Win a Keurig Coffee Brewing System and Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Focus Blend CoffeeAn awesome cup of coffee is a beautiful (and healthful) thing. It’s also a necessary part of my day!

If coffee is part of your life, you’ll love today’s giveaway. Ten  Appetite for Health fans will Win Green Mountain coffee—plus one winner will also take home the grand prize—a new Keurig Platinum Brewing System (a $180 value)! 

Perk up, people, coffee is good for you! We hear about tea’s health benefits a lot, but coffee is healthful, too (good news for those of us who prefer coffee over tea, like me)! Recently the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released the results of a study that found that coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, diabetes and infections. Pretty impressive.

The researchers caution that this is not necessarily a causal relationship (meaning they can’t say that coffee consumption is THE reason for the results), but it does provide reassurance that coffee drinking does not adversely impact health. (Yeah, in the “old days” it was thought that drinking coffee wasn’t so great for us—thank goodness those days are gone!)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has just introduced a Wellness Collection of coffees in handy K-cup packs.Pop them into a Keurig brewer and a minute or so later you have a perfect cup of tasty coffee.  The two Wellness Collection coffees include Antioxidant Blend and Focus Blend coffees, both of which are Fair Trade Certified. We can’t say that these coffees will change your world, but like Green Mountain says, they “believe in the power of ‘and'”—if you’re going to drink coffee anyway, why not get a little extra value in your cup?Keurig platinum

Here’s the pertinent info on the new blends:

  • Green Mountain Antioxidant Blend—A classic blend of light and dark roasts, the smooth, well-rounded body has a buttery richness. An 8-oz. cup provides 10% Daily Value of antioxidant vitamins C and E.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Focus Blend—A rich, brew with 50mg of L-Theanine in every 8 oz. serving.

AFH has 10 Wellness Collection prize packs to give to our readers! And yes, one of those winners will also win the grand prize of a new Keurig Platinum Brewing System! This brewer (pictured at right) is fully programmable, allows for different cup sizes (including travel mugs), and brews in under 1 minute. Awesome! 

To win Green Mountain coffee for Keurig brewers, here’s what you need to do: First, sign-up for our no-spam-ever enewsletter, “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook AND “Like” Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook, too.

Then, in the comment section below (not on Facebook please), tell us how coffee is part of YOUR healthy life (for me, it gives me a little boost to get going on my morning workout). Enter by midnight on Oct. 31st. This contest is open to residents of US only please. 

Share this post on your social media, or get a friend to enter (they should let us know who sent them to our site)—that will help you get extra consideration when we draw winners’ names! 

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  1. Lois Henry says

    I am the world’s slowest morning starter .To chase last night’s cobwebs and introduce me to a new day, a flavorful cup of coffee is awaiting me in quick order.

  2. amanda says

    It helps me get going in the morning. With 3 kids and one on the way its all about the coffee!

  3. Kimberly L. says

    My morning cup of coffee gives me enough energy for my early morning run and the energy to help me be alert as I homeschool my 8th and 4th graders. This would be awesome to have!! I like both on Facebook and shared on Facebook. Thank you.

  4. Jennifer Sullivan says

    I use coffee as my break between work and my evening workout. By the time I finish my cup of coffee I’m off and running, literally.

  5. Megan S. says

    I use coffee to keep me from going crazy! With little kids, a few cup o’ joes keeps me sane!

  6. Cheryl Bravo says

    I drink coffee in the mornings to get my day started. It gives me enough energy to get up and get started. I also drink it in the afternoon to give me my second wind needed to finish what needs to be done for the day. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Steven Spalten says

    I am the same as you, I try and grab a cup of coffee with non fat milk an hour before my afternoon workout. I have seen many reports that say the caffeine helps burn fat.

  8. says

    Coffee gives me the rev to get my day going wit a lil exercise before work and helps to keep me going through work so I can get to the gym before heading home!

