Super Svelte Giveaway!

Svelte 11 ozIf you haven’t tried Svelte protein drinks yet, now is your chance! The nice folks at CalNaturale (who make Svelte) are providing five AFH readers with a full case of Svelte protein drinks—a $27 value (4 of each 11-oz. flavor)! Plus, one of those winners will also score renowned celebrity Yoga/Pilates expert Kristin McGee‘s new “S3: Strong, Sexy, Svelte” DVD! Read on for entry details… 

Ok people, these Svelte drinks are seriously delish. The Cappuccino is probably my favorite flavor, but frankly, they’re all darn good. I use these in a variety of ways—as creamer for my coffee, in breakfast smoothies, stirred into hot cereal, and of course, just as they are.

Svelte has handy new 11-oz. packages available in three flavors: Cappuccino, French Vanilla and Chocolate. The new 11-ounce size is a very convenient portion—easy to tote to work or the gym and a great way to switch up your snack. Each serving has 180 calories, delivers 11g of protein and 5g of fiber. Plus, the sugar content is just 6g per serving—not too shabby! And as you probably know, protein and fiber are two ingredients known to help keep you feeling full.  Here are a few other facts about Svelte that you might want to know:

      • They’re USDA certified organic
      • They deliver a good dose of calcium and protein
      • They are non-dairy, certified gluten-free
      • They’re re-closable (so handy!) and packaged in eco-friendly Tetra Paks
S3 DVD coverFor more info about Svelte (@CalNaturale) or their partnership with Kristin McGee (@thebendigirl) go to Svelte’s website.
If you’d like to win our Svelte giveaway (5 people will win a case of Svelte!) and a chance to be the grand prize winner (who also gets the new Kristin McGee DVD—itself a $17 value), here’s what you need to do: First make sure you “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook, AND also “Like” Svelte on Facebook. THEN, leave us a message below this post (not on Facebook please) telling us about your favorite way to get svelte!
Keep in mind that sharing an images or content from AFH will net you extra consideration, so be sure to tell us where you’ve shared. Enter by Friday, September 28 at noon.  All AFH terms and conditions apply.


  1. I get these drinks at Whole Foods almost everyday at work and before my workouts!!!

  2. Loved,shared and tweeted !I wish I was Svelte I need all the help I can get.Just try to eat right and exercise !Thanks

  3. I have never tried them, but i would LOVE to !!!

  4. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    LOVE these things. I get them at our local co-op, and they’re tasty AND healthy. Liked and LOVED.

  5. Angelique Drummond says:

    My favorite way to get svelte is to drink plenty of water, eat my veggies and fruits and exercise by doing kickboxing aerobics and yoga for stretching.

  6. Eating healthy & Pilates! :)

  7. would love to try these– I need all the help I can get also- thanks

  8. Liked both pages! Would love to get Svelte! Have never tried these :-) Also shared your 5 tips for shedding lbs this fall on FB

  9. Rosemary Erickson says:

    My favorite way to get svelte is to exercise regularly and eat healthfully :)

  10. I svelte by walking twice weekly, running 3 days a week along with eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of H2O.

  11. Liked both pages! Svelte sounds lovely and I can not wait to try one! 😉

  12. The only way is through exercise and diet.

  13. Riding my bike and eating right

  14. Dorothy Hull says:

    I am a Weight Watcher and need to get protein in every day.

  15. yay

  16. My favorite way to get svelte is swimming, walking, and taking care of my body and mind with healthy food and supplements. Also, a positive attitude always helps when trying to look and feel your best! (I have shared this contest via facebook, twitter, and pintrest and have liked both pages.)

  17. I have never tried these, I would love to though while I workout!

  18. stacy gordon says:

    I would love to try these. I like to exercise and eat healthy. I have tweeted this!

  19. Walking is my favorite way to get svelte.

  20. Anh Thu Truong says:

    Shared 5 Tips for Shedding Pounds This Fall on FB. I take the stairs at work and walk around the neighborhood to get svelte. :O)

  21. Already liked CalNaturale Svelte (YUM!) and now like AFH. My way to get svelte is through Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness classes! I also shared the “A Healthier Paleo Diet” on my Baby Boot Camp facebook page (

  22. never tried- walk everywhere

  23. I would try Chocolate Svelte in between my ab workout tape, stretches then onto treadmill. I like to stay hydrated and trying to eat healthy, I get tired if I don’t get enough protein. tweet –Pinned

  24. Just found out I am gluten intolerant so on the look out for new products. I set svelte by running, yoga and weights.

  25. My fav way to get “svelte” is my outdoor bootcamp and crossfit at D-1!!!! We even get to work out sometimes with a women’s pro football team – how cool and fun is that?!!!
    Thank you AFH….longtime fan here and now a fan of CalNaturale/Svelte on FB!!
    Love reading all your great tips and passing them on to my #fitfanaticfriends!

  26. My absolute favorite way to get “svelte” is to dance. I think it uses so many more muscles and really tones and tightens. LOVE IT! Also I already love…like Appetite for health and CalNaturale on FB!

  27. I get Svelte by watching my grandson, he keeps me busy. I like to go the parks with him. I shared on facebook and twitter. Here’s twitter link

  28. I “Like” Appetite for Health on Facebook, AND also “Like” Svelte on Facebook. (Tamara Bennington) My way to get “svelte” is to eat lean protein, stay hydrated, stay of away from carbs and exercise

  29. I buy these at my local Vons grocery store. I love taking them on trips to Disneyland! They’re great to drink while you are waiting in line in the morning waiting to get into the park and have fun. You need lots of energy at Disneyland with all that walking around! I found this post on facebook.

