Woot-Woot! Win a WinCraft Snack Helmet

snack_helmetWoot-Woot! Win a WinCraft Snack Helmet

As a NFL super fan, you can bet I have my fair share of team apparel as well as a lot of football plates, bowls and serving trays to make my parties even more fun.  One of my all-time favorite party essentials are my WinCraft snack helmets that are made in the USA!. The helmets are custom for each of the 32 NFL teams.

I have several from past Super Bowl parties and have some for my favorite teams like the NY Giants, Detroit Lions (I’m from Michigan!) and the SF 49ers.  I don’t pile them high with chips, but rather I will put healthier choices like air-popped popcorn, baked chips or nuts in them.

The helmet is made of durable molded PVC plastic and has a microwave- and dishwasher-safe removable snack bowl in the center. A tray fits into the face mask and is great for snack or dips. They’re made in the team colors and with team logo on each side of the helmet.

The WinCraft Snack Helmet Features

  • snack_helmetMolded PVC plastic snack helmet
  • Removable tray that fits into the face mask
  • Removable plastic snack bowl in the center of the helmet
  • Dish and snack bowl are dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Decorated with the team logo pattern

The snack helmets are available at several online retailers for around $54.00 including NFLShop.com and many online retailers.  If you simply Google “Wincraft NFL snack helmet” you’ll see all the places where you can order one.

To enter to win a WinCraft NFL snack helmet, you need to “Like” Appetite for Health an WinCraft on Facebook and sign up for our e-newsletter.
In the comments below, tell us your favorite NFL team. Extra credit is always give to those who share the content on our site with their friends, family or others that you think will benefit from our information.
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  1. Love 49ers helmet!! Making football snacks are fun, I like to turn speakers on and pull out game apparel too. https://twitter.com/nicemom4/status/251176872086487040

  2. My favorite team is the one and only
    Dallas Cowboys

  3. da bears

  4. Jennifer Morgan says:

    J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets…and I’ve shared with my friends and family on Facebook.

  5. Sharon Norris says:


  6. Stacy conchas says:

    My favorite team is the Dallas cowboys. Going to share on Facebook and I am subscribed to newsletter.

  7. My favorite NFL team is the Cleveland Browns….

  8. E-A-G-L-E-S!!

  9. Jason Predick says:

    Go PACKERS Go!

  10. My favorite NFL team is the Houston Texans!!! They are going to go all the way this year! (I have shared this via facebook, twitter, and pintrest…liked both pages, and I am already subscribed to the news letter)

  11. PACKERS!! <3

  12. janean steadman says:

    New England Patriots!

  13. The Minnesota Vikings!! SKOL!!! Midwest is best :) I am already subscribed to your news letter, plus I share your recipes and informative articles with my parents. I am encouraging them to living healthier lives, so we can all spend more time together on this earth, and your website is great for that!

  14. Lynlee Llarson says:


  15. Terri Burson says:

    Atlanta Falcons

  16. I Like both on Facebook and subscribe to your email newsletter. My favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings.

  17. Lauren Sherry says:

    I’m going to have to go with my dad here and say the NY Giants. :)

  18. SF 49ers! Looks awesome! :)

  19. Done! Bucs!

  20. My fave is 49ers But I live in Dallas and my family are Dallas fans.

  21. THE CHICAGO BEARS!!! Our daughter is having everyone wear Jerseys or Sports Shirts to their wedding rehearsal!! This would be GREAT FOR SNACKS!!!!

  22. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!

  23. WhoDat Nation!! Geaux SAINTS!!

  24. Michelle Washburn says:

    Green Bay Packers all the way! shared on Twitter https://twitter.com/tweeteeface/status/251357896867213312

  25. Packers!!!!!!!!! Hope they kick some booty this weekend!

  26. Green Bay, but it depends, my choices are as scientific as for college, except for Stanford, and I go by the guys with the best hats

  27. Jennifer S. says:

    My favorite NFL team is the Eagles!!!!! I’m a fan of yours and WinCraft on facebook and subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you for this amazing giveaway. This would be great for entertaining!

  28. Terry Busch says:

    Die-hard Cleveland Browns fan… even through all these tough years of misery. A WinCraft Snack helmet would help me ease the suffering!

  29. Rams!
    I just signed up for your newsletter.
    I printed this off and put it on the bulletin board at work. Yeah, the guys I work with will notice it more that way than emailing a link…and they don’t do (or don’t admit to) using Facebook. Just so happens, someone ordered one for a gift after seeing the board.

  30. Go 9ers! We’re big 49er fans! And we shared everywhere we could! Thanks!!!

  31. love the panthers!

  32. The NY Giants baby! I am sharing this giveaway with everyone I know, They are all such sport nuts.

  33. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I like you both on Facebook and have subscribed to your newsletter.
    My family cheers for the Minnesota Vikings!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Tweet! https://twitter.com/lexiquin/status/251463289324859392
    Shared on Facebook, too 😉

  35. I <3 the Ravens! Get it done tonight, boys!

  36. Definitely the Jets!!!

  37. The Philadelphia Eagles!!!

  38. Anh Thu Truong says:

    Shares Conquer Your Cravings for Sweets on FB. New England Patriots!

