10 Slimming Snacks Under 150 Calories

strawberries_with_yogurtAre between-meal bites undermining your weight loss efforts?

For many, their midday munchies, nighttime noshes and bedtime bites are adding excess calories that can derail your healthy diet.

To help, try some of our 10 slimming snacks under 150 calories: They’re calorie-controlled, nutrient-packed and provide enough protein and fiber to help curb your appetite.

Calories from snacks now add up to nearly 30% of total daily calories. Even worse, the most popular snack foods are high in calories and low in nutrition—a losing combination for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Try them in place of junk food snacks and they’ll help you peel off pounds.  If you want to win at losing, be sure divide your calories between three main meals and two snacks–one before lunch and one before your evening meal.

Happy snacking!


Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD



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