  9. Sam Stovall says

    Drinking a cup of coffee is part of “me time” I love the coffee aroma, the flavor, and the warmness of the cup. It is my peaceful time of the day. I often sit alone in our family room surrounded by family photos, other days I stand at the window or walk out onto the porch, and I also enjoy sitting in my grandmother’s antique rocking chair in our small reading room.

  10. says

    Coffee … it is a must have every morning. I getting out of bed at 5 am and start the day with a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee is a must.

  11. Melanie says

    Love a cup of coffee in the morning to get me going & keep me going through my work day. I am the single mom of an active 9-year-old, so there is much to do in the evenings! Dance two times a week, soccer practice & rock climbing! We participate in a lot of exercise together & my morning cup helps me reach our goals :)

  12. Laura C says

    Already get your newsletter, already Like AFH and Green Mountain on Facebook, and shared this giveaway on Twitter! I enjoy drinking coffee – hot or iced – but also like to bake with it! Coffee cocoa snack cake anyone???

  13. Lori says

    My husband used to drink Mt. Dew for his caffeine help throughout the day. Now, he drinks a cup of coffee (no sugar added) for his morning pick me up. He’s also pretty selective with his coffee brand choices. Green Mountain Coffee is one of his favorites. That’s why I’d love to win the Keurig Coffee Brewing System and Green Mountain Coffee.

  14. LeeAnn P. says

    The whole ritual of having a cup of coffee every morning is essential to me. I try to make it an oasis of calm before the storm of the day begins. Sometimes it’s the only time during the day I have all to myself. I make sure I get up well before the kids so I can drink my coffee and enjoy it rather than gulping it down while multi-tasking. I Love my coffee!

  15. says

    I allow extra time in the morning so I can enjoy my one cup of coffee for the day. It is my time to slowly wake-up and get ready for day. I used to have make a latte daily, but it took to much time so now to have some options if I won Keurig Coffee Brewing System with wonderful Green Mountain Coffee would make my heart sing.

  16. says

    Coffee IS essential to my daily routine. It perks me up in the morning along with my morning smoothie and gives me an extra boost to get through the house cleaning on the weekends! I weaned myself off of cream and surgar and now drink it black to avoid those pesky extra calories. Bring on the JAVA! Shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  17. Patricia Evans says

    Of course I love the boost coffee gives me, but what I love about it most is the coffee experience. The smell of it brewing, the perfect coffee cup, the taste and the “ahhhhh” feeling. Yep, that’s my coffee experience. Thanks for the contest!

  18. says

    it is the nectar of the gods and a GREAT way to wake up and start my day… and bonus…. Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig is an awesome way to try different flavors and find the ones that are your go-to’s

  19. Alissa Olsen says

    I use coffee to help get me going in the morning and it helps me warm up on chilly mornings!

  20. Sena C. says

    Coffee is my morning friend and greets me in the morning and helps motivate me to get the day started.

  21. Alana Vester says

    Coffee gives me that boost when I need it. I work overnights, go to school, and I have 14 year old twins that keep me going. I don’t get much sleep on the nights I work so I have to make sure that I have my coffee. I would love to win a Keurig! I can’t afford one right now due to bills and school but I’m trying to save up for one. My kids would love it as well, they found hot chocolate k-cups. :-) I shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Thanks for the chance!

  22. Amanda says

    Coffee gives me the boost I need to take care of everything at my home with my children and housework!

  23. Kimberlee says

    It’s a part of my healthy lifestyle in that I drink a cup in the afternoon for my me-time on the elliptical. I want to take a nap in the afternoon but coffee & exercise changes that. :)

  24. Clare Longfellow says

    Coffee relaxes me. It’s part of my morning routine. Any day that starts in a relaxed state is a positive healthy thing for me.

  25. Stacy Crigler says

    During this time of year when I’m training or even on my rest days, the idea of having a nice hot cup of coffee after a workout or on a cold morning just really gets me going.

  26. Barb E. says

    I have been wanting a Keurig Coffee maker since last Christmas. Friends of mine rave about them and I’m envious of them. Just haven’t taken the plunge to splurge on purchasing one. A cup of coffee is like a good morning hug or kiss of delectable deliciousness. Just gives you a warm cozy feeling. I’ll be sharing this contest with my friends on FB for sure.

