coffee gives me the energy to get my day started

  20. Gina Sandoval says:

    Def helps me think straight in the busy mornings! Shared via twitter also.

  21. I look forward to your newsletters in my email. I find that you always send useful, inspiration and motivation tips, receipes etc.
    I love my cup of coffee in the morning for my burst of energy to start my day and little pick me to before a morning workout.

  22. A hot cup of morning coffee is the perfect way to finish a morning run! It’s the treat I look forward to when the a 5am run is complete.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  23. The only sane way to start the day!

  24. GETS ME STARTED and I drink pure dark

  25. Coffee gets me ready for my early morning workouts and then helps recharge me in the evenings for playtime with my active little boys!

  26. matthew b says:

    i use coffee to wake me up and get the metabolism going!

  27. I like both and I am a newsletter subscriber :)A delicious cup of coffee gets my day off to a great start. Not only is coffee good for you but it tastes great :) Having a relaxing cup of coffee is a necessary and essential part of my day. Thank you for sending me all the useful and helpful tips to stay healthy. Love the recipes and enjoy making them also. This is a quality site that offers me everything I need to know about eating and living healthy :) Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome prize :)

  28. I love your site and coffee!! :) Liked both, shared on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Pinned on Pinterest :) Please pick me :)

  29. coffee is part of my healthy life because it really helps me getting early at morning to jog then get ready for office and make me more attentive and fruitful in what i do all day thanks for the chance

  30. Jeanne Hollenstein says:

    I would like one of these so much!!! Thank You for doing the Giveaway!!!

  31. Haley DelPlato says:

    coffee is a part of my healthy life because I know that even on cold days I can go out for some fresh air–I’ll always be able to warm up afterwards with a warm mug =)

  32. I need coffee to start my day, otherwise I am super sluggish and it takes me longer to wake up.

  33. It’s not a good day unless I have my cup of coffee. Having a cup of coffee in the morning gives me that added boost that I need to give me the energy to push through my workouts. I like my coffee black, no cream or sugar for this gal! I love coffee, but I drink it plain so it’s healthiest. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and have “liked” Appetite for Health & Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. KaLonny S. says:

    Coffee is why I get up some days! It brings me joy–is that weird?

  35. I cannot function until I have had my 2 cups of coffee in the morning! And it was nice to hear that that is just the right amount to get health benefits from it!

  36. I’m already signed up for enewsletter, “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook AND “Like” Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook, too. And coffee helps me keep my energy up and gives me extra anti-oxidants I need.

  37. Johanna Burnett says:

    Coffee is not an every day drink for me. As a mom, wife, and full time student I find that extra boost helpful when I’m under a deadline, or up until the very wee hours of the morning finishing a sushi roll Halloween costume!!!!

  38. Carol LeClair says:

    I don’t drink very much coffee so this would be perfect for me. Hope I win

  39. Pamela Laws says:

    I am a follower and fan of this website, Green Mountain Coffee and I have signed up for the newsletter. With all of those done, I also love coffee and drink it throughout the day.

  40. Angela Amenta says:

    It’s how I keep alert and have the energy to take care of my 8 yr. old as a single mom.

  41. I <3 Coffee! Coffee helps get me moving and also it helps bring great friends together! nothing better then meeting up with someone for a great cup of coffee, oh and to be able to get Great coffee at home!!! LOVE that idea!!

  42. I love coffee!! A cup of coffee is how I start each and every day. Love the fact that it’s super healthy, too. It gives me the boost that I need to get going and push through my work day and then later on my workout after I get home from the office. I’m a follower of your blog and also “like” Appetite for Health & Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook. I drink my coffee in the most healthiest of ways – black; no cream or sugar for this healthy gal!