  39. Lucia Alzaga says:

    Red Skins and I want that helmet!!

  40. Calshondra Williams says:

    Dallas Cowboys!!!

  41. Cardinals! Shared.

  42. Green Bay Packers of course!!

  43. I like both FB pages.I have to go with NY GIANTS!!!These are so cute..my fiancee’ would love for me to make snacks for him on game day in one of these :)

  44. Shannon Lovett says:

    The Raiders!!!!! Raider Nation Baby!!!!

  45. Liked all, signed up for newsletter and my fav. team is still the PACKERS! Go Pack!

  46. Shared on Twitter!Thanks for the chance https://twitter.com/tatzgrrly/status/251775289313607681

  47. My family and I are huge 49er Fans!!! I shared on Facebook and on Twitter. https://twitter.com/seashells4me/status/251775407408427009

  48. Helen Zahodiakin says:

    Ahh! Of course the NY GIANTS FOREVER! I’m a Jersey girl! And will always be a NY Giants fan! And I don’t have anything like that for my home! To show my Giants fever! It would be AWESOME TO WIN IT! And I would tell everyone that I won it on appforhealth.com! And I liked both pages of course! Thank You! Good luck ALL! Helen Z. 😉

  49. Nicole Engelman says:

    I’ve been a 49er fan for 30 years and would LOVE this! I’ve liked, pinned, shared, liked again!

  50. liked all, signed up (although it doesn’t send me a confirmation email) and ny giants.

  51. Go Packers!

  52. REDSKINS!!!!!

  53. joanne gentry says:

    Liked Appetite For Health on Facebook-joanne gentry
    Liked WinCraft on Facebook–joanne gentry
    Tweeted —https://twitter.com/softmemories1/status/251782445798682624
    Shared on facebook –https://www.facebook.com/joanne.gentry.12/posts/266699230099586
    Subscribed to Appetite For Health newsletter–jojlem4@gmail.com

    Love the helmets–and the Green Bay Packers!

  54. Liked, Liked, and subscribed :)) My team is Dallas Cowboys all the way!!! although I love the Vikings as well :)

  55. Steelers liked all on Facebook and subscriber to your newsletter and tweeted too!

  56. Helen, I’m a Giants fan too!

  57. Liked both pages and subscribed to email. My team is the Steelers!!

  58. love football and all the snacks that are part of the game watching!!!!!! love ur site also—many helpful ideas

  59. NY Giants

  60. Bryan Brown says:
  61. Patriots fan! We have a tailgate party for every game!

  62. Lisa Williamson says:


  63. Jenefer Lynn says:

    Personally, I don’t have a favorite team, but my son loves the Colts! I’m not sure why but he does. I’d be considered a pretty cool mom if I won :) I liked both pages and am sharing!

  64. Holly Treat says:

    Houston Texans!!

  65. Holly,

    The Texans seem really impressive so far this year…

  66. Kathleen Eells says:

    The 49ers all the way!!

  67. Lisa Puckett says:

    These are too cool!! Love the Chicago Bears!! Like both pages on facebook!! Thank you for the chance!!

  68. I “Like” Appetite for Health and WinCraft on Facebook and signed up for e-newsletter. Favorite team is Patriots!

  69. Pittsburg Steelers thank u love this iv signed up for emails an shared w my friends

  70. Rebecca Lord says:

    Shared page, signed up for newsletter and love your pages and all the great info you give us =)
    Like the New Orleans Saints
    Thank you for another great contest =)

  71. I would love the Detroit Lions!!!!! Go Detroit!!!! I hope they win today!!!!

  72. Like you all, Liked and shared contest on FB
    Favorite team Minnesota Vikings!

  73. Cowboys!

  74. Love the Broncos!! Goes back to college days in Denver. Don’t live there anymore, but still love my Broncos.

  75. How bout dem cowboys…..Dallas Cowboys!!!!!!!!

  76. St. Louis Rams!!! <3 my Bradford :)

  77. Seahawks! What a fun party idea, I hope I win!

  78. The Pittsburgh Steelers! Thank you for the chance I tweeted and shared this giveaway on Facebook.

  79. carole vincent says:

    Miami Dolphins!!!! This has got to be one of the best giveaways ever !!!!

  80. The winner of the WinCraft Snack Helmet is Joanne G.

    Thanks for all the responses and we hope to do this again soon with Wincraft.


  81. Cynthia Ohrling says:

    Forever, The Green Bay Packers!!!

  82. Maryann Dean says:

    This is a great giveaway! I would love to win a Giants helmet as I broke the one I had a few years ago and could not find a replacement. Of course my hubby is a Jet fan ( I told him to come out of the dark side lol ) and my son is a Cowboy fan but I’m Giants all the way!q

  83. Saundra Bowers says:

    Green Bay Packers!

  84. Jasmine Blaylock says:


  85. Sue Barney says:

    Go Cowboys!!! :)

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