  27. Heidi J. Sisco says

    I have my cup of coffee in the morning and it helps to calm and de-stress me so I can start the day with energy and positive thinking.

  28. Nancy S. says

    I am not a morning person, but a great cup of coffee gets me off to a good start! I’ve always wanted a Keurig…The coffee I’ve had from friends’ Keurig machines was bold, fresh, and full of flavor! (I typically make a pot of coffee in the morning and if I need more during the day, I drink it cold from the leftovers, or warm it up in the microwave. It would be wonderful to be able to make one fresh cup at a time!) I’ve shared many of your articles and giveaways in the past, but I’m giving it another shot today because this prize would be a dream come true!

  29. Jenny says

    Coffee in the morning wakes me up and motivates me to workout and be more alert and active throughout the day.

  30. says

    Having coffee is part of my wake-up routine. Especially when I am feeling a little bit off. It just makes me feel better. I prefer black coffee so I can savor the flavor.

  31. Patience says

    With our severely tight finances around this time of year, there is no way I could buy one of these myself. I used my sisters and fell in love and have been begging for one ever since! Coffee isn’t something I generally make cuz unfortunately I don’t have a convenient enough coffee maker and am always so distracted by my kids. I usually slip over to my moms house and drink hers. :)

  32. Wendy says

    I look forward to smelling my freshly brewed cup of coffee each morning. After this cup, I have much more energy to get the kids ready for school and go about my day!!

  33. Tina Wolfe says

    The convienance of having a cup of what ever flavor you want and not to hear others complain because the regular coffee pot tastes funny.

  34. michele says

    i would love one of these. i get up at 4 each morning for work so i have to have my coffee boost every morning

  35. says

    I love mornings, and I usually get up a little extra early so I may enjoy a pot of coffee and watch the news every morning. I love the taste of coffee, and it also is a great little boost to get through the mornings. Especially when it’s as chilly out as it has been!

  36. TAMELA says


  37. megan says

    I try to have a cup every other day…….I like tea a bit more since it doesn’t up set my tummy as much!

  38. Julianne Zitella says

    I like sitting on the back porch with my coffee and just relaxing. It’s so soothing and warm (definitely a comfort ‘food’). :)

  39. Debbie L says

    I quit smoking 7 months ago and started drinking coffee again. I love my morning coffee before I walk or ride my bike.

  40. Christina says

    Again.. I think my coffee pot is my human fuel station in the morning!! Motivation motivation motivation!!!!

  41. Jill says

    Love enjoying the single cups when its just me and my hubby at night. We’ll jazz up the coffee with some Amaretto or Baileys when we know were going to be awake for a while :”>

  42. Shanon Necochea says

    Yumm, just thinking about the smell of coffee perks me right up!! I’m ready for my day now!! :)

  43. Amanda says

    I am actually not too bad first thing in the morning. My NEED for a cup of coffee strikes me about an hour after I’ve been awake and then again in the late afternoon. I am not too sure how I would finish my day without my 2:00 cup o joe!

  44. Heather J. says

    I’m not sure I give much consideration to the health benefits of coffee, but it sure makes me happy when I drink it! My morning goes much better after I have sat down and sipped a cup of coffee.. :)

  45. Maureen G says

    Nancy S sent me here because she knows I MUST have coffee throughout my day. I have found coffee to be my “start up” and “go to” drink from morning till day’s end. I am constantly thankful for whoever found that the coffee bean would make such a wonderful drink

  46. ingemar hulthage says

    A cup of coffee in the morning gives me enough energy to start the day with a nice workout!

  47. Diana Rebechini says

    I have a cup of coffee every morning to help jump start my day. It gives me that extra boost to help get me going.

  48. Christine says

    I always start my day with a good cup of coffee and a healthy light breakfast. I look forward to the morning ritual, it puts me in the right frame of mind to accomplish my goals for the day.