  43. A little coffee in the morning helps me get my mind and body ready for the work day.

  44. Not a day goes by without at least one cup. Nothing like a warm cup, especially on a chilly day.

  45. Early 3-4 in the morning just to prepare coffee while getting ready for the day is a a lot start but if I had this coffee maker I’d get up 430 (healthy getting that little extra sleep then smelling that aroma boost your senses go to gym workout then back home brew another flavor no sugar a splash of milk so I can keep going and after dinner a nice roasted flavor then bed..what better healthy way to enjoy a hot/cold bev. I LIKE on Facebook…I Have your e letter. And many friend signed up

  46. I signed up for your enewslatter and liked you on facebook. I had already liked GMC on facebook. I drink coffee every morning. It started out more as a ritual, but since I’ve learned the health benefit of drinking coffee, I make sure to get my 2-3 cups every day.

  47. Andrew Tamellini says:

    Studies show the myriad of health benefits coffee provides, so that is good enough reason for me (not to mention it tastes good and wakes me up in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon).
    We use KCUPS at work, so I would like to try something different.

    I’m a fan on Facebook. Also became a fan of Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter at Elaine White’s suggestion.

  48. Coffee helps me relax and slowly wake up in the morning, so I can have the energy to face the day, go on my healthy nature walks and be productive.

  49. richard lafferty says:

    I could use the focus blend. sounds like a great idea. coffee gives me energy and adding a focus element would just put it over the top.

    Elaine White referred me to the newsletter signup and I’m already a facebook fan.
    Now a green mountain coffee facebook fan.

  50. Peggie Scott says:

    Coffee is what I enjoy to drink each morning as I read the daily paper and to prepare myself for the day.

  51. Cheryl LC says:

    I get a big health benefit from coffee by having a cup with my morning oatmeal or toast and turkey bacon and egg whites.
    This is before everyone wakes up. Then I am ready to take on the day fueled for productivity!

    I am a fan of all on facebook, including appetite for health, green mountain coffee and keurig.
    sharing on facebook and pinterest, stumbleupon and emailing my friends! I also just signed up for the newsletter. Thanks so much!

    Sent by Elaine White!!

  52. Diane Mason says:

    Even just the SMELL of coffee brewing is so wonderful, and then that first sip….oh, man. When I’ve run out of coffee, it’s bad, people.

  53. Jason Hewitt says:

    Gotta have CAFFEINE to start my morning. Coffee is the best and most healthful way for me to do that. Along with a good breakfast, I’m all set. Would like to check out this Focus Blend. Now that sounds like my kind of coffee! lol!

    Elaine White referred me. I’m a new fan on Facebook, just signed up for your newsletter and am a Facebook fan of Green Mountain coffee.
    I shared your Facebook post, too. Shout out on Google+ Will be checking in often.

  54. Pat Allison says:

    A fresh cup of hot coffee is not only enjoyable but proves to be a great headache reliever, nerve settler, plus gives you a great burst of energy to get your day started……absolutely the perfect drink next to water.

  55. Jaime Scott says:

    Okay, coffee is one my all-time favorite things to consume & it’s right up there with tea. I also ove me some tea. This is right up my alley, and I’m a runner, so that works. I run roads, bridges, alleys, trains, you name it. I run, run, run and coffee keeps my motor running. I’d say that is pretty healthy! :)

    I just became a new fan of Appetite for Health and Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook and was referred there by Elaine White.
    I like Keurig and while I don’t currently have the brewer myself, I’m hoping one day to get one. I have tried it and would love to make coffee on the run, since yep! That’s what I do! RUN!
    Thanks all!
    Oh yea, and I’m signing up for your newsletter.

  56. I love coffee. I drink it in the morning and after work to get me going. I eat a healthy diet too. I have also made some desserts using coffee in the recipe.

    I tweeted the contest

  57. CONGRATULATIONS! We have our 10 winners for the Green Mountain Coffee!

    Andrew T, Cheryl L, Jason H, Jamie S, Stephanie B, Jennifer R, Judy G, Bob G, Elaine W. and Debra L. !!!!!!!!


    Elaine also referred a number of people to our site!!!!!!!

    I will be sending a personal email to all of you asking for some information to send to the company so you may receive your prize. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOR MY EMAIL.

    Thanks and enjoy!!!

  58. I started drinking coffee when I began a tutoring job and had to be sharp at 8am and I haven’t llooked back!

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