  30. Favorite way to get svelte is swimming but indoor pool is far so second favorite way is treadmill or jog on trail. Its nice to jog in fall with leaves changing! :)

  31. Alicia Connor says:

    My favorite way to maintain health not sure about literal svelte is take care of myself- eat lots of veggies and fruit and whole grains and of course enjoy a simple please- sweet or otherwise.
    I enjoy running, walking, and yoga it’s hard to make it to a class that’s what I really like- exercise classes -being told what to do.

  32. My favorite way to get svelte is to do cardio exercise and yoga.

  33. I play tennis every chance I get to stay svelte.

  34. Celine McFarquhar says:

    would love to try, always looking for new stuff to try that is healthy too

  35. make fat cry

  36. My way of staying svelte is by keeping myself active and maintaining a healthy diet. Right now I am staying active by taking jazz aerobic class twice a week and other days doing Jillian Michaels DVDs. I have always wanted to try Calnaturale drinks but hard to find in my area. I remember their product was featured on the Tone it Up girls contest some time last year. I hope I win this one.

  37. Sheryl Edwards says:

    My favorite way to get svelte is with CrossFit at my son’s gym!

  38. My favorite way to get svelte is running with my puppy! I shared on FB too :)
    FB name Lynn Bee

  39. Jennifer S. says:

    My favorite way to get “svelte” is by eating healthy and and exercising using the different Wii games that help me to lose weight.

  40. Still working on the getting “svelte” part. I am walking everyday at the beach.


    I liked both pages on Facebook. The best way to get svelte is by playing sports with my 4 kids. I would love to try the Svelte drinks!!

  42. Haven’t tried them yet, but have recommitted myself to fitness and healthy eating – would love to incorporate these into my routine!

  43. jessie goltz says:

    my favorite way to get svelt is by watching what i eat, and sneaking in a workout whenever i can.

  44. pauline longchamp says:

    walking and swimming are favorite ways. shared with family

  45. Rebecca Lord says:

    liked all…
    I have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year and I did it by switching from soda to water or flavored water and I haven’t missed the soda one bit…it takes a while to get the pounds off but its so worth it =)

  46. Whitney Higgins says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but I would love to! I even shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Plus I got my husband to share on his Google+

  47. I like to get svelte by walking, cycling and eating lots of fruits & veggies! I buy Svelte at Whole Foods! Liked & shared this post on FB. :)

  48. christopher sorel says:

    saw at wholefood but have not tried yet

  49. Leah Brislin says:

    Lots of walking!

  50. Donna Sharp says:

    Not even sure if these are available as this is the first time I have heard of your products. However, I will be on the lookout from now on. And would LOVE to win some and share with all my protein loving friends! Thanks for the contest.

  51. Cynthia Hric says:

    Have never tried them but would love to slim down a little.

  52. says:

    I am ready to try them and will go out to buy them today! Svelte me!

  53. Regina McClinton says:

    First learned of Svelte at a gluten-free market called Saffrons, so knew I could trust it. Was surprised how wonderful it tasted. Now am almost addicted, without any guilt! Am also finding it at my local Meijer stores.

  54. megan george says:

    Defiently in my smoothies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Easiest place to get them is our local Whole Foods

  56. I like both appetite for health and svelte on facebook!
    Never tried their protein but would love too. The capuccino does sound delicious!!

  57. I haven’t tried these yet but am willing to give them a try

  58. Brenda Bazemore says:

    would love to try these!

  59. Never tried or heard of! Which is crazy!! How did this happen :-/

  60. My favorite way to get svelte is to make healthy food choices and to move my body every day.

  61. I get svelte by taking yoga classes, drinking pure water and eating healthy organic whole real foods! Like you and Svelte on Facebook – Also shared on my Facebook wall, emailed too and tweeted as well!
    Thank you so much for sharing as they sound sveltely sweet and savoring! :)

  62. Working out at the gym and just going to work everyday involves alot of lifting which keeps me in great shape.

  63. Unfortunately, I’m not too svelt right now. I’m overweight but have started eating healthier a few months ago and started working out a couple times a week. I go to college full time and work almost full time so it’s hard to squeeze time in. I do as much as I can with the time I have. I’ve been doing much better with eating healthier foods.

  64. Greg Carbone says:

    Nice easy early am pre workout drink. Can’t exercise super hard on no fuel.

  65. I tried Svelte in vanilla chai flavor and loved it! I already like both pages on facebook, obviously. I stay svelte by committing to weekend yoga, walking when possible, and eating a balanced diet.

  66. For me eating a healthy diet is the best way to get and stay svelte, however, exercise is also important and at least 3 times a week is good to start with. I like both AFH and CalNaturale on FB.

  67. Paying attention to what I eat is most important to be svelte. I eat every 3 hours and try to get protein at EVERY meal/snack. Thanks for the giveaway and hope I am one of the lucky few! Happy Friday! (FB name Amy Lynn)

  68. Calshondra Williams says:

    I haven’t tried Svelte before- but I would drink them while on my daily walks to quench my thirst.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. I keep svelte by doing Zumba

  70. Congratulations to our lucky 5 winners!

    Sarah E, Laura, Cassidy, Shirley H, and Diana R. I will be sending you a personal email for you to contact me with information that I need to let the company know that you have won. Please respond within 48 hours after receiving my email.

    Thanks to everyone who shared a comment and also shared our site with your friends and family!

    Keep a watch for all of our other Freebies that our posted!


  71. Hi there,

    Winner Laura for the Svelte giveaway can you please send me your correct email address through our FB page. Check also your SPAM filter.

    Thanks Kit

  72. Sorry for the typo and THANKS for the win!!!

  73. Just found these and I am hooked! I second the Cappuccino as a favorite. Who needs those big chain coffee stores when you have this delicious alternative. These drinks energize me and curb those mid morning cravings. Thanks for putting out a great product.

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