  49. Casey Piercey says

    I am not a coffee drinker however my family is and they use coffee to start their day especially before a long workout. They also enjoy to have it warm them up during those brisk mornings.

  50. Kelley H. says

    I use coffee as a way to kick start my day. I’m a married mom of three active boys and I wake up at 5am everyday to ensure everyone is up, nourished, on time and ready to begin their day. If I’m off in anyway, it throws off my entire home schedule so coffee is key to keeping me alert and energized to keep my home and family running smoothly.

  51. Kimberly Newell says

    I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee, it gets me going and ready to face the day ahead.

  52. Lisa Richardson says

    Just knowing the Keurig is waiting at work gets me moving in the morning. At home I am using my drip pot, but this is a wonderful contest! A cup of coffee in the evening makes me feel all warm and happy to be home!

  53. BRIAN GLEASON says

    Green Mountain Coffee gives me the motivation that I need to get out of bed to make a cup. I couldn’t start my day with out it. Growing up in Vermont The coffee has always been my favorite and now that i live on the other side of the country I cant help but still want my Green Mountain Coffee.. I sure Hope I win.

  54. Lowana Dunckel says

    I’m a coffee snob! I love coffee every morning 2 large cups and then with a sweet treat later :-) My husband wanted to stop drinking coffee but I begged him not to so we could enjoy our coffee together. guess what? he is still drinking coffee. ye ha

  55. Ginger Pearl says

    Coffee gives me the boost of energy I need to get things done each day. I have more energy and a better disposition following my morning coffee.

  56. michele malone says

    I like you both, I get your email at two different accounts, and I need that coffee in the morning to get me going. it doesn’t take much, just a cup, to get me started in the morning and then I can tackle the day.

  57. london ingoglia says

    I love hot coffee when it’s cold outside and iced coffee when it’s warm outside. I replaced soda with coffee for the much needed boost. I also love trying different flavors. Much cheaper then gettting it at Starbucks.

  58. Brittany Denton says

    I work nights (monday through friday) and use coffee to help me get up and start my day to do the things necessary before I gotta head back to work. Coffee is a wonderful way for me to get motivated because otherwise I’m afraid I might sleep all day! :/ But sometimes I also love my occassional cup on a very cold night! :)

  59. Elise says

    I drink my coffee black, so for me it is the fat free, sugar free, guilt-free indugence that I have instead of nasty treats through the day — part of my weight control regime.

  60. Amy Cooley says

    My treat to myself is an iced coffee with a splash of half-n-half. It also gives me a little pick-me-up to get through the day.

  61. Pam Newsome says

    I need a pick me up during my afternoon drop in energy. I rise early so I can work out and have my devos. mid afternoon I’m feeling a call out for a nap. A cup of coffee keeps me going the rest of the day. Hope I get this treat!! hee hee (obviously we all want to be lucky ha)

  62. says

    A diabetic friend use just a dash of cinnamon in his coffee instead of sugar. I found this to be a healthier choice instead of sugar in my morning coffee.

  63. holly D. says

    I have been a big coffee drinkers since I was 15. I don’t drink soda because it has no health benefits…. And I love the taste of coffee. Without coffee its just not a good day!!

  64. Karin C. says

    I have my morning “wake-up” cup every morning. It gives me a boost and I relax for 10 minutes,
    read the morning paper and start my day positive.

  65. Ebonie Hill-Williamson says

    I love coffee – I’ve been drinking it for a few years now [started drinking it in college], and it has definitely given me a boost during the day. Now that I’m a working mom of a preschooler, coffee helps jumpstart my day and keeps me going throughout the toughest part of the day for me: the morning hours. So glad to hear that it’s not a bad thing to drink it anymore!

  66. Sharon Norris says

    Coffee is the first step of starting my day. Walking my dog is second.Then my day begins.

  67. says

    Nothing helps me start the day right better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The aroma, taste and of course the caffeine get me going each morning! Shared on facebook!

  68. says

    I need my 2 cups in the morning. They get me going to get the kids up and ready for school. And they get me going for my workout when the kids are gone. I love my morning cup. Once in awhile, I ccrave an afternoon cup. If I have one, it usually means a bike ride or walk with the kids.

  69. Heather Vongsavanh says

    I drink fair trade and organic coffee, which helps the environment and helps me face the day!

  70. Amy Scott says

    I can’t function without coffee. Period. lol!

    I’m already a Facebook Fan of Appetite For Health and just became a Facebook Fan of Green Mountain coffee.
    @Elaine White also suggested I sign up for the Appetite for Health newsletter, so appreciate that referral, too. I’m all signed up! Thanks all!

  71. Karen G. says

    Coffee is the perfect jumpstart (and must have) to a pre-work run or workout! Plus, without coffee I’m pretty worthless post-run/workout.

  72. Kati says

    Coffee relaxes me, as well as gets me through long days. Green Mountain Coffee has amazing flavors that make having a cup of coffee an experience! I like APH and Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook and subscribe to APH newsletter :)

  73. Dana says

    Coffee is part of my morning routine. I make my americano as I head out the door for work, It wakes me up and warms me up as I wait for my cold car to warm up. I worked at a variety of coffee shops all through high school and college so for many years coffee helped pay my bills!

  74. Kaydee D. says

    Liked both and I am already subscribed to your newsletter :) Having a cup of coffee after dinner helps curve my cravings for desserts, such as pies and cake. I add a little Coffee-Mate to my coffee to make it taste delicious! I save myself a lot of unneeded calories by enjoying coffee with flavored creamers, instead of fattening, caloric desserts.

    Shared on Facebook too :)

  75. pat tyra says

    A regular cup in the morning, and a decaf cup in the evening (and occasionally a cup or two sprinkled in the middle for good measure) make the day complete! Have always known a little coffee daily is a good thing!! Thanks for all your wonderful nutrition advice!

  76. martha gee says

    I love the flavor of rich coffee, even decaf. I especially love it with desserts. Coffee and chocolate are and unbeatable combination! Martha

  77. says

    I love a good cup of coffee in the morning before work, especially with some coconut milk. I buy it organic and love it as a perk-me-up during the week and it’s nice to know it’s not a habit I need to give up but instead can enjoy:)

  78. Carole V says

    I would love to win this coffee maker withe the cute little cups. I cant afford one but None of that I would love it to win one thank you for your time

  79. jeanette says

    I love Green Mountain Coffee,especially their Pumpkin Spice!
    I like both you and them on Facebook (and mentioned the giveaway on facebook too) I also already subscribe to you via RSS.
    Thanks for the great chance on the drawing.

  80. Samantha Daleo says

    I am all signed up and “Liked”. I drink coffee every morning to get a little boost of energy to work out or even just run my errands with a pep in my step…I also have a cup in the afternoon to keep me from snacking too much,

  81. Cheryl L Carpenter says

    I have not seem the commented I already posted, so I thought I better repost.
    Coffee is part of my healthy routine. It gives me a much-needed boost to power through a heavy work load, kids and my workouts. I couldn’t do without it.

    I’m a facebook fan of appetite for health/green mountain roasters and follow appetite4health on twitter.

    Elaine White referred me here and I signed up for the newsletter. Thank you for the wonderful offer.

  82. Celine McFarquhar says

    I enjoy coffee in the morning to get me up and thinking about my day, and packing a healthy assortment of food for me and my kiddos. Packing lunch has been healthier for us all.

  83. says

    CONGRATULATIONS! We have our 10 winners for the Green Mountain Coffee!

    Andrew T, Cheryl L, Jason H, Jamie S, Stephanie B, Jennifer R, Judy G, Bob G, Elaine W. and Debra L. !!!!!!!!


    Elaine also referred a number of people to our site!!!!!!!

    I will be sending a personal email to all of you asking for some information to send to the company so you may receive your prize. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOR MY EMAIL.

    Thanks and enjoy!!!

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